Квантовая физика на страже безопасности

Российские ученые создали первый в мире квантовый блокчейн

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What do you know about the “flower children”?

Полвека субкультуре хиппи: от истоков до современности

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Hippie. It was not just a youth movement, it was a whole era. Look at the history of current that flourished fifty years ago, and try to understand what it attracted young people and why it has become a real phenomenon.

Where they came from?

The hippie subculture emerged in the US in the 1960-ies. For the first time the word “hippie” was made in one of the American TV shows and belonged to the young people who opposed the war in Vietnam. According to one version, the word “hippie” is rooted in American slang means “to be aware”, “kerf”, the other is a word invented by journalists.

Summer 1967 historians call the “Summer of love“.

“Summer of love”

Then about a hundred thousand hippies gathered in the area of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco to celebrate their love and freedom. “Flower children” (as they were called because of the habit to weave in hair flowers and give bouquets to passers-by) have lived in the city’s Golden gate Park. There they distributed free food, and if necessary provide medical help. A landmark event in the history of the hippies was the rock festival “Music, Love and Flowers” in the city of Monterey (California).

Girl-hippie at a music festival, 1967
She is a hippie at a music festival, 1967

By the way, lighting festivals, which have a lot of time passed in the country, the media tried to show the hippy with the worst hand: life on the street, drugs, unkempt appearance, promiscuity, idleness. Because of this, the society has developed a stereotype about hippies as idlers who do not care about anything. In fact, the movement’s representatives actively participated in rallies and demonstrations. In the fall of 1967 in Washington, hippies held a “March on the Pentagon”. In the procession was attended by over 35 thousand people. The building of the Pentagon, demonstrators were stopped by riot police.

member of the “March on the Pentagon” inserts a flower into the muzzle of the rifle of the military police

The first wave of the hippie movement ended with a rock music festival “Woodstock”, who in August 1969 was attended by about half a million people. This event is called the end of the “hippie era”. The second and third waves of the movement were, respectively, 80-ies and 90-ies.

Freedom is a state of mind

Hippie is not only culture, but also philosophy. Activists believe that to improve the world you need to effect change in human consciousness. Harmony with yourself and others – here called “flower children.” Hippies rejected the Puritan morality and conservatism of the old generation, highly valued freedom, especially the interior, called to protect the nature. Over time formed the main provisions of the philosophy of the hippies:

    • the

    • man ought to be free;


    • to achieve freedom only by changing the internal structure of the soul;


    • acts internally unchained person determined by the desire to preserve their freedom as the greatest jewel;


    • beauty and freedom are identical, the implementation of the two — a purely spiritual problem;


    • spiritual community — the ideal form of a hostel;


  • all that think differently are wrong.
Journey and meditation

Hippies lived in communes (or municipalities), often in abandoned homes, estates, farms. Settled on the outskirts or in the woods, away from civilization. However, the “flower children” never stayed in one place too long. They loved to travel. Typically the travel was hitch Hiking or minibus.

hippie Bus
Bus hippie

Hippies were traveling as a group, stayed in roadside hotels and Inns, where you can meet like-minded people. Sometimes representatives of the movement used caravans.

It is believed that the drugs, along with pacifism and free love was part of the hippie culture. It was believed that psychedelic drugs are able to “expand consciousness” and help to explore the world, disconnected from all earthly things. To achieve spiritual enlightenment, the hippies also turned to meditation, religion and art.

Many hippies were vegetarians or vegans, advocated a return to natural human origins.

“khayr” and baubles
Hippie festival
a Hippie at the festival “Woodstock”, 1969

Representatives of the movement wore long hair. Sometimes the heads were decorated with dressings and tapes. Beard, men shaved. On hand was made to wear a variety of homemade decorations: baubles, bangles. Clothes the hippies wore loose and comfortable: jeans (usually flared), sweaters, t-shirts, sometimes purposely torn and frayed, embroidered, beaded, colors. Women wore dresses casual with ethnic motifs. Welcome natural fabrics.

Psychedelic rock
the Beatles posters "All you need is love"
the Beatles

At concerts and festivals hippies often sounded psychedelic music (genre of music, which was influenced by Eastern mysticism of traditional Indian music). The sounds of psychedelic rock, were supposed to influence the audience, causing a feeling of detachment and unreality. In addition, hippies were big fans of The Beatles. And the line “All You Need Is Love” along with “Make love, not war” and “Give Peace A Chance” became the slogan of the movement.

The unofficial anthem culture was considered the song “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)”. Its author – John Phillips of the Mamas &the Papas.

From Lennon to Grebenshchikov
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon received recognition from representatives of a hippie for singing songs about equality, brotherhood, peace and love. Yoko Ono, his last wife, also belonged to this subculture. One couple gave reporters the so-called “bed interview”: lying in bed, they called for a stop to the war in Vietnam.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, American musician, writer and actor, can also be called a representative flow. His song “Blowin’ in the Wind” became the anthem of the movement against war and fighting for civil rights.


Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Hendricks


Jimi Hendrix, American guitarist, participated in festivals hippie, including “Woodstock”.



Boris Grebenshchikov
Boris Grebenshchikov





Эх, раз, ещё раз!

Американцы повторно запустили в космос первую ступень ракеты-носителя

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The law against «groups of death»

Правительство РФ поддержало законопроект об ужесточении наказания за побуждение к суициду

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What happened?

Tenth day of March the official website of the Russian government published positive opinion the bill, Vice speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, providing for toughening of responsibility for incitement to suicide.

The document notes the need to prohibit “the dissemination of information promoting suicide.” Now it is illegal to distribute only the information about methods of suicide and calls for it.

The bill already approved by the Supreme court, interior Ministry, Investigative Committee, Ministry of education and Roskomnadzor.

The essence of the bill

The project involves the amendment of article 110 of the Criminal code. The responsibility proposed for the “encouragement of suicide” and “assisted suicide”, in addition to the existing paragraph on “incitement to suicide”. Despite the fact that “incitement” is interpreted as “cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of human dignity of the victim”, and “declination” means “persuasion, bribery, offers, deception”.

It is proposed to increase the maximum penalty to 12 years old (now he is 5 years).

Spring notes that the main goal of the project is the fight against Internet criminals. The project involves the introduction of a separate article for the involvement of minors in the “group of death”. Activities of such communities, in his opinion, is “remote killing”, against which measures need to be taken.

“Bill, we the first in Russia to put a barrier to those who entices children to suicide, and those who organize deadly games for children, such as “Run or die”, “Fairy”, “shaping” creates “group of death” in social networks,” says Spring.

Authorities approve

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the initiative to expand the list of acts entailing criminal liability, during his speech at the Collegium of the Ministry of interior. The President stressed that the sites that affect children and adolescents with unstable mentality and advocating suicide, are a serious problem.

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova also spoke in support of the bill, saying that now the Internet against children “is a real war”, and the number of cases of child suicide is increasing. “This is unacceptable and must be strictly prosecuted by legal means”, – concluded the Ombudsman.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Ernest Valeev has declared that the existing punishment for the crime is not enough. On the question of a possible infringement of the freedom of the Internet, Valeev said that he sees the danger, and that the blocking of illegal sites is now provided by law.

Deadly games

In February Irina Spring said that over the past year, 720 children had committed suicide, and for the last three years committed suicide 2205 children. The MP stressed that the promotion of suicide comes from the Internet, in particular from the so-called “groups of death”.

The theme of the urge to suicide was widely discussed after publications “the New newspaper” in which it was said that for half a year killed 130 children, consisting in certain online communities.

In such groups the participants were asked to play a game where the last mission was to kill myself. If the participant refused to perform the task, the curators of the game threatened to kill his relatives. The symbol of these groups was the whale – an animal that supposedly is capable of consciously committing suicide by jumping to shore.

Children joined the community, such as “the Blue whale” or “Sea of whales”. Then the curators began to send them puzzles, videos, audio recordings and tasks (for example, to climb on the roof or go on the rails). During the game the children were convinced that they were elected, and that suicide is bad.

In November 2016 according to article 110 of the was sentenced Philip Bodaken, the administrator of one of these groups. He was charged with incitement to suicide.

“Anya was afraid of loneliness”

It was in the eighth grade. Anna was my friend. She was communicative and very beautiful. Well-studied, wrote poetry. Hanging out is not loved, she liked the cozy get-togethers with friends in a cafe or home. She lived with her mother and grandmother, was an only child whose parents loved and spoiled.

That evening we talked to her on the phone. Vkontakte then she asked me to wish her luck. I asked: “Why?” “Right!”. I said, “good Luck.”

Morning at school we were told that Anya died, jumped out the window with the twenty-fourth floor. We at first did not understand, about what speech. Someone started to call her but the phone was unavailable. To us did not get that this man is no more. The psychologist and the teacher didn’t know how to behave with us.

Later, at a school Assembly, showed a hacked Facebook page, found messages in which she was inclined to suicide: “You’re too beautiful for this life.” Wrote that someday she’ll be alone, but in the next life all will be eternal. In the evening of the fatal day she got her status on Facebook: “Monophobia. Reincarnation”. More likely Anya was afraid of loneliness.

Expert’s opinion

Why children are involved in a deadly game? Psychologist Lyudmila Chebotareva believes that the reasons are of the most banal: out of curiosity, just for company, nothing to do, and sometimes fatal role plays randomly open a page on the Internet. But most importantly: why the child remains in the “group of death”?

“If the child is psychologically healthy and balanced, even taking part in this game, he soon gave it up. The situation is like addiction: not everyone who has tried to smoke will become a smoker. But if the child is non-adaptive, the game can not let go, it is easier to convince to do anything, even to hurt yourself.”

What does psychological maladjustment? It is generated by a complex of reasons, among them the conflicts in the family, betrayal of a friend, failure in school, low self-esteem and other traumatic psyche factors.

The scale of the disaster

The company “Cribrum” analyzed the content of Russian social networks and hashtag used by members of such groups, concluded that 1849 people in Moscow have expressed desire to play a deadly game. In the social network “Vkontakte” was found 9312 groups published similar hashtags.


Now Roskomnadzor is working with the administrators of social networking, experts are engaged in identifying and addressing suicidal content. Since the beginning of year 4 was blocked thousands of “groups of death”, and in just three years locked 14 thousand pages and sites with information about suicide.

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“Heat shock protein” has caused information shock

Российские ученые объявили о создании лекарства, излечивающего рак даже в последних стадиях

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What happened?

On Friday, March 3, appeared in the media reports of a new universal remedy for cancer. It was introduced by the doctor of medical Sciences Andrey Simbirtsev told about the invention of drugs, their properties and future production.

A new drug called “heat shock proteins”, according to the Professor, is able to cure patients of all types of cancer.

“We are on the verge of discovering completely new treatments for cancer. It will help people with incurable tumors.”

Institute of highly pure drugs of Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) have long been conducting research using space technology.

Andrey Simbirtsev, M. D., corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Director of the Institute of extra pure medications
Andrey Simbirtsev, M. D., corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Director of the Institute of extra pure medications

We Packed ultra-pure protein in capillary tubes and sent them to the ISS, says Simbirtsev. – The fact that for x-ray analysis of the action of the protein must be formed from it of ultra-pure crystal. However, in terms of earth’s gravity it is impossible to obtain.

Scientists have obtained the required degree of purity of the drug, and after confirmed its harmless, should begin testing for clinical level.

the Principle of operation of the new drug

The therapeutic effect is based on the introduction into the organism of a protein. This substance is synthesized by all cells under conditions of stress (e.g. heat shock) and performs a protective function, including secreting tumor antigens, enhancing the body’s immune response. However in the body this protein is not enough to defeat the disease. Therefore, scientists have developed a technology of its synthesis, and protein-based drug created the drug. It is argued that it operates on any cells, so it applies to treat all types of cancer.

The drug is tested on small animals: mice and rats. In most cases, a medicine used to heal even the last stage of such common neoplastic diseases, such as sarcoma and melanoma. It was concluded that the drug “has the necessary biological activity for the treatment of cancer.”

When the cure for cancer will be available?

The Institute has a grant for the first phase of research from the Ministry of education and science. Whether to continue development into clinical phase depends on funding.

Clinical studies are very expensive, about 100 million rubles. Usually there is a private investor who invests, and the state returns 50% in case of successful completion, says Professor Simbirtsev. While the private investor is not found, there is hope to find it in Russia or in Japan, and the developer is counting on the support of the Ministry of health or Ministry of industry.

According to the Professor, if the issue of funding is resolved, it will take another 3-4 years to complete the research before the drug gets to patients. On the expected cost of drugs are still unclear.

Expert’s opinion

Ella Tyuryumina, research Intern of the HSE, engaged in research on “Predictive models in Oncology and their software support”:

Ella Tyuryumina“the Study doesn’t differ from the previous domestic. Pathetic presentation of the questionable results obtained on mice with artificially grown tumors. Unfortunately, such projects do not work in the clinic. With regard to the basic concept of the new method, it is “well forgotten old”. This approach has been known for a very long time ago.”

The expert has noticed that in the published data there is no reference to the registered randomized study (clinical trial, in which patients are allocated to treatment groups is random), and this “suggests that there was performed statistical analysis not given study design, were not selected patients on special teams.”

Larissa Fechina, oncologist, confidant of the President of the Russian Federation
Larisa Fechina, oncologist, confidant of the President of the Russian Federation

Larissa Fechina, oncologist interview for NSN also questioned the creation of “some kind of universal magic pill”. The doctor is confident that the drug that can cure patients in the last stages of the disease, will be invented, but “the treatment is not addressed to all patients, and a certain group with a certain kind of cancer or multiple types of close nature. Victory over cancer will be possible in the era of personalized treatment,” said the doctor.

Oleksiy Muravyov, lecturer of the HSE:

Alex Muraviev“While it is proved that the drug reacts with sarcoma and melanoma, but malignant tumors quite a lot, and they are not limited to these two. Therefore, all of these broadcast statements should be treated very carefully. And the technology well known, nothing new there”.

What’s in other countries?

The author of “heat shock protein” was told that a similar development is underway by scientists in the US and Japan, but so far their results have not been published.

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Винил живёт и побеждает

Вечная молодость грампластинки на фоне полуторавековой истории звукозаписи

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