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Fathers and sons

ВЦИОМ и Hit.Media выяснили, какую профессию россияне считают идеальной для своих детей

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What happened?

All-Russia centre of public opinion studying (VTSIOM) has conducted research to identify occupations that Russians are willing to choose for their children. Respondents during the telephone interview were asked to name the sector of employment in which they would like to see their younger children and grandchildren. Hit.Media decided to conduct its own survey and find out whether the opinion of the older generation correlates with this of young people.

Views of the older generation

In the initiative Russian poll “polls-Sputnik” carried out in the form of a telephone interview on March 21-23, 2017, was attended by 1800 of the respondents who have younger children or grandchildren. The study was conducted for the first time since 2012, and the results naturally differ from those obtained five years earlier.

In the first place for Russians is still the medical field – this choice for their children tend 35% of respondents. People also want to see their offsprings in the role of lawyers (11%), teachers (11%) and, oddly enough, the military. Popularity of last response over a five-year period doubled from 6 to 13%. The five leaders also were joined by the professional workers, such as mechanic or machinist, for the variant voted by 10% of respondents, which is two and a half times more than in 2012 (4%).

More popularity is also gained by the policeman, athlete and builder. The frequency of their occurrence in the answers of respondents in comparison with 2012 grew by 5, 3 and 3% respectively. Employment in the economic sphere, on the contrary, now it seems the Russians are less promising – only 9% of respondents voted it vs. 13% in 2012. A similar fate befell the banking: only 1% of parents want to see their children and grandchildren in it now. At the same time, only 4% of respondents agreed to provide the opportunity for their children to decide for themselves – 3% less than in 2012.

MikhailovResearch Director of VTSIOM Elena Mikhailova believes that the obtained results reflect changes in attitudes to certain professions: “The measures directed on increase of level of material security and social status of the representatives of such professional groups as doctors, teachers, soldiers, the attractiveness of employment in these areas increased significantly”. The expert also notes the trend towards a humane choice of professions is potentially lucrative, which seems to the authors of the study “significant positive dynamics”.

Views of the youth

As of 20:00 March 30, 2017, Internet-uprose Hit.Media, was attended by 115 young people 16 years and above. Respondents were asked to select from a list of professions that, in their opinion, would be best for their children. The results of the survey are very different from those that were obtained during the study of VTSIOM.

The vast majority of respondents agreed that the children themselves should decide their destiny – 42% are concerned about interest more than on its formal characteristics. While another 12% pay attention to the profitability of work, putting this criterion over others. Those who accurately identified the most suitable in their opinion profession tended rather to the creative industries (25%) and computing (20%).

So highly appreciated by the respondents of VTSIOM medicine and law were not so important for young people – just 13% of respondents indicated as their preferred future profession for the child “doctor” and 6% “attorney.” Policemen also had no success – only 1% of respondents voted for the answer. Instead of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens respondents chose employment in a business environment: 15% of young people would like to see their unborn child in the role of the entrepreneur, 8% were in favour of employment in the banking sector and 7% – in management. Also more mundane jobs were in demand only among 3% of respondents.

Review of the expert of Hit.Media
Yana Fedotova, Manager analyst of HSE Career Development Centre

No wonder the polls are so different: people are of different generations, who grew up in different economies and different information field. Generation of parents, by old memory, wants to see children on prestigious, in their opinion, posts of doctors, teachers and military, but their children have very different priorities. And this is perfectly normal because economic realities make adjustments – do the remuneration of doctors or teachers in our country commensurate with the effort that they put in the work? Here the young people and make appropriate conclusions. But most importantly, felt the weight of parental expectations, young people do not want to shift this burden onto their children. It can be rejoice because just imagine how much happier would the world be like if people chose a university or place of work not because “my parents forced me”. As the saying goes, “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

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