About how after “God” appeared “Ministry”

Арундати Рой готовит к изданию второй роман

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“Ministry of Utmost happiness” is the second novel of Arundhati Roy which is preparing to come out in 2017, according to publisher Penguin 3. Her first book was “the God of small things”, released 20 years ago and which took the Pulitzer prize. We tried to find out what changes in Roy’s life has taken place and what they resulted.

The first Arundhati’s novel made her one of the most famous authors of the ‘ 90s. Then she put a career as a writer and changed roles. For a long time she was engaged in public activity: he criticized US foreign policy, led the fight for human rights, was an investigative journalist. The most popular project Roy was the struggle against the construction of a dam on the river Narmada, which was spent by her all of the money raised for the novel. Also the popularity was brought to her rejection of the most important literary prize of the Indian Sahitya.

About the new novel is little known. “Amazing, multi-layered book – perhaps the best novel we have read in recent years”, say the publishers of the book. In the making of this work Arundhati Roy highlights the special role of John Berger, her friend who persuaded her to continue working on a novel.

“The God of small things”, Arundhati brought fame, ranks first among the best-selling books by Indian authors living in his native country. And The New York Times awarded him the fourth place in the ranking of best sellers.

Abnormally High Temperatures Can Become the Norm

В дальнейшем повышение температуры на десятки градусов сделает жизнь на Земле невозможной

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Paleontological evidence indicates that Earth’s climate has never been stable. The annual average temperature on Earth is growing and it is predicted that this will occur in the future. The main reason for this growth is the work of man: to provide the needs for energy and food. Oil, expansion of agricultural land, livestock growth cattle generate extra emissions of greenhouse gases.

The scientific work of scientists found that less affected regional areas that is caused by minor emissions of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse catastrophe – the unwanted scenario of global warming. The temperature is likely to rise to tens or hundreds of degrees, making life on Earth impossible.

“If immediate measures are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, abnormally high temperature, probably not will be the” new normal, “- said the Australian climatologist Sophie Lewis (Sophie Lewis).

There are two main methods to combat global warming: a radical reduction in emissions and geo-engineering technologies. Today is absolutely clear that more than actually do: reduce emissions or accelerate the development of bioengineering methods.

Recall that in 2015 in Paris at the World Climate Conference adopted a new agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Countries participating in the signing of the contract, undertake as far as possible to invest in the study of this problem, as well as adjust their own economy and people’s lives to the inevitably changing climate.

The world will know about dangerous asteroid 5 days before his fall.

Новая система наблюдения за астероидами

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NASA has created a system alerts “asteroid attack.”

According to the newspaper Universe Today, it can detect any threat object five days before his fall to the Earth.

In 2011, the event dedicated to the presentation of the catalog of NEOWISE, NASA officials said today it is known only about five thousand asteroids with a size of approximately one hundred meters. However, the total number of large and medium-sized asteroid of a few tens of thousands. The number of small meteorites reaching the million.

Asteroides in the space
Asteroides in the space

Many asteroids already discovered by the astronomers, however, ground-based telescopes is insufficient to detect and identify other heavenly bodies.

Cometa in the night sky
Cometa in the night sky

Researchers are not immediately able to notice the Chelyabinsk meteorite, because at that time (winter of 2013) was almost impossible to detect a celestial body in advance of approaching the Earth.

That is why NASA, Russia’s Roscosmos and major space organizations and other countries are working to create systems of detection of asteroids to their dangerous proximity to Earth and plan to create a “space of defense”.

The first such invention was the Scout engineering system from NASA, designed and already tested this fall. With her help was able to detect the asteroid 2015 UR36 five days before his approach to Land, calculate the size, compute the distance at which he can approach.

Five days is a short time, but scientists previously discovered asteroids only a few hours before their fall. Five days to really take security measures, to predict consequences, develop a plan to prevent the fall of a celestial body.

By 2018, NASA plans to launch several micro-satellites NEA Scout, which should help researchers to fill the gaps in the predictions relative to the asteroids. If a celestial body approaching the planet, one of the probes will fly up to him, make images of the surface and analyze chemical composition.

Recall that recently the Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences space was sent to Roskosmos list of promising research projects. Among them was a project to monitor asteroids.

In Russia there is a similar invention that allows to predict the approaching asteroids that threaten the planet: “SODA”. Using this system it is possible to detect flying from the Sun asteroids larger than ten meters.
The fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite was sudden for the reason that it could not see any one ground-based telescope before the entry of a meteorite in Earth’s orbit. He flew in the direction from the Sun and fell in the daytime, so it was impossible to see due to the light that “kills” the image. To see the celestial body, it was necessary to place the telescope between the sun and the Earth towards the planet.

Chelyabinsk's meteorite in the museum
Chelyabinsk’s meteorite in the museum

We have a situation – run!

Эпидемия шоповой лихорадки докатилась до России: 25 ноября магазины объявили Черную пятницу

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What is Black Friday

Day of total sales, a tradition which came from America. In social networks you can meet the skeptical comments: “In Russia, Black Friday is not accustomed: incorrect we have it. The first stores will raise prices as far as they can, and then pretend that you enter discounts. In the end, the product is still expensive.”

On the other hand, for shops this sale is beneficial as it allows you to sell unsold goods on the shelves. And brand is first and foremost a good advertisement.

2013 Black Friday is held on the grounds of online sales, including at blackfridaysale.ru, where the sale involved about 300 stores. Sold appliances, electronics, home goods, and watches, cosmetics and clothes.

How to use this?

The easiest thing to do in this day shopping online. In this year the action involved such famous brands as Adidas, Reebok, Red Cube, one of the largest online malls AliExpress and others. Discounts at these stores reach 50% and above. For many people this is a welcome opportunity to previously inaccessible things at a low price. In the company “Adidas”, for example, prices of shirts, t-shirts and shorts trimmed in two times, and discounts on laptops in “M-Video” range from 30 to 50%.

In one of the shopping center “atrium” – UNIQLO – as this action takes place. Being the # 1 brand in Japan, in Russia, this brand is rarely collects a large number of buyers. On the day of Black Friday the aisles resembled the trail that was moving hundreds of ants. The Manager of the service center Elena said that on a normal Friday this is rare.

How did it begin?

A public holiday, especially revered American Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of November, and the next Friday is also off, and this advantage marketers.

In America, on this day, stores open early: at 5 in the morning, and some even at 2 in the morning and at midnight. Already at 6 in the morning goods from the shelves of small shops are swept away and exhausted cashiers of supermarkets are hard to serve customers with full carts to the brim.

Why is she black?

It is believed that the term Black Friday is associated with the peculiarity of accounting in the US, where profits were recorded in black ink and losses in red. And Wikipedia thinks that Friday was called black in Philly because the streets in the day it was impossible to pass: there were huge traffic jams and crowds of pedestrians and rows of cars created one big mess. There is the original version of that Friday called black by analogy with black holes of the Universe, in which matter is sucked in, disappearing without a trace there.

getting more information

The Village about how not to make foolish purchases that day.

Four Losing Situations

Как Россия может остаться без углеводородных козырей

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Director of the Center for industrial markets and business strategies ISRE Alexey Berezna presented stress scenarios for the Russian energy on 23 November at the round table at HSE (National Research University Higher School of Economics).

“The collapse in oil prices”

This scenario is being realized in the present moment. The reasons for more than triple collapse in oil prices are the development of shale oil production in the United States and the widespread implementation of energy saving technologies in developed and developing countries. How will these events affect the Russian economy? They will cause increase in the budget deficit, accelerate inflation and will lead to the freezing of large projects and reduce the stability of the leading Russian oil companies.

“Gas abundance”

The scenario presupposes a sharp increase in the supply of gas to the world market. It can be caused by the spread of the shale technologies of gas production, increase gas recovery and development of the inexhaustible resources of methane from gas hydrate deposits. (Gas hydrates are fossil crystalline compounds of water and gas located mainly in the permafrost zone). For Russia such a scenario would mean a loss of its position in the European natural gas market, the drop in its exports and in this regard the loss of a significant part of budget revenues.

“Total decarbonisation”

Cost reduction in technologies of wind and solar power production and transition to mass use of vehicles running on alternative fuels may lead to the implementation of this scenario. “Total decarbonisation” will hit Russian oil and gas exports, and will also lead to dependence on imports of equipment for alternative energy production.

“The hydrogen economy”

The development of this scenario is due to the large-scale implementation of technologies for the production of hydrogen from water or biomass on an industrial scale and at a low cost. In this case, Russia also faces a loss of its position in the global oil and gas markets and will be forced to import equipment to produce hydrogen.

These scenarios are not a sentence. What should be done to resist their development and prevent the possible consequences?

Valentin Parmon, scientific Director of the Institute of catalysis SB RAS

All energy crises were caused by political reasons. Unforeseen political factors have also changed the situation in the energy sector. In the next 20 years the dominant role in the energy sector will belong to fossil fuels. At the same time it is necessary to develop renewable energy sources, plant raw material should be one of the main resources.

Igor Lobovsky, President of the nonprofit partnership “global energy”

The fuel sources will lead position till 40-50ies. Today the agiotage around alternative energy sources is caused not by a real mass transition on their use but by the growth from virtually zero level. The share of clean energy at the moment is approximately 6.2%. We need technological breakthroughs to challenge traditional sources of energy.

The round table at HSE was called Revolutionary Technologies of Clean Energy, yet, it was not so much about the energy technologies of the future but about the obstacles to their development and how to overcome these obstacles.

What is «clean» energy?

Clean energy is produced with renewable sources and it does not pollute the environment. Clean, alternative or green energy can be produced using wind, solar, water (hydropower), the forces of tides, waves, evaporation of water (geothermal energy) and biofuels. Today green energy is rapidly gaining popularity. It shows especially a rapid growth in USA, EU, China and Japan. The governments of these countries are against traditional energy sources, because emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could lead to climate warming. The main method of dealing with global warming at the moment is the development of nuclear and renewable energy.

What hinders the advance of clean energy?

Researchers from HSE point out three main problems. The first and the key one is the high cost of equipment for energy storage. Solar and wind farms will not be able to receive a big share in the electric power balance if the energy output is unsteady and unpredictable. The second problem is the need to create from scratch an extensive network of fueling and charging stations. Also an obstacle is the resistance from traditional energy companies to smart energy technology, when users throughout one day can not only buy energy, but also to sell it to the network using their own mini-power plants. The managing Director of “ASIA RENEWABLES” William Il Yang Byun identified another problem at the roundtable: according to his words, the investment in green energy is small despite its apparent attractiveness. Advisor of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on climate change Rae Kwon Chung noted that the problem of investments in the alternative energy sector must be addressed by attracting both private and by public investment.
Government policy should be carried out consistently, according to experts, it is very important to steer energy sector by methods of tax regulation.

Russian energy sector has a chance to stay afloat with the help of the active implementation of alternative energy sources. Possible options include hot spring geothermal energy and hot dry rock geothermal energy.

Hot spring geothermal energy

This kind of energy is widely used in Iceland: the hot springs produce 25% of all energy in the country. The share of traditional fuels accounts for only 0.5%. The Icelandic winner of the Global Energy award Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson said that his country’s experience can be applied also in Russia. For example, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, energy from hot springs can provide all the needs of the region. According to experts, the development of hot spring geothermal energy in Russia will allow in 15-20 years to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels such as petroleum and its derivatives by almost one third.

Hot dry rock geothermal energy

The temperature rises by about 3 degrees every 100 meters down in the Earth’s interior. To get energy from this source it is possible to drill two deep wells, then to pour cold water in one of them and to get steam on the other. This method of obtaining energy is still in the testing stage but there is evidence of positive results.

Roundtable participants:

LEONID GOKHBERG, First Vice-Rector at National Research University Higher School of Economics
IGOR LOBOVSKY, President of the “Global Energy” Non-Profit Partnership
ILYA KUZMINOV, Leading Expert of the HSE ISSEK Foresight Centre
ALEXEY BEREZNOY, Director of the HSE ISSEK Centre for Industrial Market Studies and
WILLIAM IL YOUNG BYUN, Managing Director ASIA RENEWABLES, member of the International “Global Energy” Award Committee (Singapore)
VALENTIN PARMON, Director and Research Advisor at the Institute of Catalysis under the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “Global Energy” 2016 Laureate
KLAUS RIEDLE, Board member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI-GEU), “Global Energy” Laureate 2005 (Germany)
THORSTEINN INGI SIGFUSSON, General Director of the Iceland Innovation Center, “Global Energy” 2007 Laureate (Iceland)
RAE KWON CHUNG, Principal Advisor on Climate Change, Executive Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, member of the International “Global Energy” Award Committee, contributor to the award of IPCC Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (South Korea)

Monument Maya Plisetskaya in Moscow

В день рождения балерины на Большой Дмитровке открыли скульптуру в образе Кармен

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Monument to nine meters tall carved familiar with Plisetskaya personally, honored artist of Russia Viktor Mitroshin big fan of ballet dancers.
The project architect Alexei Tikhonov said:
“Our main goal was to create the illusion of soaring ballerina on a background of the sky, in our view, it is possible -. Sculpture floating in the air”

The initiator of the sculpture is a ballet dancer’s husband – composer Rodion Shchedrin.
He will be present at the opening of the monument, on November 20 in the square named after Plisetskaya on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. The event also invited outstanding artists, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Moscow government.

Maya Plisetskaya and her husband Rodion Shchedrin
Maya Plisetskaya and her husband Rodion Shchedrin

On the opening of the monument mentioned in his Twitter Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.
Dmitrovka became one of the first streets, which was implemented by the City Hall project “My Street” and the square named after Plisetskaya appeared there because of it.

Maya Plisetskaya and Alexander Bogatyrev
Maya Plisetskaya and Alexander Bogatyrev

According to the Russian Ministry of Culture of the cost of the monument was 20 million rubles. However, Deputy Minister of Culture said that the money from the budget in the project have not been involved, bronze sculpture was cast at the expense of the private charitable foundation Alisher Usmanov “Art, Science and Sports.”

According to the sculptors of the monument must give great importance to Plisetskaya Russian ballet. Choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev happily took the news of the imminent appearance of the monument and said that Maya Plisetskaya will forever remain in the history of ballet, because it could change the aesthetics of dance, emphasize its musicality. “When I looked at Plisetskaya, I saw the music” – he said.

Maya Plisetskaya and Sergei Radchenko
Maya Plisetskaya and Sergei Radchenko

License question

Привычные автономера могут стать другими

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What happened?

The interior Ministry is developing new standards for vehicle and cycle rooms, reports “Kommersant”. First of all it will affect owners of American and Japanese cars. For them, plan to make room for the new format. For motorcycles rooms want to reduce.

This reform is necessary because of problems with holes in the rooms of Japanese and American cars, and also because of the size of the rooms for motor vehicles, said an employee of the research center of problems of safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Potashnikov. These shortcomings threaten the drivers of the loss of rooms or a fine of 500 rubles.

As stated by “Kommersant”, the sketches of the new license plates have already been transferred to the interior Ministry. To revise the existing standard going in 2017, and to complete the reform by 2018.

for Whom?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Changes in Visitor affected all owners of cars and motorcycles, as well as, perhaps, the owners of sports and retro cars. As noted by the Chairman of the Committee of classic cars RAF Peter Slagin, their reform could push to register their vehicles (“b”). [/spoiler]


[spoiler effect=”simple”]the head of the brand BMW Motorrad Vladimir Tchaikovsky in an interview with “Kommersant”:

“Reducing the plate will be the right solution that will encourage motorcyclists to set it on its proper place.”

Co-owner capital of the company rental motorcycle Rentals Run Russian Vladimir Gusakov in an interview with “Kommersant”:

“The introduction of new characters is a smaller size would have saved riders from unnecessary expenditures”. [/spoiler]

against Who?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Auto Igor Morzharetto in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”:

“Here the problem sucked from the finger, because the attachment often universal. Well, or always easy to accommodate any frame, purchased or homemade, to attach the room to the original place. It would be a desire”.

Vladimir Valdin, expert of the interregional Association “City and transport”:

“I’m somehow skeptical about this reform. In principle, the motorists themselves have solved this problem — never seen that room with a wire tie. I think it’s a desire to sarahlamantia everything”.

What was before?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Set GOST R 50577 motor signs was adopted in 1993. Since then, the appearance of license plates is not changed. [/spoiler]

Getting more information

[spoiler effect=”simple”]an Interview with automotive expert — “Komsomolskaya Pravda”[/spoiler]

“Black boxes” will be watching motorists

На все автомобили страны установят отслеживающие устройства

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The Russian government has approved the installation of equipment in all cars of the country, which can monitor the condition of machines and store information about them. In the transport sector will be created a special group to develop changes in the legal regulation, to make it possible to install the devices.

Members of GLONASS
Members of GLONASS

“Black box” called the vehicle control system, which serves to collect information on the status of the machine, on the actions of the driver and other data.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has ordered the formation of a special working group that will develop a collection and transport channel all the necessary data about the machine, depending on the need.

A. Dvokovich
A. Dvokovich

“We consider it appropriate to develop two” road maps “: one to improve the legal regulation and the second on the integration of the created system with other information and navigation systems”, – said Alexander Gurko, President of NP GLONASS.

As the “Izvestia”, today only talk about the very idea of ​​order and its implementation, rather than on the financial side of the project.

Autoexpert Igor Morzharetto argues that the bill will implement soon, and it has nothing to do with used cars, but only for new.

Already, in the majority of truck and bus terminals installed “Glonass”, and many trucks also equipped with “Plato”. The main advantage of “black boxes” that all the necessary information about transport will be supplied and stored in the same device, and the drivers do not have to put a number of different devices.

Traffic of truckers
Traffic of truckers

The Only Burning Passion

Удивительная история самого молодого учителя в мире

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Half of the population of the Indian town Murshidabad is illiterate: education here is expensive. Many children don’t go to school because their parents can’t afford their tuition. Instead, they are bound cognize difficulties of adult life from a young age.

But Babar Ali is a lucky person who had the opportunity to attend a free public school. Despite the small income, his parents were able to provide their son with everything necessary: school uniform and textbooks. The school was in another city, so Babar had to spend a lot of time and effort for the way to it. But he did not regret it, because the lessons at school were worth that effort.

Every day when Babar was returning home he saw his peers forced to work in the field all day long. And then one day he decided to amuse them, he suggested playing the game where everyone had a role: Babar was the teacher and the rest of the children were curious students. Everyone loved this game so much that it became a reality. So there appeared a school, which was founded by a brave nine-year-old boy. Every evening, after hard and exhausting work the children gathered together to listen to Babar. It was his first step on the way to teaching.

The news about Babar’s noble action appeared in mass media a year after. Other kids found out about the school and soon among his pupils there were 800 children. According to Babar, his main aim is to give children the opportunity to gain knowledge that they were deprived of because of a difficult financial situation in their families. By the age of 23 he has taught grammar to 3 thousand kids in Murshidabad. He has set two records becoming the youngest teacher and headmaster in the world.

Now Babar Ali receives money for textbooks and food for students from sponsors, remaining not indifferent to their plight. Other students are teaching at school with him. They are working with children from Murshidabad for free after school or college. There is no place for strict discipline and tight control in the “Home of joyful learning”. The relationship between teachers and students is based on friendship and mutual respect.

“I want to teach until the last day of my life. I want every child to have a chance to become educated,” said Babar Ali.

Why Today We don’t Drink “Caffè”, Meet «Deadlines» and Ask “Wut is This?”

Филолог Юлия Кувшинская разрушает три мифа о русском языке

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Myth one: the Russian language is being simplified

– Yes, it is getting more democratic in the sense that it has become normal to use colloquial language even on television. But the vocabulary has not been simplified or more limited. Conversely, we have got more terms and borrowings. Such words as background, feedback and deadline now are clear to every student; they are widely used and have become a part of our lives.

Julia Kuvshinskaya, philologist, associate Professor, HSE
Julia Kuvshinskaya, philologist, associate Professor, HSE

In general, any language cannot live without borrowings. In Russian there are a lot of Turkish and Tatar borrowings from the Tatar language, they have become completely habitual. Many people believe that sarafan (pinafore dress), baraban (drum) and kaftan (a kind of tunic) are native Russian words. If a word has entered the Russian language, it is bound to be Russified, which involves an aesthetic factor. For example, coffee is masculine and associated with the drink which aristocrats “ate” in the 19thcentury. This moment is aesthetic, social, indicating a certain status but in no way linguistic. We do say moskovskoye metro (in the neutral gender), not moskovski metro (in the masculine gender), though the word metropolitan (undergroung), of which metro is an abbreviation, is masculine. It is essential to follow natural laws of the language.

Myth two: the Internet distorts the Russian language

– There used to be such a negative influence, but now there is a downtrend. It has become clear that to be understood it is necessary to speak good Russian, although elliptical sentences and abbreviations are still used to save time. Sometimes one can come across phonetic spelling. For example, wut instead of what, but there are not many such words. Now a lot of young people have mastered the art of “linguistic transformation”. At work, for example, they use elegant Russian, professional, which is formal and rich enough. And in the informal communication they speak like a totally different person, talking in youth slang, which is widely perceived as aggressive and almost flash language.

Myth three: obscenities and non-literary language are the same

In the fight for the “language purity ” some would go to extremes. Some “grammar-nationalists” even proclaimed themselves overseers who drive away all the “impure” from their “pure language”, which is an absolutely fascist stance. Linguists never do this, as they are interested in new phenomena and they are aware that language is very complex and diverse. In some cases, of course, it is necessary to make corrections. For example, obscenities are offensive others, and I would stop the person who uses it. But sometimes a grandmother would speak in a touching vernacular language. Why should it be corrected, because it is such a wonderful old-style speech. It sounds incorrect and non-literary but in everyday life this vernacular is appropriate not offensive. The choice of linguistic means should depend on the situation.

Interviewed By Maria Timoshenkov