Stunning masterpieces of miniature art

Tiny creations of Salavat Fidai, Edward Kazaryan and Hasan Kale

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Pencils are familiar to everyone from childhood; we draw or write something with them. But Salavat Fidai found another use for this writing instrument.

The artist created this work from the 4th time. The photo is published in the official Instagram account.

Salavat Fidai has long been interested in miniature art, performing reproductions of famous paintings on a variety of surfaces: matchboxes, pumpkin seeds and rice grains.

Some of the reproductions of Salavat went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

In 2014, he discovered another material for his little masterpieces – pencil lead. His works became popular, and Salavat Fidai, with the help of his fans, released an illustrated album in 2016. Some parts of this book can be found in the public domain.

Backgammon from black obsidian and gold in rice grain. Edward Kazaryan.

Edward Kazaryan is a famous Soviet microminiature mechanic. He became famous for his ability to work with the smallest details. His works were kept by Stalin, Khrushchev, Queen Elizabeth. Among the miniature masterpieces of Kazaryan you can find a poppy seed, which depicts a scene with Gulliver in the country of Lilliputians, figurines of football players from black obsidian inside a polished human hair, a real violin and a bow inside a needle ear. Some of his works are moving: Charlie Chaplin is twisting a cane. Ten works of the miniaturist are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

There have been tragic incidents in his work. Once, a pigeon pecked up a drying grain of rice, on which the master, by request of the Louvre, painted a copy of Aivazovsky’s painting The Ninth Wave. So three months of hard work and one million dollars were spent – that was the price of the order.

Edward Kazaryan was a professional musician. He played a concert together with the Yerevan Symphony Orchestra with the help of one of his miniature violins.













Hasan Kale chose food as a canvas for his masterpieces. The artist draws mosques and landscapes on chocolate drops, nuts, sugar and raw pasta.

With such an original bouquet, the miniaturist artist congratulated all the women on his Facebook page.
With such an original bouquet, the miniaturist artist congratulated all the women on his Facebook page.

Hasan Kale is an active user of Facebook and puts his work on public display.

A miniature created using a sugar cube.

Spotify enters Russian music market

Competitors are tense but feel confident

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Spotify is an online streaming audio service that allows you to listen to music tracks legally and for free. Now the service successfully operates in 70 countries. Daniel Ek, CEO of the service, said that the company is preparing to start work in Russia in the summer of 2019.

The development team believes that there is a strong potential in the streaming service to conquer the market of music services.

A subscription to a service for USA residents costs $ 10. The cost in Russia is currently unknown.
A subscription to a service for USA residents costs $ 10. The cost in Russia is currently unknown.

“We now have more than 159 million active users in 65 countries, 71 million premium subscribers, more than 3,500 employees worldwide and more than 35 million tracks. But we’re just starting… Spotify has a lot more prospects than you thought.”

The service functions as a cloud base and allows the user to select a composition from an extensive media library. Currently, Spotify provides access to over 30 million tracks. Users can search by artist, album, genre. All users have access to many major independent labels. You can also create your own playlists or listen to the radio. You can use the resource with advertising and some restrictions for free. If you pay a subscription, all restrictions are automatically removed.

In Russia, users have long been waiting for Spotify. The service planned to start work here in 2014 and even registered the legal brand LLC Spotify in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. However, the introduction of the Register was not a guarantee of launch. According to some sources, there were several obstacles to entering the market: the economic crisis, changes at the legislative level, requirements for the storage of users’ personal data, conflicts and disagreements with certain organizations and individuals.

Sberbank CIB analysts have already warned that Spotify will have a significant impact on the Russian music market. But his direct competitors (Yandex.Music and VKontakte (together with BOOM)) noted that they are not afraid of the appearance of a new player on the market and see their competitive advantages over Spotify.

Not only Yandex.Music and VKontakte become competitors. Do not forget about Apple Music and Google Music.
Not only Yandex.Music and VKontakte become competitors. Do not forget about Apple Music and Google Music.

“The growth of the market of legal audio services will be 20–30% per year, Spotify will make a significant contribution to this growth if it starts working in Russia,” said Alexandra Nosach, head of the licensing department for music and video content at Black Star Inc.

Дмитрий Маликов объявил народный кастинг

Рассказавший самую смешную историю станет героем нового клипа

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New shades of erotica from Erica James

The author of the world bestseller announced her new novel

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Erica Leonard James who gained acknowledge in the world of literature due to the raucous trilogy about «50 Shades…»  announced her new novel named «The Mister» .

The bestseller author E.L.James

In January, 24 in the author’s official account the photo occurred which illustrated the book with presupposed cover and planned release date – april, 16. For more detailed information the writer directed all her fans on her official website where one can find an intrigue beginning of the plot. Like Mr.Grey, Maksim Trevelyan has careless life. He owns money, connections, wonderful appearance and hearts and bodies of many girls… Erica James calls her novel «A Cinderella story for the 21 century» . Besides, the writer offers to get acquainted with several parts of the new work. The book is ready for pre-ordering on the official site of Penguin publishing house in Great Britain and the USA where it is included in the list of books required reading in 2019.

An intrigue cover of the new novel

Judging a barrage of comments under the publication and numerous articles and news items in foreign and Russian mass-media the book has all possibilities to become a bestseller and win hearts of billion readers. It is noticeable that other photos and publications in the writer’s account hardly counts 100-200 comments, yet on the announcement there was more than 2000 responds.

Erotic novels by Erica James are extremely popular. «Fifty shades of grey»  overcame famous «Twilight” and «Harry Potter»  by the number of sales over the short period of time. In Russia the book translated into Russian and published in «Eksmo»  became a bestseller as well. After it, the author proceeded seria and presented other two parts of this story: «Fifty shades darker»  and «Fifty shades of freedom» .

BDSM, beautifull views and affluent life became a formula of success for novels

The movie was made on the plot. In several Russia regions (Osetia and Karachai-Cherkesia) these films were withdrew from broadcasting on ethical grounds. Films gained a host of adverse feedbacks, however, it didn’t prevent from obtaining record box office.

За тех, кого приручили, ответим по закону

В России отношение к животным теперь регулируется федеральным законодательством

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QWERTY – familiar and mysterious

Where the popular keyboard layout came from, and why it doesn’t yield to competitors

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The name of this keyboard layout came from the first six letters of the top row. QWERTY-keyboard originates in the era of typewriters.

The creation history of the familiar layout is not clear enough
The creation history of the familiar layout is not clear enough

Christopher Sholes, an elaborator of the first typewriters, determined to distribute keys in the simple alphabetical order. However, with an increase of the typematic speed professionals began to encounter a number of problems. For instance, the levers of the letters situated close to each other scraped and sticked with the rapid pushing. By trial and error and constant layout modernization the legendary typewriter «Remington 1» was finally launched. Its keyboard became the prototype of all contemporary ones. The blind method of the typemate, which became popular after typing competitions, helped in promotion of this keyboard layout. Edgar McGurrin, the court secretary, won over another contestant. When the winner was asked about the reasons of his triumph, he said he had typed with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. His rival typed with only eight fingers staring at the keys, and this method considerably decreased typematic speed. Nowadays, one and a half century later, there are some courses where you can learn the blind way of working on the keyboard.

Why we love QWERTY so much when we are able to switch to other layouts?

Nevertheless, today there are disputes about effectiveness of QWERTY-layout. There were some attempts to supplant familiar layout on more ergonomic one. In 1936 university professor August Dvorak noticed a great number of typos in the work of one of his students. At that time the thought had come to his mind – to invent an absolutely new type of latin keyboard based on more convenient position of vowel and consonant letters. After it in the beginning of the XXI century DVORAK-layout was elaborated by Shay Coleman and obtain the name Colemak. As some studies claimed, these layout types enable to work 2-3 times faster. However, QWERTY doesn’t give in to more contemporary rivals, although every user can switch between layouts with the help of several mouse clicks.

Библиотека бьюти-энтузиаста

Пять книжных новинок для любителей и профессионалов

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Хорошо забытый старый дрейпинг

Легендарная техника прошлого века возвращается в макияж

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Если ты белоснежка или шоколадка

Каких тонов косметики не хватает российским модницам

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