Equine health and asinine stubbornness

Константин Эрнст: «Отдавать столько энергии можно только тому, что любишь»

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– “Channel One” – the most popular TV channel in Russia, and this is partly thanks to your leadership. It would therefore be very interesting to learn about the specifics of your work.

– When I came to the channel, it must be said, was not the most popular. Already released NTV and Channel Two was also in good shape. But when there is a lot of potential, which is used poorly, succeed easily. Recently, I realized that the most difficult – is to hold the championship. If you give a good result, everyone can see what you’re cool. And if you do not give the result – too see everything. Such a tragic thing.

– How is technically your job flows. What is your schedule? Did you ever have a vacation?

– Now I’m starting to work quite late, at nine-thirty. The first ten years of work began at eight. I am leaving at eleven, but before that – at half past one night. So I have a normal working day. On Saturday afternoon is usually a day off, Sunday – always working day. Holidays happen. This year was the longest – I did not have three weeks. But if you are physically there on the channel, it does not mean that you do not work. It is always one hundred percent inclusion, regardless of location. Most do not work, and service. If not military, then with the same schedule and on, both during the military campaign.

– Where usually begins your work day?

– On call duty on the news. Next – in its reception, which is open 24 hours a day. I have a chart there, painted for many weeks in advance, and each day it breaks. Because the satellite – is one of the points, through which passes the time. And it is necessary to respond – appointments, changes in the grid, the definition of curricula, the search for new people and the creation of projects that best match this time. I am not inclined to envy, but envy people who can make an appointment for three weeks by ordering 26 the number of table for eight in the evening. And they shall come, and nothing they will not happen. I find it so delicious and so much about the stability of life.

– Are you generally happy to come to work?

– Otherwise, I would not work here. Give as much energy as possible only what you love.

– Are you in favor as a screenwriter for the “Channel One”?

– I’m open about it, and never sign their projects.

– You participate creatively in some other way?

– Let’s just say, I participate creatively in absolutely everyone. In the content of the “Channel One”. People who do not understand television dishes are sure that you can sit in the office, reading newspaper and talking on the phone a lot SCS. A crowd of people, meanwhile, will think of something and take off. Unfortunately, this is not so, and it’s all very hendmeyd.

– And what projects the “One” are you proud of in the first place?

– I’m not going to list them for one reason. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, and I’m responsible for it for 20 years. Not listing a number of good programs that are not my favorite, I hurt the people who make them. We deal not only with the fact that we like. There is an audience, which I personally do not belong. But take into account their interests and sympathies must necessarily. For example, I will never watch a concert of some performers. But I know that she has the audience, so I will take it off and show. I came up with the program “Let’s get married” but is not it a regular viewer. This is a good and popular project, but need it every day I do not have to watch. Although it is clear that I follow most closely the ether channel, just something is my personal interest and what does not. Neither the fate of these programs, nor on their location in the channel grid is absolutely no effect.

– What personal qualities help to cope with the post of the head?

– Equine Health and asinine stubbornness. I’m never going to manage the channel and do not really like to do something alone. And on television was delayed for a long time, perhaps because it is a place where you can practice a lot of than once. Here, at one point converge creativity, politics, economics, management, psychology. Where the highest concentration of ambition, and to deal with it – one of the most difficult tasks. People doing TV or striking energy donors or monstrous vampires. So it is also a work related with incredible energy losses. I know so many people who dream to sit in my place. I think it would be enough for a few days to escape from this place without looking back.