Зачем мужчины красятся и натираются

Происхождение мужской косметики и её назначение в разные эпохи

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Легко ли быть поповичем?

Почему дети священников страдают от предвзятого отношения

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Пока дурь не заменится опытом

Правительство РФ одобрило ограничения для автомобилистов со стажем вождения до 2-х лет

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By the absence of crime structure

Курганский суд отменил приговор Евгении Чудновец

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What happened?

March 6, at a closed meeting of the Presidium of the Kurgan court made the decision to release convicted Eugene Chudnovets, a kindergarten teacher from Yekaterinburg. She was serving a sentence for what he did repost the video where the counselor and the teacher of children’s camp mocked a half-naked boy. In December 2016 Chudnovets received 5 months in prison under article 242.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Manufacturing and a turn of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors”.

Personal photo Eugenia Chudnovets
Private photo of Eugenia Chudnovets
What movie?

For a movie lasting a few seconds drew the attention of the local police saw him in the group of Eugenia Chudnovets Vkontakte, where the teacher shared a video below, in her words, to draw public attention to the incident. She later deleted the video from your page.

This video was proof of the guilt of educators, Tatiana and Daniel Korchevoi Bezborodov from the children’s camp “Red eagles” who abused 10-year-old child. On interrogation the boy stated that prisoners were often allowed themselves such actions. Kurshev and the referee were found guilty in the case of the production of pornography, and the improper execution of duties on education of minors, they were given 6 and 3 years in prison, respectively.

On the basis of this video was sentenced Eugene Chudnovets.

Why Chudnovets condemned?
Eugene Chudnovets with son
Eugene Chudnovets with son

In February 2016 against Chudnovets opened a criminal case on child pornography, but the teacher only found out six months later. At the end of November 2016 Kurgan court decided to sentence the woman to 6 months in prison and her son to give up the guardianship.

Following a request by the prosecution to substitute the period of correctional work of the regional court reduced the term of imprisonment for one month and canceled the decision to transfer his son to Chudnovets to the shelter.

The husband of the teacher then stated that she is not going to file a petition for clemency. According to him, it would imply an admission of guilt.

What happened?
protesters against the verdict Chudnovets
the protesters against the verdict Chudnovets

In February 2017, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Leonid Korzhinek has submitted cassation representation to the Supreme court asking to cancel the sentence of Eugenia Chudnovets. The petition stated that a criminal case must cease for lack of evidence. February 28, the Supreme court addressed the Kurgan regional court to review the sentence of a kindergartener.

March 6, at a closed meeting of the court confirmed that Chudnovets will be able to be released after the Nizhny Tagil colony, where she will receive the original documents. The evening of the same day Chudnovets the car was brought to Nizhny Tagil, where she met her husband.


Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for the rights of the child (November 2016):

“What a decision is when the person who has contributed the disclosure of the crime had been a responsibility, and her own child was on the verge of a children’s home?”

At a press conference in December of 2016, Vladimir Putin asked about Eugene Chudnovets and Ildar Dadina, to which the President replied:

“the specific individuals you mentioned, I honestly never even heard of the names of those not heard. I promise, look, I just don’t know how it was fair decision.”

At the end of January 2017, Dmitry Peskov, called the case “difficult” and assured that the issue is not left unattended, and after the cancellation of the sentence announced, which in this case was not without Putin’s intervention:

“I reiterate that the decisions of the courts must be respected. In this case, can only be welcomed, the President promised not to leave without attention, that’s what happened.”

Some link the decision of the Supreme courts and Kurgan directly with Vladimir Putin and the upcoming presidential elections in 2018.

Political Analyst Leonid Radzikhovskiy:

Analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky
political Analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky

“it is clear that there are no coincidences. Of course, it is a political decision taken in the administration of the President,” sure.”

Political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev:

political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev
political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev

“The decision is related to the presidential election, and the centenary of the revolution. Why the year of the centenary of the revolution to create victims? It provokes dissatisfaction. And now optimistic citizens will have the opportunity to talk about a thaw, about the fact that with the power to negotiate.”

Screenshot of the tweet
a Screenshot of a Twitter post

What else to read?

“Mother of monsters” abandons the outrageous

Новый альбом Леди Гаги: радикальная смена имиджа или очередной трюк?

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Did the meat dress, the bloody makeup and other paraphernalia provocative Lady Gaga come to an end? In his new album, Joanne outrageous singer appears in a completely different way. And the musical style of the album is very different from the usual repertoire of pop-rock stars: the lyrical melodies contrast sharply with the infernal cosmic hits of yesteryear.

At the end of February official website Lady Gaga appeared Souvenirs to Joanne planned round the World Tour. The clothes in casual style prints with album art on t-shirts images from the personal archive of the singer, drafts of songs with notes in the margins. Well, it’s just a good girl!

What is Joanne?

Joanne – the real name of Lady Gaga, calling her father. The songs in this album somewhere in the message itself, a reflection of the events of the recent past. Simple, calm, bright, already not music for a party in the club like ARTPOP the album-the hit 2013.

Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion:
Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion: “Perfect Illision becomes right… in history and look at my life”


History of the Queen of outrageous

Dream Lady Gaga has always been a “revolution in pop music.” She managed also thanks to the outrageous costumes that the press began to pay attention to in the early 2000-ies.

Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009
Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009

Tease the audience with provocative clothing, the singer has not stopped: at the American Music Awards in 2009 she played on a burning piano, and at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was doused artificial blood, which was a metaphor of the sacrifices necessary to go to celebrities for the sake of success.

Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga wearing shoes from Mr Tatehana on music awards 2011
Lady Gaga in the shoes of Mr Tatehana

Shoes with unbelievable curve and high heels have become one of the main subjects of discussion in the field of fashion 2010. Over time, this frightening shoes has turned into an essential attribute of any public appearance of the singer, but in 2013 she had to abandon this model because of chronic joint pain. Because of these same problems Lady Gaga canceled some tour dates, Born This Ball, following the recommendations of doctors.

the Peak of outrageousness became famous dress made of meat, in which she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. This provocation was condemned by many organizations for the protection of animals, but the dress was recognized as the top fashion statement of 2010. After the ceremony, Lady Gaga explained the meaning of his costume:

“If we do not act for what we believe, and if we do not fight for their rights, very soon we will have those rights, just as much has a piece of meat on our bones. I’m not just a piece of meat”.

Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010
Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010


How to change Lady Gaga

Early in his career, Lady Gaga was inspired by the style of David Bowie (the lightning of glossy foil eye) and Madonna (fiery “shooting” bra), tried on on itself an image of the Barbie doll with the bow hair at the TUI Arena in 2009, and in 2011 for another musical ceremony was not Gaga, as her alter ego Jo Calderone, in a man’s suit and sideburns. In 2012, Lady Gaga was not dressed in bodysuits and swimsuits, preferring dresses, and other more closed clothes, reminiscent of the wardrobe of the actress of the Golden era of Hollywood. In 2014, the audience watched a bitter struggle crazy costumes with female elegance in the outfits of the singer was completely different and even more unpredictable.

Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert
Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert

As time has shown, won elegance. For awards in the 2015-2016 Gaga is seen in a more decent clothes and comfortable shoes.

Super-Gaga on Superbowl

In addition blew up the social network acrobatic Lady Gaga’s performance at Superbowl is a perfect illustration of how varied her songs. She performed a mix of his most popular tracks, speaking in a suit, reminiscent of her vest with large shoulders on the ACE Awards 2013, and almost every song was accompanied by a certain character: “space” in the song Telephone, the rod or gold jacket in an episode of Just Dance.

Then the stadium lights went out, and Lady Gaga sat behind a piano. The tune sounded completely different mood, the song Million Reasons. Ended hit performance Bad Romance. Compared to the other energetic songs Million Reasons the only song on the album Joanne clearly stood out as the most so meaning.

Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017
Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017


What do you think fans about the “new Gaga”

survey , held specifically for Hit.media in the social network, was attended by 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.
took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

– People naturally change, – says the fan of the singer Ekaterina Leonova. – It happened to Lady Gaga. Its the old style, early performances were more suited to adolescents of 12-14 years. Songs about parties, about the coolest love sound… It peaked and began to decline. Now we have another person.

Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga since 2010
Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga 2010

“In my case, came amazing story: I feel like I’ve grown up with Lady Gaga. That is, we have both had way, and we occasionally crossed on it. We’ve been through the same era, the second, third, and stopped until Joanne. Who knows what will happen next… the Only thing that hasn’t changed is the unpredictability of Lady Gaga”.

Fatal tour

Продолжаются поиски жертв крушения вертолета на Алтае

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What happened?

On the evening of 12 February, the helicopter “Robinson” fell in the area of Cape Cocchi of lake Teletskoye in Altai. In addition to Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic, on Board were 5 people. Later, according to Interfax, was the known that the helicopter carried out is prohibited at this time of day a sightseeing flight.

On the morning of 13 February, more than 160 rescuers have started the massive search for the wreckage of crashed helicopter. Day they have found the body of a passenger Elena Rakitskaya, wife of Dmitry Rakitskaya, pilot who drove the helicopter.

What is known about the cause of the disaster?

The official reason is not yet established, but the employee SKR Jan Strizhova said that there are only three versions and they are all “standard” when talking about disasters: bad weather, pilot error and technical malfunction of the aircraft.

Former Deputy Minister of civil aviation of the Soviet Union Oleg Smirnov, an interview with “NSN blamed the pilot for the unwillingness to flight and incompetence.

Bath have got into such a disaster

In 2009, he was among the 11 passengers crashed in the North of Altai helicopter Mi-171. The crew was engaged in illegal hunting of argali.

Then the cause of the crash was violation of safety rules, which allowed the commander. In addition, as the investigation revealed, one of the passengers, Vladimir Podoprigora, swapped with a second pilot and made a mistake in the management of helicopter.

During poaching, actively maneuvering the helicopter collided with the edge of the Black mountains. The machine skidded, he hit the left part of the slope, and he was abruptly thrown to the side. Push the helicopter turned 180 degrees and began to slide down, crushing the chassis and destroying the passenger cabin.

Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Altai
Anatoly Bannykh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Altai Republic
Photo: Andrew Kasprisin

When the crew missed a radio session, the search plane had seen all the route commands, but nothing was found. Urgently organized a search party, and only 11 Jan 2009, 3 days after the crash, the helicopter was found.

In addition, the helicopter does not included a radio beacon that allows you to track the location of the aircraft, and this greatly complicated the search for the missing crew.

Bannykh and another 3 people survived, but were injured. The other 7 died in a crash.

What is the Robinson R66?

Robinson R66 – a five-seat helicopter model production “Robinson Helicopter”. Helicopters of this brand are operated mainly pilots-fans, and assembled directly at the customer from a kit, delivered in boxes from the manufacturer. They cost from half a million to a million dollars depending on configuration. The helicopter is positioned as an affordable and easy to operate the machine, learn to fly which can almost every.

five-seat model helicopter Robinson R66, 2013 Photo: Wikipedia

Quintuple model helicopter Robinson R66, 2013
Photo: Wikipedia

Other disasters and accidents helicopters-Robinson Helicopter

According to helicopter.ru in 2003, there have been Russia’s first incident with this type of helicopter. From 2003 to 2016 total there were 13 incidents, 8 of them disasters.

Vice President, partnership “aviation Safety” Raphael Aptukov the conversation with “Kommersant” stated:

Raphael Aptukov, President of the nonprofit partnership "Safety"
Raphael Aptukov, President of the nonprofit partnership “Security of flights”
Photo: Russia today

The frequency of occurrence of accidents with helicopters Robinson says that somewhere inherent system error. First of all, in the training of pilots. Prepare, as a rule, private flying clubs. They employ instructors who have a plaque on similar aircraft types, but usually without the certificate of training.

“Black boxes” will be watching motorists

На все автомобили страны установят отслеживающие устройства

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The Russian government has approved the installation of equipment in all cars of the country, which can monitor the condition of machines and store information about them. In the transport sector will be created a special group to develop changes in the legal regulation, to make it possible to install the devices.

Members of GLONASS
Members of GLONASS

“Black box” called the vehicle control system, which serves to collect information on the status of the machine, on the actions of the driver and other data.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has ordered the formation of a special working group that will develop a collection and transport channel all the necessary data about the machine, depending on the need.

A. Dvokovich
A. Dvokovich

“We consider it appropriate to develop two” road maps “: one to improve the legal regulation and the second on the integration of the created system with other information and navigation systems”, – said Alexander Gurko, President of NP GLONASS.

As the “Izvestia”, today only talk about the very idea of ​​order and its implementation, rather than on the financial side of the project.

Autoexpert Igor Morzharetto argues that the bill will implement soon, and it has nothing to do with used cars, but only for new.

Already, in the majority of truck and bus terminals installed “Glonass”, and many trucks also equipped with “Plato”. The main advantage of “black boxes” that all the necessary information about transport will be supplied and stored in the same device, and the drivers do not have to put a number of different devices.

Traffic of truckers
Traffic of truckers