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March “apple drink” from Tim Cook

Apple надеется взбодрить продажи, выпустив улучшенный iPad и обновлённый седьмой айфон

Гендиректор корпорации Apple Тим Кук на презентации iPhone 6
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What happened?

There is information that in March 2017 Apple is going to present an improved iPad Pro and the updated generation of iPhones. According to unofficial sources, will feature just three of the updated iPad is about the same characteristics with displays of 7.9, 9.7 and 12.9 inches.

It is also planned to surprise fans of “frameless” an iPad with a diagonal of 10.5 inches, equal to the usual dimensions of the iPad Pro with a screen size of 9.7 inch. Estimated price “of bezrabotnykh” somewhere between 599 and 799 dollars.

Filling Apple gadgets, too modernizarea: iPad with a diagonal of 9.7 inches will work on the A9 processor from Samsung LSI. 12.9-inch iPad Pro will have А10Х chip, manufactured by TSMC.

iPad Pro 9.7" iPad Pro 12.9", next to the Apple pencil, sold separately for$ 100
the iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad Pro 12.9″ next to the Apple pencil, sold separately for$100

According to forecasts, the supply of “Apple” tablets can begin as early as may of this year and will total 35-37 million units.

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Make us beautiful!

In addition to the upgraded tablets, the company intends to introduce new versions of their smartphones. Primarily the changes will affect the appearance. Insiders told the Japanese publication Mac Otakara that Apple is planning to upgrade the design of the iPhone 7/7+ and iPhone SE, adding a bright red color in addition to the existing five colours.

New design smartphone from Apple (in the middle). Photo from the Twitter account of the publication Mac Otakara
the New design of the smartphone from Apple (in the middle). Photo from the Twitter account of the publication Mac Otakara

As for the iPhone SE, the Corporation is not planning to release a “little brother” seventh iPhone in a red color. Currently available smartphones with memory of 16 and 64 GB and the same colors that the iPhone 7/iPhone 7+. In addition they will be issued further models with up to 128 GB.

It is possible that in addition to color solutions the Apple company will improve the technical parameters of the smartphones of the seventh generation.

What causes it?

Apple’s revenue from iPad sales in the first quarter of the new fiscal year fell by 19%. But CEO Tim cook sees no reason for pessimism: “I’m still optimistic about how we can develop the product.”

Perhaps the SE model iPhone with memory 128 GB will be able to gain popularity among users with average incomes who cannot access iPhone 8, estimated according to preliminary data of$ 1,000. Price iPhone SE are not yet known, but the trends show that the cost of the updated model will vary between 499$ and 549$.

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