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10 hidden features of social networks

Facebook and Instagram features you might not know about

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We spend hours on the social networks, posting posts, viewing profiles of friends and acquaintances, editing photos and videos. Do we use all the features and functions of social networks?

We will tell you about the chips in Facebook and Instagram.



“Trusted contacts” is a function that ensures network security. Each user can designate from 3 to 5 friends as profile coordinators in case the account will be blocked or there will be problems with the entrance. Only selected users will be able to send an email with a URL to restore access. You can configure contacts in the “Security and Login Settings” section.

If you suddenly decide to clean your profile and delete publications, you can save copies of posts, photos and videos. The archive can also include a description of the current settings and personal information placed in your account. The button “Download Page” is available in the “Settings” section.

The function allows you to find a person on the network by mobile phone number if you do not know the nickname. You must enter the desired number in the search bar. Only users who allowed to see their contact information will be displayed in the results. The remaining Facebook profiles will be hidden.

You can play and compete with friends in the Messenger application. Users monitor the progress of the opponent and see the number of points scored on the “Hall of Fame”. More than 50 games are available on Facebook, including Cut the Rope 2, Basketball Against Friends and the Ball pool. You can find them in the Facebook Messenger search bar.

Facebook allows users to recall the history of their relationship with friends. If you added information to the “Marital Status and Relatives” section, you can view the history of friendship on this page. If the relationship is not indicated on the social network, the story will be available on the friend’s page. The “View Friendship” button is located on the cover of the profile.




Instagram users can create their own set of filters for processing from the collection. If you use certain filters in the editor and scroll the rest, select the ones you need in the “Management” section. Filters can be swapped in your set, and you can also create a personal rating from them.

Offensive and inappropriate comments Instagram automatically filters out and removes from publications and live broadcasts. Users can also control this process by making a list of stop words, phrases and emoji. The function “Hide offensive comments” is available in the settings.

Instagram users have the right to tag you on any publication. After that, a photo with a tag will be displayed in your profile. However, you can hide the publication in your account in the “Parameters”. The tag on the friend’s page will not be removed.

If you want to temporarily remove or hide part of publications in your profile, you can use the archiving function. Photos will not be displayed on the page, however you will have access to them. You can archive the publication in the “Parameters” section.

In the “Likes” section, users can follow the actions of the profiles to which they are subscribed. Here you can see your favorite posts, comments and subscriptions. You can find a lot of interesting among the content that users rate. Moreover, the section helps to more clearly define the profile and requests of your target audience. The function does not need to be customized.

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