The “Eurovision” with unlimited possibilities

На предстоящем конкурсе в Киеве Россию представит девушка в инвалидном кресле

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Singer Yulia Samoylova in the frame of the music video for the song composer and producer Igor Matvienko “Live”. The video/Production center Igor Matvienko/TASS

What happened?

The twelfth of March it became known who will represent Russia at “Eurovision”. In the final Sunday program “Vremya” on the First presenter Peter Fadeyev announced the name of the participant: may 11 in the capital of Ukraine will go to the 27-year-old singer Yulia Samoilova.

“It is proved by his life and work that she has no obstacles.”

Victory in an internal qualifying round of “Eurovision” the girl brought the song “the Flame Is Burning”.

Julia suffers from childhood spinal amyotrophy of Werding-Hoffmann and moves only in a wheelchair. The cause of the disease was correctly made in the infancy vaccination against polio.

Director of the musical broadcasting of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta said what physical feature did not prevent “the original singer, charming girl and experienced contestant” to achieve incredible success in your path.

As Yulia Samoilova went to victory

Child Julia was in the town of Ukhta (Komi Republic), where it repeatedly became the winner of children’s song contests. Then Yulia sang in the restaurant, performing a repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, Michael Krug and Vladimir Vysotsky. Performed at all (“On the wings of dreams” and “smash Hit”) and interregional (Spring thaw) competitions. In 2013 became a finalist of the third season of the project Pugacheva “factor a” (similar to The X Factor UK). A year later, she took part in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Sochi, where he performed the song “You should know you are not alone”. Vocal Samoilova noted Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov.

“I have enough mental and physical strength to adequately perform at the international music competition”, announced the shooting in an interview with RIA Novosti. Participation in “Eurovision” was the main dream of Julia since childhood. Despite recently transferred the next operation, it continues to show good results at practice.

Favorite singer has the support of the fans, including financially. Last year Julia with them managed to collect 50 thousand euros for treatment.

Possible problems from the host country of the Eurovision

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed concern and threatens not to let a contestant on the territory of Ukraine, because in 2015 she gave a concert in Crimea without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities, which can be regarded as a violation of the state borders. However, the Advisor of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that if Yulia will not make loud statements about politics and participate in the provocations against Ukraine, then no problem with her participation in “Eurovision” will not arise. Julia says that she is far from politics.

channel reabilitarea?

The choice of Yulia Samoilova participant of “Eurovision” some of the media associated with the scandal in the project “Minute of fame” when the jury member Renata Litvinova advised the dancer with a disability Evgeny Smirnov to use a prosthesis and not to exploit the theme of disability, and Vladimir Posner remarked that he had seen the room – quite a feat, but asked not to use “illegal methods” because such member cannot be denied. The words of the jury caused a wave of indignation.

“The selection of the First channel in favor of Yulia Samoilova in the realities of the present day can only be described in one word – brilliant!” – said the actor Stanislav Sadalsky.

Who represented Russia in the previous contests?

In 2016 our country was represented by Sergey Lazarev with the song “You are the only one”. Then Russia took third place, losing to the contestants from Ukraine and Australia. First place was awarded to singer Jamal, who performed the song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars “1944”.

A year earlier from Russia at the contest were made by Polina Gagarina, winning second place. Up to this second at “Eurovision” became “Buranovskie babushki” (2012), Dima Bilan (2006), Alsou (2000).

semi-Finals of the contest take place in Kiev on 9 and 11 may, the final will be held on may 13.

expert Hit.Media

Mila Yermolayev, General Director of communication Agency Celebrityone
Mila Yermolayev, General Director of communication Agency Celebrityone

“Yulia Samoylova is a worthy candidate, and our common task is to maintain it all together this year. I don’t think the infinite is to focus on her disability. Julia is a beautiful, young, talented girl who sings beautifully and has all the chances of the love of the audience both in Russia and around the world.”

What to read

“Such things” about the reasons for the participation of Yulia in the Eurovision


Eat to live, not live to eat

Психология правильного питания

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The psychological and physiological health are inseparable, so if people are unhappy with their amounts, the “cure” is found not only a nutritionist, but a therapist.

Psychologists see the reason for obesity is that people eat not only when hungry but also when they are bored, want something to treat. Remember the famous saying: “well Done! Zippity-Doo!”, that is, we “reward” themselves with food: dry or sweet, and, as a consequence, high-calorie.

However, some not only encourage themselves with food, but also solve the problem: from depression to the banal boredom. In this scenario, “seizing up” quickly turns into a habit. Probably, many have noticed that when on for a long time remained at home doing nothing, then involuntarily began to coachnet: reading a book, eating pie with liver, watch the movie and send in your mouth a handful of caramelized popcorn… and time goes faster.

Man has will power and have to solve problems with reason, not to trust your life your digestive system! Of course, it’s easier to let it go than to analyze the reason, find out and take action. So you need to take to get rid of boredom, it’s easier to fill their soul with the 100th candy or 15th sandwich.

In the process of chewing creates the illusion that life goes on, and I are involved in this: afternoon – event hamburger – event. Life seems more fun, and the food becomes the main source of well-being, as if each piece is a brick of joy in the wall of destiny.

What is the psychology of healthy eating in addition to type recommendations: “you can eat some chocolate, it helps production of the hormone of happiness“? The fact that a healthy diet and a healthy mind are inseparable: there is no boredom, no “jamming”, no heartache, no desire to escape it using another piece of cake.

Sweet bun
Sweet bun

People tend to experience negative emotions, and then desire to focusassist increases. However, man is not only the digestive system, and something more: the spirit, consciousness, soul. When we understand this, then life will appear to us in the new color, and power in the motto “eat to live, not live to eat” will be the result of external psychological transformation.