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The most patriotic day

6 августа может стать Днем патриотизма

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What happened?
Vladimir Aristarkhov
Vladimir Aristarkhov

The first Deputy of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov announced that the Agency has considered the initiative to establish in Russia a Day of patriotism “worthy of attention”. This is stated in the letter addressed to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov. Aristarkhov also drew attention to possible financial constraints on the part of the budget of the country and indicated the need for further discussion of the initiative:

“The mentioned issue shall be considered as a subject to wide public comment and conduct a historical and chronological assessment of the Russian Academy of Sciences”

What’s the idea of a holiday?

The proposal to declare August, 6th as a Day of patriotism was sent in the state Duma on 14 November 2016. The author – Rahman Anshukov, President of the Association of entrepreneurs for the development of the business patriotism, “Avanti” – not only prepared the draft of the law, but also amounted to an explanatory note to justify the need for the establishment of the feast.

Rahman Anukov
Rahman Anshukov

It states that the introduction of anti-russian sanctions, the purpose of which was the violation of the economic stability of the country, has had the opposite effect. The policy of import substitution was very effective countermeasure, to unite the citizens of Russia in the struggle for economic independence, “which was a real expression of patriotism in difficult conditions of constant political and economic pressure”.

The main role in the fight against sanctions, according to Anshukov, was played by the RF presidential decree dated 6 August 2014 “On application of certain special economic measures to ensure security of the Russian Federation”. Thanks to him, “business patriots” found the strength to move forward and to resist anti-russian policy of the West:

“The Establishment of a new memorable date August 6, the anniversary of the adoption of the decree of the President of Russia, will perpetuate the manifestation of unity within the country, which helped to meet the internal growth external pressure”


Even at the time of making proposal to establish a Day of patriotism this holiday has undergone massive criticism. Internet users have used all your sense of humor in order to beat as the title of the new “Victory day” and the purpose of its introduction:

This victory day smells like palm oil (re-write of russian song, can’t be translated)
Patriotic Day is too much though. But we can call it whether Galore Day or Healthy food Day (cabbage, turnip, whatever else is russian)
Vitaly Milonov
Vitaly Milonov

In the state Duma, however, the initiative met no resistance. Deputy Vitaly Milonov has fully supported the idea of establishing a day of patriotism, noticing that mark it is possible and without the usual foreign products:

“It used to be Australian, new Zealand, Argentinian meat, but not now. Only Voronezh, Bryansk only. Indeed, the quality is very decent”

“Patriotism Day” in other countries

The only country in which there is a public holiday with the word “patriotism” in the name, is United States. One of his first decrees Donald Trump announced the day of his inauguration – January 20 – as National day of patriotism. Special piquancy of the situation makes that in the USA even before Trump, there were two public holiday with a similar name: Patriot’s Day is celebrated on 11th November across the country in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack of 2001 and Patriot Day – April 19 in the States of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Maine commemorating the first battles of the war of independence.

expert Opinion for the HIT-Media
Vasily Abashkin
Vasily Abashkin, senior expert, candidate of economic Sciences, HSE

“I think, to maintain national unity just one occasion. August 6, in my opinion, the date is artificial, opportunistic and politicized that nothing, no one, apart from some individuals, not associated.

Besides, if it be considered as a geopolitical response to Trump, as a flawed attempt. No value added, that is good, I do not see this”

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