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Points in karma

Чего не хватает молодым для успешного старта карьеры

Екатерина Горохова на ток-шоу "В точку!"
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The general director of Kelly Services CIS Ekaterina Gorokhova finds optional one of the main disadvantages of young job seekers. She said this on February 9 talk show “the point”, held at the studios of the media center HSE in Khitrovka. What’s wrong recent graduates, than good skills of teamwork and how to earn “karma points” – short snippet of the talk show.

Ekaterina Gorokhova: “it is not Enough just to study well, need something to work from the beginning. It broadens the mind. Experience is very useful, and if he has a degree, then it is doubly useful.”

In the full version of the talk show “the point” with Catherine Gorokhovaya – how to write a summary, than to go to the interview and how to behave in front of a potential employer, what specialties will be dead in 10 years, and who while robots will not replace. The recording of the web broadcast can be viewed here.

Kelly Services – the largest international company providing solutions for outsourcing and staff management.

the talk show “the point” available in the spring of 2016 in the framework of the educational process at the faculty of communications, media and design HSE and is part of a broader multimedia project Hit.Media.

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