Step to the Elysee Palace

Макрон победил в первом туре выборов президента Франции

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What happened?

In France on 23 April, the first round of the presidential election. The leader of movement “Forward!” and former economy Minister Emmanuel macron scored 23.75% of the votes. Next is the head of “National front” marine Le Pen – 21,53%.

results of the first round

In Paris for the Makron vote 34% of the vote, while Le Pen in the capital supported for 4.99%. The macron has become a leader in Lyon, in the Department of Gironde (capital Bordeaux), Toulouse and several other cities. Turnout made 78,23%.

the Distribution of candidates-leaders of departments of France
the Distribution of candidates-leaders in the departments of France
Who maintains the Rules?

The current President of France Francois Hollande congratulated Emmanuel Macron with a victory in the first stage of the presidential election and officially said that will vote for the founder of the movement “Forward!”.

Loser “Republican” Francois Fillon (he third place, 19,91%) urged his supporters to vote in the second round of the Macron. He added that the victory of marine Le Pen may lead the country to collapse.

The candidate of the Socialist party, Benoit Hamon, the Prime Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault also made in support of the Macron.

What do the winners of the first round?

After the results of Makron made in front of supporters and journalists at the exhibition complex of Porte de Versailles on the outskirts of Paris. He said that he was going to become President of France in 15 days, “President of the patriots vs nationalists”, “a President who protects, changes and builds.”

“We got a chance to turn the page in French political history. The French expressed the desire for renewal”.

Marine Le Pen meeting with supporters in Henin-beaumont in the Pas-de-Calais called the result of the first round of “historic”. In her view, at stake is “frightening globalization” that threatens the nation.

it is Time to liberate the French people from the shackles of the arrogant elite who dictates his will. And Yes, I’m the people’s candidate“.


During the vote to a precinct in the town of Henin-beaumont, where the votes of marine Le Pen, here Nude Femen activists wearing masks itself Le Pen, her father Jean-Marie, Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. They were detained by the police.

Detention of activists

After the publication of the first results of the elections in Paris on Bastille square was held a rally “anti-fascists and anti-capitalists” who were against Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron. About 300 protesters chanted: “We still, marine Le Pen or macron! We do not recognize the election results!”. The police used against the demonstrators with tear gas. 143 people arrested in clashes with police injured three protesters and six police officers.

Emmanuel macron and his program

Macron studied in National school of administration and Institute for policy studies. In 2007 he served as Deputy Rapporteur for the Commission on the improvement of French growth led by Jacques Attali. Then he met with the influential Rothschild family, became an investment banker at Rothschild &Cie Banque. From 2012 to 2014 he was Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysee Palace with President Francois Hollande.

Since August 2014, he occupied the post of Minister of economy, Finance and industry, but two years later resigned.

In April 2016, macron has created a movement of “Go!“, declaring it “neither right nor left”. In November 2016, macron said about his participation in the presidential election and published a book-the “Revolution”.

The candidate refers the project “the economy of the future” and identifies six priority areas: education, employment, modernization of the economy, security, restoration of democracy and participation in international life.


  • reducing the number of students in classes
  • independent schools
  • increase the number of teachers four or five thousand people
  • wage increases
  • extension of unemployment benefits
  • development of training programs to employees
  • enhancement of agreements between enterprises and the industry
  • creation of a domestic intelligence for counter-terrorism
  • increase defense spending to 2% of GDP
  • the introduction of compulsory military service for boys and girls
  • additional employment of 10 thousand policemen and gendarmes
  • reduce state spending by 60 billion euros over five years
  • introduction of a luxury tax (real estate)
  • the introduction of a fixed tax of 30 % on capital income
  • abolition of this tax from the voters for 80% of families
  • permit hijabs in universities
  • support for gender equality
International relations

Earlier macron stressed that “doesn’t want to compromise with Putin.”

“Russia has great people, great culture and history. We were often allies, including during the Soviet era. However, to date there is no reason to allow Russia to violate international law,” said macron interview the magazine Jeune Afrique.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is committed to building a “good and mutually beneficial relations” with Paris.

“as for the elections, we respect the choice of the French people. The French must decide who will be their President.”

What experts say

Doctor of historical Sciences, Deputy Dean of the faculty of World economy and world politics HSE Igor Kovalyov specifically for HIT. MEDIA:

Igor Kovalyov Program of Macron is an attempt to maintain the course that France was preaching and implemented. Given the contemporary challenges of migration crisis and the crisis in the European Union and against the background of a British exit from the EU, I think it is unlikely that this policy will seriously improve the situation of France and strengthen its status in Europe.

If it does the script, which at one time worked against Jean-Marie Le pen, when all candidates and all political forces United only in order not to let the right front, the Makron could become President. Another thing is that since that time has been quite a dramatic change, changed France, changed the party “national front”, marine Le Pen is not such an unusual candidate, like her father. Let’s see how events will develop. After the first round there are still two weeks will be a continuation of the campaign, with a new composition – not eleven, but two candidates.

Second round of presidential elections will be held on 7 may.

“It is not the children don’t read, the parents do not read”

Как заинтересовать классикой поколение сериальщиков?

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Maria Zhivov – teacher of Russian language and literature in the gymnasium of a small suburban town of Pavlovsky Posad. This year she won a local contest “the Best teacher of the year”, despite having little teaching experience. Her students win competitions for readers and regional Olympiads in literature, create small productions and with interest turning to the classics.

How do you ensure the entire class worked on the lesson?

– You must create an atmosphere of General discussion that were all involved, even if they have not read the text. There are certain techniques that can make people angry. The problematic issue in the work is one of them. For example, the theme of fathers and children are very worried, even when the lessons of its rise, and the work forgotten, but in the end go back and draw the line. As soon as the interest energized might a child at home and opens the book. In the fifth grade children I am getting the idea that literature is the rest is the ability to Express their thoughts and to dream.

And there is no sense that the program in literature ossified? The same from year to year?

– Any lesson, it is possible to carry out in the project form, test, lesson, discussion, group work. I’m trying to discover the students something new. In turn, Tatyana Tolstaya, also recently met with the male by Prilepine, modern and a good writer. Read his story “the Streak”, written in interesting language. We have literature, even in our small Pavlovskiy Posad: Oleg Chukhontsev and approximately 15 writers whose work used for recitation competition.

And are you not upset when you see a class where interested in education only a few people?

– No. Now 10 class pass people who do not know what they want, it is difficult to stir them. Therefore, even when students bring a paper book, this is the result. We need to show that the book is not what it was 200 years ago, she lives with us, comes to us. Now waiting for a new Chapter in the newspaper or magazine. Now waiting for the new series of the show. And before the reading circle was small, narrow. In the time of Mayakovsky was not active in the reader’s interest, was the interest outrageous, the verse, the call, promotion. Society never had a large percentage of the reading.

But what do you do with children who refuse to read?

Is not children do not read, and parents don’t read. That’s the problem.I have not read the parents, but there was the environment. You know, reading “the Master and Margarita” – is not to read the paragraph, you need imagination and images. If initially the child stole a world of imaginative thinking, not give the world, and wrote about Exupery’s “Little Prince”, then people will be able to return it if I want, only in conscious age. Tolstoy spoke about the importance of education in the family, it is really very important. Don’t blame the state, society, start with yourself. Now we are entering a cultural force, was not such in the 90s. We learn again to read. And these cries, “Here people do not read!”, so why not shout: “That’s not good at chemistry and biology!”. I understand that literature is moral, but moral and ethical values can be nurtured through everyday moments, in conversation with family and friends. Reading is always there.


Ильдар Дадин вышел на свободу

Активист освобожден спустя четыре дня после отмены приговора

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Lida Kaloeva: “You are very quickly hooked on the needle of misfortune”

О ноше социального журналиста, спасении всех и вся и доверии к попрошайкам

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Lida Kaloeva, student of the faculty of journalism of higher school of Economics, entered top 10 young and promising journalists under the version of Esquire, he worked in “Iodine,” wrote a series of articles for the site “so it goes”. The greatest attention was attracted by report on pseudological funds, which raised money for treatment of sick children throughout Moscow. Lida told them why the work in the field and fight even for the small changes became her choice.

– How did you decide that you want to work in the field of social journalism?

– It was a completely random story. I began to engage in such journalistic activities in the 10th grade, I got the internship. Then do a stupid job, like all journalists – ran the events and wills that they happen. In the 11th grade was a correspondent for the small opposition in the media, then me and sucked. I spoke with protesters in St. Petersburg, and they enlightened me. When he arrived in Moscow, began working as a freelance in “Iodine”, then to “Such cases.” Can’t say that social journalism is my choice, just that you are very quickly hooked on the needle of misery. I was called to work in “the Billboard” correspondent at culture. I did, spoke with the Dutch curator of the Vienna actionist, which is 65, but you listen to it and think: “you are all so good, very interesting, but so well, and where is the tragedy, who need to be saved? I’m ready!”. It’s a terribly scary thought when you realize that in Russia you sometimes forget to live in peace and always ready to fight, something to suffer, sure to be a hero, to sacrifice and further down the list. Russia as a hellish black hole into which everything sucks.

– Are you ready all my life to hear a tragic story with the idea that nothing really change? You write the material, but people will remain in this situation.

– The question of change is moot. Of course, in a global sense is impossible, we’re not talking about the fourth estate. But there are a few things I could change, working in Moscow as a journalist in the regions. When I went to Novgorod oblast, a village, there was the situation that people were evicted from their homes. For this story I didn’t need to talk with the authorities, with the Prosecutor’s office. I talked to the heroes of the material, I had two free hours before departure. I went to him to the Prosecutor. The watch was sitting a woman, I asked how to get to the chief Prosecutor. Go up to it, knock, go in, show the card to the press, get the recorder: “Why did you allow this?”. He was like, “Um, we heard about this situation, did not think she was this heavy.” They are engaged, the house has remained. And it’s cool, although the work was at the micro level.

– For you to significant real action, not the texts?

– Yes, the job of a journalist is to tell stories, convey information and not to save everyone and everything. But sometimes I feel the meaninglessness of their novotneho seat, and you really want to be sure in the field, on a quest and there’s nothing you can do. For redesigned mini-stories are your personal meetings with the heroes of the stories. But no one warned that this journalist is very hard. Before you stands a man and says: “I escaped from the Dagestan brick-works, if someone tried to escape, they broke his legs and gave “Paracetamol”, you need to work at least 13 hours.” And you realize that there is a mini GULAG in modern Russia today. This was the topic where I broke down in that year, are unable to work with it further. The deeper you dig, the more I realize how bad it is, and this almost nothing can be done. But to write the text or to jump into the fight, to carry food to their heroes, I’m more for the second. Is journalism an honest heart. People are less and less willing to work in the fields. It is better to sit at home, writing news, not to go where can be uncomfortable, where you will see scary stuff, wild injustice, to this not all ready.

Overreacting to those stories or go quickly?

To be exposed – an important element of journalism. Everything you know helps not to fade. From this information it becomes easier not, her life is just harder. Sometimes I want to Wake up in the morning and think that everything is well. But is such a small sacrifice – to bear the weight of this knowledge in return that I do a good job, not even speaking about the changes and impact.

– You wrote about the scams that collected money on the streets and in traffic jams ostensibly for sick children. How do you feel about beggars, it is also a Scam? Could there be a situation when the person really is in trouble, and he has no other choice?

– My mother always gives money, so I did. Only after the text in the “Novaya Gazeta” about the starvation mob I am beginning to wonder. I hate begging as a profession. Homeless people, for example, it’s not always drunks and not always their choice. In their case I always have with me on the advice of his beloved Elena Kostyuchenko, a spare hat and scarf. We must admit that the most compassionate stories is deception and fraud. But there are exceptions. Once in the subway I saw a woman who at first hesitated in the corner, then carefully began to speak, half of the question cried out at the next station, she was so embarrassed and ashamed. This is the main sign that a person is in trouble – he’s very ashamed to ask money from others, he’s not used to it, it’s not his way of life. I believed the woman and came to her. She had surgery, but the recovery period was delayed. She spent all the money in the hospital in Moscow, and it is not enough for a ticket home. I asked how much she needed the money. The woman began to count and got 500 roubles from his boot. This detail took me out! I gave her all the money I had, so she was able to get home.

– You said about Elena Kostyuchenko. It is very often for their essays home to a few days along with the characters. So are you ready to experience for writing material?

Is great courage and professionalism. I don’t have the guts. If I do, it won’t do any. Recently, my friend Ivan Chesnokov from “These cases,” lived a few days with the homeless. Very cool journalistic work, not even talking about the text, it is good to explain, but not stylistically brilliant. To me, the human mini-feat that made Vanya, makes the text absolutely breathtaking. On the other hand you spend the night with the characters, but if you don’t put words into sentences, it is also a tragedy.

– what I want to write in the future? Or all the themes come to you as an assignment?

– On “Such matters” I was given only one topic, which urgently needed to be done – closing the education centre for migrant children. The majority of those up myself. And this is a very important skill. Themes around everywhere and somehow spilled to invent them. It is necessary to snatch out of the picture day details, feel look around the world. Recently went from hull on Semyonov and saw the advertisement for the recruitment of consultants and diagnosticians to conduct medical procedures, experience not required. I have broken it, phoned me in the evening, I feel that it will be a blueprint of the new material.

Шерлокоманит даже премьер-министра

4 сезон «Шерлока» завершился утечкой серии и первым лайком Медведева

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