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The last barrier before the divorce

Комнаты для примирения открылись в российских ЗАГСах

Последний барьер перед разводом
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In the registry offices of Tatarstan and the Belgorod region appeared room for reconciliation. They are designed to help spouses to abandon the divorce and to understand the causes of the conflict. For this the rooms are specialists-mediators, acting in the role of family psychologists. The initiative has already helped some couples refuse to divorce.

A member of the Federation Council, Chairman of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova proposed to consider the question of creating room for reconciliation at the Federal level. In addition, these rooms will appear in the Registrar Novgorod region in March.

Recall that in 2013, the UN called a Russian leader in the number of divorces in the world.


The state Duma has attempted to strengthen the institution of family and marriage. In January 2017, the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov offered to make the procedure of divorce. It was assumed that the timing of the divorce is expected to increase from one to three months, and the court must try to reconcile the spouses with minor children. Also under the bill prohibits absentee divorce through the courts. State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov agreed with the proposal of increasing the period of the divorce, however, the bill did not find support of the majority of MPs.

In 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev proposed to increase the state duty for divorce from 400 rubles to 30 thousand. The initiative was not approved by deputies.

In 2015, the state duty on divorce increased to 650 roubles.

divorce Statistics in Russia in 2015-2016

the largest number of divorces: Magadan oblast and the Leningrad oblast (752 divorces per thousand marriages)

the Main reason for divorce — alcoholism or addiction (41% divorce rate)

the Main reason for rejection of divorce kids (35% of failed divorces)

the Number of divorces for 2015 611646

opinion of Russians about the divorce (VTSIOM data)

Infographics polls

what about them?

In European countries the mutual consent of spouses on divorce may not be enough. In Italy, the divorce only through court, which reserves the right to refuse divorce. The trial may last several years. A similar system, albeit in a mild form, is valid in the Netherlands. In Germany in order to file for divorce, the spouses must be at least a year to live separately from each other. The cost of divorce is calculated on the basis of family income.

divorce Statistics in Europe for 2015 according to angliya.today

Infographic angliya.today

What you say

Daria, a student of the higher school of Economics, feminist

This is a very dumb idea, because in our state psychologist is more likely to put pressure on a woman so she wasn’t leaving an abusive husband, if only to preserve the traditional family.

Ludmila, 42, was on the verge of divorce

I think that the introduction of the reconciliation rooms in registry offices can be useful for many families who are on the verge of divorce. Often couples decide to divorce under the influence of emotions, without realizing the real cause of the disorder in the family. The question of divorce in my family, too, rose, but a timely trip to a family therapist helped to avoid this. Not all people can afford expert help, but sometimes you just have to look at the situation from the outside, to hear the partner, to build a dialogue.

Oksana, 46 years old, divorced more than ten years

In my case it would be useless, because the divorce was inevitable. If people don’t love each other, they are not the same moral compass, no psychologist in this case will not help. If the original person does not need a family, especially when he’s not interested in your own child, it hardly makes sense to try to establish something. Although each case is different.


expert Opinion

lecturer at the Faculty of social Sciences, HSE Rostislav Kononenko specifically for Hit.media:

“whether the successful introduction of the “room of reconciliation”, will practice. This is another attempt by the state to improve the statistics of divorce, because in our country it is disappointing. The government is trying to change the population’s attitude to marriage. Personally, I don’t think the room will affect people’s decisions about divorce. The idea will either scare away, having no impact on the majority of divorcing, or give people a break for a day or two, after which they are without ZAGS disperse. Measure positive and interesting, but not enough to alter values and attitudes in society and relations between spouses.

However, if the decision to divorce is made on a hot head, then talk with a psychologist can act”.

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