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State Geography Exam

Министр образования одобрила сдачу экзамена по географии всеми выпускниками

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The head of the Ministry of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva supported the idea to make Geography exams compulsory for graduates of the 9th and 11th classes, reports TASS.

‘This initiative is good, but we need to discuss it in detail, including financial focus’ – said Vasilyeva at the Second All-Russian Congress of Geography Teachers held on 2 November in Moscow State University.

The congress was visited by all interested in the promotion of geographical science in the country – government officials, teachers and scientists. Nikolay Kasimov, vice-president of the Russian Geographical Society, stressed that there is a need to upgrade the program in connection with the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation.

Nikolay Kasimov
Nikolay Kasimov
Russian Geographical Society is one of the oldest geographical societies in the world
Russian Geographical Society is one of the oldest geographical societies in the world

The Minister also raised the issue of equipping Geography classrooms. According to the head of the department, teachers need to have all the tools to work with the students.

Earlier, Minister of Education suggested other changes to the exam format. On October 25 on air of the TV channel Russia 1 the head of the Ministry of Education said that an examination in Literature will consist of creative tasks only. Among other Vasilyeva’s initiatives is the return of Astronomy to the school curriculum, the introduction of entrance examinations to universities and conduction of tests in all subjects in the 11th grade.

Congress of Geography Teachers
Congress of Geography Teachers
Единый государственный экзамен с 2009 года является формой выпускных экзаменов в школе; сейчас обязательных для сдачи предмета два – русский язык и математика
United State Exam is a form of GCSE since 2009; it is now mandatoryto pass exams in two subjects – Russian language and Math



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