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Deadly glow restaurant ratings

Ресторанные рейтинги вершат судьбы людей

Michelin guide
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Famous French chef Benoit Viola in February this year, simultaneously with the release of a new release of the Michelin «Red Guide”, committed suicide. This is reported by “Facts and Comments”. This case reminds us the story of Bernard Loiseau, who was shot 10 years ago due to the fact that he could lose a third Michelin Guide stars.

That is the great reward chefs "Michelin stars", give them "scripture", ie "Red Guide"
That is the great reward chefs “Michelin stars”, give them “scripture”, ie “Red Guide”

The publication “Red Guide” evaluates French restaurants so-called “Michelin stars” with the help of true professionals of cooking, the best tasters.

In Russia, the guide is not discharged, but the French edition makes chefs let yourself bullet in the forehead in case of failures.

The logo of "Red Guide" in 2016
The logo of “Red Guide” in 2016

But recent status assessment is already losing its former power, people in the past decades have started to think more about the criteria for the evaluation of gastronomic temples that were always behind the curtain. For high scores, many restaurant owners have spent millions on beautification and decoration of the premises, the purchase of first-class, a rare, high-quality products. If the institution is deprived of stars or not getting them, all the costs are not paid off, but on the contrary there is a need to invest in a restaurant even more money.

The chef is cooking a delicacy
The chef is cooking a delicacy

However, some restaurant owners and chefs are still respected Michelin system.

“The Michelin for me – it is the prestige and the highest professional recognition, it remains the most important and sufficiently objective in France,” – says, according to the “Afisha Eda“, the founder of the Parisian restaurant Septime and holder of a “Michelin” star Bertrand Grebo.

Now more and more appears the new guides in the kitchen, the audience already does not trust Michelin assessment, and for example, prefers «The 50 Best», «La liste» and other, more simple – «The trip advisor», «Afisha daily» and “Yelp”.

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