Pandora’s box

Единый портал персональных данных может появиться в России уже в 2019 году

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What happened?

In the draft programme of Digital economy forum, sent by the Ministry of communications to the government in early may, the establishment in Russia of a unified portal of personal data was mentioned. It is assumed that on the website the user will be able to see to whom he provided details of your passport and, if desired, to limit their future use. The project should start work in 2019.

What is the idea of the portal?

Ilya Massukh, President of the information democracy Foundation, in the interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” explained the principle of operation of the single portal of personal data. The author of the project believes the website will help people to control information about themselves, which they leave in the Internet and outside of it. Massukh proposes to introduce a special fixing system using the passport data, which will help to find out who exactly has the right to use them.

For example, the citizen at the entrance to the protected object was required to present a passport. The guard recorded the necessary data and returned the document, but the informationwas already transferred to the company that will be able to dispose of at their discretion. The project requires that this fact be recorded on a single portal of personal data where the user will be able to see to whom he provided information about themselves, and to restrict its further use.

Ilya Massukh said that the creation of the personal data portal requires the adoption of new legislation relating to the collection and use of personal data. It is necessary to determine the order of entering to the site information on obtaining data of the passport and to establish responsibilities for organizations that will forget to do it. To regulate the operation of the portal, according to the idea of Massukh, Roskomnadzor will be involved: “This question has been discussed with them”. The source of financing of the project, however, has not yet been determined.

How to work the portal?

Single portal of personal data, according to the creators, will be similar to modern smartphone apps. They, when you download or first use, prompt the user for permission to access the special features of the phone: camera, notification, etc. Person may agree to the terms or reject them. Refusal of the application required capabilities, however, will lead to its deinstallation.

In the case of the uniform portal the user can monitor the data usage of his/her passport. It will be enough to login, presumably with the help of personal data. Next, the user will be prompted to see which organizations have the rights to use the information, and, if desired, to limit those rights. The restriction, according to the idea of the portal will be done in a single click and does not require considerable effort.

Experts’ opinion

Despite the apparent convenience and productivity of the single portal of personal data, some experts reacted to the idea with skepticism. So, Karen Kazaryan, chief analyst at the Russian Association for electronic communications, believes that website creation would entail a new problem:

Kazarian“In European countries this form of interaction provided. In Europe this is done by independent organizations. Roskomnadzor has very many duties, his representatives do not always have time to deal with personal data. The creation of such a portal may impair the protection of personal data of users against leaks”

However, other experts considered the idea of a portal quite feasible and even expressed their ideas for its improvement. Managing partner of the company “Softest” Vladimir Varfolomeev, for example, suggested to use the website portal of public services to login. This model, according to Varfolomeyev, will allow to avoid errors and ensure all citizens equal opportunities of access the new portal.

Public opinion

RIA-Novosti, after the publication of news about the creation of a single portal of personal data, launched vote for users in which they were asked to assess the prospects of the bill. In the survey participated 5037 people, and the results have been disappointing. Only 10% of voters believe that the single portal will be useful the rest were divided into two roughly equal camps. The first believe that an effective website is necessary to punish violators (40%), and the second at all think that the portal will not be effective under any circumstances (50%).

Hit.Media has decided to conduct its own survey with the same answers, but among a younger audience. As it turned out, young people in relation to the project of the single portal is more optimistic. Of the 103 respondents, 33% believe in the possible success of the website, 37% attended to the need to punish offenders and only 30% felt that the portal will not work as it should.

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Grand final of space journey

Cassini приступил к завершающей стадии 20-летней миссии по изучению Сатурна

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What happened?

The spacecraft Cassini, designed to explore Saturn and its moons, has entered the last phase of its journey – the Grand Finale. The probe will “dive” into the previously unexplored space between the planet and its rings, allowing scientists to obtain unique data, and then will be burned in the upper atmosphere of Saturn. So ends his journey, which lasted almost 20 years.

What is Cassini?
Cassini during a test

The robot spacecraft Cassini was developed in a joint project of NASA, the European space agency and the Italian space agency in 1997. It was given a unique task – to reach Saturn, the sixth planet of the Solar system, and explore the planet itself, its moons and famous rings. The unit is equipped with all the necessary equipment from the sensors of cosmic dust to the radio antennas.

Here you can get acquainted with Cassini for a closer look.

Huygens in the cut

An important part of the spacecraft was the Huygens module, which was supposed to land on the surface of Titan – one of Saturn’s moons, in order to examine the detailed.

Thus, the mission Cassini-Huygens was to become one of the most important achievements of mankind in space exploration. Automatic spacecraft would reach Saturn, becoming its first artificial satellite, and a lander module for the first time would land on the surface of Titan.

The Story of Cassini. Take-off


Cassini went in flight on 15 October 1997 from Cape Canaveral in Florida. To start it took a special booster “Titan-4B” with an additional upper stage “Centaurus”. Saturn, as you know, is at a great distance from the Earth – that is what forced scientists to resort to such measures. However, not even this was enough: Cassini went not to the point of its destination but… Venus.

The maneuver, which can cause confusion for an untrained person, however, was part of a well-planned operation. Cassini had to overcome the distance to Saturn with minimal expenditure of energy in order to successfully complete the task. For this, the researchers used the gravitational fields of the three planets: Venus, Earth and Jupiter.

the Presumed trajectory of Cassini

26 April 1998 Cassini skirted Venus, having received the required acceleration, then corrected its course and again passed the “evening star”. After that, the spacecraft flew between the Earth and the Moon and went to the purpose of his journey. About the middle of the road Cassini flybied Jupiter and July 1, 2004, after 7 years of flying, entered the orbit of Saturn.

The Story of Cassini. The study of Saturn
“Eyes of Saturn”

However, a space odyssey of Cassini-Huygens has not ended – here began the most interesting part – the study of Saturn and its moons. The spacecraft spent in orbit of the planet nearly 13 years and took lots of pictures of the object of study and its satellites. The Cassini’s camera allowed scientists to see Saturn from a very close distance, visually examine its atmosphere and eddies in it.

the Surface of Rhea

Cassini also made the most important pictures of Saturn’s moons, through which scientists have learned, for example, the existence of liquids on Titan. Being an artificial satellite of the planet, the spacecraft could not move away from it at a considerable distance, but even this did not prevent him to capture some stunning photos of Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, Mimas and other moons of “the planet with rings”.

Clouds on Titan

Module Huygens, in turn, was preoccupied with more problems – he managed to land on the surface of Titan and take samples from soil and atmosphere of Saturn’s moon. Because of this, scientists have learned that the surface of this moon has lakes, and also recorded several chemical anomalies, which may indicate the presence of life on Titan.

To learn more about the most important results of the Cassini-Huygens mission see this timeline:


The Story of Cassini. Grand Finale

April 26, 2017, Cassini launched the final phase of it’s journey, which is called the Grand Finale. The spacecraft first entered the space between Saturn and its rings, allowing scientists to obtain photographs of the planet taken as close to.

22 rendezvous with Saturn are planned, and Cassini will not only take pictures of the planet, but also will gather important scientific data. The spacecraft must map the gravitational and magnetic fields of Saturn, analyze the composition of its rings and atmosphere.

Cassini will end it’s mission September 15, 2017, when the unit will go into the upper atmosphere of Saturn to study its composition. It will transmit to the Earth the most important data to the moment until it is destroyed. This method to complete the work Cassini was not chosen by chance – the device has been in space for 13 years already and has almost exhausted it’s resources. Leaving it in orbit of Saturn is dangerous because the probe can fall into one of the satellites of the planet and stop their study in the future. So NASA believe that burning Cassini in the atmosphere will be the best solution:

– Always sad to see the end of the mission, but the last flight, Cassini will be the greatest end of the most rich scientific space project. Now Cassini has virtually exhausted the reserves of fuel used to adjust course. If you leave things as they are, operators will no longer be able to control it. The burning of Cassini in the atmosphere ensures that it will not affect further research

Comments of participants of the  Cassini-huygens project

British Professor Carl Murray participated in the project for 27 years. In the interview he told the BBC why the Cassini mission is the most interesting expedition ever conducted:

CarlMurray3_06-2015_crop– It was an amazingly successful mission. For 13 years we have been studying the planet from its orbit. It turned out that Saturn and its satellites there are times of the year, and rings to alter their structure over time. One of the most amazing discoveries made by Cassini is an ocean of liquid water under ice on one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus. Through cracks in the ice cover of the ejected substance, and it contains molecular hydrogen, which on Earth is associated with water vapor and ocean depths and in General with life. People are always trying to figure out whether there was water on Mars and where it went. But now, I think the search will be concentrated on the periphery of the Solar system

Andrew Coates, British Professor of physics and Deputy Director of Muranowski laboratory for space research, worked on the project Cassini-Huygens for the past 28 years. Despite the success of the study, the scientist is sure that in the future mankind could expect more amazing discoveries:

11novPlanetCoat200– Now I am involved in the continuous search for life on Mars with the ExoMars Rover 2020 and the icy moons of Jupiter mission JUICE. In addition, in the mid-2020s, NASA plans to launch a mission of the Europa Clipper. It all sounds very tempting!

Gallery of the best photos by Cassini:

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Argument or agreement?

Чем закончилась встреча Лаврова и Тиллерсона в Москве

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What happened?

In Moscow ended a meeting of Sergei Lavrov and Rex Tillerson, held April 12 in the closed mode. As the results of the talks, the parties held a press conference late in the night, also noting that Secretary of state was made personally by Vladimir Putin. According to representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States, the meeting was quite promising: the politicians discussed many important issues and listened to the perspective of each other.

Working group to address urgent issues

A major outcome of the talks was the decision on the allocation of the special representatives of Russia and the U.S. for further discussion of problematic issues in relations between the two countries. The working group will, according to Lavrov, “in detail, without emotion, to look at those irritants that have accumulated in relations in recent years”. U.S. Secretary of state supports this idea, noting that Russia and the United States do not trust each other. “The two nuclear powers can’t be in this state,” said Tillerson.

Fate of Syria

However, the main theme of the meeting remained the Syrian issue, the views of the parties which seriously broke. The biggest conflict arose around the recent missile strike the U.S. air base in Syria. Russia regards this move as a deliberate provocation aimed at the overthrow of current President Bashar al-Assad. USA, in turn, confident in the correctness of the decision, although official evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Syria is not currently provided. CNN, however, utverjdaetthat American intelligence was able to intercept the Syrian military for this reason.

Sergei Lavrov and Rex Tillerson also discussed the future of Syria, which the current President, according to the American side, no place. U.S. Secretary of state said that “Assad’s regime is coming to an end” due to years of war in the country. Tillerson, however, said that the Syrian President “must undergo a structured and organized manner”, and expressed hope for cooperation with Russia in this matter. Lavrov in response said that Russia “does not rely on any person, neither for Assad nor for someone else,” and the question about the future of Syria should be resolved by the Syrians themselves.

Despite numerous disagreements, the sides still managed to identify a common position regarding the Syrian issue. So, Lavrov and Tillerson agreed that the fight against terrorism in the middle East need to fight together. The Russian side agreed to renew the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria, though allies will not follow it further violations.

Counteraction of the DPRK

During the talks, the sides also discussed the recently intensified the situation around the DPRK and its nuclear tests. In addition to the frequent discussions about possible US military action against Pyongyang, there is concern about the US decision to send to the Korean Peninsula carrier strike group, which not approved the DPRK. In dialogue with Lavrov Tillerson noted that the maneuvers of the ships was planned in advance, and the international community have no need for “something to turn up, due to their location and location”.

Further adding fuel to the fire of the recent publikacja New York Times on a possible nuclear test of the DPRK. The journalists believe that Pyongyang might time the sixth missile launch to the 105th anniversary since the birth of Kim Il sung. Against this background, particularly important seems the Tillerson comment about the fact that Washington and Moscow agree on the need for nuclear disarmament of the DPRK.

Minsk agreement

During the talks also touched upon the question of the Minsk agreements. According to Sergei Lavrov, Russia “felt interests” of the American side of the bilateral dialogue on the situation in Ukraine. “We have a common position that the Minsk agreement 2015 must be fulfilled”, – said the head of the foreign Ministry. Western sanctions against Russia at the meeting were discussed.

“Russian hackers”

The issue of cybersecurity, a newly-emerged after the charges Russia’s meddling in the elections in the United States, was also raised at the meeting in Moscow. Tillerson once again pointed to the presence of incontrovertible evidence of the invasion of “Russian hackers” in American cyberspace, however, the proof was never provided. Lavrov recalled U.S. Secretary of state about received even in 2015, the proposal to establish a joint fight against cybercrime, and noted that Russia “this interest is not only preserved, but also fully relevant.”

Future prospects

The development of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States is complicated primarily because of the contradictory foreign policy of the American side. Besides the attack on a military base in Syria, here we can recall the decision on adoption of Montenegro to NATO, which Moscow believe “deeply flawed”. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in his message said that the event “damages the stability in the Balkans and in Europe as a whole” and does not take into account the views of the people of the country.

However, the results of the meeting of representatives of Russia and the United States are leaving hope that the stabilization of relations between the two countries. Serey Lavrov after it also noted that “many hours that we spent today with Rex Tillerson together with the President of the Russian Federation, were not spent in vain”, and also expressed hope for the continuation of contacts. The administration of the President of the United States, in turn, said the timeliness of the meeting, and he, Donald trump said that Tillerson has done a “tremendous job”.

expert Comments Hit.Media

Andrey Vinogradov, doctor of political Sciences, Professor of the higher school of Economics, believes that Russian-American relations, all is not lost, despite the current deplorable situation:

Vinogradov“We have the official position, which is shared by the Kremlin and the White house: relations between Russia and the U.S. are at the lowest stage in many years. It is a statement that does not doubt and does not contradict positions of the parties. From that moment on, our relationship deteriorated, the experts and the one and on the other hand was hoping that the lower point will be passed. But each time these predictions did not materialize. It was for many reasons both fundamental and situational”

The expert notes that trump, despite the skeptical attitude towards it, has the ability to take a new look at the situation in the U.S. foreign policy and to take measures that will help to strengthen relations with Russia. This is evidenced by the fact of arrival to Moscow Tillerson is the beginning of direct contact, establish the main positions of the parties and finding a solution that satisfies everyone.

“What happens next? Our relationship still has room to fall. However, the closer we get to this bottom, the higher the probability that the trend will change. Yesterday’s meeting could be a point when the relationship will change. Much will depend on Americans, their political situation, because, of course, trump is a serious impact,”

Andrey Vinogradov notes that the United States currently face many different problems ranging from the threat of international terrorism originating in the events of 2001, and ending North Korea’s nuclear program poses a real threat to world leadership. America wants to maintain its position as one of the leading countries, but to do it every year it becomes harder.

“I think that Americans, by the force of inertia of consciousness and other reasons, remains as the main threat perceived by Russia. For some time they forgot about it, but again think about the threat to their leadership from Russia has helped the situation in the middle East, particularly in Syria and the situation in Eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea”

However, the threat from China also seems to Americans very significant. It is no accident that all the recent US presidents, both Obama and trump, almost immediately after his inauguration, met with the Chinese leaders and then – from Russian. This clearly demonstrates the careful attention of America to China, albeit spreading more on the economic sphere. Russia is perceived as a global political rival, whose influence should be limited.

“During the 1970-ies we talked about a geopolitical triangle (USA, USSR, China), in 80-e years this concept went out of circulation, and now again possible to say that the trend of development of global international relations can be described by the concepts of simple geometric shapes. Triangle, if we are talking about East Asia, or quadrangle – if you add the European Union. I think that our relations with the United States can be considered now it is in these two geometric figures”

Dmitry Novikov, Junior researcher, Center for comprehensive European and international studies higher school of Economics, on the contrary, doubts that Russian-American relations can be a bright future. The expert attributes this primarily to provide for trump’s pressure, which is beneficial to Russia in the short term, but strategically, it carries large risks.

Novikov“The situation in Syria can negatively affect relations between the two countries, especially if the administration trump will adhere to the strategy of unilateral actions aimed at overthrowing the Assad regime. From the Russian point of view, articulated by trump during the presidential campaign, the abandonment of the practice of regime change was one of the positive aspects that Moscow welcomed. A return to this policy will meet the resistance of Russia and deterioration of relations. However, the visit Tillerson showed that the administration trump continues to seek ways to conclude a “deal” with Russia, albeit from a position of strength”

However, the probability of success of such a “deal” faster tends to zero. Starting in 2014 Russia and the United States are in a state of systemic confrontation and work exclusively in the military sphere, trying to avoid direct armed conflict. An example of such cooperation can serve the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria, which, however, is now suspended. Thus, the confrontation between Moscow and the USA almost reached its peak.

“The fundamental reasons for this confrontation are the fundamentally different approaches of Russia and the United States to how and on what principles should be arranged in the global political order, including a different assessment of the role of new centers of power in it. From the point of view of the United States, nor Russia, nor even China can’t act as equal partners of Washington. The importance of the Crimea in this sense goes far beyond Ukraine and even Europe, Russia has demonstrated the ability and willingness to use military force without the consent of other great powers and permanent members of the UN security Council”

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Fathers and sons

ВЦИОМ и Hit.Media выяснили, какую профессию россияне считают идеальной для своих детей

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What happened?

All-Russia centre of public opinion studying (VTSIOM) has conducted research to identify occupations that Russians are willing to choose for their children. Respondents during the telephone interview were asked to name the sector of employment in which they would like to see their younger children and grandchildren. Hit.Media decided to conduct its own survey and find out whether the opinion of the older generation correlates with this of young people.

Views of the older generation

In the initiative Russian poll “polls-Sputnik” carried out in the form of a telephone interview on March 21-23, 2017, was attended by 1800 of the respondents who have younger children or grandchildren. The study was conducted for the first time since 2012, and the results naturally differ from those obtained five years earlier.

In the first place for Russians is still the medical field – this choice for their children tend 35% of respondents. People also want to see their offsprings in the role of lawyers (11%), teachers (11%) and, oddly enough, the military. Popularity of last response over a five-year period doubled from 6 to 13%. The five leaders also were joined by the professional workers, such as mechanic or machinist, for the variant voted by 10% of respondents, which is two and a half times more than in 2012 (4%).

More popularity is also gained by the policeman, athlete and builder. The frequency of their occurrence in the answers of respondents in comparison with 2012 grew by 5, 3 and 3% respectively. Employment in the economic sphere, on the contrary, now it seems the Russians are less promising – only 9% of respondents voted it vs. 13% in 2012. A similar fate befell the banking: only 1% of parents want to see their children and grandchildren in it now. At the same time, only 4% of respondents agreed to provide the opportunity for their children to decide for themselves – 3% less than in 2012.

MikhailovResearch Director of VTSIOM Elena Mikhailova believes that the obtained results reflect changes in attitudes to certain professions: “The measures directed on increase of level of material security and social status of the representatives of such professional groups as doctors, teachers, soldiers, the attractiveness of employment in these areas increased significantly”. The expert also notes the trend towards a humane choice of professions is potentially lucrative, which seems to the authors of the study “significant positive dynamics”.

Views of the youth

As of 20:00 March 30, 2017, Internet-uprose Hit.Media, was attended by 115 young people 16 years and above. Respondents were asked to select from a list of professions that, in their opinion, would be best for their children. The results of the survey are very different from those that were obtained during the study of VTSIOM.

The vast majority of respondents agreed that the children themselves should decide their destiny – 42% are concerned about interest more than on its formal characteristics. While another 12% pay attention to the profitability of work, putting this criterion over others. Those who accurately identified the most suitable in their opinion profession tended rather to the creative industries (25%) and computing (20%).

So highly appreciated by the respondents of VTSIOM medicine and law were not so important for young people – just 13% of respondents indicated as their preferred future profession for the child “doctor” and 6% “attorney.” Policemen also had no success – only 1% of respondents voted for the answer. Instead of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens respondents chose employment in a business environment: 15% of young people would like to see their unborn child in the role of the entrepreneur, 8% were in favour of employment in the banking sector and 7% – in management. Also more mundane jobs were in demand only among 3% of respondents.

Review of the expert of Hit.Media
Yana Fedotova, Manager analyst of HSE Career Development Centre

No wonder the polls are so different: people are of different generations, who grew up in different economies and different information field. Generation of parents, by old memory, wants to see children on prestigious, in their opinion, posts of doctors, teachers and military, but their children have very different priorities. And this is perfectly normal because economic realities make adjustments – do the remuneration of doctors or teachers in our country commensurate with the effort that they put in the work? Here the young people and make appropriate conclusions. But most importantly, felt the weight of parental expectations, young people do not want to shift this burden onto their children. It can be rejoice because just imagine how much happier would the world be like if people chose a university or place of work not because “my parents forced me”. As the saying goes, “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

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«Не/смотря ни на что»: сходить в кино или остаться дома?

Мнения об истории злоключений и успеха полуслепого героя радикально разделились

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Older than ancient

Ученые обнаружили следы микроорганизмов возрастом 4,28 миллиарда лет

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What happened?
Picturesque plateau Nuvvuagittuq

A group of scientists from the UK headed by Matthew Dodd found in Canada the traces of ancient bacteria, whose age, according to experts, is at least 3.7 billion years. The study was conducted in the mountains Nuvvuagittuq near Quebec and, according to Dodd, provides convincing evidence that life appeared on Earth much earlier than is commonly believed now.

What exactly is found out?

Traditionally it is believed that the first life forms were born from the underwater heat sources, where they received necessary for their existence minerals and heat. During research Matthew Dodd and his colleagues studied sedimentary rocks that formed due to these sources, for the presence of traces of microorganisms. As the result microscopic “tubes” were discovered with chemical composition and structure which correspond to previously discovered ancient forms of life.

“Tube” under the microscope

Dodd also claims that “tube” is in microscopic cavities, presumably formed due to decomposition of bacteria after their death, which is another proof of the organic origin of the findings. Researchers found out that these organisms existed more than 3.7 billion years ago, making it the oldest life forms on Earth.

Why is that interesting?

At the moment, scientists still do not have accurate data about when life originated on Earth. The first living organisms existed during the Archean era, and their birth allegedly happened 3.4 billion years ago. However, not all scientists agree with the official theory. So, mark Harrison, in his study claims that life on Earth appeared over 4 billion years ago. This conclusion was based on the study of zircons, which contained traces of activity of ancient microorganisms.

The study of Dodd and his colleagues supports the Harrison’s theory – the findings suggest that the age discovered “tubes” can reach of 4.28 billion years. Thus, microorganisms from Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone belt occurred almost at the same time with these mountains in just 200 million years after the formation of the Earth. This discovery turns the idea of scientists about life on our planet, and opens new opportunities to explore our cosmic home.

However, Matthew Dodd sees the prospects of their research as much more extensive. The scientist says that the data allows to assume possibility of existence of life on Mars. During the formation of the Solar system the red planet differed from Earth, had its oceans and, possibly, its forms of life. Later Mars became what we know it now, but traces of microorganisms on it still could be saved. Dodd believes that they can be found in rocks that formed about 4 billion years ago.

Review from HIT-Media expert
dodsworth AV
Belov, Andrey Valerevich, Professor of biology, senior coordinator HSE Lyceum

Similar findings were made repeatedly. In hydrothermal sources found bacteria that in the enormous temperatures and lack of oxygen got energy from sulfur compounds. However, there was no way to prove that they arose in the early stages of development of the planet. Now the arguments sound quite convincing and give the right to believe that life on other planets in the Solar system can exist beyond the atmosphere, similar to Earth, and look how these sulfur bacteria, which can significantly facilitate the search.

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“Attraction” or rejection?

Лучшие профи работали над фильмом более полутора лет – и вот результат

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The name Fyodor Bondarchuk attracted a lot of attention to the sci-Fi movie. This is evident by the film’s budget almost half a billion rubles, and by the fact that this is only the 4th film in our country, which is transferred to the IMAX format. We tried to find out whether the movie is as good as was told about her star in interview the TV channel Moscow 24 after the presentation.


Male gaze

“Gravity” is a film about what would happen if first contact with an alien civilization took place not in new York or Washington, and in the Districts. The alien ship downed by the Russian air force, becomes a stumbling block: the government, wanting to avoid unnecessary casualties, protects him from the people, and the people themselves demand to immediately expel the intruders with the “our Land”. The situation is complicated by the fact that in cordon there is a gap through which a too enterprising Teens can make contact with the aliens, the consequences of which, in fact, described in the film.

Female perspective

gravity fall

The plot is quite trivial. Julia Lebedev attends school in high school and lives with his father-a Colonel, as her mother died. She has a lovely young man, he and best friend with whom they climb onto the roof of the skyscraper to watch the meteor shower. Instead, he falls to the Ground alien ship Sol with the aliens, is very similar to transformers. Like one gets a pretty picture, but it spoils the second half of the film, which is more similar to Euromaidan in 2014, the year of Molotov cocktails than at the beautiful battle between humans and aliens.


Male gaze

The characters in “Gravity” are shown with all possible care. Colonel Lebedev performed by Oleg Menshikov it looks a lot like the strict father, the one whose daughter entered puberty, but because to understand it is extremely difficult. The daughter herself – Julia Lebedeva, which in the movie is played Irina Starshenbaum, – behaves like a real problem child, and her boyfriend Artem (Alexander Petrov) looks like an ordinary young man in love. Special attention also deserve a school teacher (Eugene kilometers) and Google (Evgeny Mikheev), the sincerity of which really wants to believe.

Female perspective

gravity cast

Many emotions in “Gravity” shows Irina Starshenbaum not bad, but I saw nothing unusual except for her name. This actress has no personality! And Irina and her character Julia Lebedeva if deprived of individuality, which is so important to exercise in sci-Fi movies. Otherwise, a large number of special effects overshadow an actor. In the films of this genre I’m used to seeing these beauties as Jessica Alba in “Fantastic four”, or Scarlett Johansson in “the Avengers”, but not “gray mouse” as the main character. Alexander Petrov is more suitable for Comedy films than dramas.

special Effects

Male gaze

From the very beginning of browsing, we marvel at the scale of surveys: extremely realistic space ship in the far reaches of space, fighters, explosions and meteorite impact – all performed at the highest level. The scene with the fall of the UFO in Chertanovo and did want to revisit again and again – so cool it looks. Of particular delight is the quality of study space suits of aliens, which if done manually, not with computer graphics. The interaction of alien technology with the water looks absolutely incredible – much better than in “the last airbender”. The quality and quantity of special effects, “Attraction” is quite comparable with the Hollywood blockbuster “2012”, which is caused not only multi-million dollar budget, but a brilliant work of specialists.

Female perspective

pull spec

At first glance on the poster and in the trailer the alien ship in the form of a sphere looks brilliant in all senses. Unfortunately, when you sit down to watch the film from beginning to end, you realize that it’s not as cool as previously thought. If the UFO in the middle of the skyscrapers of America looks intimidating, but it is relevant in Chertanovo – ridiculous. In fiction need hyperbole to the next frame was stronger than the previous one. That’s what’s really “catchy”. If you compare a recent film about aliens on Earth Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” and “Attraction” of a novel, American drama, of course, wins. And not only on special effects.


Male gaze

Think about what will be the first contact with an alien race, we were offered more than once. Somewhere this momentous event almost turned into a disaster (“Alien”, “Predator”), where it was funny (“Mars attacks!”), and somewhere went by quite peacefully (“Contact”). However, the “Gravity” gives us much more cause for reflection, because its action takes place somewhere in America, right in Moscow, showing that it can happen anywhere at any time. And if the aliens do first come to Earth here and now, will we be ready for such contact? Bondarchuk sure will, and I have no reason not to believe him.

Female perspective

gravity suit

“Gratitude, loneliness, hate, love” – the meanings of these words the main character tries to explain to one of the aliens, which in appearance is no different from an ordinary person. The creators of fantastic pictures tried to combine the two stories: about the strongest feelings of the people about the disaster that will occur when approaching the UFO to Moscow. Maybe I should focus on one thing more details and to register the script. Sometimes it seemed that skipped some scenes, like the writers didn’t want to make the film taut. As it turned out! I involuntarily looked at the clock when sitting in the cinema.

Overall impression

Male gaze

On viewing I went with a clear feeling that much of “Gravity” that we should not expect too bad, in my opinion, showed themselves national cinema in recent years. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the filming and the script – the film is very worthy. Of course, not without some contentious moments, but they focus should not be – a major impact on the overall picture they do not have. “Attraction” after watching the leaves not only a pleasant experience, but also a ground for reflection, so I definitely recommend it for viewing the male half of the audience.

Female perspective

In the second half of 2016, the year of the Russian cinema has pleased me both great films, including “the Collector” with Konstantin Khabensky in the main and only role, the philosophical picture of “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “Paradise” Konchalovsky. Amid such harrowing films with complicated storylines “Attraction” seems too superficial. If a person wants the soul to cry, then he chooses a drama, and if you want to relax and to relieve the brain, it is fiction. That is why I do not advise women to watch a movie of a novel: you just confused what to do.

The most patriotic day

6 августа может стать Днем патриотизма

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What happened?
Vladimir Aristarkhov
Vladimir Aristarkhov

The first Deputy of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov announced that the Agency has considered the initiative to establish in Russia a Day of patriotism “worthy of attention”. This is stated in the letter addressed to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov. Aristarkhov also drew attention to possible financial constraints on the part of the budget of the country and indicated the need for further discussion of the initiative:

“The mentioned issue shall be considered as a subject to wide public comment and conduct a historical and chronological assessment of the Russian Academy of Sciences”

What’s the idea of a holiday?

The proposal to declare August, 6th as a Day of patriotism was sent in the state Duma on 14 November 2016. The author – Rahman Anshukov, President of the Association of entrepreneurs for the development of the business patriotism, “Avanti” – not only prepared the draft of the law, but also amounted to an explanatory note to justify the need for the establishment of the feast.

Rahman Anukov
Rahman Anshukov

It states that the introduction of anti-russian sanctions, the purpose of which was the violation of the economic stability of the country, has had the opposite effect. The policy of import substitution was very effective countermeasure, to unite the citizens of Russia in the struggle for economic independence, “which was a real expression of patriotism in difficult conditions of constant political and economic pressure”.

The main role in the fight against sanctions, according to Anshukov, was played by the RF presidential decree dated 6 August 2014 “On application of certain special economic measures to ensure security of the Russian Federation”. Thanks to him, “business patriots” found the strength to move forward and to resist anti-russian policy of the West:

“The Establishment of a new memorable date August 6, the anniversary of the adoption of the decree of the President of Russia, will perpetuate the manifestation of unity within the country, which helped to meet the internal growth external pressure”


Even at the time of making proposal to establish a Day of patriotism this holiday has undergone massive criticism. Internet users have used all your sense of humor in order to beat as the title of the new “Victory day” and the purpose of its introduction:

This victory day smells like palm oil (re-write of russian song, can’t be translated)
Patriotic Day is too much though. But we can call it whether Galore Day or Healthy food Day (cabbage, turnip, whatever else is russian)
Vitaly Milonov
Vitaly Milonov

In the state Duma, however, the initiative met no resistance. Deputy Vitaly Milonov has fully supported the idea of establishing a day of patriotism, noticing that mark it is possible and without the usual foreign products:

“It used to be Australian, new Zealand, Argentinian meat, but not now. Only Voronezh, Bryansk only. Indeed, the quality is very decent”

“Patriotism Day” in other countries

The only country in which there is a public holiday with the word “patriotism” in the name, is United States. One of his first decrees Donald Trump announced the day of his inauguration – January 20 – as National day of patriotism. Special piquancy of the situation makes that in the USA even before Trump, there were two public holiday with a similar name: Patriot’s Day is celebrated on 11th November across the country in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack of 2001 and Patriot Day – April 19 in the States of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Maine commemorating the first battles of the war of independence.

expert Opinion for the HIT-Media
Vasily Abashkin
Vasily Abashkin, senior expert, candidate of economic Sciences, HSE

“I think, to maintain national unity just one occasion. August 6, in my opinion, the date is artificial, opportunistic and politicized that nothing, no one, apart from some individuals, not associated.

Besides, if it be considered as a geopolitical response to Trump, as a flawed attempt. No value added, that is good, I do not see this”

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