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“She was doing her lone thing…”

Режиссер Елена Погребижская о фильме «Доктор Лиза»

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“It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These issues were resolved themselves while she was engaged to others – helping people,” says Elena Pogrebizhskaya.

the In the club Tower on March 1, showed and discussed the film “Dr. Lisa” directed by Elena Pogrebizhskaya. Discussion “burned”, and Pogrebizhskaya, refining and fending off, shifting from foot to foot and shivering corners of his lips, discussed with students the personality of Dr. Lisa and her business, which changed not one human life.

“Dr. Lisa”: how came the idea to make a movie

“It was terribly interesting LJ (LiveJournal – blog platform for blogging). She described the history of their patients,” recalls the Director.

Snimok-ekrana-2017-01-05-v-1.40.01-kopiya“Dr. Lisa” is a film-the answer to the question, why would a man be treated dirty homeless person, to go to the sick at the station, inspire hope lying in a hospice or hold together with a deaf and blind girl six hours while it will not take you to the hospital. This man is a doctor, a specialist in palliative medicine. The person who needs to be there when hurt and scared. Elena Pogrebizhskaya sure that such a person was Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa.

About Dr. Lisa

Elizaveta Glinka – a human rights activist and public figure, the doctor-resuscitator, Executive Director of the of the Fund “Fair use”, member of the presidential Council for human rights and civil society. But before the filming of “Dr. Lisa” (which is 2009) Elizaveta Glinka, mainly engaged in the field of hospice service: visited the sick, distributed the new, supported, every Wednesday toured the stations. “It’s heartbreaking. There was a certain man, a doctor who worked on this and can say, completed for government work constantly,” said Elena Pogrebizhskaya during the discussion of the film.

Elizaveta Glinka died 25 December 2016 – it was the TU-154 plane, which was heading to Syria and crashed during departure from Sochi. Dr. Lisa is survived by three sons. Hleb, husband of Lisa, an international lawyer, an American citizen who built the first Kiev hospice, which was led by Dr. Lisa. Their children she has two: Alyosha and Kostya, they were born in the United States. The third son of Elijah she adopted after the death of a cancer patient women in Saratov.

The film “Dr. Lisa” in 2009 received the award TEFI.

Elena Pogrebizhskaya:

“I’m honestly amazed at how watching a movie years later. It looks as if we are specifically they did something, giving something metaphorical sense. Chair with of the ship, talking to Lisa about his own death… I look and think, she says she doesn’t know, and I know…”

“be Surprised that can even fly and bullets don’t have”


to speak ill of such people, conscience does not allow, though… a controversial figure. She went to Syria to help with medicines, can, helped soldiers. But maybe she wouldn’t have to do this if it has not begun. I’m not talking about her medical practice, rather about the political: its cooperation with various parties ….


And this, of course, negatively characterizes a person, right? For me it was a revelation when I posted your film after the death of Lisa, get under him immediately one hundred reviews of the infernal mud. I like a man who had gone away from the last events in the life of Lisa (after filming and several charity concerts 5 years), might have missed some moments. But it turned out that it is impossible to smoothly address the issues of the military. Because of us not being bombed, we have no specific enemy. And the one who is friends with this enemy, the enemy is sure. Once dealt with this subject somewhere from Moscow, from afar, to wonder what the answer could go even bullets, is not necessary, although strange at first. I brought down the site twice suddenly. I certainly do not fight with anyone. But you cannot touch with impunity. People have hurts. People want revenge for their pain. Anyone, even dogs, who or what is really not to blame. What’s the difference – who else is going?

“Charisma does not replace”


what do you think, will the Fund “Fair use” to exist without Elizabeth’s?


Know that some volunteers want to continue. But… I’m not interested. I am attracted to charisma. All, it is not. Petrovich, doctor who was always gone because he used to work with Lisa and no Lisa he didn’t need it. He is an oncologist and maybe an oncologist in any other place. Charisma is not replaced. The Germans were killed and no more second Nemtsov, for example.

“This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity”


<>we have established the image of such prosvetova person. But it was not revealed the true reasons why she so calmly bandaged the homeless, couldn’t she…?


So she’s a doctor! This is a normal desire for doctor: thermometers to put, pills to give – it’s their job, it is normal and natural. Pasha, which you have seen, produces such a false impression “simpleton”, although, in fact, very intelligent, successful businessman who has long sought chervotkina, but not found. Believe me, there are people not like you: solid and living by other values. Of course, no Holy it was. Its difference from other people was that its task is above life. She was motivated to help people, she was constantly engaged, no matter what danger regardless of public opinion, despite the suspicion on a bunch of crap, negative comments, and just doing that it was important to help people. This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity.

“My goal was to show that this movement against the wind”


Managed to find the right Lisa?


And I don’t know. I don’t even know myself, and certainly not a hero. That is, if we knew people, people would not be divorced, right? If people knew the people, the beautiful people in ten years would not become a monster, right? My task was to show what was important at the time: the core of this process, strange help people that is not paid for, which nobody organized this whole movement against strong winds. Since Lisa is a very important figure in Russian history and now I wish it was some Russian Mother Teresa. But I don’t know Lisa. The Director can’t be friends with the characters. This violates the ethics of the profession.

“She was Smoking, you know, lonely.”


And the tears you saw her?


No tears no. But she was so Smoking, you know, lonely… In the movie there is a moment where she’s sitting on the steps in the basement and smokes alone in a robe, a special form, in which they treat the homeless. Such a lonely view. Lone-lone. And since Kirill is a fine operator, he is immediately removed. For me this is a very accurate metaphor. It is such, such and remained. She made my lonely business and how people would want to join it, something interfered with them.

We are living in Russia, people are so arranged that believe how someone motivated by something just good, it is very difficult. Certainly you need to spend time to find where the second bottom. That’s why you can’t believe? There is an example from the book where it is written: this people was so high. Read and believe. And if he live around the corner, I believe it is simply impossible. Need to find that there’s wrong with him.

“I Have a feeling”


And you believed?


Yes. I have flair. This is my main talent. I think the reptilian brain (laughs). True, true. My main brain is working so-so. Reptilian and works great. Instinct leads me to choose heroes. So, in fact, choosing a non-obvious theme for movies, I almost always gets to the point. And the result is a resonant movie. It’s not because I want to brag about. It’s true.

“It was a personal grief”


How do you handle the news of her death?


When Lisa died, for me it was a personal grief. Fortunately, it has now become weaker. But I can say that my father’s death has made me a less impression than the death of Lisa, because my father had no relations, and with Lisa was. It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. And for me, it has always been and remains a moral reference point. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These questions were solved by themselves, while she did something else – helping people. For me it is a serious landmark. I also want to take an example, how to live ideas. A little bit visionary, but it’s good.

Who is Elena Pogrebizhskaya?

A few facts from the biography:


  • was Born in 1972 in Leningrad region
  • Journalist, singer, screenwriter and Director of documentary films
  • has Twice received the award “TEFI” and “Laurel” (2008) and “Stalker” (2013)
  • Has two higher educations: graduated from the faculty of Russian Philology, PhD and the Department of television journalism faculty of Moscow state University
  • From 1995 to 2001 he was political commentator of the program “Time”
  • was the lead singer in a rock band “Butch”, which released 4 albums, the latest album “Credo” was released in 2007
  • has Written two books: “diary of an artist” (2005) and “Confessions of four” (2007), in which it together with Mikhail Soloviev for the film “still I rise”
  • In 2011, the host of “Here and now” on the TV channel “Rain”
  • Removed documentary films “Seller blood”, “Dr. Lisa”, “Mom, I’ll kill you”, “Panic attacks”, “Vaska”, “Thin and thick”, etc.

In an interview with the Hit.Media, like other media, Elena Pogrebizhskaya said that she had no desire to return to television and music.

“the Desire to return to the TV I have, because it’s work for hire, in a large hierarchy. And I’m an independent Director, and that means the entire hierarchy – it’s me. In music there is because it is too small a channel of expression where it is impossible to Express intellect, and for me it’s important.”

Now Elena Pogrebizhskaya raises money for new film “mourning the loss”, in which the heroes of the film will talk about how to overcome their grief. Recall that your movies Elena Pogrebizhskaya finds funds, conducting a crowdfunding campaign.


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