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“Attraction” or rejection?

Лучшие профи работали над фильмом более полутора лет – и вот результат

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The name Fyodor Bondarchuk attracted a lot of attention to the sci-Fi movie. This is evident by the film’s budget almost half a billion rubles, and by the fact that this is only the 4th film in our country, which is transferred to the IMAX format. We tried to find out whether the movie is as good as was told about her star in interview the TV channel Moscow 24 after the presentation.


Male gaze

“Gravity” is a film about what would happen if first contact with an alien civilization took place not in new York or Washington, and in the Districts. The alien ship downed by the Russian air force, becomes a stumbling block: the government, wanting to avoid unnecessary casualties, protects him from the people, and the people themselves demand to immediately expel the intruders with the “our Land”. The situation is complicated by the fact that in cordon there is a gap through which a too enterprising Teens can make contact with the aliens, the consequences of which, in fact, described in the film.

Female perspective

gravity fall

The plot is quite trivial. Julia Lebedev attends school in high school and lives with his father-a Colonel, as her mother died. She has a lovely young man, he and best friend with whom they climb onto the roof of the skyscraper to watch the meteor shower. Instead, he falls to the Ground alien ship Sol with the aliens, is very similar to transformers. Like one gets a pretty picture, but it spoils the second half of the film, which is more similar to Euromaidan in 2014, the year of Molotov cocktails than at the beautiful battle between humans and aliens.


Male gaze

The characters in “Gravity” are shown with all possible care. Colonel Lebedev performed by Oleg Menshikov it looks a lot like the strict father, the one whose daughter entered puberty, but because to understand it is extremely difficult. The daughter herself – Julia Lebedeva, which in the movie is played Irina Starshenbaum, – behaves like a real problem child, and her boyfriend Artem (Alexander Petrov) looks like an ordinary young man in love. Special attention also deserve a school teacher (Eugene kilometers) and Google (Evgeny Mikheev), the sincerity of which really wants to believe.

Female perspective

gravity cast

Many emotions in “Gravity” shows Irina Starshenbaum not bad, but I saw nothing unusual except for her name. This actress has no personality! And Irina and her character Julia Lebedeva if deprived of individuality, which is so important to exercise in sci-Fi movies. Otherwise, a large number of special effects overshadow an actor. In the films of this genre I’m used to seeing these beauties as Jessica Alba in “Fantastic four”, or Scarlett Johansson in “the Avengers”, but not “gray mouse” as the main character. Alexander Petrov is more suitable for Comedy films than dramas.

special Effects

Male gaze

From the very beginning of browsing, we marvel at the scale of surveys: extremely realistic space ship in the far reaches of space, fighters, explosions and meteorite impact – all performed at the highest level. The scene with the fall of the UFO in Chertanovo and did want to revisit again and again – so cool it looks. Of particular delight is the quality of study space suits of aliens, which if done manually, not with computer graphics. The interaction of alien technology with the water looks absolutely incredible – much better than in “the last airbender”. The quality and quantity of special effects, “Attraction” is quite comparable with the Hollywood blockbuster “2012”, which is caused not only multi-million dollar budget, but a brilliant work of specialists.

Female perspective

pull spec

At first glance on the poster and in the trailer the alien ship in the form of a sphere looks brilliant in all senses. Unfortunately, when you sit down to watch the film from beginning to end, you realize that it’s not as cool as previously thought. If the UFO in the middle of the skyscrapers of America looks intimidating, but it is relevant in Chertanovo – ridiculous. In fiction need hyperbole to the next frame was stronger than the previous one. That’s what’s really “catchy”. If you compare a recent film about aliens on Earth Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” and “Attraction” of a novel, American drama, of course, wins. And not only on special effects.


Male gaze

Think about what will be the first contact with an alien race, we were offered more than once. Somewhere this momentous event almost turned into a disaster (“Alien”, “Predator”), where it was funny (“Mars attacks!”), and somewhere went by quite peacefully (“Contact”). However, the “Gravity” gives us much more cause for reflection, because its action takes place somewhere in America, right in Moscow, showing that it can happen anywhere at any time. And if the aliens do first come to Earth here and now, will we be ready for such contact? Bondarchuk sure will, and I have no reason not to believe him.

Female perspective

gravity suit

“Gratitude, loneliness, hate, love” – the meanings of these words the main character tries to explain to one of the aliens, which in appearance is no different from an ordinary person. The creators of fantastic pictures tried to combine the two stories: about the strongest feelings of the people about the disaster that will occur when approaching the UFO to Moscow. Maybe I should focus on one thing more details and to register the script. Sometimes it seemed that skipped some scenes, like the writers didn’t want to make the film taut. As it turned out! I involuntarily looked at the clock when sitting in the cinema.

Overall impression

Male gaze

On viewing I went with a clear feeling that much of “Gravity” that we should not expect too bad, in my opinion, showed themselves national cinema in recent years. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the filming and the script – the film is very worthy. Of course, not without some contentious moments, but they focus should not be – a major impact on the overall picture they do not have. “Attraction” after watching the leaves not only a pleasant experience, but also a ground for reflection, so I definitely recommend it for viewing the male half of the audience.

Female perspective

In the second half of 2016, the year of the Russian cinema has pleased me both great films, including “the Collector” with Konstantin Khabensky in the main and only role, the philosophical picture of “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “Paradise” Konchalovsky. Amid such harrowing films with complicated storylines “Attraction” seems too superficial. If a person wants the soul to cry, then he chooses a drama, and if you want to relax and to relieve the brain, it is fiction. That is why I do not advise women to watch a movie of a novel: you just confused what to do.

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