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A robot-screenwriter has a shot at winning Cannes Lions

The Lexus company produced a advertisement based on a script written by artificial intelligence

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«Driven by Intuition» is world’s first advertisement based on a script written by artificial intelligence (AI). IBM Watson system developed the text for this ad, and an Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald brought it to life. In order to create the commercial, AI analysed past successful advertisements and based on them generated a new narrative.

Суперкомпьютер фирмы IBM, оснащённый вопросно-ответной системой искусственного интеллекта
The IBM supercomputer equipped with question-and-answer system of artificial intelligence

A minute-long film features the production of the new Lexus ES executive sedan. According to the story, the new model is being destroyed during crash tests, but then the car begin to resist. At the critical moment, Lexus ES recognizes the danger and automatically initiates emergency braking. The creator observes everything through the media.

To write a unique story, the neural network studied a number of advertisements that won Cannes Lions award. An extra information about the company was added to the system in order to make the commercial unfamiliar to viewers and corresponding to the brend. A bunch of emotional intelligence studies was downloaded into the system as well. This helped the neural network to understand what affects potential consumers to the greatest extend.

AI placed all combinations of objects, actions, and locations so that psychologically affects customers. Based on the analyses of external audio, text, and graphic data, the supercomputer determined the most crucial parts of the video making the commercial successful.

AI organized the narrative so that affects our emotions

The project’s creators managed to demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence. Moreover, AI depicted some of the aspects of human behavior in its story. The accomplished work is an another step towards the use of artificial intelligence in the nearest future.


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