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Fatal tour

Продолжаются поиски жертв крушения вертолета на Алтае

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What happened?

On the evening of 12 February, the helicopter “Robinson” fell in the area of Cape Cocchi of lake Teletskoye in Altai. In addition to Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic, on Board were 5 people. Later, according to Interfax, was the known that the helicopter carried out is prohibited at this time of day a sightseeing flight.

On the morning of 13 February, more than 160 rescuers have started the massive search for the wreckage of crashed helicopter. Day they have found the body of a passenger Elena Rakitskaya, wife of Dmitry Rakitskaya, pilot who drove the helicopter.

What is known about the cause of the disaster?

The official reason is not yet established, but the employee SKR Jan Strizhova said that there are only three versions and they are all “standard” when talking about disasters: bad weather, pilot error and technical malfunction of the aircraft.

Former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the Soviet Union Oleg Smirnov, an interview with “NSN blamed the pilot for the unwillingness to flight and incompetence.

Bath have got into such a disaster

In 2009, he was among the 11 passengers crashed in the North of Altai helicopter Mi-171. The crew was engaged in illegal hunting of argali.

Then the cause of the crash was violation of safety rules, which allowed the commander. In addition, as the investigation revealed, one of the passengers, Vladimir Podoprigora, swapped with a second pilot and made a mistake in the management of helicopter.

During poaching, actively maneuvering the helicopter collided with the edge of the Black mountains. The machine skidded, he hit the left part of the slope, and he was abruptly thrown to the side. Push the helicopter turned 180 degrees and began to slide down, crushing the chassis and destroying the passenger cabin.

Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Altai
Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Altai Republic
Photo: Andrew Kasprisin

When the crew missed a radio session, the search plane had seen all the route commands, but nothing was found. Urgently organized a search party, and only 11 Jan 2009, 3 days after the crash, the helicopter was found.

In addition, the helicopter does not included a radio beacon that allows you to track the location of the aircraft, and this greatly complicated the search for the missing crew.

Bannykh and another 3 people survived, but were injured. The other 7 died in a crash.

What is the Robinson R66?

Robinson R66 – a five-seat helicopter model production “Robinson Helicopter”. Helicopters of this brand are operated mainly pilots-fans, and assembled directly at the customer from a kit, delivered in boxes from the manufacturer. They cost from half a million to a million dollars depending on configuration. The helicopter is positioned as an affordable and easy to operate the machine, learn to fly which can almost every.

five-seat model helicopter Robinson R66, 2013 Photo: Wikipedia

Quintuple model helicopter Robinson R66, 2013
Photo: Wikipedia

Other disasters and accidents helicopters-Robinson Helicopter

According to helicopter.ru in 2003, there have been Russia’s first incident with this type of helicopter. From 2003 to 2016 total there were 13 incidents, 8 of them disasters.

Vice President, partnership “aviation Safety” Raphael Aptukov the conversation with “Kommersant” stated:

Raphael Aptukov, President of the nonprofit partnership "Safety"
Raphael Aptukov, President of the nonprofit partnership “Security of flights”
Photo: Russia today

The frequency of occurrence of accidents with helicopters Robinson says that somewhere inherent system error. First of all, in the training of pilots. Prepare, as a rule, private flying clubs. They employ instructors who have a plaque on similar aircraft types, but usually without the certificate of training.

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