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Holidays in Europe!

Czech Republic, Hungary or Finland - what is better?

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Winter holidays is the best time for travelling around Europe. It is better to order a tour in October or November. Just at this time travel agencies give their clients suggestions on January, yet lessors haven’t increased Christmas prices on apartments in Airbnb service.

In order to travel on one’s own It is necessary to find the company, choose the direction, buy tickets, engage the place for living and apply for a visa. Online services is a comfortable way to organize travelling (Aviasales, OneTwoTrip, etc). They will find you the most optimal flight in terms of time and prices. Be careful with buying the cheapest vouchers – avia companies frequently impose restrictions on baggage allowance. In order to avoid troubles with the ticket seeking and processing you can appeal to travel agencies where you will be selected the country, hotel, plane. However, that would have great costs. For the decisive and economic travellers we collected three inexpensive and atmospheric European countries.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is included in top 10 the cheapest countries of the European union. On Christmas Prague opens numerous fairs with hand-crafted products, unique souvenirs and all possible treats. This place is a paradise for lovers to eat budgetly and yummy. In January, besides traditional knuckle of pork and goulash, trdelnics are being sold on every street corner. This is a pastry in the form of roll with sugar and different toppings, the sweet smell of which is spread over the whole historic center.

If you choose cozy and gotic Czech Republic, the flight will be approximately 10000-15000 rubles. The price for living will directly depend on your demands to comfort – every person decides whether to live in hostel or separated apartment. On average, 25000 rubles will be enough for the flight, hotel and visa fee.

Historical Prague center on New Year’s Eve

In Budapest Christmas decorations are taken off in early January, that’s why you hardly will be able to feel the holiday atmosphere deeply. However, you will be able to research both sides of the capital – Budu and Pest, warm up in the legendary bathing areas and look at all sightseeings from the hilltop where the statue «Motherland» is situated. Free excursions on English called «Free Walking Tours» are widely spread in Budapest – if you know a little bit more than «London is the capital of Great Britain» you will be able to both attend city tour and learn street-art hidden in the narrow city’s alleyways.

The travelling price to Hungary will be approximately the same as to Czech Republic, yet you will have a possibility to gorge in Hungarian restaurants wasting little money.

Christmas market in Budapest

The third direction is not so budget as previous ones, but it is, probably, the most atmospheric. If you want to attend Scandinavia, but you have a little money, you can plan a moderate trip to Helsinki.

Hardly anyone believes in stories about Santa Claus living in Lapland. However, it is worth to visit this place in winter at least once in life. Astonishing north sceneries with the aurora borealis, wild deers running along the roads, forests blanketed with snow, and the yummiest fish are anticipating tourists in Finland. You can reach this country not only by plane but also by ground transportation. As an option you can go to Saint-Petersburg by train, and to catch the bus there to Helsinki.

North affluent countries pamper travellers with convenient renovated hostels which give you an excellent possibility to economize on accomodation fee. If you crave to be found yourself in the winter fairytale and ready to accept several inconveniences, definitely visit this European Father Christmas and be ready to spend 30000-35000 rubles on your dream.

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