Musical and a political show

Организаторы «Евровидения» не смогли урегулировать российско-украинский конфликт

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What happened?

This year the song contest “Eurovision” will take place without participant from Russia, and Russian TV channels will not broadcast this popular show. On 13 April, the European broadcasting Union in his letter, the First channel reported inability to resolve the question of the participation of Yulia Samoilova in the competition.

After that, the leadership of the First channel said that it is not going to broadcast the event. First consider the decision of the host country of the competition are unfounded and see it as Ukraine’s attempt to give political character to the contest, “whose goal throughout its 62-year history was the unification of the people.” Media holding VGTRK has expressed solidarity with the First channel and also boycotted the stream.

the Positions of the parties

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the briefing in Latvia stated that the main goal for Russia was not the participation in “Eurovision”, and provocation, which manifested itself in the direction of the contest of the person that violated Ukrainian legislation. Poroshenko expressed his attitude to the incident:

“I am happy that thanks to the effective actions of the Ukrainian authorities that provocation was avoided”.

The official representative of EMU David Goodman said that the organization condemns the decision by Ukrainian authorities to allow Yulia Samoylova is an attack on “non-political character and mission” of the competition.

The CEO of the Eurovision song contest Ingrid Deltenre expressed regret that the contest is used as a means of political games, and recalled that Eurovision is supposed to unite people, not “to pit them together”.

Your opinion with the community shared the national actress of the USSR Alla Pugacheva:

“I know Julia, you know her dream to perform at Eurovision. Everything else is so hectic for such nonsense, because, when singing a person with a disability needs to calm all strife”.

The following year, Julia Samoylova, regardless of the venue of the competition will represent him and Russia. This agreement with the EBU, on 14 April, announced the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst.

However, as reports, EBU will consider the suspension of Russia from participation in 2018 on the basis of rules, according to which the country refused to broadcast the show, deprived of the right to send its representative to next year. Final decision will be taken after the contest in Kiev.

As the events unfolded?

That the security Service of Ukraine has forbidden Yulia Samoilova entry into the country for a period of 3 years, it became known in late March. The reason for this was not agreed with the Ukrainian authorities, the performance of Julia in Kerch in 2015. Then began the search for variants in which the girl could participate.

The compromise proposed by the EBU did not satisfy the Russian side. Julia was invited to speak remotely with broadcast satellite communications. Remote performance of the participant in the competition is not provided by the rules, however, EMU has agreed to make an exception.

The leadership of the First channel was strongly opposed, on the grounds that it contradicts the sense of the competition. The main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta said that a mandatory rule of the contest is a live performance of actors on stage.

The second option was the replacement of the Russian party. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko said that Russia will be able to participate in the competition, if a new delegate will have no problems with Ukrainian legislation. Russia to change the party refused.

Financial and reputational consequences

The failure of the First channel to broadcast “Eurovision”, according to preliminary estimates, special advertising losses will not bring, as the stream can be replaced by other content. In 2015 on advertising during the “Eurovision” channel has earned 100 million rubles. This year, the numbers could reach 130 million Loss could be around 30 million Audience of “Eurovision” in the world will decrease by more than 12 million people, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

How will the lack of broadcasting in Russia, the European broadcasting Union, said music producer Valentyn Koval:

“the Number of viewers who watch the “Eurovision” in Russia or any other country, is unlikely to affect the financial condition of the organising Committee. Typically, the member pays contributions for the right to show “Eurovision”, and for the opportunity to send the competition participant. If one of the forty participating countries will refuse to broadcast or participate, it is unlikely it will seriously affect the financial picture of the inside of the European broadcasting Union. From year to year in different countries refuse to participate in “Eurovision” for various reasons, but the EMU neither cold nor hot”.

The leader of group “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich sure that those who prepared Julia to participate, could not know the laws of Ukraine and what it could be. But he stressed that for the sake of events, “which depends on the prestige of the state”, it was possible to make an exception: “It is nonsense on both sides”.

expert Opinions Hit.Media

Associate Professor, faculty of social Sciences, Mikhail Mironyuk appreciated the “Eurovision conflict” between Russia and Ukraine.

“it is an adequate choice of women from Russia, absolutely inadequate reaction of neighboring States and logical conclusion – failure of the First channel and “Russia”. But I think it will not affect relations between the two countries – they are already at the lowest level. Next only possible step is simply the rupture of relations”.

Professor of the theory and practice of interaction of business and government Leonid Polyakov projects the situation in relations with Europe:

“From our side a choice Samoilova was not so much political as humanitarian. Girl with alternative opportunities, and with a great vocal talent had the right to represent Russia. It is a kind of test for Europe of how she would be sensitive to discrimination against such participant. Test Europe has not passed – despite talk of “inadmissibility”, boycotting, and even some sanctions against Ukraine, all ultimately ended as it did: the competition will be held as usual. Europe will support special “regime of tolerance” for Ukraine, no matter what she did.”

What else to read?

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«Был готовый сценарий»

В Киеве расследуют дело об убийстве экс-депутата Госдумы Вороненкова

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Incubator for egg-heads

Нора хоббита, пиратский корабль и другие рабочие места от гигантов IT-индустрии

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At sees the tomorrow people the artist-researcher Nickolay Lamm

Working conditions future human can visually imagine a stroll through the offices of the leading Internet production. Premises where the coolest innovations are very different from the usual jobs. Money for their creation and development, apparently, have no regrets, and to design attract designers from around the world.

But whether through multi-billion incomes of employers their employees have the opportunity to work in the “unearthly” conditions? Perhaps, on the contrary, such conditions are necessary for the global success of the company? Try to understand.


Google relies on the comfort and emotional variety.

“Making the working environment more pleasant, you get more engaged employees, increase job satisfaction, productivity and make the company a more attractive place to work,”

says Stacy Sullivan, Director of culture. This applies both to the relationship of managers and employees, and workspace.

The company’s offices look like separate worlds with their atmosphere. There are more than 70 in 50 countries. Take, for example, the headquarters in the UK capital.


Bright, but at the same time calm and cozy interior, comfortable furniture. New design traditional office space was entrusted to create the company “PENSON”. And that’s what happened.


  • Комната под названием «Бабушкина квартира». Здесь и старинная мебель, и мягкие ковры, и узоры на обоях — всё, как в гостиной пожилой английской леди.
  • Библиотека «Лала» — это большая и светлая комната с огромным полукруглым белым диваном, окруженным стеллажами с прекрасными книгами.
  • Эта часть офиса называется «Ратуша». Её вместимость 200 человек. Ратуша отделана вельветовыми занавесками и мягким ковром.
  • Для тех, кому больше не хочется находиться в помещении (хотя в таком офисе сидеть одно удовольствие), на крыше есть терраса, откуда отлично виден Лондон. Зелёная зона оборудована Wi-Fi, чтобы сотрудники не отрывались от работы.
  • Место для уединения под названием «Нора хоббита». У дизайнеров богатая фантазия, но этот трюк с названиями не так прост, как кажется. Упоминание книжных героев, с которыми люди знакомы с детства, вызывает тёплые и нежные чувства.

Moscow Google’s headquarters decorated with wood, glass and leather. All in pastel colors, no bright red or blue flowers as in other headquarters. And Swiss the office (Zurich) did relax room with aquariums, a floor that mimics the seabed, and a special bath with a soft filler. Some of the rooms designed for meditation. Learning this technique performed by a specially invited teacher of Buddhism.


Main office of the most successful social network is in Palo Alto (California, USA). In spring 2015, the new headquarters appeared in Menlo Park. The owner of the copyright of the media Ilya Varlamov published photos in his report.

Facebook Logo at the entrance to the building
Employees Facebook – happy people: they have free meals, absolute freedom of action when making your workplace, as well as the Friday meetings in the square with the founder of the social network mark Zuckerberg.
meeting room
There is one unwritten rule about not taking pictures of Mark Zuckerberg. On the glass of the meeting room he hung a sign: “Please do not photograph the animals :)” (Please do not take photos of animals).

“the Office is just Packed with a variety of inviting public spaces where you can work alone, chat with friends or just take a NAP right after lunch.”

– says Ilya Varlamov.

Original innovations

arIn Madrid remembered that fresh air improves brain function, and even beyond the boundaries of office premises. Employees architectural Studio Selgas Cano planted in the forest office.


Construction design half recessed into the ground, which improves thermal insulation, and is made of transparent plastic – as providing natural light, and the servants pleased to see the window is not grey towers, and picturesque landscape.

the Headquarters of the company Invention of the Land, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consists of 16 different sections. This pirate ship surrounded by water, the castle and a giant robot. Factory inventions and therefore got its name that innovations like off the Assembly line – the year the company received for its new products more than two thousand patents.

Pirate ship

Opinion of the Hit.Media expert

Maria Matveyshina, architect-designer, Director of own Studio, believes that there are two kinds of customers: those who are thinking about employees, and those who want to put in office more and more jobs.

Great if the customer already has an idea, then the task of the designer becomes just a refinement of the style and implementation of the required functionality. It is not only the opinion of the employer. In practice, the designer was a case where the Director of the IT company brought together employees from various departments and they announced their wishes. It really helped in creating office space.

“Many offices are built in the style open-space with maximum use of èkomaterialy. This trend came to us not so long ago, and in the West, her only start to develop. It is therefore not surprising that many modern offices, media companies and broadcasters alike.”

One of the projects for IT company – office of several parts: Italian street phone booths for private conversations and conference room, decorated in the style of “Space”.

In the end

That the creation of such conditions requires significant investments, however. But a favorable atmosphere sometimes it is enough just free coffee, cookies on the table and soft sofa. Let your subordinates do not feel jobs and zuckerbergs, but work will be fun that’s for sure!

The flight from the ocean

Несколько сотен дельфинов выбросились на берег в Новой Зеландии

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What happened?

In Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, on the coast of Golden Bay on the night of 10 February were found 416 black dolphins – grindu. The exact number reported by the Department of conservation of New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald reports that during high tide was able to save only one-fourth of the total. However, the rescued dolphins are in no hurry to swim away from the shore – they remain in the Bay. Experts fear that with the low tide they can come back.

What are the reasons?

The causes of the accident are still unknown – the blood samples only were taken. But since this case is not the first in the entire history of observations, then there are several versions. Mass emissions resemble acts of suicide. Thus dolphins can make an escape from predators in the hope that the land will necessarily be people who can help them.

It is not excluded that at the hearing of dolphins affected by military sonar. According to a study by the Hawaii Institute of marine biology (2009), Dolphin under the action of sonar may lose hearing for 40 minutes, why loses orientation in space. According to Dr. Aran Mooney, a new theory will help to explain some of the earlier cases. For example, in March 2000 on the coast of the Bahamas beached whale 16 after testing American sonars for 16 hours. There is another hypothesis that the strange behavior of dolphins is nothing like the instinctive support of a comrade. In some form the shores sounds of the surf can be exactly similar to the call for help.


Marine animals are often dumped on land in Tasmania and Australia. New Zealand is also located in this region. The explanation for this regional specificity is not yet found. Such emissions occur ashore in Japan, South and North America.

Previous incidents

5 years ago on the beach of Cape cod in Massachusetts, was found on 30 of the dolphins, only 11 of whom survived and returned to the familiar surroundings. But when rescue professionals encounter difficulties. Katie Moore, Manager for marine mammal IFAWreported that the dolphins, whom have managed to return to the ocean, have made repeated attempts to return to shore to their dead relatives.

Biologist New England Aquarium Eric Payne examines a Dolphin is picked up on the coast of the beach Scusset beach, Cape cod.


And in September of 2016 received wide publicity in mass ejection horseshoe crabs in Japan. For the previous year killed about 490 species of these ancient arthropods. The latest incident was 20 years ago. Research fellow, Kyushu University, Hiroko Kioka believes that the problem lies in the shortage of oxygen in the water.

“the Rise in sea level caused by global warming, the shortage of places for laying their eggs and lack of power could lead to the death of horseshoe crabs”.

horseshoe crabs
the horseshoe crabs are considered to be among the oldest inhabitants of the Earth. Their distinguishing feature – a blue blood with great interest being studied by scientists around the world.
What do the experts say?

TV presenter and scientist-zoologist Nikolai Drozdov in comments RT:

Nikolay Drozdov“It is always associated with pollution. People harm the environment, in particular marine, so this response of the animals is obvious. You just need to be more careful about nature, and then we can avoid such terrible consequences.”

In continuation of the topic

As reported TASS on Sunday, February 12, some of the dolphins-whales were able to swim away from the Cape, Farwell during a night tide. However, they continue to be in shallow water. Herb Christophers, a representative of the environmental Agency of New Zealand reported that on the shore were 17 live mammals, which is all kinds of help to return to his native habitat.

Шаг до самоубийства: болезнь, которую нельзя запускать

Депрессия приобрела все признаки глобальной эпидемии

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Дональд Трамп провозгласил новую эпоху

На инаугурации 45-й президент США пообещал вернуть власть народу

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«Рай» миновал оскаровское «чистилище»

Фильм Андрея Кончаловского «Рай» вошёл в шорт-лист премии «Оскар»

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Неприятие «Истоков»

Родители учеников одной из школ Москвы направили жалобу в Генпрокуратуру, усмотрев в учебной программе пропаганду религии

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