10 life hacks for working in Google Docs

Useful features of cloud editor that you might not know

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Google Drive is used not only to store files, but also to create documents online. Editor Google Docs has a number of useful features that you might not know about – the text editor keeps many secrets. We talk about the chips and tricks of Google Docs.


Google Docs allows you to work on one document together. In order for a person to quickly respond to your question, just put “+ “and select the desired nickname.

Built-in dictionary

You can open a whole dictionary, using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Y in the text editor. Here you will find the interpretation of the highlighted word, you can clarify the correct accent and gender, in order to avoid mistakes in the text.

Automatic text recognition

The service can recognize printed text in PDF files and images. Right-click on the Open with Google Docs feature. The editor automatically recognizes the text and immediately creates a copy of the document.

Document converter

Any driver’s document can be saved in different formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT or a web-page with HTML-code. Click the Save As button in the File section and select the desired format.

Offline save

Despite the fact that Google Docs is an online text editor, you can work in offline mode here. Just select the checkbox Save documents to this computer … in the settings in order to work without connecting to the Internet. Before you start editing the file, make sure that there is enough memory on your device to save the document.

Advanced Search

In the Tools is hiding another useful feature — Advanced search. It is very easy to lose important data here. The search takes place in your driver’s documents and on the Internet. The function is especially useful if you are looking for pictures on the network — all in one place, you do not need to constantly switch between tabs.


In the settings you can adjust the automatic replacement. Google Docs can replace direct quotes with pairs, automatically detect links, recognize lists and suggest contacts in the comments. You can also add additional options and hotkeys.

Instant translation

There is an automatic translation via Google Translate. Simply select a language, and the text editor will save the translated copy of the document on the driver.

Smart link adding

Even if you do not know the exact address of the link, Google Docs will help you find the right resource. Select the desired phrase or enter it in the search bar, using the Ctrl+K command. The service will offer you options for suitable links.

Voice input

You can enter text, edit it, write comments and tips to the document using voice input. To have Google Docs record your speech, turn on the microphone on your computer or phone. Speak clearly and separately. Do not be surprised if errors are found in the text: the program recognizes Russian speech much worse than English.

Say «No» to dull! slides! Online services will help to make your report more interesting

A selection of free programs for interactive and animated presentations

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The success of any presentation depends not only on the idea, but also on the visual design of the presentation. Dynamic effects and animation can attract the viewer’s attention. We share a selection of free services with which you can create interactive presentations.


This cloud service allows you to create an interface of a non-linear presentation-a kind of interactive map. All the material is placed not on the usual slides, but on the whole canvas, where you can somehow arrange the inscriptions, pictures, stickers and other objects. Due to the non-linear system in Prezi it is much easier to work with the structure than in standard PowerPoint: at any time, you can return to the passed fragment and change the scale of the workspace.

You can create a presentation from scratch or use one of thousands of customizable web templates. Any element can be replaced — you get only the shell, but you decide what to fill it with. To see what the final presentation will look like, click the Present button in the top corner.

The service supports collective work on presentations, posting projects in blogs, social networks and other Internet resources.

The free version has several limitations: all created publications are available only to users of the service, the presentation cannot be downloaded to a computer — only online viewing is available.

You can sign up for Prezi using your email address or Facebook account.


You can also create non-linear presentations with Slides online. The service workspace is divided into zones, and all interactive transitions and animations occur between layers.

Projects are created with embedded HTML code, so they can be read on any device. In addition, the service allows you to download HTML-file and any content from the Internet to the project. Slides provides all users with free access to the library, where the pictures and fonts are sorted by tags.

Presentations that are created in Slides are stored on cloud servers and are available for online viewing. You can save a project in PDF format only when you connect a subscription. To save your online presentation to storage, you’ll need to sync it to your Dropbox account.


Powtoon is designed to create animated presentations. The main feature of the service is that the project can be saved in the format of a video or individual static slides.

Powtoon has a large library of multi-format templates: infographics, animation and comics, black and white graphics and business office presentations. All ready-made elements can be edited using the service tools. In addition, the program provides many creative possibilities: audio overlay, visual effects, creating stickers, logos, interactive charts and diagrams.

The free version of the program has limitations: a video no longer than 5 minutes, a Powtoon watermark on the presentation, export of 30 projects. The service does not allow you to download presentations directly to your computer, but the video can be placed on an Internet platform, such as Youtube, and download from there. Ready-made presentations are placed on any websites and blogs using HTML-code.

Hand over rags – get discounts

Well-known brands take things for recycling

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The beginning of the new year is a great time to sort out your clothes and throw unnecessary things. But the old clothes and other goods can be handed over to the store, for which you will receive a nice bonus. We will tell you where you can give away different things and get a discount for it.

H&M shop

The H&M company advocates for eco-friendly fashion and launched a worldwide campaign to gather and recycle things «Garment Collection».

The brand accepts any home textiles and clothing, including knitted accessories, underwear, tights, socks and stockings. You can bring things in any condition: hand over the torn pillow and frippery lone sock.

Clothing in a good condition is sent to second hand stores and charities, from textiles that are no longer suitable for use,  rags and wipes for cleaning are produced, decrepit things are recycled to create shock-absorbing and insulating fibers. H&M directs income to the implementation of social projects.

For each package of clothes that you bring to the store, you will be given a coupon for a 15% discount. One buyer can give unlimited number of products for recycling, but you can get only two vouchers per day for the purchase of a new thing. Now H&M issues coupons, which are valid until January 31, 2019.

MONKI shop

MONKI brand is struggling with fast fashion and encourages its customers to take the way of reasonable and environmentally friendly consumption. In 2017, the official channel of the brand released a video instruction for lazy people, in which the company gives advice on an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and also tells why you should send unnecessary things for recycling and reuse.

Any home textiles and clothes are accepted in the shops, except footwear, accessories, products from natural and artificial leather, fur and latex. For one delivered package you will receive a voucher that gives a 15% discount on any item in the check. The rules are the same as in H&M.

By 2030, MONKI plans to create all the clothes of the brand from recycled materials.

Store addresses and contacts can be found on MONKI’s social media page.

IKEA bedroom design

IKEA stores promote an environmentally friendly way of life at home: you can always hand over the batteries or buy products that help save water and energy. In 2017, the company launched a service for the reception and recycling of bed linen.

IKEA accepts sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers of all sizes and materials. You will not be able to hand over to the store blankets, pillows, bedspreads and completely spoiled bed linen. Brand transfers collected products to the Fund for those in need – «Vtoroe dyhanie» (New lease of life). The company gives a 15% discount on the purchase of a new set for all buyers participating in the campaign.

IKEA publishes reports on environmental and social activities on the official page.

“Radar” from the inside: how it works

Yandex.Radar ranked the best online projects

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Yandex has launched a service where it publishes a rating of popular projects that have an extension in the network. The resource reflects the current situation in the advertising and media market.

Analytical service Yandex. Radar tracked only the popularity of browsers and search engines. Now Radar publishes top popular Internet sites. This article describes how the platform works and creates the top.

Rating is based on aggregated and impersonal data.

10,000 projects participate in the ranking. Yandex ranks the lists and forms the top based on impersonal data of its extensions: Browser, Alice, Elements and Metric.

In addition to the ranked list of projects, minimum and maximum indicators of site traffic are shown on the Radar page (displayed when you hover the cursor over the column). More detailed information is available for some projects that allowed Yandex to use Yandex.Metrica and AppMetrica data: the average time that users spent on the site, the daily audience and the percentage of visits. Radar users can see detailed information about the audience of the resource: region of visitors, age, gender, average income and type of device.

Business News Rankings

Projects are filtered by type and subject. For example, to see a site with news about a business, you need to select the type “News” and subject “Business”. Several filters may belong to the same Internet platform.

User can adjust the rating by type and subject of the project.

The uniqueness of “Yandex.Radar” consists in using two attendance scales simultaneously: regular and cross-driver. Information tracking methods affect the realism of indicators. In the standard system, users who open a site on multiple devices are counted twice. Most analytical services use only the standard scale. Cross-driver system tracks users on different devices and browsers and takes into account only one visitor. The cross-driver attendance indicator reflects the real picture of the market.

10 hidden features of social networks

Facebook and Instagram features you might not know about

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We spend hours on the social networks, posting posts, viewing profiles of friends and acquaintances, editing photos and videos. Do we use all the features and functions of social networks?

We will tell you about the chips in Facebook and Instagram.



“Trusted contacts” is a function that ensures network security. Each user can designate from 3 to 5 friends as profile coordinators in case the account will be blocked or there will be problems with the entrance. Only selected users will be able to send an email with a URL to restore access. You can configure contacts in the “Security and Login Settings” section.

If you suddenly decide to clean your profile and delete publications, you can save copies of posts, photos and videos. The archive can also include a description of the current settings and personal information placed in your account. The button “Download Page” is available in the “Settings” section.

The function allows you to find a person on the network by mobile phone number if you do not know the nickname. You must enter the desired number in the search bar. Only users who allowed to see their contact information will be displayed in the results. The remaining Facebook profiles will be hidden.

You can play and compete with friends in the Messenger application. Users monitor the progress of the opponent and see the number of points scored on the “Hall of Fame”. More than 50 games are available on Facebook, including Cut the Rope 2, Basketball Against Friends and the Ball pool. You can find them in the Facebook Messenger search bar.

Facebook allows users to recall the history of their relationship with friends. If you added information to the “Marital Status and Relatives” section, you can view the history of friendship on this page. If the relationship is not indicated on the social network, the story will be available on the friend’s page. The “View Friendship” button is located on the cover of the profile.




Instagram users can create their own set of filters for processing from the collection. If you use certain filters in the editor and scroll the rest, select the ones you need in the “Management” section. Filters can be swapped in your set, and you can also create a personal rating from them.

Offensive and inappropriate comments Instagram automatically filters out and removes from publications and live broadcasts. Users can also control this process by making a list of stop words, phrases and emoji. The function “Hide offensive comments” is available in the settings.

Instagram users have the right to tag you on any publication. After that, a photo with a tag will be displayed in your profile. However, you can hide the publication in your account in the “Parameters”. The tag on the friend’s page will not be removed.

If you want to temporarily remove or hide part of publications in your profile, you can use the archiving function. Photos will not be displayed on the page, however you will have access to them. You can archive the publication in the “Parameters” section.

In the “Likes” section, users can follow the actions of the profiles to which they are subscribed. Here you can see your favorite posts, comments and subscriptions. You can find a lot of interesting among the content that users rate. Moreover, the section helps to more clearly define the profile and requests of your target audience. The function does not need to be customized.

The greenest browser

By sending a request through the Ecosia service, you restore forests in Africa

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Ecosia is a search engine that directs 80% of its income to finance reforestation programs. To participate in the landscaping of the planet, you need to spend 1.1 seconds on a search query.

The company spends about 28 cents on planting a single tree. Each search query in Ecosia brings in about 0.5 cents. The service is an alternative to charitable foundations, allowing users to do good without spending their own money.

The company was established in 2009. The founder and leader of Ecosia is Christian Kroll. Initially, the creators of the service planned to plant 1 billion trees by 2015. However, the program was not implemented, and Ecosia noted only the second million trees in 2015. The creators deferred the goal – now they plan to plant a billion trees by 2020. The company currently carries out more than 15 million searches per month.

Christian Kroll – the creator of Ecosia

Ecosia provides fast operation, privacy and security. Personal data and requests are not transferred to third parties. The service allows you to hide your search history, be in private mode and block ads. Also, Ecosia does not track visited websites and encrypts data. The system is constantly improving: now the search query is performed by 34 percent faster than last year.

Ecosia landscapes South America and Africa

The tree planting campaign takes place in areas of South America and Africa. Half a century of drought has devastated these regions, and now they need to be restored. More than 25 percent of the world’s population depends on forest resources, it is the foundation of a stable existence. Planting trees prevents climate change, reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The creators of Ecosia regularly publish financial reports, demonstrating the transparency of their accounting.

To use the service and help plantation of the planet, just go to the site and install the extension in the browser.