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“The employer needs to see that you did not come to carry the stones but to build the temple”

Как успешно пройти собеседование и почему иногда полезнее провалиться

Как успешно пройти собеседование, и почему иногда полезнее провалиться
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Ilja ShmelevHow to break through the “HR-blockade,” to cope with stress, learn how to flatter and to turn disadvantages into advantages, said in an interview for the Hit.media business coach psychologist Ilja Shmelev.


How to behave?

The first is to say Hello and introduce myself. It is important to establish eye contact with the opponent, it sets the right tone for the upcoming conversation.

During the interview, switch the attention from his experiences on the employer. Gotta stand boldly and confidently, the interviewer must feel coming from your energy. It is important not only what you say but how you say it.

“Where focus goes there all our energy. This principle is at work here.”

The first impression in 15-30 seconds, and most often it occurs at the level of emotional response. Subconsciously immediately decides “your” or “alien”, it passed or failed — it is therefore important that the first impression was striking.

To win a man, you can use the technique “mirroring”. Pay attention to how he breathes at the pace of his speech. It does not seek to copy the movements, the facial expressions of the interlocutor, and just get it all in one rhythm.

“Your communication is a living process, it resembles a dance. It is important to feel the partner, but to understand that each of you own party.”

When applying for a job there are two possible positions. First — position “needs”, when the post you are essential. You initially put yourself in a vulnerable position and communicate with the employer as a person who has power over you. But the situation can be approached from the position of “partnership”. You come to the interview with the idea that today not only choose you, but you choose. Then the interview turns into a negotiation in which both sides will seek to win. You will respect the chain of command, but will be able to communicate with the employer on equal terms.

How to deal with excitement?

If you are experiencing a lot of stress, take a few deep breaths: the breath can quickly normalize the heartbeat and reduce the level of anxiety. Remember that naturalness is the main component of your behavior on an interview.

“Most of the questions needed not to hear from you the correct answer, and to see how you react to a stressful situation”.

Most often in HR-e psychologists, and even if you do not have enough professional skills, but you will be able to show your emotional stability, they will make a choice in your favor.

Why the stress when you come to the interview in the first place? You have just finished University and unsure of their abilities, believe that you lack experience and knowledge.

“When I graduated from University, I was looking for a job for the position of business coach. Failure followed failure because I lacked practice. But over time I realized that its lack was my main resource. The employer does not need me to retrain, it can independently mold specialist that is needed”.

Any fault in the desire turns into a plus. When you learn to do it, will be able to relax and in the end achieve the desired result.

What to replace the lack of experience?

The world is changing fast and what worked yesterday or today might not work any more. But as humans lose the desire to improve their skills.

“During Potanin selection Kursk medical University is one of the deans said, modern surgery is developing rapidly, and where an elderly surgeon will do surgery, young could do two small punctures. So from the point of view of professionalism, he will not yield and the fact that they will pass their older colleagues.”

The interviewer’s attention is drawn to the fact that, because of the ability to innovate the quality of your work may be higher than the more experienced competitor.

“And should remember the parable about the three bricklayers. One of the builders asked why they carry stones. One replied that he needs to feed itself, the other earns money for his family, and the third said that he is building the greatest Cathedral in the world.”

So your employer needs to see that you came to him not to carry the stones and build the temple, he must believe you’re going to burn the idea. And then the level of your current competence will depart on the second plan.

How to interest the employer?

If you are dealing from a position of “partnership”, you may figure out which location is the source, ask him what he thinks of your ideas, if you happen to see any doubts. If you come from a position of “need”, the main goal is to convey to the interviewer that you are important to this position, and to do that you are ready, come what may. But even you must feel the measure and not to all the conditions meekly accept. It will be perceived with respect and likely to kindle interest. Besides, you will prove serious approach to the job and do not rush on everything.

The interview is appropriate to praise himself.

“What is employment? It’s “selling himself”, of his time, expertise and resources. The laws of marketing has not been canceled: in order to sell more expensive, the packaging must be beautiful.”

Employer can attract and the knowledge of the company, where you came from. If I say that acquainted with the activities of the company, perused the website, read about her in the press, and you liked so-and-so, you will not make a compliment to the person sitting in front of you, but through your awareness you will be able to flatter him.

How to approach tricky questions?

Here are some typical questions from the Arsenal of HR, which may confound, if they do not prepare.

“What can you tell me about your weaknesses?”

When you see the list of required competences, it to come up with “quality-antonyms”. If you find these qualities and strengths, they will become your allies. Can, for example, admit they do not know how to drive a car and not going to the right, but it will not be late in the morning so getting to work will be by metro. I can say that are lazy, but to add that stop to give my hundred percent, but when you don’t see the purpose in their work, and again, it will be interpreted.

“Why I left my last place of work?”

Should not talk about conflicts with the authorities. You can do a phrase like: “I have reached the maximum level, and it is important for me to grow, to constantly improve their skills.”

“how are you different from other candidates?”

Here it is important to separate personal and professional qualities.

“On the professional skills you can be along with everyone, but there are so-called soft-skills, which will tell you a secret, the employer is more important.”

Pay attention to the qualities that are required in your area. In one case, assertiveness, leadership, initiative, and the other with the ability to captivate, to inspire, to smooth out conflicts.

In this case, remember that you are not bound to know the answer to all questions. The desire to answer all and to prevent any mistakes often turns against us. We must honestly tell the employer that you are currently the answer is not ready, but unable to access necessary sources and reply later. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something, ask follow-up questions. The employer will see that you don’t just want to impress him, but acknowledge your weaknesses and ready to work on this.

What to do if you refuse?

This is a normal part of the process, and do not engage in self-flagellation. Any failure provides an opportunity to correct their actions.

You need to determine what works, what should be paid attention to. Can, improve a resume or carefully to keep the appearance consistent with, applying. Most importantly, do not give up and continue to work on yourself.

“If you look at the obstacle, then you are going to Balk, and if attention is focused on the goal, you will quickly find a way around the difficulty. Make sure that the process does not become in “dancing on rake”, and taught how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.”

It is useful to record (on tape) their interviews where it is not prohibited.

Finally, you allow yourself to fail one more time and just be yourself. In any case, it’s a great experience. The more interviews you complete, the sooner you understand that the employer wants to hear really. To get the desired position, it is necessary to allow a certain number of mistakes, so the best exercise before the interview — another interview.

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