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“Radar” from the inside: how it works

Yandex.Radar ranked the best online projects

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Yandex has launched a service where it publishes a rating of popular projects that have an extension in the network. The resource reflects the current situation in the advertising and media market.

Analytical service Yandex. Radar tracked only the popularity of browsers and search engines. Now Radar publishes top popular Internet sites. This article describes how the platform works and creates the top.

Rating is based on aggregated and impersonal data.

10,000 projects participate in the ranking. Yandex ranks the lists and forms the top based on impersonal data of its extensions: Browser, Alice, Elements and Metric.

In addition to the ranked list of projects, minimum and maximum indicators of site traffic are shown on the Radar page (displayed when you hover the cursor over the column). More detailed information is available for some projects that allowed Yandex to use Yandex.Metrica and AppMetrica data: the average time that users spent on the site, the daily audience and the percentage of visits. Radar users can see detailed information about the audience of the resource: region of visitors, age, gender, average income and type of device.

Business News Rankings

Projects are filtered by type and subject. For example, to see a site with news about a business, you need to select the type “News” and subject “Business”. Several filters may belong to the same Internet platform.

User can adjust the rating by type and subject of the project.

The uniqueness of “Yandex.Radar” consists in using two attendance scales simultaneously: regular and cross-driver. Information tracking methods affect the realism of indicators. In the standard system, users who open a site on multiple devices are counted twice. Most analytical services use only the standard scale. Cross-driver system tracks users on different devices and browsers and takes into account only one visitor. The cross-driver attendance indicator reflects the real picture of the market.

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