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“Today, feminism is not relevant at all”

Ирина Хакамада призналась в нелюбви к феминизму

Ирина Хакамада на ток-шоу «В точку!»
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“Today, feminism is generally not relevant,” – says one of the most successful women of Russia Irina Khakamada. She doesn’t like feminism in its classical understanding. Closer to her post-feminist ideas: Khakamada considers that it is necessary to explain that in the first place – she and the second man, but “not his wallet,” but a personality.

Irina Khakamada met with students on September 20 the current-show “To the point!”. She talked about her political activity, practice, business coach, personal Hobbies, Outlook and secrets of success.


Irina mutsuovna Khakamada is a Russian politician, candidate of economic Sciences, writer, journalist. At the moment his main activity considers the holding of business trainings.
Born in Moscow on 13 April 1955. The father is a Japanese Communist Mutsuo Hakamada, the mother – Sinel Nina Iosifovna.
Graduated economist at the people’s friendship University; he defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of economic Sciences at MSU; he received the title of associate Professor on specialty “political economy”.

Full version talk-show with Irina Khakamada:

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