“Journalistic is not a profession to come into, it is a profession to be seduced”

Cheese maker, journalist, and optimist Halina Spasskaya speaks about the ability of living how you want

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When Moscow began to grow beyond Sadovoe ring, I was working as a cheese making technologist. I was able to distinguish 100 kinds of cheese. But one day I accidentally turned up at the radio-station and fell in love with it. Journalistic is not a profession to come into, it is a profession to be seduced.

Love and session

I entered Moscow state university but was dropped out of it at the end of the first year. Thus, I understood once and for all my life that love and session are incompatible. My choice was never in favour of session… It is a family feature: my grandfather was expelled from a seminary because of his love affairs. By the way, he married a beautiful woman and became an engineer. He worked at Kurskiy railway station, so lobbied landowner L’vova’s interests when she decided to divide her estate into sites and sell them for dachas. Exactly that dachas are said to be described in “Vishneviy sad” by Chekhov. As for the faculty of journalism, I finished it in Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

“Tyoshcha”, convicts and full bears

This painting was drawn by Halina Romanovna's pupil. By common consent of her old friends, it depicts her character most of all.
This painting was drawn by Halina Romanovna’s pupil. By common consent of her old friends, it depicts her character most of all

One day I was promptly sent to the event in Onega at White sea. When I rushed to the ticket office, it turned out that Onega can be reached just by the only trailer car which went once a week. That trailer car had already gone. That is why I developed the tactic and went with changes to Plesetsk then by Murmansk train to the station from which train for workers, “tyoshcha”, went twice a day. However, I did not count that Murmansk railway was a single-track one and after driving through one section, the train waited for the oncoming one to do the same. Due to this fact, I missed the “tyoshcha”. So, I went to the station masters-on-duty and said that I had to be in Onega till 7 p.m when the event started. They replied, “Easy as pie! Once you have gone right through the taiga about 2 or 3 km, you will see the road along which convicts are carrying the forest. They will give you a lift. People as people. Don’t be frightened, bears are full in Autumn”. Well, I am a sensible woman I asked for another way. It was pretty suitable. Girls stopped the passing locomotive, “You’ ll be transferred to the track crossover. We’ve called the duty. She’ll stop the oncoming car to Onega”. How unique northern people are! I was afraid that convicts might pass by but the duty reassured, “Don’t worry, I closed the crossover, nobody can pass by without stopping”. Yeah, they gave me a lift, so I was in time for the event.

PhD’s envy

Nowadays Halina Romanovna takes any possibility to travel, though, by more comfortable transport. She prefers rucksacks to suitcases which never takes with her
Nowadays Halina Romanovna takes any possibility to travel, though, by more comfortable transport. She prefers rucksacks to suitcases which never takes with her

My progress in journalistic was quick I became an editor at “Podolsk-radio” but still felt that I have lack of knowledge in social science. That is why I started searching for places where I could study. At that very time Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences was opened. It was the only place where sociologists were taught and I was lucky to get after-graduate programme as academic Igor Bestuzhev-Lada tutee. I was attracted by the programme of social psychology. Studying was splendiferous: lectures were held once a week and we got wages for it. Moreover, a month time off was given to us to prepare a dissertation and we could take another one without salary to finish it. Of course, I used them all! My husband envied he said, “I am a scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences and I have only 45 days off while you have 54”.

Don’t wait – live now

In childhood my health was poor. I had congenital heart disease and diabetes but father always told me, “You can always lie as an ill person but you ought to live energetically. Now”. He taught me to ride a horse, drive a car, swim. There is a 300 metres long pond in our town and father said that I should swim it across to learn how to swim. I was stunned. It was scary… However, I succeeded at the second try. When I was floundering, he held me up. My father skied with me, let me drive a motorbike, even sent me to a shooting club. By the way, I had the first ranking because I could shoot 96 targets from 100. In my opinion, active social lifestyle starts when you stop frightening of working.

Halina Romanovna's Instagram page
Halina Romanovna’s Instagram page

Nowadays, Galina Romanovna is Podolsk star. Over 17 hundred of people are subscribed to her Instagram blog. “Orel i reshka. Babushka” casting must have added fame indeed.

“It is not the children don’t read, the parents do not read”

Как заинтересовать классикой поколение сериальщиков?

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Maria Zhivov – teacher of Russian language and literature in the gymnasium of a small suburban town of Pavlovsky Posad. This year she won a local contest “the Best teacher of the year”, despite having little teaching experience. Her students win competitions for readers and regional Olympiads in literature, create small productions and with interest turning to the classics.

How do you ensure the entire class worked on the lesson?

– You must create an atmosphere of General discussion that were all involved, even if they have not read the text. There are certain techniques that can make people angry. The problematic issue in the work is one of them. For example, the theme of fathers and children are very worried, even when the lessons of its rise, and the work forgotten, but in the end go back and draw the line. As soon as the interest energized might a child at home and opens the book. In the fifth grade children I am getting the idea that literature is the rest is the ability to Express their thoughts and to dream.

And there is no sense that the program in literature ossified? The same from year to year?

– Any lesson, it is possible to carry out in the project form, test, lesson, discussion, group work. I’m trying to discover the students something new. In turn, Tatyana Tolstaya, also recently met with the male by Prilepine, modern and a good writer. Read his story “the Streak”, written in interesting language. We have literature, even in our small Pavlovskiy Posad: Oleg Chukhontsev and approximately 15 writers whose work used for recitation competition.

And are you not upset when you see a class where interested in education only a few people?

– No. Now 10 class pass people who do not know what they want, it is difficult to stir them. Therefore, even when students bring a paper book, this is the result. We need to show that the book is not what it was 200 years ago, she lives with us, comes to us. Now waiting for a new Chapter in the newspaper or magazine. Now waiting for the new series of the show. And before the reading circle was small, narrow. In the time of Mayakovsky was not active in the reader’s interest, was the interest outrageous, the verse, the call, promotion. Society never had a large percentage of the reading.

But what do you do with children who refuse to read?

Is not children do not read, and parents don’t read. That’s the problem.I have not read the parents, but there was the environment. You know, reading “the Master and Margarita” – is not to read the paragraph, you need imagination and images. If initially the child stole a world of imaginative thinking, not give the world, and wrote about Exupery’s “Little Prince”, then people will be able to return it if I want, only in conscious age. Tolstoy spoke about the importance of education in the family, it is really very important. Don’t blame the state, society, start with yourself. Now we are entering a cultural force, was not such in the 90s. We learn again to read. And these cries, “Here people do not read!”, so why not shout: “That’s not good at chemistry and biology!”. I understand that literature is moral, but moral and ethical values can be nurtured through everyday moments, in conversation with family and friends. Reading is always there.


“She was doing her lone thing…”

Режиссер Елена Погребижская о фильме «Доктор Лиза»

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“It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These issues were resolved themselves while she was engaged to others – helping people,” says Elena Pogrebizhskaya.

the In the club Tower on March 1, showed and discussed the film “Dr. Lisa” directed by Elena Pogrebizhskaya. Discussion “burned”, and Pogrebizhskaya, refining and fending off, shifting from foot to foot and shivering corners of his lips, discussed with students the personality of Dr. Lisa and her business, which changed not one human life.

“Dr. Lisa”: how came the idea to make a movie

“It was terribly interesting LJ (LiveJournal – blog platform for blogging). She described the history of their patients,” recalls the Director.

Snimok-ekrana-2017-01-05-v-1.40.01-kopiya“Dr. Lisa” is a film-the answer to the question, why would a man be treated dirty homeless person, to go to the sick at the station, inspire hope lying in a hospice or hold together with a deaf and blind girl six hours while it will not take you to the hospital. This man is a doctor, a specialist in palliative medicine. The person who needs to be there when hurt and scared. Elena Pogrebizhskaya sure that such a person was Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa.

About Dr. Lisa

Elizaveta Glinka – a human rights activist and public figure, the doctor-resuscitator, Executive Director of the of the Fund “Fair use”, member of the presidential Council for human rights and civil society. But before the filming of “Dr. Lisa” (which is 2009) Elizaveta Glinka, mainly engaged in the field of hospice service: visited the sick, distributed the new, supported, every Wednesday toured the stations. “It’s heartbreaking. There was a certain man, a doctor who worked on this and can say, completed for government work constantly,” said Elena Pogrebizhskaya during the discussion of the film.

Elizaveta Glinka died 25 December 2016 – it was the TU-154 plane, which was heading to Syria and crashed during departure from Sochi. Dr. Lisa is survived by three sons. Hleb, husband of Lisa, an international lawyer, an American citizen who built the first Kiev hospice, which was led by Dr. Lisa. Their children she has two: Alyosha and Kostya, they were born in the United States. The third son of Elijah she adopted after the death of a cancer patient women in Saratov.

The film “Dr. Lisa” in 2009 received the award TEFI.

Elena Pogrebizhskaya:

“I’m honestly amazed at how watching a movie years later. It looks as if we are specifically they did something, giving something metaphorical sense. Chair with of the ship, talking to Lisa about his own death… I look and think, she says she doesn’t know, and I know…”

“be Surprised that can even fly and bullets don’t have”


to speak ill of such people, conscience does not allow, though… a controversial figure. She went to Syria to help with medicines, can, helped soldiers. But maybe she wouldn’t have to do this if it has not begun. I’m not talking about her medical practice, rather about the political: its cooperation with various parties ….


And this, of course, negatively characterizes a person, right? For me it was a revelation when I posted your film after the death of Lisa, get under him immediately one hundred reviews of the infernal mud. I like a man who had gone away from the last events in the life of Lisa (after filming and several charity concerts 5 years), might have missed some moments. But it turned out that it is impossible to smoothly address the issues of the military. Because of us not being bombed, we have no specific enemy. And the one who is friends with this enemy, the enemy is sure. Once dealt with this subject somewhere from Moscow, from afar, to wonder what the answer could go even bullets, is not necessary, although strange at first. I brought down the site twice suddenly. I certainly do not fight with anyone. But you cannot touch with impunity. People have hurts. People want revenge for their pain. Anyone, even dogs, who or what is really not to blame. What’s the difference – who else is going?

“Charisma does not replace”


what do you think, will the Fund “Fair use” to exist without Elizabeth’s?


Know that some volunteers want to continue. But… I’m not interested. I am attracted to charisma. All, it is not. Petrovich, doctor who was always gone because he used to work with Lisa and no Lisa he didn’t need it. He is an oncologist and maybe an oncologist in any other place. Charisma is not replaced. The Germans were killed and no more second Nemtsov, for example.

“This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity”


<>we have established the image of such prosvetova person. But it was not revealed the true reasons why she so calmly bandaged the homeless, couldn’t she…?


So she’s a doctor! This is a normal desire for doctor: thermometers to put, pills to give – it’s their job, it is normal and natural. Pasha, which you have seen, produces such a false impression “simpleton”, although, in fact, very intelligent, successful businessman who has long sought chervotkina, but not found. Believe me, there are people not like you: solid and living by other values. Of course, no Holy it was. Its difference from other people was that its task is above life. She was motivated to help people, she was constantly engaged, no matter what danger regardless of public opinion, despite the suspicion on a bunch of crap, negative comments, and just doing that it was important to help people. This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity.

“My goal was to show that this movement against the wind”


Managed to find the right Lisa?


And I don’t know. I don’t even know myself, and certainly not a hero. That is, if we knew people, people would not be divorced, right? If people knew the people, the beautiful people in ten years would not become a monster, right? My task was to show what was important at the time: the core of this process, strange help people that is not paid for, which nobody organized this whole movement against strong winds. Since Lisa is a very important figure in Russian history and now I wish it was some Russian Mother Teresa. But I don’t know Lisa. The Director can’t be friends with the characters. This violates the ethics of the profession.

“She was Smoking, you know, lonely.”


And the tears you saw her?


No tears no. But she was so Smoking, you know, lonely… In the movie there is a moment where she’s sitting on the steps in the basement and smokes alone in a robe, a special form, in which they treat the homeless. Such a lonely view. Lone-lone. And since Kirill is a fine operator, he is immediately removed. For me this is a very accurate metaphor. It is such, such and remained. She made my lonely business and how people would want to join it, something interfered with them.

We are living in Russia, people are so arranged that believe how someone motivated by something just good, it is very difficult. Certainly you need to spend time to find where the second bottom. That’s why you can’t believe? There is an example from the book where it is written: this people was so high. Read and believe. And if he live around the corner, I believe it is simply impossible. Need to find that there’s wrong with him.

“I Have a feeling”


And you believed?


Yes. I have flair. This is my main talent. I think the reptilian brain (laughs). True, true. My main brain is working so-so. Reptilian and works great. Instinct leads me to choose heroes. So, in fact, choosing a non-obvious theme for movies, I almost always gets to the point. And the result is a resonant movie. It’s not because I want to brag about. It’s true.

“It was a personal grief”


How do you handle the news of her death?


When Lisa died, for me it was a personal grief. Fortunately, it has now become weaker. But I can say that my father’s death has made me a less impression than the death of Lisa, because my father had no relations, and with Lisa was. It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. And for me, it has always been and remains a moral reference point. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These questions were solved by themselves, while she did something else – helping people. For me it is a serious landmark. I also want to take an example, how to live ideas. A little bit visionary, but it’s good.

Who is Elena Pogrebizhskaya?

A few facts from the biography:


  • was Born in 1972 in Leningrad region
  • Journalist, singer, screenwriter and Director of documentary films
  • has Twice received the award “TEFI” and “Laurel” (2008) and “Stalker” (2013)
  • Has two higher educations: graduated from the faculty of Russian Philology, PhD and the Department of television journalism faculty of Moscow state University
  • From 1995 to 2001 he was political commentator of the program “Time”
  • was the lead singer in a rock band “Butch”, which released 4 albums, the latest album “Credo” was released in 2007
  • has Written two books: “diary of an artist” (2005) and “Confessions of four” (2007), in which it together with Mikhail Soloviev for the film “still I rise”
  • In 2011, the host of “Here and now” on the TV channel “Rain”
  • Removed documentary films “Seller blood”, “Dr. Lisa”, “Mom, I’ll kill you”, “Panic attacks”, “Vaska”, “Thin and thick”, etc.

In an interview with the Hit.Media, like other media, Elena Pogrebizhskaya said that she had no desire to return to television and music.

“the Desire to return to the TV I have, because it’s work for hire, in a large hierarchy. And I’m an independent Director, and that means the entire hierarchy – it’s me. In music there is because it is too small a channel of expression where it is impossible to Express intellect, and for me it’s important.”

Now Elena Pogrebizhskaya raises money for new film “mourning the loss”, in which the heroes of the film will talk about how to overcome their grief. Recall that your movies Elena Pogrebizhskaya finds funds, conducting a crowdfunding campaign.


«He’s not afraid to make mistakes»

Станислав Кучер – про Бориса Немцова, через два года после его убийства

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Stanislav Kucher, a journalist, social activist, documentary filmmaker, television and radio presenter. A member of the Presidential Council for civil society development and human rights.
Stanislav Kucher, a journalist, social activist, TV and radio presenter. A member of the Presidential Council for civil society development and human rights.

Boris Nemtsov, who I knew personally. We met when I was leading the program “Predictions of the week” on TV-6. One time I interviewed him when he was Governor of Nizhny Novgorod. Later I became the host of the program “Explorer”, the main political program on TV-6, the focus of which was including the fate of Nemtsov as a bright young leader.

In 1997, he arrived in Moscow and began to work in the government, and later became the first Deputy Prime Minister. Then he was a frequent guest in our Studio. After the recording we would often drink tea and not only tea, discussing the events in the country and the world. Then we became friends, or rather, we have established friendly relations.

Quickly switched to “you”, despite the fact that he held a high post in the government, and I was younger than his 12 years.

I liked it from the beginning, his sincerity and willingness to defend their point of view before each fellow, regardless of status – a trait unusual for politicians in General and politicians of that time in particular. Policy positions, after all “carried themselves”, feeling a social responsibility, tried to seem very serious. Nemtsov wasn’t – he was always “the guy”, and it certainly paid off.

Was struck by his inability to be offended, or, at least, the ability to rise above the offense. I would calmly say, “Boris, you’re a great guy, but a bad politician,” and he was offended, asked me what I mean. Then I explained to him that a politician must be able to intrigue, to compromise, to do everything to get the maximum amount of power to then influence what is happening, “and you, Boris, not like that, because you’re acting too openly, fight with open visor”. He replied: “You may be right, but I do not know how to intrigue and don’t want to learn.” For Boris such concepts as honor, loyalty, conscience, decency was not simple words.

He’s not afraid to make mistakes. In the recently released film “Too free man” shows very well how he lived, worked, fought and was wrong. Many of my peers and people younger than me have the impression that Nemtsov, Ryzhkov, and Chubais and Berezovsky is one big gang of the nineties, which plundered the country and haven’t done anything else. This film shows that in fact the Germans fought with Berezovsky and Gusinsky, and in this information war with the oligarchs, the Germans had suffered heavily. A huge part of the population watching television, were tuned against him. They have the Germans been associated with predatory capitalism, while, as he actually threw it a serious challenge.

In the beginning he supported Putin, the SPS went to the polls in 2003 under the slogan “Putin for President, Kiriyenko to the Duma”. Boris did not hesitate to admit these mistakes, your own mistakes.

He was simply a great guy. I was impressed by his love of life in all of its diverse manifestations. He tried to perceive life as a challenge or adventure, not as a drama or a tragedy. After forty mastered the kitesurfing. Once in Greece he was carried far out to sea, the kite was torn and he had a few hours to get to the shore one-on-one with the elements. He was not afraid, he lived dangerously. Boris understood that the only way to live, because any other life is boring and incomplete.

March of memory of the second anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV
the March of remembrance on the second anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV

For many, the path Nemtsov – the way of the loser who first climbed high and then dropped dramatically, to the extent that it together with the participants of street protests was beaten, dragged into a paddy wagon, and one day he met in the chamber of the New year. It’s a little long ceased to be treated as a representative item. Was the appearance of movement downward, but actually, in my opinion, he, on the contrary, have to become wiser, more experienced, more active and, of course, if he were alive today, he could throw a serious challenge to any candidate in the next election.

“The employer needs to see that you did not come to carry the stones but to build the temple”

Как успешно пройти собеседование и почему иногда полезнее провалиться

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Ilja ShmelevHow to break through the “HR-blockade,” to cope with stress, learn how to flatter and to turn disadvantages into advantages, said in an interview for the Hit.media business coach psychologist Ilja Shmelev.


How to behave?

The first is to say Hello and introduce myself. It is important to establish eye contact with the opponent, it sets the right tone for the upcoming conversation.

During the interview, switch the attention from his experiences on the employer. Gotta stand boldly and confidently, the interviewer must feel coming from your energy. It is important not only what you say but how you say it.

“Where focus goes there all our energy. This principle is at work here.”

The first impression in 15-30 seconds, and most often it occurs at the level of emotional response. Subconsciously immediately decides “your” or “alien”, it passed or failed — it is therefore important that the first impression was striking.

To win a man, you can use the technique “mirroring”. Pay attention to how he breathes at the pace of his speech. It does not seek to copy the movements, the facial expressions of the interlocutor, and just get it all in one rhythm.

“Your communication is a living process, it resembles a dance. It is important to feel the partner, but to understand that each of you own party.”

When applying for a job there are two possible positions. First — position “needs”, when the post you are essential. You initially put yourself in a vulnerable position and communicate with the employer as a person who has power over you. But the situation can be approached from the position of “partnership”. You come to the interview with the idea that today not only choose you, but you choose. Then the interview turns into a negotiation in which both sides will seek to win. You will respect the chain of command, but will be able to communicate with the employer on equal terms.

How to deal with excitement?

If you are experiencing a lot of stress, take a few deep breaths: the breath can quickly normalize the heartbeat and reduce the level of anxiety. Remember that naturalness is the main component of your behavior on an interview.

“Most of the questions needed not to hear from you the correct answer, and to see how you react to a stressful situation”.

Most often in HR-e psychologists, and even if you do not have enough professional skills, but you will be able to show your emotional stability, they will make a choice in your favor.

Why the stress when you come to the interview in the first place? You have just finished University and unsure of their abilities, believe that you lack experience and knowledge.

“When I graduated from University, I was looking for a job for the position of business coach. Failure followed failure because I lacked practice. But over time I realized that its lack was my main resource. The employer does not need me to retrain, it can independently mold specialist that is needed”.

Any fault in the desire turns into a plus. When you learn to do it, will be able to relax and in the end achieve the desired result.

What to replace the lack of experience?

The world is changing fast and what worked yesterday or today might not work any more. But as humans lose the desire to improve their skills.

“During Potanin selection Kursk medical University is one of the deans said, modern surgery is developing rapidly, and where an elderly surgeon will do surgery, young could do two small punctures. So from the point of view of professionalism, he will not yield and the fact that they will pass their older colleagues.”

The interviewer’s attention is drawn to the fact that, because of the ability to innovate the quality of your work may be higher than the more experienced competitor.

“And should remember the parable about the three bricklayers. One of the builders asked why they carry stones. One replied that he needs to feed itself, the other earns money for his family, and the third said that he is building the greatest Cathedral in the world.”

So your employer needs to see that you came to him not to carry the stones and build the temple, he must believe you’re going to burn the idea. And then the level of your current competence will depart on the second plan.

How to interest the employer?

If you are dealing from a position of “partnership”, you may figure out which location is the source, ask him what he thinks of your ideas, if you happen to see any doubts. If you come from a position of “need”, the main goal is to convey to the interviewer that you are important to this position, and to do that you are ready, come what may. But even you must feel the measure and not to all the conditions meekly accept. It will be perceived with respect and likely to kindle interest. Besides, you will prove serious approach to the job and do not rush on everything.

The interview is appropriate to praise himself.

“What is employment? It’s “selling himself”, of his time, expertise and resources. The laws of marketing has not been canceled: in order to sell more expensive, the packaging must be beautiful.”

Employer can attract and the knowledge of the company, where you came from. If I say that acquainted with the activities of the company, perused the website, read about her in the press, and you liked so-and-so, you will not make a compliment to the person sitting in front of you, but through your awareness you will be able to flatter him.

How to approach tricky questions?

Here are some typical questions from the Arsenal of HR, which may confound, if they do not prepare.

“What can you tell me about your weaknesses?”

When you see the list of required competences, it to come up with “quality-antonyms”. If you find these qualities and strengths, they will become your allies. Can, for example, admit they do not know how to drive a car and not going to the right, but it will not be late in the morning so getting to work will be by metro. I can say that are lazy, but to add that stop to give my hundred percent, but when you don’t see the purpose in their work, and again, it will be interpreted.

“Why I left my last place of work?”

Should not talk about conflicts with the authorities. You can do a phrase like: “I have reached the maximum level, and it is important for me to grow, to constantly improve their skills.”

“how are you different from other candidates?”

Here it is important to separate personal and professional qualities.

“On the professional skills you can be along with everyone, but there are so-called soft-skills, which will tell you a secret, the employer is more important.”

Pay attention to the qualities that are required in your area. In one case, assertiveness, leadership, initiative, and the other with the ability to captivate, to inspire, to smooth out conflicts.

In this case, remember that you are not bound to know the answer to all questions. The desire to answer all and to prevent any mistakes often turns against us. We must honestly tell the employer that you are currently the answer is not ready, but unable to access necessary sources and reply later. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something, ask follow-up questions. The employer will see that you don’t just want to impress him, but acknowledge your weaknesses and ready to work on this.

What to do if you refuse?

This is a normal part of the process, and do not engage in self-flagellation. Any failure provides an opportunity to correct their actions.

You need to determine what works, what should be paid attention to. Can, improve a resume or carefully to keep the appearance consistent with, applying. Most importantly, do not give up and continue to work on yourself.

“If you look at the obstacle, then you are going to Balk, and if attention is focused on the goal, you will quickly find a way around the difficulty. Make sure that the process does not become in “dancing on rake”, and taught how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.”

It is useful to record (on tape) their interviews where it is not prohibited.

Finally, you allow yourself to fail one more time and just be yourself. In any case, it’s a great experience. The more interviews you complete, the sooner you understand that the employer wants to hear really. To get the desired position, it is necessary to allow a certain number of mistakes, so the best exercise before the interview — another interview.

Lida Kaloeva: “You are very quickly hooked on the needle of misfortune”

О ноше социального журналиста, спасении всех и вся и доверии к попрошайкам

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Lida Kaloeva, student of the faculty of journalism of higher school of Economics, entered top 10 young and promising journalists under the version of Esquire, he worked in “Iodine,” wrote a series of articles for the site “so it goes”. The greatest attention was attracted by report on pseudological funds, which raised money for treatment of sick children throughout Moscow. Lida told them why the work in the field and fight even for the small changes became her choice.

– How did you decide that you want to work in the field of social journalism?

– It was a completely random story. I began to engage in such journalistic activities in the 10th grade, I got the internship. Then do a stupid job, like all journalists – ran the events and wills that they happen. In the 11th grade was a correspondent for the small opposition in the media, then me and sucked. I spoke with protesters in St. Petersburg, and they enlightened me. When he arrived in Moscow, began working as a freelance in “Iodine”, then to “Such cases.” Can’t say that social journalism is my choice, just that you are very quickly hooked on the needle of misery. I was called to work in “the Billboard” correspondent at culture. I did, spoke with the Dutch curator of the Vienna actionist, which is 65, but you listen to it and think: “you are all so good, very interesting, but so well, and where is the tragedy, who need to be saved? I’m ready!”. It’s a terribly scary thought when you realize that in Russia you sometimes forget to live in peace and always ready to fight, something to suffer, sure to be a hero, to sacrifice and further down the list. Russia as a hellish black hole into which everything sucks.

– Are you ready all my life to hear a tragic story with the idea that nothing really change? You write the material, but people will remain in this situation.

– The question of change is moot. Of course, in a global sense is impossible, we’re not talking about the fourth estate. But there are a few things I could change, working in Moscow as a journalist in the regions. When I went to Novgorod oblast, a village, there was the situation that people were evicted from their homes. For this story I didn’t need to talk with the authorities, with the Prosecutor’s office. I talked to the heroes of the material, I had two free hours before departure. I went to him to the Prosecutor. The watch was sitting a woman, I asked how to get to the chief Prosecutor. Go up to it, knock, go in, show the card to the press, get the recorder: “Why did you allow this?”. He was like, “Um, we heard about this situation, did not think she was this heavy.” They are engaged, the house has remained. And it’s cool, although the work was at the micro level.

– For you to significant real action, not the texts?

– Yes, the job of a journalist is to tell stories, convey information and not to save everyone and everything. But sometimes I feel the meaninglessness of their novotneho seat, and you really want to be sure in the field, on a quest and there’s nothing you can do. For redesigned mini-stories are your personal meetings with the heroes of the stories. But no one warned that this journalist is very hard. Before you stands a man and says: “I escaped from the Dagestan brick-works, if someone tried to escape, they broke his legs and gave “Paracetamol”, you need to work at least 13 hours.” And you realize that there is a mini GULAG in modern Russia today. This was the topic where I broke down in that year, are unable to work with it further. The deeper you dig, the more I realize how bad it is, and this almost nothing can be done. But to write the text or to jump into the fight, to carry food to their heroes, I’m more for the second. Is journalism an honest heart. People are less and less willing to work in the fields. It is better to sit at home, writing news, not to go where can be uncomfortable, where you will see scary stuff, wild injustice, to this not all ready.

Overreacting to those stories or go quickly?

To be exposed – an important element of journalism. Everything you know helps not to fade. From this information it becomes easier not, her life is just harder. Sometimes I want to Wake up in the morning and think that everything is well. But is such a small sacrifice – to bear the weight of this knowledge in return that I do a good job, not even speaking about the changes and impact.

– You wrote about the scams that collected money on the streets and in traffic jams ostensibly for sick children. How do you feel about beggars, it is also a Scam? Could there be a situation when the person really is in trouble, and he has no other choice?

– My mother always gives money, so I did. Only after the text in the “Novaya Gazeta” about the starvation mob I am beginning to wonder. I hate begging as a profession. Homeless people, for example, it’s not always drunks and not always their choice. In their case I always have with me on the advice of his beloved Elena Kostyuchenko, a spare hat and scarf. We must admit that the most compassionate stories is deception and fraud. But there are exceptions. Once in the subway I saw a woman who at first hesitated in the corner, then carefully began to speak, half of the question cried out at the next station, she was so embarrassed and ashamed. This is the main sign that a person is in trouble – he’s very ashamed to ask money from others, he’s not used to it, it’s not his way of life. I believed the woman and came to her. She had surgery, but the recovery period was delayed. She spent all the money in the hospital in Moscow, and it is not enough for a ticket home. I asked how much she needed the money. The woman began to count and got 500 roubles from his boot. This detail took me out! I gave her all the money I had, so she was able to get home.

– You said about Elena Kostyuchenko. It is very often for their essays home to a few days along with the characters. So are you ready to experience for writing material?

Is great courage and professionalism. I don’t have the guts. If I do, it won’t do any. Recently, my friend Ivan Chesnokov from “These cases,” lived a few days with the homeless. Very cool journalistic work, not even talking about the text, it is good to explain, but not stylistically brilliant. To me, the human mini-feat that made Vanya, makes the text absolutely breathtaking. On the other hand you spend the night with the characters, but if you don’t put words into sentences, it is also a tragedy.

– what I want to write in the future? Or all the themes come to you as an assignment?

– On “Such matters” I was given only one topic, which urgently needed to be done – closing the education centre for migrant children. The majority of those up myself. And this is a very important skill. Themes around everywhere and somehow spilled to invent them. It is necessary to snatch out of the picture day details, feel look around the world. Recently went from hull on Semyonov and saw the advertisement for the recruitment of consultants and diagnosticians to conduct medical procedures, experience not required. I have broken it, phoned me in the evening, I feel that it will be a blueprint of the new material.

Points in karma

Чего не хватает молодым для успешного старта карьеры

Reading time 2 minutes

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The general director of Kelly Services CIS Ekaterina Gorokhova finds optional one of the main disadvantages of young job seekers. She said this on February 9 talk show “the point”, held at the studios of the media center HSE in Khitrovka. What’s wrong recent graduates, than good skills of teamwork and how to earn “karma points” – short snippet of the talk show.

Ekaterina Gorokhova: “it is not Enough just to study well, need something to work from the beginning. It broadens the mind. Experience is very useful, and if he has a degree, then it is doubly useful.”

In the full version of the talk show “the point” with Catherine Gorokhovaya – how to write a summary, than to go to the interview and how to behave in front of a potential employer, what specialties will be dead in 10 years, and who while robots will not replace. The recording of the web broadcast can be viewed here.

Kelly Services – the largest international company providing solutions for outsourcing and staff management.

the talk show “the point” available in the spring of 2016 in the framework of the educational process at the faculty of communications, media and design HSE and is part of a broader multimedia project Hit.Media.

All video channel Hit.Media on Youtube

It’s time to share the Church?

Передача Исаакиевского собора РПЦ: без спонсоров не обойтись

Reading time 4 minutes

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About the reasons of public debate, which led to the decision of the St. Petersburg authorities to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years, says the experts of the talk show “To the point”: the Dean of St. Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute, Father George Kochetkov, art historian, Professor of St.-Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute Alexander Koprowski and Professor of cultural studies at the Higher school of economy journalist Jan Levchenko.

Alexander Koprowski sure that the information noise around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church – “thing is artificial, when in a certain place you need to throw a grenade, distracting from other issues”. In this story, in his opinion, the main issue is moral: if it’s a working temple, its main function is to be a place of prayer.

Father George drew attention to the foreign experience: “For the Museum – Museum premises. The temple must be the temple. Thus with one another can be combined. This practice is common around the world and worked for a long time. To me it is strange that here there are any conflicts.”

Yan Levchenko believes that the controversy around Isaac requires a balanced positions on both sides:

“This conflict can raise issues that previously were resolved either automatically or at the level of “who’s who”.

One of the main issues is money. The Ministry of culture expects that the cost of Isaac would take on a new owner, and the ROC is waiting for state subsidies “in the framework of the programme”.

Father George is confident that funds for the maintenance of the memorial Church will only come from the public pocket:

“There are no Other options and should not be. Society and the state are interested in the preservation of cultural monuments. If you want it to be a cultural phenomenon and not just a cult – pay. And this is absolutely normal”.

Alexander Koprowski sees no drama in the material in question:

“These things are very easy to find the money. Any millionaire donating to Isaac, not to be afraid that someone the money to drag”.

Yan Levchenko urged to consider the situation as a “show” act, which should serve as a reason for the decision of the accumulated differences between the active cultural community and Church:

“The Situation may not be the same because of its ambiguity. Need not about the specific St. Isaac’s Cathedral to think, and to perceive that this conflict is representative of the unfolding public debate on the topic, what to do with the relationship of Church and state”.

Full version

Talk show “To the point” comes out in the spring of 2016 as an educational student project at the faculty of communication, media and design, Higher school of Economics.

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And gave gifts with Royal generosity…(Esf 2:18)

Why Today We don’t Drink “Caffè”, Meet «Deadlines» and Ask “Wut is This?”

Филолог Юлия Кувшинская разрушает три мифа о русском языке

Reading time 4 minutes

Myth one: the Russian language is being simplified

– Yes, it is getting more democratic in the sense that it has become normal to use colloquial language even on television. But the vocabulary has not been simplified or more limited. Conversely, we have got more terms and borrowings. Such words as background, feedback and deadline now are clear to every student; they are widely used and have become a part of our lives.

Julia Kuvshinskaya, philologist, associate Professor, HSE
Julia Kuvshinskaya, philologist, associate Professor, HSE

In general, any language cannot live without borrowings. In Russian there are a lot of Turkish and Tatar borrowings from the Tatar language, they have become completely habitual. Many people believe that sarafan (pinafore dress), baraban (drum) and kaftan (a kind of tunic) are native Russian words. If a word has entered the Russian language, it is bound to be Russified, which involves an aesthetic factor. For example, coffee is masculine and associated with the drink which aristocrats “ate” in the 19thcentury. This moment is aesthetic, social, indicating a certain status but in no way linguistic. We do say moskovskoye metro (in the neutral gender), not moskovski metro (in the masculine gender), though the word metropolitan (undergroung), of which metro is an abbreviation, is masculine. It is essential to follow natural laws of the language.

Myth two: the Internet distorts the Russian language

– There used to be such a negative influence, but now there is a downtrend. It has become clear that to be understood it is necessary to speak good Russian, although elliptical sentences and abbreviations are still used to save time. Sometimes one can come across phonetic spelling. For example, wut instead of what, but there are not many such words. Now a lot of young people have mastered the art of “linguistic transformation”. At work, for example, they use elegant Russian, professional, which is formal and rich enough. And in the informal communication they speak like a totally different person, talking in youth slang, which is widely perceived as aggressive and almost flash language.

Myth three: obscenities and non-literary language are the same

In the fight for the “language purity ” some would go to extremes. Some “grammar-nationalists” even proclaimed themselves overseers who drive away all the “impure” from their “pure language”, which is an absolutely fascist stance. Linguists never do this, as they are interested in new phenomena and they are aware that language is very complex and diverse. In some cases, of course, it is necessary to make corrections. For example, obscenities are offensive others, and I would stop the person who uses it. But sometimes a grandmother would speak in a touching vernacular language. Why should it be corrected, because it is such a wonderful old-style speech. It sounds incorrect and non-literary but in everyday life this vernacular is appropriate not offensive. The choice of linguistic means should depend on the situation.

Interviewed By Maria Timoshenkov

The Russian star in China

Как в Китае «выкупили» Веру Житницкую

Reading time 7 minutes

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Vera Zhitnicka, theater and film actress, now starring in the Chinese TV series the love story of a Soviet speaker and a Chinese girl. The action takes place in the 1960-ies. Faith talks about how differently we approach the filming in Russia and China, but also about his love for Chinese tradition.

Vera Zhitnitskaya
Vera Zhitnitskaya

— You are used to the main role, but in this series play the role of the sister of the main character. It does not hurt to play a minor character?

— No, absolutely! Of course, better get used to it, but now I am happy and I like what I’m doing here. It is a priceless experience in a completely different cinematic reality, which I was very fascinated. Besides, this is a story about a Chinese girl, so I would not have approached for the lead role.

— How did you get into the project?

The role I got in a strange way. One actress posted on my social network that soon will be samples in the new project for Chinese television. At the audition I was extremely nervous: the Director, cameraman and producer of the series flew to Russia from China to personally select the actors. They had only one day, and contenders insane amount, it was necessary to show their best side, to stand out among all. The three of us got it and we were offered the role, but, frankly, it was very hard.

— Well if you took Chinese colleagues?

— The Chinese are very hospitable and interesting people. We have much to learn from them, for example, they are much more patient and calmer. With them pleasant and easy on the court, because in addition to the Russian partners we have to work with the Chinese, we play in their language, and they on his. It can be difficult, but the team and the other actors are always ready to help, suggest something. In between shooting, we have fun and joke: teach each other our languages, because the Chinese pronunciation of Russian sounds and Vice versa sounds very funny.

— What are the main differences in the production of TV series we have in China?

— The Chinese are very organized and hardworking. They have all done accurately, quickly, at a pre-agreed schedule. They try to shoot one take, so before filming always explain our problem to the max, not to reshoot several times. Of course, sometimes there are some “lost in translation”, but it does not hinders the process.

Very strange that a shooting area ready to shoot just five minutes, so seriously they approach the process. In Russia everything is totally not so, the shooting can reschedule, cancel, change at the last moment, the scene suddenly to rewrite the script for us it’s normal, so at first the Chinese seemed strange accuracy. Now I got used to it and understand how it really facilitates the process. This we clearly should learn from Chinese colleagues.

Yet they have definitely lunch at exactly twelve o’clock, even if not dosnyal scene, everyone needs a break. Also working in parallel, three groups in different places, so the movie they remove just like a rocket.

There is another difference: if we used what we call the shooting schedule almost for several months in advance, so that they can be combined with other surveys, the Chinese would “buy back” actors for the entire period of filming. Therefore, the Chinese actors can’t act more than one project. I personally in this respect, closer to our system — I do not like to sit idle, if you can plan your time.

— Do you like in China?

— Honestly, I was waiting for from China something horrific and completely incomprehensible. Thought I would be in a country where no say in Russian, but English with difficulty. Actually it is not so scary, and to find a common language with the local happened almost immediately. A huge impression on me nature is very diverse, so every city somehow remains in memory. This is my second time in China, the air up here, I already think my family, I even missed him. I think I’ll be back there again and again after the shooting.

— What was the biggest cultural shock you have experienced in China during this time?

— When we arrived it was still quite hot and we tried not to miss the opportunity to visit the beaches. Now, we immediately noticed that swim mostly men, very few women. If they appear, are dressed in diving suits, and almost in the mask on the face, so they cherish white skin. They have very different standards of beauty, and I was very surprised. But in General they are the same people, just with their culture, customs and, of course, excellent cuisine!

— And you would be able to continue his acting career in China?

To move forever? Not exactly plan. I like the local culture, but China is not my home. Still, I love Russia and I prefer to work here, despite all the advantages the Chinese market.