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It’s time to share the Church?

Передача Исаакиевского собора РПЦ: без спонсоров не обойтись

На ток-шоу "В точку!": искусствовед Александр Копировский, священник Георгий Кочетков и журналист Ян Левченко
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About the reasons of public debate, which led to the decision of the St. Petersburg authorities to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years, says the experts of the talk show “To the point”: the Dean of St. Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute, Father George Kochetkov, art historian, Professor of St.-Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute Alexander Koprowski and Professor of cultural studies at the Higher school of economy journalist Jan Levchenko.

Alexander Koprowski sure that the information noise around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church – “thing is artificial, when in a certain place you need to throw a grenade, distracting from other issues”. In this story, in his opinion, the main issue is moral: if it’s a working temple, its main function is to be a place of prayer.

Father George drew attention to the foreign experience: “For the Museum – Museum premises. The temple must be the temple. Thus with one another can be combined. This practice is common around the world and worked for a long time. To me it is strange that here there are any conflicts.”

Yan Levchenko believes that the controversy around Isaac requires a balanced positions on both sides:

“This conflict can raise issues that previously were resolved either automatically or at the level of “who’s who”.

One of the main issues is money. The Ministry of culture expects that the cost of Isaac would take on a new owner, and the ROC is waiting for state subsidies “in the framework of the programme”.

Father George is confident that funds for the maintenance of the memorial Church will only come from the public pocket:

“There are no Other options and should not be. Society and the state are interested in the preservation of cultural monuments. If you want it to be a cultural phenomenon and not just a cult – pay. And this is absolutely normal”.

Alexander Koprowski sees no drama in the material in question:

“These things are very easy to find the money. Any millionaire donating to Isaac, not to be afraid that someone the money to drag”.

Yan Levchenko urged to consider the situation as a “show” act, which should serve as a reason for the decision of the accumulated differences between the active cultural community and Church:

“The Situation may not be the same because of its ambiguity. Need not about the specific St. Isaac’s Cathedral to think, and to perceive that this conflict is representative of the unfolding public debate on the topic, what to do with the relationship of Church and state”.

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Talk show “To the point” comes out in the spring of 2016 as an educational student project at the faculty of communication, media and design, Higher school of Economics.

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