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Is it good or is it bad to watch series ?

How do TV shows affect our brains?

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According to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends about 3 hours a day watching TV, which equals about 20 hours a week. Recently, the streaming company Netflix found out that 61% of users regularly watch from 2 to 6 episodes of the series in one session.

Watching TV shows is a way to get rid of stress
Why do people consciously spend time regarding other people’s stories?

There are several reasons why watching someone else’s life brings emotional pleasure. The fact is that brains produce dopamine – one of the hormones of happiness. Psychology Doctor Rene Carr told NBC News that the hormone of joy puts a person in a condition similar to a drug addiction. The hormone sends a signal to brains which says: “This is good. Keep up with the good work .” That’s why a person cannot stop on a single episode.

There is a term “binge-watching”, which literally translates as a “drunk viewing.” Usually the word “binge” is used in the context of excessive drinking, overeating or shopaholism, but more recently it has been used in relation to series addicts. Dr. Carr noted:

“Neural pathways can provoke heroin and sexual addiction in the same manner as addiction to watching TV shows does.”

142 Toledo University study participants find themselves addicted to TV shows

Scientists from the “Laguna family” health center in California have found that our brains perceive all actions that happened on a television, book, or just in the imagination as real. We begin to associate ourselves with the character of the book or the hero of the television series. These heroes cause empathy. We want to experiencetheir feelings.

John Mayer, a clinical psychologist at the “Doctor On Demand” clinic, notes that people use fictitious reality to get rid of stress. Watching television shows helps them to block thoughts about everyday routine.

In a study conducted by the University of Toledo, 142 out of 408 participants found themselves addicted to watching TV shows. Addicts reported to have higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than others.

During a keen viewing, we dive into a fantasy world

According to experts, watching TV shows helps strengthen relationships with others. When a person regards series with other people, he feels himself as a part of the community. The world-famous festival “Comic Con”, which takes place in Russia, brings together the fans of various TV shows, comics, movies or video games every year.

Despite the benefits of the series, experts urge not to abuse viewing them. If you are thinking about spending an evening watching TV shows instead of talking with loved ones, the addiction is calling.

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