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Assassin’s Creed, the long-awaited and criticized

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Assassin’s Creed, долгожданная и критикуемая
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Male gaze


The film Assasin’s Creed revolves around the conflict between the Assassins and Templars. Two groups pursuing certain goals, trying to get their hands on the Apple of Eden, an artifact of divine origin, which gives the owner superhuman strength. It was the pursuit of him is at the center of the narrative and becomes the main motivation of the characters in the film: the Assassins are trying to protect Apple, while the Templars use it for their own purposes. The outcome of this chase depends the fate of humanity, so Callum Lynch – the protagonist of the film – to find his place in the world and lead the chosen way to success.

Female perspective
Speaking in plain language, this film tells the story of a murderer Callum Lynch, whom brought in the so-called “rehabilitation center” in Madrid. There it is connected to the “Animus”, the special apparatus, which allows to enter the regression and take the place of his ancestor who lived 500 years ago. Dr. Sophia Raylin and her father sent Callum in the past, that he found the Apple of Eden with which it is possible “to heal the world from violence.” The goal looks good, but the movie was too “muddy”.


Male gaze


The very arrangement of the film not too conducive to the manifestation of talent – most of the time the actors enough to maintain equanimity in the frame. And with that, I must say, they do perfectly. However, Michael Fassbender perfectly shows the audience the inner world of the protagonist, caught between two fires, and trying to find his way in the world of Assassins and Templars. Marion Cotillard, the female leading role, also managed to reveal his character – Sofia Raylin – we do not understand on which side will eventually face the employee of Abstergo industries.

Female perspective
I was very disappointed with the game’s main character Sofia. After a sensual drama “Allies” of the end of 2016, the year in which Marion Cotillard sincerely recited all of the dialogue and showed the tenderness, passion and despair of the French scout, her role in “Assassin’s Creed” was not crowned with the same success. In the new action she seemed emotionless throughout the film. As for me, it is better to criticize the actor, what not to say about his performance in the movie nothing. That Michael Fassbender does not surprise me and did not show his acting talent unlike the little actor Angus brown, who played Callum Lynch in the childhood.


Male gaze

The film is filled with action in the form of action scenes: the characters constantly fight, break away from the shackles or run – on dialogues almost no time. This, however, the movie does not harm – most of the filming produced at the highest level, although sometimes computer graphics visible to the naked eye. It should be noted that transitions between the two times of the film – 1492 the year and the present – which is never a surprise to the viewer, so it does not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what he saw.

Female perspective
How producers and Directors present to the past, where is Callum, namely Andalusia in 1492, the year, is truly mesmerizing. In the film there are beautiful nature photographs, for example, mountain ranges with a bird’s flight, ancient palaces, and the ancient city. Unfortunately, almost two-hour film, they occupy only a small part. But ¾ of the time is shooting battles, where flying dust, causing the faces of the actors become indistinguishable, and instead of the normal dialogue is heard only screams.

Main idea

Male gaze

The conflict between Assassins and Templars – not so much a gang war, as the opposition ideologies. The film shows how important for any person free will, even if it leads to the wrong action. It is no coincidence that it is related to the Apple of Eden, which Adam and eve were expelled from Paradise. This is the first manifestation of man’s free will is not mentioned directly in the film, but to see it for the metaphor it is easy. Thus the “overly aggressive” Assassins become the embodiment of freedom, and their famous motto – “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” – another proof.

Female perspective
In my opinion, the main idea of this picture is that if your ancestor was a criminal or a murderer, and you will be prone to violence. From such a fate is possible to save the people, if you go into the past and change fate. I agree, it sounds non-trivial and very strong. Only now this idea is very poorly implemented in the movie. It completely “slaughtered” a sword that even after viewing the film remains ringing in the ears.

Overall impression

Male gaze
I as a fan of the game series Assasin’s Creed movie seemed very decent. It was nice to plunge into the atmosphere of confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Order, once again remember the story of Desmond miles and hear memorized by heart the Oath. The plot did not seem so confusing, how he tried to imagine the critics, and the abundance of action scenes I would rather attributed to the merits of the film.

Female perspective
Ladies, if you are fans of the game “Assassin’s Creed” or fighters, then don’t waste your time and money on “assassin’s Creed”. First, there’s a lot of unknown for you words. Second, love the lines of the speech did not go. Finally, any emotion he did not have a cause, believe me, neither to cry nor to laugh, even frightened for no reason.

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