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Riot against fashion

Почему не нужно бояться носить «гранж»

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Style grunge quite heterogeneous, there are many variations of it. The general idea of this stylistic direction – resistance fashion. Often a rebellion against fashion creates a new style. Grunge – a good example. The word “grunge” came from the American slang. It means something unpleasant and repulsive.

Aboriginal youth are considered rebels and numerous fans of rock bands, who often copy the behavior and lifestyle of their idols. Followers edakogo marginal chic came from Seattle, where I came from groups such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden,  and not by accident.These groups in their texts talked about the new reality and freedom in all spheres of life, and especially – for self-expression.

Rock band "Nirvana"
Rock band “Nirvana”

Grunge – a flannel plaid shirt, long, carelessly arranged hair, torn pantyhose or mesh, leather and metal ornaments, frayed jeans or shorts, plaid skirts, hats, beanies and heavy, solid shoes. Grunge style intersects with such styles as the “military” and often fans of grunge in the preparation of a camouflage image is used.


The origins of the style is the desire to resist the fashion, but this desire has resulted in yet another direction in clothing. It would not have tried followers marginal style challenge and break the fashion templates, they are trapped, because grunge – is quite different combinations of certain things. Style ceased to be truly marginalized in the early nineties when the American designer Marc Jacobs within the Fashion Week showed her collection, made in grunge style. Then grunge ceased to relate human to a particular social group. On this day, this style is often ill teenagers, lovers of rock music, the participants of some subcultures and even the stars.

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