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The Russian star in China

Как в Китае «выкупили» Веру Житницкую

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Vera Zhitnicka, theater and film actress, now starring in the Chinese TV series the love story of a Soviet speaker and a Chinese girl. The action takes place in the 1960-ies. Faith talks about how differently we approach the filming in Russia and China, but also about his love for Chinese tradition.

Vera Zhitnitskaya
Vera Zhitnitskaya

— You are used to the main role, but in this series play the role of the sister of the main character. It does not hurt to play a minor character?

— No, absolutely! Of course, better get used to it, but now I am happy and I like what I’m doing here. It is a priceless experience in a completely different cinematic reality, which I was very fascinated. Besides, this is a story about a Chinese girl, so I would not have approached for the lead role.

— How did you get into the project?

The role I got in a strange way. One actress posted on my social network that soon will be samples in the new project for Chinese television. At the audition I was extremely nervous: the Director, cameraman and producer of the series flew to Russia from China to personally select the actors. They had only one day, and contenders insane amount, it was necessary to show their best side, to stand out among all. The three of us got it and we were offered the role, but, frankly, it was very hard.

— Well if you took Chinese colleagues?

— The Chinese are very hospitable and interesting people. We have much to learn from them, for example, they are much more patient and calmer. With them pleasant and easy on the court, because in addition to the Russian partners we have to work with the Chinese, we play in their language, and they on his. It can be difficult, but the team and the other actors are always ready to help, suggest something. In between shooting, we have fun and joke: teach each other our languages, because the Chinese pronunciation of Russian sounds and Vice versa sounds very funny.

— What are the main differences in the production of TV series we have in China?

— The Chinese are very organized and hardworking. They have all done accurately, quickly, at a pre-agreed schedule. They try to shoot one take, so before filming always explain our problem to the max, not to reshoot several times. Of course, sometimes there are some “lost in translation”, but it does not hinders the process.

Very strange that a shooting area ready to shoot just five minutes, so seriously they approach the process. In Russia everything is totally not so, the shooting can reschedule, cancel, change at the last moment, the scene suddenly to rewrite the script for us it’s normal, so at first the Chinese seemed strange accuracy. Now I got used to it and understand how it really facilitates the process. This we clearly should learn from Chinese colleagues.

Yet they have definitely lunch at exactly twelve o’clock, even if not dosnyal scene, everyone needs a break. Also working in parallel, three groups in different places, so the movie they remove just like a rocket.

There is another difference: if we used what we call the shooting schedule almost for several months in advance, so that they can be combined with other surveys, the Chinese would “buy back” actors for the entire period of filming. Therefore, the Chinese actors can’t act more than one project. I personally in this respect, closer to our system — I do not like to sit idle, if you can plan your time.

— Do you like in China?

— Honestly, I was waiting for from China something horrific and completely incomprehensible. Thought I would be in a country where no say in Russian, but English with difficulty. Actually it is not so scary, and to find a common language with the local happened almost immediately. A huge impression on me nature is very diverse, so every city somehow remains in memory. This is my second time in China, the air up here, I already think my family, I even missed him. I think I’ll be back there again and again after the shooting.

— What was the biggest cultural shock you have experienced in China during this time?

— When we arrived it was still quite hot and we tried not to miss the opportunity to visit the beaches. Now, we immediately noticed that swim mostly men, very few women. If they appear, are dressed in diving suits, and almost in the mask on the face, so they cherish white skin. They have very different standards of beauty, and I was very surprised. But in General they are the same people, just with their culture, customs and, of course, excellent cuisine!

— And you would be able to continue his acting career in China?

To move forever? Not exactly plan. I like the local culture, but China is not my home. Still, I love Russia and I prefer to work here, despite all the advantages the Chinese market.

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