Soviet “Renaissance”. Look through half a century

Межмузейный проект «Оттепель» открывает заново эпоху 60-х

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The thaw – a short but bright period in the history of the USSR. The era of scientific breakthrough, politics and the arts: man’s first flight into space, the splitting of the atom, the warming of international relations, VI world festival of youth and students. the Flourishing of science fiction and poetry. But most importantly, at this time there is a transformation of consciousness, breaking limitations, and the usual setup, to open up new possibilities.

The era of the 60’s through the eyes of modern man – the theme of the project “the Thaw”, in which took part the “Museum of Moscow”, the Tretyakov gallery, Museum of fine arts named after as Pushkin and the Sovremennik theatre and the Park of culture named after Gorky.

thaw in Moscow “Moscow city Museum”

The exhibition “Moscow thaw” covers the history of music, cinema, design, fashion, architecture and poetry of the thaw.

Eugenia Kikodze curator of the exhibition, "Moscow thaw"
Eugenia Kikodze, curator of the exhibition “Moscow thaw”

“We conduct open discussions: “City”,””, “research institutes”, “Physics and lyrics” is about how the architecture was changing, way of life, culture and science in the period of thaw. Also at the documentary film centre present a programme of films made in those years. Our exhibition is a return to the point from where starts modernity as such.”

Jazz fever

In 50-e years in the USSR, the rising tide of interest in jazz, which causes a sharply negative reaction of the authorities and cultural figures. Improvisation, the possibility of spontaneous self-expression and the free swinging rhythm made this music is the perfect metaphor of freedom.

Joseph Brodsky in the 60-ies
Joseph Brodsky in the 60 years

Joseph Brodsky remembered that even the gait of a Soviet person has changed under the influence of jazz: “the Joints of our very frigid Russian shells began to absorb the swing”.

Presentation Pop-Jazz orchestra of Leonid Utesov in Moscow
the Performance of the variety-jazz orchestra of Leonid Utesov in Moscow

From the late 50’s jazz recordings appear “on the edges” – the so-called improvised flexible records, material for which served the x-rays. In 1962, the newly built hotel “Yunost” opens Moscow jazz festival and Soviet musicians for the first time take part in international festival in Warsaw. In the public record company “Melody” for the first time printed album tracks domestic jazzmen. The edition sold out in a matter of days, and the album immediately becomes a rarity. In Moscow appear a cafe, where people come to talk on the forbidden theme first, listen to live music and dancing.

First synthesizer

the First synthesizer that was recorded tracks for the legendary films by Tarkovsky
the First synthesizer that was recorded tracks for the legendary Tarkovsky’s films

The world’s first synthesizer was created by a military engineer Evgeny Murzin, he gathered his in their shared apartment and called “Anse” – the initials of composer and innovator Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin. Using the new tool was able to obtain a completely unusual sound of “space” spectrum. On this machine Eduard Artemiev he created the music for the legendary sci-Fi Thriller Tarkovsky “Solaris”, “Stalker” and “Mirror”.


Prom on the red square from the film
Outlet on red square from the film “Zastava Ilyich”

The main hero of the era – a young man, his confident look towards the future. By day he works or studies, and in the evening in a hurry for concerts, exhibitions, theatre, dance and poetry readings. Works Director Marlen Khutsiyev are considered thaw encyclopedia of life. The young people in his films enthusiastically read Remarque and Hemingway, critical of Stalin, dancing to the sounds of foreign music, and among the characters in the movie you can see young Tarkovsky and Konchalovsky. Endless musical party time heroes “July rain” in the cafe “lyre” blow money characters “Three days of Viktor Chernyshev”.


Gossip girl. Glass sculpture 60 years.
Gossip girl. Glass sculpture 60 years.

For the era of the thaw characteristic minimalism waiver of frills in favor of functionality. Furniture and furnishings are light and compact. Streamlined shape appeared in the glass products: statues, vases and carafes are “fluid”. Design wall clock is freed from unnecessary details – a departure from the petty-bourgeois attitude to watches as the luxury and decoration. Be the first portable radios and inexpensive cameras “Change”. Among young people, the craze for photography.

Projector slides, movie cameras, cameras and watches 60-ies
project slides, movie cameras, cameras and watches 60 years

In fashion there is freedom and emancipation, clothing becomes a way to Express individuality. In Moscow, opened an Atelier, where fashionistas sew outfits custom – fitted dresses with a fluffy skirt in black-eyed peas, broad vertical stripes, juicy or pastel colors.

Abstract art has become one of the most popular destinations. If the first subjects of the compositions were the images of city and nature, the later clearly sound critical themes and allegories. Artists boldly experiment with mixed techniques.

Architects design a huge structure with walls of glass to permit the sun’s light, making people happier and more cheerful. Built on this principle facades of the Kremlin Palace of congresses, the Palace of pioneers in the Lenin hills, the shops on Lenin, Kalinin (Novy Arbat), the Komsomol prospectus.

“the Thaw” in the Tretyakov gallery

a Conversation with my father

"Auschwitz" A. G hooks
“Auschwitz” by A. G hooks

Section “a Conversation with my father” is dedicated to the dialogue between two generations about the great Patriotic war.

Immediately after Stalin’s death and Khrushchev’s assertion at the head of the state has begun the process of rehabilitation of political prisoners was disbanded the Gulag, published the first works of prose camp: “One day of Ivan Denisovich” by Solzhenitsyn, the novel of George Shelest’s “the Nugget”. In “Lieutenant prose” the war is shown without the semi-official pathos and smoothing sharp points. In works of literature and painting have become common themes of tragedy and horror of war. People began to think about the true price of victory. Artist A. Vasnetsov depicted two widows, who look into the void, their faces almost wiped out.

monument to the dead from bombs
monument to the dead from bombs

V. A Siddur created a series about the victims of war. His sculptures are symbolic objects, which brought death to people, as well as images of prisoners in the camps.

Best city in the world

“Wedding on tomorrow’s street”. And Pimenov

Period of thaw – time for a radical change in the appearance of the city was taken on “de-Stalinization” of architecture. There is a struggle with a decorative “excesses” in architecture is dominated by rationalism. In place of the Stalinist Empire, with its palaces came democratic style of simple geometric forms with huge Windows, symbolizing the “policy of openness”.

Running across the street
Running across the street

The city becomes an open space. In the courts held a feast and dancing in the squares and in parks poets read poetry. A new image of the city is reflected in the paintings. Yuri Pimenov portrayed scenes of urban life against the background of new buildings: “Running across the street”, “District of tomorrow”, “the South-West. Suburb”. Urbanism is becoming the new direction in painting.

International relations

In 60-e years of the USSR is actively establishing communication with the outside world, especially with the countries of the Eastern bloc. At the forefront of the confrontation with the United States. The two superpowers compete not only in the arms race, but in the propaganda. Moscow is positioning itself as a world capital, conducting international events: scientific conferences, meetings of the peace. Regularly hosts national festivals and exhibitions of art from Syria, Egypt, Vietnam, Cuba, New Zealand and other countries.

In 1957, with extraordinary succes VI world festival of youth and students, which became “Dove of peace” Picasso. In Moscow tens of thousands of guests from America, Africa, Asia and Europe – young people from different countries gathered under the slogans of peace and friendship. Freedom is intoxicating and circled the head, in 1958 in Moscow was marked by the birth of hundreds of babies of mixed races: mulattos and mestizos, they even came to be called “children of the festival”.

the Secrets of abstract art

carnival Fun mihnova-Voitko
a Cheerful carnival mihnova-Boiteko

Inspired by the works of Western artists, the Moscow artists set off in search of new forms. For example, Ely Belyutin used in the mops, nails and other items. He expressed his ideas through the juxtaposition of people and entourage: two lovers in the forest, which was seen Auschwitz. The painting “Requiem” – Lenin’s funeral, depicted in the close to expressionism “action painting”. The artist is called “Requiem” his “personal Communist utopia”.

Mikhnov-Voitenko created a series of large-format paintings by applying the paint straight from the tube, without the use of the brush. Colored spots create in one case, the dance at the carnival in the other – landscape.

Severe style

Happy workers are building communism
Happy workers building communism

This term suggested Alexander Kamensky. Severe style characteristic of socialist realist representation of the themes of the working class and the heroism of hard work: women and men are shown at work on construction sites, in polar expeditions. The cycle of paintings devoted to the development of virgin lands. Heroes tired from work, but happy people, the builders of the bright Communist future.


the launch of the Soviet Sputnik-1 into space
the Launch of Sputnik-1 into space

The first flight of man into space and the splitting of the atom created a sense of endless possibilities of science. the world’s First nuclear power station, the first synchrotron – a powerful accelerator, nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” is far not the full list of achievements of the time. The spread of higher education, the development of scientific institutions, creation of closed science cities have given rise to heroes of the new time – young scientists. After the launch of the Soviet “Sputnik-1” space has captured the imagination and became one of the main themes in art, in the design of household objects and appliances. In painting appeared fantastic sketches of planets and unexplored space – artists created their own reality based on scientific facts and guesses.

the world's First NPP, Obninsk, Moscow region
the Layout of the first NPP in the world


Poetry in the theater “Sovremennik”

Evgeny Kuznetsov, the assistant to the artistic Director of the theatre "Contemporary"
Evgeny Kuznetsov, the assistant to the art Director of theatre “Contemporary”

“Together with the Tretyakov gallery, we made the program “Area Mayakovsky“. It consists of five evenings devoted to specific poets – Joseph Brodsky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Andrei Voznesensky, Bella Akhmadulina. Fails with “Area Mayakovsky” in the evening “We are young”, which will be devoted to the poetry of the turn of the 1950-1960, it will be attended by almost all young troupe “Contemporary”.

The era of the thaw – a special time when the public conscience changed, open new opportunities, they needed a new form. This allowed the young actors, graduates of school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre to join theatre and to create it “is not from above but from below”. There were six of us: Oleg Yefremov, Galina Volchek, Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Kvasha, Evgeny Evstigneev and Lilia Tolmacheva, of which only two are alive today – Volchek and tobacco.

Galina Volchek, Igor Kvasha and Oleg Tabakov. 60 years
Galina Volchek, Igor Kvasha and Oleg Tabakov. 60 years

By the time of the creation of “Contemporary” art scene and the Stanislavsky system, where the main concern is the interaction of the actor with the audience, was distorted. Efremov with his supporters took on the mission to revive the Stanislavsky system as the only correct one for the Russian theater. April 15, 1956, in the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre was the first performance of “live Forever”, which was a real shock for the Moscow public. After the performance, the audience persuaded young troupe disperse. This day is considered the birthday of the theater “Contemporary”.

Festival “Thaw” will last until mid-summer. Museum of fine arts Pushkin will present her exhibition “to the future. The art of Europe 1945-1968“, Gorky Park and Muzeon will host screenings, discussions and themed music nights together with the theater “Contemporary”.

Ильдар Дадин вышел на свободу

Активист освобожден спустя четыре дня после отмены приговора

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And trump says that Crimea is not “ours”

Пресс-секретарь президента США Шон Спайсер сообщил, что Белый дом рассчитывает на возвращение Крыма Украине

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What happened?

On 14 February during a briefing press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer said that Donald trump is counting on the return of Crimea to Ukraine: “President trump has made it clear: he expects the Russian government will deal with the de-escalation of violence in Ukraine and return the Crimea”.

Later that same day, Donald trump posted the following tweet: “Russia took Crimea under the Obama administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?”

Tweet Donald trump
a Tweet by Donald trump

It is worth Recalling that during the election campaign on 1 August 2016 Donald trump, speaking to supporters in Ohio, said the attempt to take away the Crimean Peninsula could lead to the beginning of World war III. During his speech, trump also stressed the fact that the Crimea was taken when the US presidency was occupied by Barack Obama.


Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov (RT quote): “with regard to the return of the Crimea, this topic will not be discussed, because it cannot be discussed. Russia does not discuss issues related to its territory, with foreign partners. The President of Russia very patiently and consistently explained to its partners and interlocutors the reasons that led to the fact that Crimeans decided to seek protection from Russia and become part of it”

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova (quoted by the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”): “my territory is not returned. Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin (quoted by “Interfax”): “Let us stop talking, discussing the various statements in relation to the Crimea. Crimea is part of Russia. And any talk of who is to disposition of our territory, and the Crimea is part of Russia, is an attack on our integrity, on our territory. Don’t need this topic to raise. Some press Secretary said something… Look, someone else say something”.

Alexey chepa, Chairman of the state Duma international Affairs (quote by “MK”): “Russia will stick to its own national interests.”

Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs (quoted by “RIA Novosti”): “the Resignation of Flynn and statements to the press Secretary of the President, including the fact that Russia must “return the Crimea”, show that the inertial flywheel, promoted in Washington against Russia, yet not stopped.”

Reaction of Ukraine

In Kiev, a statement from Washington was perceived very positively. Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has issued the following comment in social networks (quote on “Apostrophes”): “Good statement. Russia should return the Crimea”.

Earlier, the leader of Ukrainian party of people’s front Arseniy Yatsenyuk (quote by Apostrophe): “This is an important step of the new American administration, which reflects the consistent support of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

What said about Crimea in the USA

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson January 11, 2017: “We should clearly look at its relations with Russia. Russia is a threat, but action to achieve their own interests can be predicted. She invaded the Ukraine and took Crimea. Supported by the Syrian forces, which violate the rules of war. Our allies in NATO is right when they fear gaining strength Russia”.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley February 3, 2017:”the United States continues to condemn the occupation of the Crimea by Russia and demand its immediate cessation. Crimea — part of Ukraine. Our sanctions against Russia connected with the Crimea will remain in force as long as Russia does not regain control over the Peninsula”.

Historical background
    • the

    • April 8, 1783 Catherine II signed the Manifesto on annexation to the Russian power in the Crimean Peninsula.


    • 19 February 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR transferred the Crimean oblast from the Russian Federation to the Ukrainian SSR.


  • the Crimea joined the Russian Federation after the referendum, which was conducted in the spring of 2014.

“They naturally play mad men”

Знакомьтесь: Денис Пил, «Стэнли Кубрик» модной фотографии

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The photographer uses a custom”cinematic” approach, as if documenting the lives of their heroines and creating each frame of the story. His models don’t look dramatic, they have natural poses, facial expressions, there is no falsehood, static character. Photographer loves to shoot models at inopportune moments: when they’re about to shoot or just goofing around, feeling free. Photos by Denis Saw ambiguous, it is impossible to unravel their meaning the first time, they make us think of what it was before this picture and what comes after, giving rise to new questions.

Denis Peel at the opening of the personal exhibition “freeze-frame. Fashion photography”
Denis Drank during the public current at the Center of photography Lumiere brothers
Denis Drank during the public current at the Center of photography Lumiere brothers

“What’s the secret of a good frames? We model must feel and understand each other, that is, in the process there is immersion in the story I want to tell, she listens to my idea, watching my thoughts and, of course, can change them, it even gives a certain charm to the pictures. Here are my perfect shooting. Such relations for a photographer is extremely important.”

“I never create a clear, detailed scenario, don’t prescribe it, do not give out specific role models, I just got the idea in my head and already the campaign to decide how to implement it, what to change, what to add, it’s a long process of creating history. That is why my photos do not get frozen and static, they are full of life and emotion.”

“In photography I am only interested in cinematic moments, I don’t like the standard, albeit beautiful, posture, do not like static shots, I’m trying to catch something real, alive, the story, behind which lies a question, a riddle which cannot be solved on the first attempt, it is the idea on which you need to break your head.”

“I think that every Creator should fall in love with your model, to find in it something extraordinary and unique, to admire her character, appearance, allow yourself to be enchanted by her. I always do”.

Denis Saws specifically for Hit.Media

“My favorite series of works: a girl in a long evening dress with flounced walks along the shady alleys of the garden, and behind it rushes peacock. He follows on her heels like fell in love with her stately figure, and saw something beautiful. It struck me – this proud bird conceded defeat in the “beauty contest” and admired someone else’s superiority.”

“Who of the Directors inspires me? Of course, it’s Kubrick. I am very flattered when people compare me with him, although I will never compare my work with his films, it is blasphemy. I like his imagination, unpredictability, original plot development, sets, and actors who are so naturally played by mad men, I am struck by a deep psychoanalysis of his paintings”.

“Determines whether a Vogue, that I will remove? No, you saved me the freedom of choice to the idea and concept of operation. The art Director invited me to shoot have specified the clothing, we choose models defined by the location, come to a certain place, and there I create my own script, then removed the story and hand over her journal.”

“Freeze-frame. Fashion photography”

The Muse

Gia Karanja "Vogue"
Gia Karanja for Vogue

The Central place in the exposition is the photo the bold and unrestrained models, favorite Denis Saw – GE Karanja. This girl is still very young managed to turn the head of many designers and participated in fashion shows a great designer, but left this world too early, the drugs killed her.

“My favorite model was Gia. – admits Denis, I have never met a more straightforward and open person, she was incredibly talented and strong. I’m sorry that Gia had to leave so early, she will forever remain in my heart.”

Pretty baby

Brooke shields for Vogue
Brooke shields for Vogue

The young actress Brooke shields as if playing in an adult woman: dressed in a silk gown and made the front hair, but her poses still reads childlike and easy clumsiness.

The contrast of the two worlds

Series "Morocco"
the Series “Morocco”

In a series of photos from Morocco, Denis Drank “settled” European woman, accustomed to luxury and a carefree life in the poor neighborhoods where she meets street vendors, artisans and Housewives, playing with their children. The main idea of shooting on the poor streets of Morocco that the model and the audience sees “a stark contrast of two worlds.”

Simplicity and serenity

Christy Turlington for "ELLE
Christy Turlington for “ELLE”

From Morocco we moved to California, where we meet Christy Turlington, supermodel of the 90s. She luxuriates in the sun, sitting on the veranda of a fishermen’s cabin. Posture and gentle face expressed utter serenity. Christy Turlington personifies the sexy simplicity, in which there is nothing coarse, nothing sleazy, it is truly amazing.

Beautiful Swan

Andie MacDowell for "Vanity Fair"
Andie MacDowell for “Vanity Fair”

Photography with American actress and model Andie MacDowell is the pride of Dennis Saw. He told us that Andy, when he came to it, was a terribly shy and insecure. The photographer was outraged and decided to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful Swan right on the record”: put on some music, began to tell funny stories, and soon she felt free. Later, McDowell has admitted that this meeting radically changed her view of themselves.

Mind. The beginning of the path

First photo shoot uma Thurman
the First photo shoot uma Thurman

The uma Thurman was only sixteen when she came to the first shot to Denis Saw. Almost teenager, terrified and downtrodden: peers Minds scoffed at it, considering the custom appearance of this deformity. But peel was different, Uma Thurman was fully revealed.


Denis Drank is one of the most prominent fashion photographers of the 20th century. In the 80s it was printed in such glossy magazines as “Vogue”, “GQ”, “Vanity Fair”, “ELLE” and “Marie Claire”. Most of these shots are the real icons of fashion photography. The heroines of his pictures were models who became legends of the 1980s: Christy Turlington, Rachel Williams, Lara Nashinski, Eva Wallen, Nancy Donahue, Kelly Lebrock, Joan Severance, Joanna Pakula. The exhibition presents the photo shoot with Andie McDowell, Uma Thurman, Gia Karanja, Brooke shields, Christy Turlington and others.

Where to look?

February 8, Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers took place opening of the personal exhibition of Denis Saw “freeze-frame. Fashion photography”. Presents the work of photographer, which was published in “Vogue”,”Elle”,”New York Times” and “Marie Claire”.

Когда Тифлис был «маленьким Парижем»

Выставка грузинского авангарда в музее изобразительных искусств имени А.С. Пушкина

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Season of the Finnish performance started in Moscow

В галерее на Солянке состоялось открытие фестиваля финского современного искусства PYRFYR

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Performance "Boat" Antti Laitinen in the gallery at Solianke Performance “Boat” Antti Laitinen in the gallery at Solianke[/caption]

Artists Katrin Kainulainen and Maximilian Lithuania work in pairs and create a quirky and not always intuitive performances, based on their mental experiences, which are sometimes sexual in nature. They travel around the world and on the streets of different cities arrange their ideas, exploring the reaction of random people. During one performance Catherine puts in the mouth about ten thick cigarettes and setting them on fire, smoke and excess toxicity through her tears, she gasps. It is difficult to understand what she wants to say with their actions, but hardly a performance about the dangers of Smoking, more about human pain and emotions that you cannot SIP, lit a cigarette, as it seems to some people.

Performance artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximili Ana Lithuania in Europe
The performance of the spouses-artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximiliana Lithuania

All performances are very personal, they tell stories about things that have troubled artists, they analyse them for life, but when the audience watching the performance of the performer, they feel its problems to some extent is relevant to them. Perhaps at some point they asked themselves the same questions and was looking for a response or do you do it after watching the performances.
1 – 4 December in the gallery at Solianke will be live performances of the Duo of artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximiliana Lithuania.