Oksana Smirnova: “I Do not be surprised if there is something better than the sites”

Как первокурснице удалось стать звездой глянца, и при чём тут умение носить носки с лоферами

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The well-known people in the world of gloss, senior editor GQ.ru Oksana Smirnova from the first year of journalism writing about men’s fashion. We met up with her in GQ editors and talked about how it works in this publication on the impact of digital, the relationship of bloggers and journalists in gloss.

– Oksana, because you were invited to work in GQ thanks to the popularity of your blog?

– In fact, my path was much longer. I FurFur and worked in the fashion department, and “Rain”. But the beginning is put around our blog.

– And As a freshman journalism I had the idea to write about men’s fashion?

– We are with a friend (Jan Lukin, editor of Tatler, author GQ) it seemed that on the Internet in Russian about the man’s style is nothing. Although, as we later found out were, for example, quite popular men’s forums, where discussed leather shoes for unimaginable for us then money. Visitors, however, are not going to their topics in the forum, and our posts about why Russian men are bad and how to wear dress socks with Lofer. In general, we have issued the idea of the blog, and carried Vase Esmanovu (creator Look At Me), he lectures at the journalism then read. A few days later we wrote Julia Vydolob that just card fashion “Posters” passed in the fashion department of Look At Me, and said: Come to meet friends. June 2, 2010 at Look At Me was released first post LAD blog about the classification of summer shoes.

– What do you think, why your blog has grown into a site FurFur? Is there a secret to your success?

– We wrote about something that did not find themselves on the Internet, and Julia Vydolob us is allowed. When you’re just starting out, you in little doubt. You are asked to write about the top insiders or the theory of small deeds, you take and write. Once we have worked: produced by two posts a week, and they gathered a bunch of likes. We were not afraid to talk about himself, talked with the chief editors of glossy magazines, designers, we are not afraid to talk with famous people.

– And how did you get in GQ?

– It is thanks to this interview, which I took for Look At Me at Michael Idowu, he then headed by GQ. On the eve of stumbled into Facebook to post about what they look for sponsors fashion to the site. I asked if they needed a writer, wrote some test text, and a week later I was offered a job in the state in the position of a junior editor of the website. Now I tell everyone that you want to use every opportunity.

– Now you have become a senior editor of the site. What are your responsibilities are different from what makes the editor of the printed version of GQ?

– Site Editor runs constantly. If the magazine once a month “renting rooms”, the site “Deposit” every day. Plus, the site editor is not only books or wrote the actual text and publish it, but the “scatters” tweets, monitors responses and statistics to see whether he did the right thing, that this article has found its audience. In general, we always work in jobs involving all hands, and editors can afford a more tranquil life at the beginning of the month. (Laughs). We need every day to write something and post, and it’s not so simple.

– And do not you take material from the printed version of the site, the magazine was equally represented in print and in digital?

– Yes, but we do not put them in the same way they looked in a magazine. We can not afford the same headings as in the magazine, they just do not understand the Internet. We make clearer headings – see it and know what you will find, if kliknesh and find yourself on the page of this article. Sometimes we can break some stories into several small and releasing them on the site as separate items. For example, we had in the Journal guide the office dress code, the material for a few turns, with pictures, rules and tips. We released all of them one by one and joined tag “office dress code.”

Another trend – the repackaging material. For many years in the print media published a lot of large-scale stories. Find them now on the Internet – the problem. However infopovody happen when they read the old stories need. As an example: in the autumn of 2013 in the magazine was article about how to clean the shoes. We then immediately published it on the website, but a record number of visitors was observed. In the fall of 2014 in a nasty rainy day, we again take the post and publish it to social networking status in the spirit of “never wash water leather shoes” – and then collect audience.

– And how do you think the trend in multimedia media still have? Or rather, one the most demanded resource, for example, GQ website will supersede all other magazine platform?

– I’m not sure that the future is something one. Frankly, I would not be surprised if suddenly appears something even cooler than sites. If now the trends are dictated by our devices (introduced the iPad – came up with the version of the magazine for him, were more likely to consume content on mobile – did a version for mobile), that soon, I think, the device will change so fast that keep pace for them to adjust to be unbearably difficult. Then it will be a new content storage format to be packed, for example, a 20-digit code. Entering this code at any new device, the content itself adapts to it, and visually displayed to the reader the most convenient way. Really I am looking forward to this moment. I think it will come sooner than we think. All too quickly changing. A few years ago, even Instagram was not as popular as it is now known bloggers everywhere.

– When you were a blogger, it was more difficult to draw attention to themselves than the current generation in Instagram?

– I can not say that it was harder. If the idea is good, it will find its audience in Instagrame even though on the forums. Maybe bloggers are now even harder, because when we started, there were so many competitors were free niches. And now for that nowhere is already someone did. But it is still possible to find a stand-topic and draw attention to themselves, as it once did we.

Do you share the opinion that the bloggers take away the bread of the journalists? Warring whether gloss bloggers and journalists?

– Well, what are we enemies, if bloggers are now appearing on the covers of Vogue and Tatler? This opinion was common a few years ago, when it was thought that bloggers are more independent. Like, in the Journal of brand advertising have about them in the journal and write. And bloggers write about everything. Since then, things quickly changed: the bloggers flooded with products of different brands, send things in exchange for photos in the Instagram, so that their independence is questionable. It’s just a different format. News – it is short, and a blog tip is close to the format of the column. The main thing – is the author’s position. is the “Blogs” heading for its broadcast on our website. Therefore, we rather work on one thing, but from different angles. Editors notes to broadcast the official position of GQ, and columnists and bloggers – its position.

– That is, to get to the GQ website pages do not need to study in journalism, but rather the fastest write in his blog about fashion updates?

– Not so important, do you have a diploma or a journalist you taught himself to create in demand content. You either know how to write clearly or not. Let’s just say you can succeed without this diploma. Journalism gives you the opportunity to get a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills that will be useful to you later in the profession. Depends on you, you vospolzueshsya this opportunity or not.

“Silicon” way startups Marina

Как российский проект вырос в американском бизнес-инкубаторе

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Marina Mogilco, 26, cofounder and head of LinguaTrip portal for those who want to learn foreign languages abroad. Lives and works in Silicon Valley (USA). Marina on how to create your project and got into one of the largest business incubators in the world.

– In Russia there Skolkovo and other business incubators for startups. How is it that you are in the US Silicon Valley?

– We have had proposals in Russia, but we just had to pay part of the business: to our Board of Directors imposed on people by the investor. Because of this, simply disappears motivation to work on the company, since it is actually most of you give. The Development Fund of online initiatives, we were told that the project no one needs and the best thing we can do – to close. In Silicon Valley, we got this: I spoke with a representative of the project “500 Startups», and it is immediately clear problem, because she was looking for a school abroad and could not find a place where we could all at once and buy the book.

– What were the first emotions after receiving the invitation to the Valley?

– We have a long road to go, a long walk in interviews with investors, and it lasted more than six months. It was a feeling that there are no investors, we do not find and just will slowly grow themselves. Naturally, when the invitation came, it was some kind of euphoria! And it is the first of April, so we do not believe – said it was a joke. Gathered as we are quickly – literally in two days – and drove away!

– If you were five years ago you said that you will have your project with which you will be invited to the accelerator in Silicon Valley, how would you react?

Marina Mogilco
Marina Mogilco

– I would not have believed it! It was so funny, I have long heard about the Valley, but was sure never to get, because I’m not a programmer. For me, it was something cool, but I could not believe that I ever once enter in technology startups. But, as it turned out, everything is possible.

– Initially in 2013 LinguaTrip created as a platform for booking courses abroad. And what do you see the prospects for the development of the portal?

– We have such a goal: a man who wants to learn a language is to be found on the site everything. For example, if he had just started and he wants to practice – we have created the opportunity to speak with native speakers. If he wants to first learn the language on Skype – we have teachers involved in on Skype. If he wants to go to learn a language abroad – we have a school, even at the higher education program, we are also now direct. I think we will continue to strengthen its position, because we want to fill the entire range of language practice.

– Do you own a popular blog on YouTube: almost 50 thousand subscribers. Can we consider it a part of your project?

– Oh sure. I so love what I do, I have no separation, which personal life and where the work – all mixed up! I would not say that it is 100% business: this is what I like to do. At the same time, the blog does play a big role in the business: customers there more confidence when they see the person who makes the company directly.

– How often it is that your project people learn it from YouTube, and then come to your site and use the services: the selection of courses to consultation?

– There are so many! Sometimes people do not even think they want to go somewhere, but watch blog and understand that this is real – for the month to come and go somewhere to learn at least a couple of weeks. Conversely, there are those who come to the site, watch my videos from the blog that we place, realize that it’s all real and decide: everything I do food!

– In his book “Why did not you tell me that in the 20?” Tina Seelig, a professor at Stanford, says that we should not be afraid of failure, because they are often even more important part of the process, than successes. Do you agree with this statement?

– Yes, now this idea is very popular. I think the most important thing – when you get up after setbacks and keep moving on, it turns a kind of “hardening” – you know, that was already in this situation and somehow get out of it.

– What are the setbacks, which you had to face.

– I do not know how it can be called a failure, rather it is a natural process with its difficulties. When we created LinguaTrip, we already had a similar offline business in the same field. We started doing LinguaTrip in 2013, when he began to slowly fall dollar, all currencies have spread, and people are no longer actively travel abroad. In 2014 began the events in Ukraine, sanctions, and people in general have ceased to go. That is our offline business has been at the origin and at the same time, we have built a new online business. The idea is that less time could not come up: the money did not exist, our Founder settled to another job, to reinvest in our business is paid, themselves salaries paid 3,500 rubles a month, living with parents. But then, in 2015, when we launched LinguaTrip, many companies will not survive the crisis were closed, we also entered the market and took clients.

– What advice would you give to those who are just starting their business, and is faced with setbacks and criticism from others?

– We must understand that the majority of people through this pass, but not everything about it is told – usually like to tell success-stories, but nobody likes to tell how he had sat for years to build something, and he said everything sucks, bad . Now these stories there are more and more: on sites like Medium.com people tell their stories about the failures as well. And when you read and see that people now have a success – it’s probably the most motivating. Yet it is important to be yourself. If you decided to become an entrepreneur, you must own decisions. Even if the director FRII says that you need to close the project, because it probably will not fly, you have to decide to continue it or not. And it will be in any case more correct.

“If the pilots so often cause, then there is a war”

О том, какое будущее ждет профессию, — журналист Валерий Панюшкин

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– Do I have a vocation to become a journalist? As it is, for example, the case with poets? Or journalism can be learned?

– I have two answers to this question. In general, we do fairly simple things. Nothing special, we do not. Journalists are different in that they do poorly. Write bad, because there are special people who write well – they are called writers, journalists shoot too bad, yes. Last time, the experience of writing texts on social networks shows that it is quite strange, strange people can suddenly become terribly popular, mass media, and even literacy it does not really need. It turns out that if you have a flair for public inquiry, it is the talent of the modern journalist. And it’s terrible (laughs). Because people often do not write what they think, not what to learn, understand, and what is expected of them.

– Today, bloggers and the media – about the same thing. Is a popular blogger does the same job as a journalist?

– Blogs are different from the media a complete lack of any kind was a system of verification of facts. The newspaper, for example, is supposed to be a system faktchekinga, which is more or less decided to trust. There is no way to distinguish truth from falsehood in the Internet. It is not to such an extent that no one not even tries to distinguish. They know in advance who will say that, because there are the predefined position. It is important to shout it first, and then everything will have “laykat”. Work blogger – the first to cry out some banality. At the same time it is important banality because unbanal not like a lot of people. The profession of journalist, as I remember it, was to find some fact. Suggest some of his explanation, not previously known. And in this sense, of course, journalists and bloggers are completely different people. But apparently there is no difference between them. And so the journalistic profession is destroyed completely. If unchecked fact sold as well as a proven, why then their check? With this nothing can be done. And it will be impossible to do, as long as the Internet appears some mechanism, how to distinguish truth from falsehood. While it is not.

– In a lecture on “rain” you said that by using hatred is easier to achieve popularity. As it is, for example, does Navalny. I will write only about bad or there is a place for good conversation?

– The world became absolutely unbearable. In the foreseeable future it will spread or to hell, or people somehow change their attitudes. For example, consider a friendly divorce. People who love each other, suddenly start with terrible force each other to hate. If they are normal people, they have the relationship after breaking fold. Here’s what you need to do and what changes need to go – not very clear, but it is absolutely clear that to live in this atmosphere of hate in which we live now, is absolutely impossible. Either we tear each other, or we somehow agree. After the October Revolution of 1917 in the breakaway from the Soviet Union in Finland took place civil war, during which 30% of the population was destroyed. The remaining 70% with surprise looked at it and began to live a normal life. That is how it will be, I do not know, but either will be found some way to talk, not based on hatred, or we will kill each other.

– The question is: why did you decide not to leave the profession, and still stay in it, but to write on other topics?

– Charity – is the only area where you can do something. Correct the world. We started with the fact that journalists are generally poorly written, poorly filmed. The only thing that they are doing well – it’s influence. We live in a situation where the impact on policy – it is impossible, on the economy – it is impossible, on the laws – it is impossible for the courts – it is impossible. However, in 1998, the year, for example, children suffering from blood cancer, died in Russia in 98% of cases, and now only 25%. And we did. Not only I, but I was the one who did it. Approximately 4000 children each year, which in the 90s and before dying, is now recovering. I have to do with it. I have a feeling that I have made the world better. That’s the thing, which is much more interesting to do. You get something.

– In one of his publications on the “Snob” you wrote that he considers himself “downed pilot”. Why is “shot down”?

– You’re doing sensationalism first, then you get some columnist, columnist, editor or your name somewhere. And you do an old man a job where you have to run less, but think more. My girlfriend, Katia Gordeeva, went to the US and suddenly saw there alive Bob Woodward. I arrived quite stunned, because it’s like Pushkin meet. And Bob Woodward is alive and well, he’s on some important positions. Very respected. And Watergate … when was it? 60? …

– Start of the 1970s.

– Yes. He was, it turns out, is now about 70. And you do not call Russia in any 70-year-old journalist, who continued to act. All those who were journalists in the ’70s -‘ 80s – they’re gone. And their expertise is not being used in any way. All the people who worked as a journalist in the 90s – they left … Venediktov, perhaps. No one else! And they have something to know how to know. Sergei Parkhomenko, a wonderful editor, Andrei Vasilyev, general genius. But the fact remains that the best media manager Andrey Vasilyev does not exist any work. As Sergei Parkhomenko. It conducts some transfer to the “Echo”, but its main feature is that it is the editor. And good. All the “downed pilots.” A generation younger than me, too, have lost their jobs because ALL. You can find exceptions, but the mere enumeration of the stars of journalism who are out of work, leads us to the obvious observation that there is something wrong. Leonid Parfyonov’s no work. Andrei Loshak no work. Ekaterina Gordeeva have no work. Oleg Kashin is no work. No one has a job. It is a simple system of deductions. If pilots so often cause, then there is a war. Because the crash peace sky happen, but it’s out of the ordinary event. When mow all, you know that we are in a state of war of all against all, and already want it to end. There is no longer any force.

– Is it worth it to go to learn the journalist or is it to get a classical education in the humanities, such as historical?

– Receive, as in boxing, is extremely small, they can be explained by an hour. And then they need to work, so I do not understand why journalists are taught. But I see that journalists do not have enough scary liberal education. As long as you explain some complicated thing, a man who wrote a simple tweet, already I beat you. So that’s the famous story with a question about the siege of Leningrad on “Rain.” This question is asked by people who know nothing about the blockade, people who do not know anything about the blockade. As a result, there are different stories, wildly popular, persecution, closing … And it’s all based on the total nonsense.

– What do you think of what to expect next? So it will only write about what they want to see? And will verify the information?

– Here the complete destruction and disintegration of the profession does not consider it? (Laughs). There are quite a lot of places where there is no journalism. No own information field. First thing – finding a certain reliability criteria. It is not clear how this reliability criterion is found. It is worth remembering Novgorod Assembly, when decisions are taken by force cry. But this noise once institutionalized. Somehow, it seems, there will be institutionalized. The second thing – the level of tolerance. While he will not, we will destroy each other, but one day he will, and those who will not be wiped out (laughs). I believe that journalism at that time very much changed. It would be some little thing recognizable. See how music has changed. When I was as old as you are now, the main music unit was the album. Plate. All! It’s not. All that fought, and now it does not matter. Almost the same thing is to be a journalist. There is something new about what we are and do not guess.

Dmitry Veselov: Why are some countries rich and others – the poor?

Эксперт в сфере экономического роста считает основным драйвером экономики человеческий капитал

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The author of dozens of scientific papers on the theory of economic growth and political development of the economy, Ph.D., holder of a PhD at the Sorbonne (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) Dmitry Veselov talked about why some countries are poor and others rich, why it is important to invest in education and why human capital is the main driver of economic development.

The Russian economy – it is an office building

– Dmitry, I confess honestly, hardly I found your office in this building on Shabolovskaya quite difficult to navigate. And with what building would you compare the Russian economy?

– Probably, the Russian economy – it’s an office building, a state-owned large extent. Because the public sector in our economy now plays a major role. It operates on the principle of hierarchy have a boss, there are a slave. And Russia’s economy lives largely on this principle.

– And who’s the administrative building? Who is in control?

– It seems to me that the modern Russian economy moves to a hierarchical management system, that is, the main decisions are taken on economic development bureaucracy – be it government or state-owned companies. This mechanism of management of the economy can be effective only in certain stages of development. As soon as the economy enters a phase where you need to create something new – goods, services, find new ways to increase productivity, to fill the niche unknown – much more efficient it becomes a different structure. It’s called networking.

– What is the difference between the hierarchical and the network economy?

– In a hierarchical economy you have a large factory. You can invest a lot of money, and it will have an enormous impact in it. This economy of Soviet industrialization. In a networked economy, this resource has been exhausted: You do not need the ore, but you have a million people. And among them there are 10% of people with ideas. And if they implement them, even 1% of these ideas – your economy will change. But in order for them to implement them, we need the institutions of equality of all before the law, protection of property rights, institutions that encourage entrepreneurial initiative and, therefore, access to credit facilities. And the most important, fundamental institution – an independent judicial system: protection of property rights, guarantee of rights and freedoms.

To develop the economy, it is necessary to provide the opportunity for talented people to create their own companies

– For such a transition, as I understand it, you need a lot of time. What are the measures to support the economy, in your opinion, you need to take right now?

– The Russian economy is now on the verge of stagnation. This is not due to the global financial crisis, it is rather an internal matter. Therefore, I think, long overdue, especially reforms aimed at reducing the number of state corporations and state influence in the economy. To develop the economy, it is necessary to provide the opportunity for talented people to create their own companies, to implement their projects. And thus remain in Russia. And power structures of power, all power, should win the confidence of entrepreneurs. budget funds, which are now sprayed state corporations, government agencies on a variety of targets, should be investment in human, that is, in education, health and social policy.

– The economic model (the theme of your dissertation at the Sorbonne) can tell you where to go next?

– My model was not designed for the development of specific measures of economic policy. It is necessary to enhance our understanding of why some countries are rich and others – the poor. That is the understanding of the impact of different interest groups on the economic life of the country. In particular, in my model, I tried to answer the question: “Under what conditions can a society to support reforms aimed at strengthening the freedom of entrepreneurship, increasing competition, reducing the monopoly of the economy, the creation of equal conditions for all before the law?”

– How do you answer this question?

– Get the two options. First, when there is an incentive or interest in a coalition between the elites. The elites – politicians, business owners, etc. -.. Interested in reducing competition. They benefit from the existing assets, it does not make sense to compete. At the same time the middle class, or a skilled workforce in this coalition, as you know, is not included. In this sense, the coalition majority chooses closed institutions. This is just due to the hierarchical structure, which we discussed with you. With the dominance of the state. With access only certain persons to economic activity. Another option, when we go out on the reform, promote economic development. To implement this option, there are several possibilities. First – raising the general level of education, there is an emphasis on human capital as the engine of economic development. If a large part of the society will have access to quality education, it also needs to create a demand for open access institutions – the equality of all before the law, access to credit for business development, an open legal system. The second point – the decline in income inequality. Third – opening up new opportunities for growth. These three factors can alter the political balance.

When we talk about human capital, it is important to understand that each person – edinichka

– In one of your interviews you said: “All my scientific way linked to the question” Why “and an attempt to find the answer to it?”. Answers to any “why” you are looking for right now?

– Specifically, we are now developing an interesting project related to the dynamics of inequality in modern society. There is a theory of why the social conflict that existed in the industrial society, has come to naught. More precisely, there were two conflicts. One – between capitalists and workers. The second – between the capitalists and landowners. The story is that there are two completely different economic development driver. The first driver – is the physical capital. This large factories, buildings, equipment, machinery and infrastructure. When we speak of the physical capital, we understand that it is necessary to concentrate resources. We need to invest heavily to create the capital. That is the highest level of inequality here encourages the development. But if we look at today’s society, it is often a situation where new ideas or projects are not so much in the power of investment, as the presence of a group of interested talented people who decided to do something new in this civilization. That is, there are entire industries and the forces that are oriented to the second device driver development – human capital: education, skills, talents of people. When we talk about human capital, it is important to realize that people, everyone – edinichka. And you need to invest in each person. It turns out, on the contrary, we need to ensure that resources are distributed equally among the people so that everyone can achieve the best. If the company goes to industries that are focused on human capital, it changes its structure. We see why some societies have done this, and others do not.

– You – the researcher who makes predictions for decades ahead. What would you ask the economists, who will be living in 50 years and see firsthand, these predictions will come true or not?

– I would be interested to learn from them how to change economic theory, economic theory as very harsh, we can say, revolutionary changes in recent decades. Economy is interesting in that it is a qualitative change in their condition. And to make a long-term prediction is very difficult in this sense. Therefore, growth theory, which I do, is intended to explain what we see today. To explain it in the context of the whole history of the world – a very interesting task.

Equine health and asinine stubbornness

Константин Эрнст: «Отдавать столько энергии можно только тому, что любишь»

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– “Channel One” – the most popular TV channel in Russia, and this is partly thanks to your leadership. It would therefore be very interesting to learn about the specifics of your work.

– When I came to the channel, it must be said, was not the most popular. Already released NTV and Channel Two was also in good shape. But when there is a lot of potential, which is used poorly, succeed easily. Recently, I realized that the most difficult – is to hold the championship. If you give a good result, everyone can see what you’re cool. And if you do not give the result – too see everything. Such a tragic thing.

– How is technically your job flows. What is your schedule? Did you ever have a vacation?

– Now I’m starting to work quite late, at nine-thirty. The first ten years of work began at eight. I am leaving at eleven, but before that – at half past one night. So I have a normal working day. On Saturday afternoon is usually a day off, Sunday – always working day. Holidays happen. This year was the longest – I did not have three weeks. But if you are physically there on the channel, it does not mean that you do not work. It is always one hundred percent inclusion, regardless of location. Most do not work, and service. If not military, then with the same schedule and on, both during the military campaign.

– Where usually begins your work day?

– On call duty on the news. Next – in its reception, which is open 24 hours a day. I have a chart there, painted for many weeks in advance, and each day it breaks. Because the satellite – is one of the points, through which passes the time. And it is necessary to respond – appointments, changes in the grid, the definition of curricula, the search for new people and the creation of projects that best match this time. I am not inclined to envy, but envy people who can make an appointment for three weeks by ordering 26 the number of table for eight in the evening. And they shall come, and nothing they will not happen. I find it so delicious and so much about the stability of life.

– Are you generally happy to come to work?

– Otherwise, I would not work here. Give as much energy as possible only what you love.

– Are you in favor as a screenwriter for the “Channel One”?

– I’m open about it, and never sign their projects.

– You participate creatively in some other way?

– Let’s just say, I participate creatively in absolutely everyone. In the content of the “Channel One”. People who do not understand television dishes are sure that you can sit in the office, reading newspaper and talking on the phone a lot SCS. A crowd of people, meanwhile, will think of something and take off. Unfortunately, this is not so, and it’s all very hendmeyd.

– And what projects the “One” are you proud of in the first place?

– I’m not going to list them for one reason. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, and I’m responsible for it for 20 years. Not listing a number of good programs that are not my favorite, I hurt the people who make them. We deal not only with the fact that we like. There is an audience, which I personally do not belong. But take into account their interests and sympathies must necessarily. For example, I will never watch a concert of some performers. But I know that she has the audience, so I will take it off and show. I came up with the program “Let’s get married” but is not it a regular viewer. This is a good and popular project, but need it every day I do not have to watch. Although it is clear that I follow most closely the ether channel, just something is my personal interest and what does not. Neither the fate of these programs, nor on their location in the channel grid is absolutely no effect.

– What personal qualities help to cope with the post of the head?

– Equine Health and asinine stubbornness. I’m never going to manage the channel and do not really like to do something alone. And on television was delayed for a long time, perhaps because it is a place where you can practice a lot of than once. Here, at one point converge creativity, politics, economics, management, psychology. Where the highest concentration of ambition, and to deal with it – one of the most difficult tasks. People doing TV or striking energy donors or monstrous vampires. So it is also a work related with incredible energy losses. I know so many people who dream to sit in my place. I think it would be enough for a few days to escape from this place without looking back.

Anton Dolin: “Reflection is the best training”

Кинокритик об искусстве и времени, в которое мы живем

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Year of Russian cinema is coming to an end. In September, the Department of Culture of Moscow management training programs launched the course “History of Cinema. XXI Century “curated by film critic Anton Dolin.

You ask a lot of questions about the movie. Which of these do you most dislike to answer?

Most of all – what is your favorite movie. The question essentially unanswerable, it is very difficult to explain that failure on my part to answer is not to say that I have no such film. Any person working in the cinema, these films are infinitely many, every week – new. Tastes are required to be mobile as he is mobile cinema, or could be called the best film in the history of cinema and just stop this kind of art.

Another issue which is always depressing to me – what to see? As long as I do not understand who is my companion, adequately to this question will not answer. Hence the huge number of claims on Facebook that rained on me every day.

You came to journalism after the philological faculty of the Moscow State University. What, above all, you taught filfak?

The fact that in modern Russian philology – science no one wants and no one is interested. We are doing it only for development of the brain and the soul, but not for a living and feed a family. I had to go into journalism with regret, it was a forced gesture. But now I do not regret it, because journalism led me to the movies, and I Philology about it and did not think, when the movie was only one of many hobbies.

In your opinion, the faculty of journalism – a necessary step for the future of the journalist?

This is – a necessary evil. Its existence legitimizes representation of society about journalism as a profession, which can hold or not hold, teach or learn. Journalism – it is an opportunity to get a degree and four years of training to get acquainted with a number of interesting people.

Home education – self-education, especially in the case of any humanitarian. Applied learning skills “in the field”, theoretical you learn by reading books, watching movies, going to the event.

Of those great journalists I know, two-thirds of journalism is not finished. So it is, by and large, it is meaningless, especially in Russia, where journalism is now suffers permanent and incurable crisis.

You yourself take interviews with creative people like to talk with such a man?

The conversation is impossible, but with the talkative, you can chat and talk endlessly turn unproductive. The secret is probably as old as the world – it is necessary to say that you are not interested, and the other party. It is not necessary to require that is not included in its purview. Analysis of the film or a work of art – the prerogative of criticism, not the artist. The artist analyzes his work – a bad artist. So when you ask the director to talk about what he had in mind, building a particular system of images, you insult him that he did not understand this and try to put into words what he had tried to explain with the help of symbols. It is better to ask about his political beliefs or favorite musical group.

If you will remember that everyone is different, and interested in your interlocutor in advance, you get a good interview.

To shoot, you have to learn and to look?

The same study, just as in the case of shooting a movie, it can be self-learning, not necessarily to go to college. Sometimes enough to watch a lot of reading and a lot of thinking. The process of reflection – this is the best training. Who among the directors of many so-called “non-professionals” and they are wonderful, talented people. On the other hand, there are honors, the most of which – the shooting of the series for the cable, trash channel. It is a question of talent, and the issue of reflection.

Why teach people to watch the movie?

People go to the movies out of habit, not knowing why they do it. At best, they understand that they want to have a good evening and a good time. But there are different entertainment. For some, the rise of Mount Everest – entertainment, for others – hard work. Same thing with the campaign to Tarkovsky, for example.

You will be examined in themselves, at least partially, and understand what you want – that’s half the battle. And then you can just resort to various advisory services and do not listen to advertising. Not all people understand these things completely a priori.

For example, I am on his every conversation (I can not call it a lecture) “Why watch a movie,” I explain to people that the movie is better to look at the big screen in the original sound with subtitles. These things seem so obvious, but people are surprised and even then write thank-you letters.

What are the specifics of the training course, you are now kuriruete?

This course was born out of my loathsome employment in many jobs that did not allow me to read a full course of ten lectures, and so I had the idea to turn to the nine my colleagues to read a lecture every other lecturer. This achieves a kind of polyphony, counterpoint. The course is read by people making the film (director and screenwriter), people watching a movie (critics), people are showing a movie (festival director). Accordingly, this approach to modern cinema with three different sides. The theme of the twenty-first century, the movie I’ve been obsessed with, because we live in this age of sixteen years, but psychologically is still in the twentieth, from where most of us come from.

We think in terms of the time it’s over. As the time has changed, it has not really been studied. I think that such training courses – is the beginning of understanding the process.

The Russian alternative cinema – response to the social demand, or preparation of the society?

Society – is the society, it is a mutual process. In addition, our non-profit movie infinitely different, we can not make any general conclusions about him as about the commercial, it includes and talented work Jora gooseberry and mediocre products Sarika Andreasyan. The audience wants something, the authors want to show something, they continue to occur or do not occur. With the “Duelist” meeting took place only in part, with “Stalingrad” and “Leviathan” of course, but the “Russian Ark” Sokurov with his audience is not met in Russia. It does not speak about the quality of the film, it is only that happened or did not happen “meeting”.

How do you feel about adaptations?

My attitude is based on the axiom: the book is not a film. Long ago, André Bazin and Truffaut invented the theory of the author, in accordance with which the author is a film director. This is a very simple idea. If the director puts the film on the Lev Tolstoy, Tolstoy ceases to be the author of the work. The author of “Anna Karenina” – Joe Wright. As soon as we approve it, we will stop constantly to compare with the original film adaptation. No one comes to mind to compare the “Saxon Chronicle Grammar” tragedy “Hamlet”, despite the fact that Shakespeare’s story is taken from this chronicle. No one compares the “Tale of the Golden Cockerel” with Washington Irving’s short story, where Pushkin borrowed the story. “Hippolytus” by Euripides and “Phaedra” Racine – two tragedies on one plot.

Understand the movie – is another art, not literature. Similarly, the literature uses music, art.

You’ve probably seen the video, which compares the images from “Mirrors” and “Survivor.” What do you think, is the personification of plagiarism or continuity in the movie?

This, of course, not plagiarism. I very concept, as the concept of compromising, seems rather artificial. You see, if there are two works of art and both have found their audiences, both successful in their own way – what difference that one borrows from the other. If one is a copy of another, the copy would not be demanded by the audience. It is understood that “Survivor” and “Mirror” in demand for a variety of reasons. And what Iñárritu loves Tarkovsky and his quotes … I’m sorry, Leonardo da Vinci quoted by Giovanni Bellini and Bellini – Byzantine icons. And in general, all icons in each other quoted. However, Andrei Rublev, Dionysius, Theophanes unique.

This is an individual artist’s DNA, which is always there, regardless of whether he works for someone else’s canon or completely invent something out of my head. Let us remember that the head is from the cultural baggage that you have.

You can cite unconscious and Jung about it a lot, he wrote in his theory of archetypes. For example, someone writes a story about how the hero fought with the dragon. This does not mean that someone familiar with the legend of Saint George and the legend is trying to copy.

As you relax by watching movies?

I do not look, that’s all. When I go on vacation with his family for two weeks – a single frame, a single film. I read a book, walk along the sea, play with the kids, the dog, listening to music very different, simply switch your mind on something else.

What do you think is the recipe for a good movie?

For me personally, one recipe – the film should surprise. You can do an infinite number of different ways. But if the film is surprising, therefore, it does have something new, and it is – the first sign of talent.

And finally, the blitz. Name the movie that:

  • caused tears: “Terminator 2”
  • not worthy “Oscar”: “Tony Erdmann”
  • I looked yesterday: “The house of strange children Miss Peregrine”
  • shame not to see “Barry Lyndon”
  • I want to forget, “He has Karlosona”
  • recalls his childhood: “The Tale of wandering”

“At Some Point, The Consumption Ceases To Bring Satisfaction”

Андрей Уродов, создатель культового журнала “Россия без нас”

Reading time 11 minutes

Andrew Urodov, creator the iconic magazine “Russia without us” on what media are interesting to read and why Russian teenagers tired of articles about Muzeon and about the best restaurants in Moscow.

В кабинете 510. Фото: Маргарита Галактионова
The Room 510. Photo: Margarita Galaktionova

Andrew, why you did it to journalism? How long have you developed an interest in journalism?

I studied in physics and mathematics. In the eleventh grade, I skipped informatics and went to the Olympics in literature, which I took for smart. So I became a programmer and a journalist because of truancy.

Do not you disappointed in journalism? You see their future connected with this profession?

It is difficult to give up on what you’ve never done. I have not worked newsmen, a reporter, a photographer. I do not yet engaged in journalism. Therefore, I have no disappointments there. There are deposit from shitty companies that work in this area. But this happens in any business. For journalism itself, as some inner urge to talk and talk, it has nothing to do.

What are your favorite journalists, writers, media personalities, which you equals and that influenced your work?

I have to the university did not read newspapers and do not even know who Prokhorov year as in the 2010th. I then came home to the girl to drink tea, and there was her mother. And she asks me, saying: “What will you do after school?” I said to her: “Can I go to journalism.” I answered them all, who was interested in, because I do not know what I want to do in life. She apparently thought that we had on the same wavelength; start overwrite about the presidential election: “Do you know who Prokhorov?” I hesitated a little, gave: “Journalist?” In short the girl that we did not succeed. And my favorite journalist – Elena Kostyuchenko.

And what the Russian media you give preference to, and why?

Kolte.ru – for what they are which year afloat and continue to write about what seems important to them. He died some literary critic – we write. And we do not care that you do not know. There should, therefore, be aware of. Read – to educate. That’s a steep approach.

“Rain” – for their special projects such as the latest film by Andrei mules.
Medusa and old tape + Reality old printed “BG”. In short, I was an ordinary person. I rejoice when I see in the film reports or articles where the journalist is small, and a lot of character. And the man says, and the journalist was silent: something there ask sometimes at home then in a logical order builds paragraphs decrypted text.

Where and how you acquired the skills of the journalist is the university?

I think that my skills is similar to those that have any person who graduated from high school. Write at least a C grade we all taught there. I have for some time been freelancers in the “BG”. Here, perhaps, and all that I did in “journalism”. Of those months, I learned one simple rule: “Andrew, write human language.” For helpful tips to better appeal to those who work on “Rain” or “Open Russia”, to “Kommersant”. Fortunately, these people have a lot.

You thought about how “Russia without us” effect on readers? Can such projects to change social values?

We initially tried to log express some patriotism, which is present in the people living in our country. Well, the feeling of some that exists separated from the power of the national idea, the party president. “Patriotism” is, of course, say not worth it, because this word has acquired in our country a negative note due to the actions of the authorities. That is, if you are a patriot, then here’s a ribbon gun and ran “for the homeland.” This substitution of concepts. But here, for example, there is a space Russian courts – and it’s all the same – with a few changes from the Baltic to Chukotka. And it is all any one inexplicable emotion. And there are a lot of emotions, most importantly to find them. In Russia, all the good people live, but about which no one writes and no one talks to them.

Social values are now in Russia there is little, people live very lonely, especially in the regions. They do not overlap with each other, and even more so with power. We’re just trying to re-introduce them with themselves in the magazine and show that there is a whole social group, which remained “overboard”. They do not have their media do not have a language in “society.”

Андрей Уродов и книга «Россия без нас». Фото: Маргарита Галактионова
Andrei Urodov and “Russia without us” book. Photo: Margarita Galaktionova

And as this project was influenced you?

I lost six kilos.

Why the magazine became so popular? Whether it is connected somehow to the fact that you are “out” beyond the Internet and began to be published?

I would not say that it is popular. Just tired of people reading about crap. I conditionally call the things that are now writing popular among youth publications. All of these “let’s buy shoes, then go eat sandwiches, walk in Muzeon discuss what made abrupt alterations in the sleeping areas of Stockholm and how much is health insurance in Germany” – well, it’s just some kind of violence. People are living in shit, wake up – look out the window at shit, go to the dining room and eat shit, as they say – there is one more thing a little bit, be patient with each and you save money on a new pair of sneakers, buy a guidebook “Billboards” poputeshestvuesh under a blanket – you will feel happy. At some point the consumption ceases to bring satisfaction. Young guys wake up in the new crosses, and all around is still shit.

Our promise was just to talk about living people in this workaday Hell and travel to places where the beautiful, simply because it has always been so.
In short people want to live and be strong until the media offer them sit in ten trendy restaurants, go for rags, to adopt the experience of others – Read the translation of a study on urban planning, in short, to try as much as possible not to notice anything around, get some pseudoknowledge and do not complain.

Recently, there are some sporadic good materials, but this is not enough. Why people do not read, for example, “Novaya Gazeta”? Now, if she had been typeset as publications LAM – to read, I’m sure. In short it is a shout into the void.

Выпуски журнала «Россия без нас». Фото: Андрей Уродов
Issues of “Russia without us” magazine. Photo: Andrew Urodov

In one of your interviews you said: “We’re not trying to make a magazine that addressed only to the past.” Thus, the past is in the magazine – it’s nostalgia, the present – these are the symbols of this life that you find all over the country, and that then the future?

The future of all of their own, because no one compares with the pulse of the country. Pulse that are constantly trying to find, but what if it does not exist at all, if he did not even need anyone. People have learned to live very long in their microstates. And learned. Chef at work – a president, absenteeism or tardiness – an administrative violation, a reprimand, a disgrace, arrest, shooting – the deprivation of the award. Therefore it is better not to argue with anyone and quiet. In the public sector as some hell’s going on. Many people in such circumstances, have lived for twenty years. They did not microstate under our country.

Выпуск № 7. «Россия без нас». Фото: Андрей Уродов
Issue number 7. «Russia without us». Photo: Andrew Urodov

What is most important right now to tell people?

About the people around.

Now, many young people trying to find themselves in the same creative projects, but it does not always work out. Sometimes just scared to have “own voice” that is different from the other, and sometimes lack of inspiration or confidence. What advice would you give to children at the beginning of their career?

Being with the reader on an equal footing.

“Baby box is an alternative to the death!”

Интервью с участницей феминистского движения Анастасией Якубовской

Reading time 7 minutes

Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

The Deputy Elena Mizulina in the beginning of June 2016 in the state Duma introduced a bill to ban the baby boxes. The author of the bill proposes to prohibit “activities focused on the organization of anonymous abandonment of children” and to punish a legal person by a fine in the installation boxes. On September 27 of 2016, according to Agency “Interfax”, the Russian government supported the initiative of Mizulina. To understand the pros and cons of baby boxes, I turned to the bright representative of the feminist movement Anastasia Jakubowski.

– Baby-boxes – a rather controversial phenomenon. Some experts call them the disgrace of society, others say that the baby boxes is an alternative to death. What point of view you hold and why?

– I am of the view that it is an alternative to death. Statistics show that in the year, dozens of babies found dead were women kill them, hammer a hammer, strangled, thrown in the trash. Basically they’re doing it out of panic, fear that they will condemn the society, from a sense of despair because they have no material means to raise a child. The reasons for infanticide can be a lot of out of this situation only two: put the baby in the baby box, or abandon it in the hospital. However, to leave the baby in the hospital is very difficult: you want to write a statement to indicate the reason for the failure, then within six months to wait for the decision of the court. This is a very long and unpleasant paperwork, when almost every day on every piece of paper you sign highlighted that you abandoned the child. And this method is never resorted to women suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Some girls decide to murder your baby because you’re afraid that at the hospital they just will not give up the baby: he will try to push the doctors and to condemn relatives. And baby-boxes exclude this situation: nobody knows when you put the baby in a box as it looks. In other words, no one can affect voluntary or forced because of the circumstances a woman’s decision to abandon the child.

– Is the statement that the baby boxes are forcing women to abandon their children?

– Of course not. Personally, I have never seen social advertising like “you Have no choice? Put baby in the baby box!”. No shares, no propaganda. If a woman is caught in such a predicament, she will find a way. About the baby boxes, almost no one knew, not yet broke this scandal. Many people forget or don’t even know what baby-boxes is not just a box in which to leave children. Next to them there are huge booths, which call to call hotlines, talk about raising a child, if you do not have enough funds. As the stands with the headlines “Call the hotline”, “you can help” can provoke the abandonment of children?

– What other arguments brought by the opponents of baby boxes?

– The main argument of most public institutions, for example, Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” is the lack of statistics, according to which infant mortality rate is declining. I met a showgirl, but to argue on this subject – it is like saying that the Earth is not round because you didn’t see it. Statesmen, such as former children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov and Yelena Mizulina, sure that the baby boxes violate a child’s right to know about my parents. However, it seems to me that when faced with a choice between death and life without being acquainted with their parents will choose life. Also the opponents of baby boxes believe that the woman relinquishing the child is not in the best point in my life. Maybe she’s depressed or she just seems that there is no way – in this state, she can’t make informed decisions. The deliberation of decisions can be assessed in each individual case, but clearly these women don’t just decide to kill her child. If you look at this subject this way, then the problem is not baby boxes, and social security in our country.

– Then there is the problem of infanticide can be solved by improving social conditions across the country?

– Yes, but no means for it. And all the baby boxes installed at the expense of personal funds, crowdfunding, charity is not a government initiative. For example, the first baby box was installed the head of the charitable Foundation “Cradle of hope” Elena Kotova. She heard stories about the murder of babies by their mothers, which is almost on the brink of survival, and began to raise money. It is impossible to say with 100 percent certainty that the number of infanticide declined, but over the past five years has saved dozens of babies. I think it’s a small victory.

– What will happen if the bill Mizulina to ban the baby boxes will still accept? How will this affect our society?

– In General society this will be reflected slightly. Will only increase the number of cases where child will be left on the doorstep of a hospital or kindergarten. This can be done in winter, when the baby may simply freeze. When children will be throw in the trash – the number of such accidents will also increase. A striking example of the consequences of this bill was the action of feminists in St. Petersburg: they took to the streets wearing masks with the face Mizulina wrote on dumpsters “This will replace the baby-boxes” or “baby box cannot be – in the trash can” and threw there toy babies. And it really is true. Of course, we can’t say for sure, but it is obvious that several dozen children who could have saved thanks to baby-boxes will die.

“Today, feminism is not relevant at all”

Ирина Хакамада призналась в нелюбви к феминизму

Reading time 2 minutes

Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

“Today, feminism is generally not relevant,” – says one of the most successful women of Russia Irina Khakamada. She doesn’t like feminism in its classical understanding. Closer to her post-feminist ideas: Khakamada considers that it is necessary to explain that in the first place – she and the second man, but “not his wallet,” but a personality.

Irina Khakamada met with students on September 20 the current-show “To the point!”. She talked about her political activity, practice, business coach, personal Hobbies, Outlook and secrets of success.


Irina mutsuovna Khakamada is a Russian politician, candidate of economic Sciences, writer, journalist. At the moment his main activity considers the holding of business trainings.
Born in Moscow on 13 April 1955. The father is a Japanese Communist Mutsuo Hakamada, the mother – Sinel Nina Iosifovna.
Graduated economist at the people’s friendship University; he defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of economic Sciences at MSU; he received the title of associate Professor on specialty “political economy”.

Full version talk-show with Irina Khakamada:

All video of the channel Hit.Media on Yutube

A day in the life of the little man

«Я не чувствую себя какой-то особенной, просто маленькая»

Reading time 13 minutes

Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

Every morning Olga goes to work, and in the evening returned to his apartment in Mitino, where waiting for her husband and five pets. Weekends spent with friends and family. In general, her life is a little different from the lives of many others, except that Olga – dwarf. At age 32, her height is less than 130 centimeters. I spent one day with Olga, making sure that it does not interfere with living a normal life.

About young people

— What I’ve seen all sorts of projects for young people, they always depict some sad and lonely. They look askance and point the finger. This is not the case — says Olga at the beginning of the day. — The main thing is how do you – is the attitude of people. I just recently asked to participate in a photo shoot “Disabled people in bright colors,” so I immediately refused. Because it looked very pathetic and sad. I do not feel any special, just a little. But I love it when I help. When allowed to leave work early, — she laughs. —So, Regret and make concessions – are different things.

It is believed that each social group has its own psychology and taboo on certain words and topics. Olga believes that not always and not all of it happens.

— I do not know how to others, but to me does not need any special treatment, I am open to dialogue and be happy looking for some new friends. I even tried to make friends in social networks with the same as me, but they did not go to the contact. They were silent and notorious people. And just born an interest in me, how they live, how they relax, where the dress.

According to her, the only taboo to communicate with young people – it is the word “dwarf” and “midget.” Primarily, this medical terms, which, in general, there is little discernible. Dwarf – people with acquired disease of the pituitary (ie, lack of growth hormone). Liliput gets pituitary insufficiency inherited. Dwarf – has a low rise with a disproportionate body, his short legs and a large head. Lilliputians is quite harmoniously composed, but they are significantly lower than dwarfs, their growth is not more than a meter. Lilliputians can not have children.

At Olga street not too stands out in a stream of passers-by
At Olga street not too stands out in a stream of passers-by

Home furnishings

Oli day begins at seven in the morning – she is drinking tea in the kitchen. There Olga talks about household chores.

— I get up early to cook breakfast husband. And after work, I rush home, so he was left without dinner. Men – the children, they can not do themselves. For food, I go too. The only thing I can not do at home because of small stature – a turn on the lights, but here comes to the aid of a chair. Also I can not get something from the shelf in the store – good people help out. More I can not pull of gravity. And I love all different gain. I actually have a lot of unnecessary things at home. I put everything on the “Avito” To good not disappeared.

House Olya live cat, rabbit and chinchilla
House Olya live cat, rabbit and chinchilla

However, home furnishings from the family rather ambiguous – they live a husband’s brother and his wife with a small child. They Olya is in a bad relationship, and virtually no talking. One reason: the housing problem. It tells the girl, the neighbors want to completely take the apartment itself, so expect a divorce with her husband Oli. The first room from the kitchen – living room, but after the death of her mother in law is a room used as a pantry. Next to her brother-room and his wife, and in the farthest Olga lives with her husband. There is a corner table with a computer, a number of – a compact sofa and plasma TV. In another corner of the large bed, littered with things. Olga leans over and pulls out from under her fluffy ginger cat muzzle with disaffected. The girl has another cat and two cats, but now they live with her mother. Apart from them in the corner is a spacious cage with a small rabbit, and on the balcony there are three chinchillas. Olya laments: if not for relations with its neighbors, pets these things would not stop there. She wants to have a dog and more.


Getting around the city

Olga works in Odintsovo. On the road from home to office usually spends half an hour. On the street and in public transport Olya feels confident all the routes studied the length and breadth. People do not pay attention to the low Woman, nobody is pointing. The only difference – it more often than the other girls, give way to public transport. Despite the rush hour on the subway Olga is not lost and is guided into the crowd in the same way as other passengers.

In transport Ole give way more often than other girls
In transport Ole give way more often than other girls

— Increased attention I use in children. When they noticed me at once fit to learn, but after a couple of minutes imbued with confidence and begin to tell their stories. Children take me for her, — Olya is smiling.

Thanks to state benefits for disabled Ole enjoy free rides. This allows you to save, as the girl has to use three types of transport at least twice a day. Also, her monthly pay allowance, which varies in the region of eight to ten thousand. But of all the benefits Olya loves best free tickets to the theater – performances she tries to attend every week. Getting around the city it is not difficult – Olya said that I went to work not for money, but not to sit in one place, it is necessary to do something with energy.

— Now I am working on a specialty agroecology. Prior to that, she worked in the service of the reservation and in the call center ISP. In the good places I did not take. I come to the interview, but I immediately refused without explanation. I think the main reason is the experience – at that time I did not have it. Of course, the reason is that a small increase. Employers doubted my physical abilities, although I’m a very responsible and serious attitude to business. This is all the stereotypes and prejudices, without which we nowhere.


Olga works in the company's environmental, there are many of her classmates
Olga works in the company’s environmental, there are many of her classmates

Current job Oli – private company, which is engaged in a test of the soil before the construction of an object. The three spacious rooms geologists working at the same time, geophysicists and ecologists. Olga is listed in the group of environmentalists, he goes to the place settings and takes the analysis of the soil, and then measures the radiation and wrote a report based on these data. Company owners picked a team of former classmates and colleagues. That is the business relationship arose after the friendly. So it was with Olya.

— Twenty-eighth of June, we celebrated my birthday – when a friend wished me to fulfill your dreams and find a job. A few days later I got a call Lesha and Victor, inviting us to work with Ira in their company. With the guys we studied together at the Timiryazev Academy, so since last August and we work as a team, — says Olga.

For seven hours spent in the office, Olga got acquainted with all my colleagues who have great pleasure in telling me all sorts of stories of Lyali life (as Olga kindly call colleagues).

— The boys, of course, I forgive the tardiness and early departures, and are sensitive to any situation, but I’m still trying to work out for lost time, — says the girl.

At the same table with Olga sits that same IRA, with which they are friends with the first course. According to her, Lala brings excitement to the team.

— It is very curious, always looking for a some adventure, something to sell, someone help, somewhere calls. It falls out of the standard of living, compared to it, we all inhabitants here. It infected Lala I love animals – I also have a cat and a chinchilla. The only negative – it is straightforward, says what he thinks. Despite this, she has many friends: we had somewhere to go, and it often approach people with the words “Oh, and we know you,” — praising her friend Irina.

— She and the institute had always been so active, all gathered around him. But this time we decided to help her — says Victor, one of the chief Oli and her former classmate.

Free time

After work, Olga goes to “The State Theatre of film actor.” Any event Olga tries to attend every week. In addition, she loves to travel – prefers to Thailand, Vietnam and China.

— Asia for me – something new, unusual. And the people there are open. Of the European countries, I was only in Greece and Montenegro. I did not like: bad service, and some people angry. But in general I do not care where to go. The main thing – to anyone. I usually travel with my friends, my husband does not love all of these movements. Incidentally, in the nearest future I – to go somewhere in the mountains, skiing or snowboarding. In the meantime, I just got to the suburbs.

Olya in the theater with her friend
Olya in the theater with her friend

The theater Olga met her friend Nastya, with whom he worked in the call center five years ago. Performance “Angelova doll,” directed by Yegor Druzhinin lasts only an hour. After completion of setting the girls go to the Arbat in the “tavern” where I leave them and not to interfere with friendly conversation.

Photo by the author