В мире прекрасного: три познавательные лекции по искусству

Три видео с интернет-проекта ПостНаука

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Арт-маршрут: 5 осенних выставок

Путеводитель по увлекательным мероприятиям этой осени

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Музыкальная драма «Пер Гюнт»: интервью с Никитой Дмитриевским

Особенности и секреты спектакля

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Abnormally High Temperatures Can Become the Norm

В дальнейшем повышение температуры на десятки градусов сделает жизнь на Земле невозможной

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Paleontological evidence indicates that Earth’s climate has never been stable. The annual average temperature on Earth is growing and it is predicted that this will occur in the future. The main reason for this growth is the work of man: to provide the needs for energy and food. Oil, expansion of agricultural land, livestock growth cattle generate extra emissions of greenhouse gases.

The scientific work of scientists found that less affected regional areas that is caused by minor emissions of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse catastrophe – the unwanted scenario of global warming. The temperature is likely to rise to tens or hundreds of degrees, making life on Earth impossible.

“If immediate measures are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, abnormally high temperature, probably not will be the” new normal, “- said the Australian climatologist Sophie Lewis (Sophie Lewis).

There are two main methods to combat global warming: a radical reduction in emissions and geo-engineering technologies. Today is absolutely clear that more than actually do: reduce emissions or accelerate the development of bioengineering methods.

Recall that in 2015 in Paris at the World Climate Conference adopted a new agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Countries participating in the signing of the contract, undertake as far as possible to invest in the study of this problem, as well as adjust their own economy and people’s lives to the inevitably changing climate.