The record-breaking egg turned out to be a social advertisement for mental health

Advertiser Chris Godfrey is behind the most popular Instagram post

An anonymous user posted the first post to his world_record_egg account on January 4. It was a close-up photo of the egg with a call to set a new record for likes in Instagram. Before the egg, a picture of the daughter of the model Kylie Jenner received the largest number of positive marks. The post, which gained more than 18 million likes, Insta diva published in February last year.

A picture of Kylie Jenner’s daughter

It took only nine days to break the previous record. To date, the post has gained more than 52 million likes. Later, the author of the account began to upload new photos of the eggs: there are chips. The cracks started to grow, and users wondered what that could mean. The Creator of the project remained incognito, but the name of the egg was revealed: his name is Eugene.

Pictures of eggs named Eugene

The next post the Creator of the account published on February 2 – in addition to cracks lacing appeared. And advertising. Under the photo the author promised to reveal everything on the site Hulu.

Снимок яйцо со шнуровкой
Lacing on the egg-a reference to the final match of the playoff of the US National football League, which took place on the day of the video on the website Hulu

The next day Hulu service released a video. Eugene admitted that he was covered with cracks due to the pressure of social networks. The video calls for the help of all those who face this problem. The ad also provides a link to “Mental Health America”. It is a non-profit organization that works with people with mental illness.

On the day of the ad’s release, several publications supposed who might have kept a popular account. BuzzFeed studied the posts about Eugene on Twitter and Instagram and traced the author of the account: Chris Godfrey, a PR man from London.  The same conclusion was reached by the publication Mashable. However, the author of the resonant project decided to talk to another publication – The New York Times.

Chris Godfrey explained why he had chosen the egg. According to him, it is universal – has neither sex, nor race, nor religion. The purpose of the project is non-commercial, the author is interested only in the promotion of “constructive ideas”. Mental health promotion is one of them. Today more than 10 million users follow the world_record_egg account. And all six of his publications together scored about 100 million likes.

Russians who impressed the Eurovision

The most successful performances from Russian artists at the European song contest

Sergey Lazarev will be representing Russia at the Eurovision at Tel Aviv for the second time. This Russian artist won the public vote, but based on the results of overall scoring he took the third place in 2016. The European audience was moved by his song «You Are The Only One» and the breathtaking performance with 3D projection. Now, everyone bode him the the success of another artist, Dima Bilan, who managed to win a Crystal microphone with the second attempt.

Which other artists from Russia achieved success and claimed the first place in the main European song contest?

Сергей Лазарев
Sergey Lazarev will be representing Russia at the Eurovision again
Alsou «Solo» (2000) — 2nd place
Alsou became the first Russian representative to take a prize place

The first one to have an impact on Europe was sixteen year old Alsou, the youngest contestant in the history of this show, with the song «Solo». Originally, «Solo» was made for male vocals, but the artist was so imbued with the song, so she choose it. The authors, Andrew Lane and Brandon Barnes, corrected the song for the young singer, and she went to thrill Europe. Alsou won the second place, what became a real triumph for Russia.

Tatu «Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask» (2003) — 3rd place
Tatu believed in their victory until the end, but took only the third place

The third place was accepted with disappointment. In 2003 the duo actively transferred from Russia to Europe and held a leading position in the charts of many countries of the continent. So the girls were one of the favorite contestants on the show. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina wore shirts with number one, because they were sure in their victory. However, Tatu took the third place, lagging behind the leaders only by 1 and 3 points. Many people assume that their Russian song «Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask» was not understood by the European audience.

Serebro «Song #1» (2007) — 3rd place
Serebro became a real  discovery of Eurovision

The group’s debut with their «Song #1» took place at “Eurovision-2007”. The unknown trio of Maxim Fadeev was the winner of the national contest. People did not pin their hopes on inexperienced girls, but they brilliantly performed at the final and took the honorable third place.

Polina Gagarina «Million voices» (2015) — 2nd place
Полина Гагарина
Polina Gagarina’s performance turned into a magic fairytale

Polina Gagarina was representing Russian at the Eurovision with the composition «Million voices» which was written by five authors from different countries. The song is about intolerance to the division of people, the importance of love and peace between them. The magnificent dress of the artist became a part of the projected starry sky. Her performance is considered one of the most memorable performances in the history of the Eurovision. During the show, Gagarina was a leader, but lost the victory to the Swedish representative in the final.

Dima Bilan «Never let you go» (2006), «Believe» (2008) — 2nd and 1st places
Дима Билан, Евгений Плющенко и Эдвин Мартон
Dima Bilan brought Russia the only one victory at Eurovision

Dima Bilan was able to impress the Eurovision twice. The first time, in 2006, the artist with the song «Never let you go» took the second place, giving up the victory to a Finnish hard rock band «Lordi». Ballerinas took part in the performance, and one of them appeared in rose petals from the piano in the middle of the song. In his performance, Bilan did his signature jump for the first time, which became the singer’s hallmark.

Dima Bilan managed to win a Crystal microphone with the second attempt. He also brought Eurovision to Russia for the first time in the history of the show. Together with the figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and the violinist Edvin Marton, the artist created a performance for his song «Believe». Putting his health in danger, Bilan performed barefoot on ice while the famous skater could hurt the singer in any time. But the performance was impeccable and very sensual, which touched both the jury and the audience.The outcome was the first and so far the only Russian victory at Eurovision.

From Aristotle to Robert McKee

What to read for an aspiring screenwriter


Robert McKee – «Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting»

Robert McKee is one of the most demanded master-screenwriter in the world. He published several books and is regularly holding seminars for those who wants to learn storytelling. Listeners of his seminars participated in creating of movies and series such as «Breaking bad», «The game of throne», «The Wolf of Wall Street», etc.

«Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting» entirely covers how to tell story in order to find its spectator. «Story» is written in plain and easily-understood language, that is why it is not necessary to know drama basics: it will be beneficial both for the beginners and masters.

Blake Snyder «Save the cat: The last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need»


Blake Snyder “Save the cat”

Blake Snyder was a screenwriter, producer and consultant on stories creating. He created scripts and earned well by solding them.


The book «Save the cat» occupies the first place in top of «screenplay» section in Amazon and is popular amongst screenwriters all over the world. It is being read in one breath. Blake Snyder describes the ways of creating memorable and bright story, every point is vividly illustrated, this is a practical handbook which will answer the most essential questions.

The screenwriter offers his own genre classification and his own recipe of creating potential masterpiece consisting of 15 ingredients.

Aristotle «Poetics»
Aristotle – an ancient poet, author of the treatise «Poetics»

Story and characters learning began much earlier that cinema epoch. Aristotle’s treatise «Poetics» was written in 335 B.C., it reveals basics and offers drama theory. The ancient Greek philosopher gives the determination of poetics, speaks about the key methods of tragedy, provides character features which should obtain heroes of every story. «Poetics» and other Aristotle works is an important phase in researching and classification of drama theory.


Initially, the work consisted of two parts: the first one reveals principles and parts of tragedy, the second one – of comedy. Unfortunately, the second part haven’t come across to readers.

Balenciaga and Farfetch collaborated to save animals

The brands will donate a part of their profit from a new collection to The International Union for Conservation of Nature

Balenciaga fashion house released a new collection for e-tailer Farfetch dedicated to rare animal species. The main goal of this collaboration between the famous French brand and the biggest online platform is to demonstrate endangered species.

New collection from Balenciaga

This exclusive capsule collection consists of clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. The clothes are illustrated with Large Pandas, Asian Elephants, North White Rhinoceros and Blue Whales — these species are threatened with extinction right now. While creating this limited edition, the brand did not use leather, fur and down materials. The collection is also complimented by popular models presented in new colors and materials.

A North White Rhinoceros on a shirt from Balenciaga

A presentation of the new clothing line played a big role for Balenciaga fashion house. For the lookbook, two leading luxury companies decided to hold a creative photoshoot. The models were photographed with natural landscapes on the background — this way the designers wanted to stress the acute problem of preserving the environment. To make the album for the collection, the brand blurred the background on all photos in order to emphasise the fragility of nature. While the rare representatives of fauna are depicted clearly.

The lookbook of the exclusive collection from Balenciaga

The fashion house expresses its concern with the current ecological situation. CEO of the label, Cédric Charbit, encourages all fashion connoisseurs to support organizations aiming to save rare animal species. A part of a profit from sales of the limited collection will be donated to The International Union for Conservation of Nature — the Swiss charity organization. Moreover, Cédric Charbit mentioned that Balenciaga shares with the organization the same values.

The lookbook of the exclusive collection from Balenciaga

According to José Neves, the founder of Farfetch, the brand Balenciaga is very popular among users of the online platform. He considers this partnership pretty advantageous, because it will bring new clients. The e-tailer represented exclusive wear which can be purchased only through the company’s web site.

New shades of erotica from Erica James

The author of the world bestseller announced her new novel

Erica Leonard James who gained acknowledge in the world of literature due to the raucous trilogy about «50 Shades…»  announced her new novel named «The Mister» .

The bestseller author E.L.James

In January, 24 in the author’s official account the photo occurred which illustrated the book with presupposed cover and planned release date – april, 16. For more detailed information the writer directed all her fans on her official website where one can find an intrigue beginning of the plot. Like Mr.Grey, Maksim Trevelyan has careless life. He owns money, connections, wonderful appearance and hearts and bodies of many girls… Erica James calls her novel «A Cinderella story for the 21 century» . Besides, the writer offers to get acquainted with several parts of the new work. The book is ready for pre-ordering on the official site of Penguin publishing house in Great Britain and the USA where it is included in the list of books required reading in 2019.

An intrigue cover of the new novel















Judging a barrage of comments under the publication and numerous articles and news items in foreign and Russian mass-media the book has all possibilities to become a bestseller and win hearts of billion readers. It is noticeable that other photos and publications in the writer’s account hardly counts 100-200 comments, yet on the announcement there was more than 2000 responds.

Erotic novels by Erica James are extremely popular. «Fifty shades of grey»  overcame famous «Twilight” and «Harry Potter»  by the number of sales over the short period of time. In Russia the book translated into Russian and published in «Eksmo»  became a bestseller as well. After it, the author proceeded seria and presented other two parts of this story: «Fifty shades darker»  and «Fifty shades of freedom» .

BDSM, beautifull views and affluent life became a formula of success for novels

The movie was made on the plot. In several Russia regions (Osetia and Karachai-Cherkesia) these films were withdrew from broadcasting on ethical grounds. Films gained a host of adverse feedbacks, however, it didn’t prevent from obtaining record box office.