A day in the life of the little man

«Я не чувствую себя какой-то особенной, просто маленькая»

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Every morning Olga goes to work, and in the evening returned to his apartment in Mitino, where waiting for her husband and five pets. Weekends spent with friends and family. In general, her life is a little different from the lives of many others, except that Olga – dwarf. At age 32, her height is less than 130 centimeters. I spent one day with Olga, making sure that it does not interfere with living a normal life.

About young people

— What I’ve seen all sorts of projects for young people, they always depict some sad and lonely. They look askance and point the finger. This is not the case — says Olga at the beginning of the day. — The main thing is how do you – is the attitude of people. I just recently asked to participate in a photo shoot “Disabled people in bright colors,” so I immediately refused. Because it looked very pathetic and sad. I do not feel any special, just a little. But I love it when I help. When allowed to leave work early, — she laughs. —So, Regret and make concessions – are different things.

It is believed that each social group has its own psychology and taboo on certain words and topics. Olga believes that not always and not all of it happens.

— I do not know how to others, but to me does not need any special treatment, I am open to dialogue and be happy looking for some new friends. I even tried to make friends in social networks with the same as me, but they did not go to the contact. They were silent and notorious people. And just born an interest in me, how they live, how they relax, where the dress.

According to her, the only taboo to communicate with young people – it is the word “dwarf” and “midget.” Primarily, this medical terms, which, in general, there is little discernible. Dwarf – people with acquired disease of the pituitary (ie, lack of growth hormone). Liliput gets pituitary insufficiency inherited. Dwarf – has a low rise with a disproportionate body, his short legs and a large head. Lilliputians is quite harmoniously composed, but they are significantly lower than dwarfs, their growth is not more than a meter. Lilliputians can not have children.

At Olga street not too stands out in a stream of passers-by
At Olga street not too stands out in a stream of passers-by

Home furnishings

Oli day begins at seven in the morning – she is drinking tea in the kitchen. There Olga talks about household chores.

— I get up early to cook breakfast husband. And after work, I rush home, so he was left without dinner. Men – the children, they can not do themselves. For food, I go too. The only thing I can not do at home because of small stature – a turn on the lights, but here comes to the aid of a chair. Also I can not get something from the shelf in the store – good people help out. More I can not pull of gravity. And I love all different gain. I actually have a lot of unnecessary things at home. I put everything on the “Avito” To good not disappeared.

House Olya live cat, rabbit and chinchilla
House Olya live cat, rabbit and chinchilla

However, home furnishings from the family rather ambiguous – they live a husband’s brother and his wife with a small child. They Olya is in a bad relationship, and virtually no talking. One reason: the housing problem. It tells the girl, the neighbors want to completely take the apartment itself, so expect a divorce with her husband Oli. The first room from the kitchen – living room, but after the death of her mother in law is a room used as a pantry. Next to her brother-room and his wife, and in the farthest Olga lives with her husband. There is a corner table with a computer, a number of – a compact sofa and plasma TV. In another corner of the large bed, littered with things. Olga leans over and pulls out from under her fluffy ginger cat muzzle with disaffected. The girl has another cat and two cats, but now they live with her mother. Apart from them in the corner is a spacious cage with a small rabbit, and on the balcony there are three chinchillas. Olya laments: if not for relations with its neighbors, pets these things would not stop there. She wants to have a dog and more.


Getting around the city

Olga works in Odintsovo. On the road from home to office usually spends half an hour. On the street and in public transport Olya feels confident all the routes studied the length and breadth. People do not pay attention to the low Woman, nobody is pointing. The only difference – it more often than the other girls, give way to public transport. Despite the rush hour on the subway Olga is not lost and is guided into the crowd in the same way as other passengers.

In transport Ole give way more often than other girls
In transport Ole give way more often than other girls

— Increased attention I use in children. When they noticed me at once fit to learn, but after a couple of minutes imbued with confidence and begin to tell their stories. Children take me for her, — Olya is smiling.

Thanks to state benefits for disabled Ole enjoy free rides. This allows you to save, as the girl has to use three types of transport at least twice a day. Also, her monthly pay allowance, which varies in the region of eight to ten thousand. But of all the benefits Olya loves best free tickets to the theater – performances she tries to attend every week. Getting around the city it is not difficult – Olya said that I went to work not for money, but not to sit in one place, it is necessary to do something with energy.

— Now I am working on a specialty agroecology. Prior to that, she worked in the service of the reservation and in the call center ISP. In the good places I did not take. I come to the interview, but I immediately refused without explanation. I think the main reason is the experience – at that time I did not have it. Of course, the reason is that a small increase. Employers doubted my physical abilities, although I’m a very responsible and serious attitude to business. This is all the stereotypes and prejudices, without which we nowhere.


Olga works in the company's environmental, there are many of her classmates
Olga works in the company’s environmental, there are many of her classmates

Current job Oli – private company, which is engaged in a test of the soil before the construction of an object. The three spacious rooms geologists working at the same time, geophysicists and ecologists. Olga is listed in the group of environmentalists, he goes to the place settings and takes the analysis of the soil, and then measures the radiation and wrote a report based on these data. Company owners picked a team of former classmates and colleagues. That is the business relationship arose after the friendly. So it was with Olya.

— Twenty-eighth of June, we celebrated my birthday – when a friend wished me to fulfill your dreams and find a job. A few days later I got a call Lesha and Victor, inviting us to work with Ira in their company. With the guys we studied together at the Timiryazev Academy, so since last August and we work as a team, — says Olga.

For seven hours spent in the office, Olga got acquainted with all my colleagues who have great pleasure in telling me all sorts of stories of Lyali life (as Olga kindly call colleagues).

— The boys, of course, I forgive the tardiness and early departures, and are sensitive to any situation, but I’m still trying to work out for lost time, — says the girl.

At the same table with Olga sits that same IRA, with which they are friends with the first course. According to her, Lala brings excitement to the team.

— It is very curious, always looking for a some adventure, something to sell, someone help, somewhere calls. It falls out of the standard of living, compared to it, we all inhabitants here. It infected Lala I love animals – I also have a cat and a chinchilla. The only negative – it is straightforward, says what he thinks. Despite this, she has many friends: we had somewhere to go, and it often approach people with the words “Oh, and we know you,” — praising her friend Irina.

— She and the institute had always been so active, all gathered around him. But this time we decided to help her — says Victor, one of the chief Oli and her former classmate.

Free time

After work, Olga goes to “The State Theatre of film actor.” Any event Olga tries to attend every week. In addition, she loves to travel – prefers to Thailand, Vietnam and China.

— Asia for me – something new, unusual. And the people there are open. Of the European countries, I was only in Greece and Montenegro. I did not like: bad service, and some people angry. But in general I do not care where to go. The main thing – to anyone. I usually travel with my friends, my husband does not love all of these movements. Incidentally, in the nearest future I – to go somewhere in the mountains, skiing or snowboarding. In the meantime, I just got to the suburbs.

Olya in the theater with her friend
Olya in the theater with her friend

The theater Olga met her friend Nastya, with whom he worked in the call center five years ago. Performance “Angelova doll,” directed by Yegor Druzhinin lasts only an hour. After completion of setting the girls go to the Arbat in the “tavern” where I leave them and not to interfere with friendly conversation.

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Georgy Rozov: “It was painfully difficult, but convincing interesting!”

Как начал заниматься фотографией, как поступал в МГУ, и многое другое

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Photographer, journalist, author of several books on photographic art Georgy Rozov shared his story.

Maria Grebneva, first course, Bachelor’s program “Mediacommunications”: Did you do a child a photo, drawing or other creative work?

Georgy Rozov: There have been attempts to paint watercolors in 14 years, but I ran into something that no one in the family could not understand why buy such expensive paint. Saving for breakfast, I had saved some money, bought honey watercolors. Not knowing what you need to breed and watercolor on wet paint, I painted as paint gouache. And it somehow died down quickly. There were bad brush and paint, I did not like it, the paper was poor and a loose, often warped.

At school I was fond of literature, and even wrote essays in verse.

MG .: Who influenced your decision to take a photo?

GR .: My father was an avid amateur photographer, he liked to repeat the scenes of “Spark”. Images were obtained clearly ogonkovskogo level, but for him it was fine, if everything drastically, if the black dot on the spot, if all the juicy, then he walked pleased with himself. He was a technician, engineer, test cars in the profession. Technique photos he did with great pleasure. He liked the way this piece of paper is shown. He showed me, and I remember how the manifestation process. By itself, the process of the soul of the fuse, but the artistic side of photography passed.

At school, she taught Russian language and literature, Nina Sviridova (editor’s note:. A well-known photographer of the second half of the XX century.). It was our homeroom teacher, it has led to all sorts of tours and filmed there. Photos even partially preserved. In terms of sensationalism it was even some student work. I even now I look and wonder that such a talented person such nonsense shot. And then she left the school, but thanks to her, I became interested in literature and writing poetry.

MG .: When you first realized took the camera in his hands?

GR .: When I returned from the army, he saw a new “Zenit E” father of the camera table. Pretty primitive contraption, but then it was better not. On it she was put on a telephoto lens “Tair-11”, at the time a striking, because it was very small depth of field. I took this thing, looked at her flowers on the window and realized that it was very interesting. I ran out into the street and began to shoot the sun reflected in the different subjects. In the very first day, I made 10 pieces of photos, where the sun through a leaf in the hole lurks, as the sun is reflected in a puddle through the leaves. And then a friend of mine, who was older than me, took my pictures and said that will carry them to the photo contest at his institute, and there were people with experience of 10-15 years. He took and anonymously put this series, it was called: “I see the sun.” I grabbed the first place. And from that moment I did not part with cameras.

Georgy Rozov. Sharko shower
Georgy Rozov. Sharko shower

MG:. When and how did you write your first text ?

GR:. I began to write once he came out of the army: he went and collected the announcements, one of these tasks was to write a preview for the transmission of Lenin. I was assigned to go to Karanovic (editor’s note:. Russian actor, director and screenwriter) and make rasshifrovochku. It just thrown into the water, poplyvesh – availest not poplyvesh – do not need anyone. Then, because there was no Internet, and discover who is quickly Karanovic I could not, I have no one taught us how to prepare for an interview. He came up to him and got into some other medium of his farmhouse, then I saw Svetlov, I learned it from newspaper pictures, and then realized that he was in the Writers’ House.

I’m calling on the door Karanovic, an elderly man opens. He acknowledges that about him do not know anything, then he climbed up on the shelf and took out the encyclopaedia Bi-bi-si on the world cinema, was opened, and there is the letter “K” two pages on Karanovic, and 15 films that he created.

In between the films deal with nothing, and he wrote the script for the transmission of Lenin on the radio. I do not like to use direct speech of Lenin, so to create a script based on documents and letters, read these tests different actors. The result was an interesting documentary series, which gladly listened.

He told me everything, I listened, wrote something down. Came home, a tremendous promptly inserted text, and then cleaned and cut, brought to the editor, there read it and said: “Well, go, we have to cut it, go enjoy yourself!”. Two weeks later I received a 9 rubles, at that time it was a lot of money for me.

MG:. As you begin to work without education journalist, had come to the decision to go to university ?

GR:. I have never in life no diploma did not ask any photographic or journalistic. It is not a piece of paper, and in education really is. Can you do – you will be working. I come from a technical family, and I obviously did not have enough human knowledge. When I started writing, I felt it.

First he tried to enter the university at the History Faculty. But I did not have three points in English. I handed over to the English trio, and needed a very high pass rate, because there were 20 people in the place.

Shortly before the fourth year exams I had almost given up: just about the baby is born, and I obviously did not get without a university preparatory courses have at me, and there is no money. I went to the aunt from English and told her straight out that I have no money, and want so much, asked her to help prepare. She agreed: “All right, come to my house.” I went to her home they had a little girl who drummed on the piano. And I began to take off.

The next time you come with ready-made pictures – how to pay. Photos turned out well, very much. Her husband looked at them and said, “Look, you forgot this history department? You’re a born journalist, not only writing, but also shoot brilliant! “. He convinced me, I tried to apply for journalism and was the first time.

Georgy Rozov. Genre pictures

MG:. Have you had any difficult cases, when it was impossible to make good pictures?

GR:. the photographer has the concept of “resistance of the material.” “Material” – these are the people with whom you work, circumstances, location and lighting. There are a variety of circumstances that interfere with the photographer. Suppose the motion train schedule does not coincide with the event for which you are in a hurry, but must somehow be there on time, but the train is not coming. What do you want, then do it, but be on time, because the photographer has to be at the right time in the right place. Sometimes the weather is bad and you need to shoot it, too, “the resistance of the material.” But the photographer has to come out on top, it should not come empty. Blood from his nose, and the picture should be.

MG:. Have you had a difficult situation where only your own knowledge helped you make a good shot ?

GR:. With Zhirinovsky story was: you have to shoot him, and he at the meeting. I was taken to his office, I put the light. The guard asked if I two minutes is enough. I said that’s enough. He waited fifteen minutes, then flew Zhirinovsky, all sweaty, sits down and says, “Let’s shoot!”. He quickly combed his hair, straightened his shirt and did the right person. I once clicked, and he fled, and it was the band picture for the magazine. If I did not know how to shoot portraits if not immediately delivered light, if he did not have the right person, and I would not have time to hit, then I would have a photo with a crooked face.

MG:. Do you have any stories like that you’re proud ?

GR:. I was very pleased with himself, when he began to engage in advertising, because I went to a whole period of discoveries of all kinds. To discover things that before did not know about the pictures. We had to somehow be creative and invent something.

It was such a story: the Japanese arrived in Russia and announced a tender for the construction of a huge hotel complex, where it was necessary to create a large cooling system “climate control”, a common air conditioning to the entire building, which purifies the air and creates the desired temperature. They needed a company that will assemble it all. And one of our firms competing for the order, seriously fought for him. Order has been around for a million dollars, at that time a lot of money, it was 15-20 years ago. Competitors were much more than twenty. Then arranged the exhibition, where there were stands of these companies.

He came to me a young guy, who was hired as a PR-manager of this office, and offered to make a promotional photo. I went to the company and it became clear that they were going to shoot, and it looks like this thing. They said that there is a similar setup in another place, and we need to go there, shoot it. It was located on the first and second floor of an industrial building, the different parts of it were located in each room. How do I take off? Firstly, it is a small room, there is a dark and ugly!

I went home, scratched his head for two days, and then came to him and asked him to put me to the warehouse, where there were new components to the Japanese system. In stock had a lot of shiny tubes, all brand new polished squiggles, all this I took a deep car, drove home and started playing with it. I started to take pictures, and to highlight how they get some kind of snake. So it’s the name of this series – “zmeyuku”.

From what I have been made nasnimal Way photos for advertising booklet. At the same time, interestingly, at the same time with me in secret, they were given the order large advertising firm, and they have developed a concept of the advertising booklet, but the company chose my concept band with pictures. We did booklet and stands and got this huge order. Then I was offered three thousand dollars or a car «Toyota». I left them in the car, and then she told me his wife had saved lives, when we got into a serious car accident.

MG:. as the emergence of digital photography effect on your life ?

GR:. radically and enthusiastically, that is, with gusto! It was so hard at first because all the programs were in English, and to them I was not engaged, it seemed to me that it is absolutely empty pastime. And when I suddenly leaned english photoshop, I started poking around with a dictionary to translate every line, every word. It was painfully difficult, but intoxicatingly interesting!

I got suddenly such opportunities, which could not even dream of, because about 15 years old color photo had been torn away from the photographer. Photographer only pressed the button and getting ready photos. He had to accept the fact that issued a “black box.” You do not like it, you realize that there are little green men, trash, and even if you go to the lab, especially any that you can not influence. Then you were not the owner, an artist, you just had a “punchers on the button.” I was always terribly enraged.

Suddenly you become the owner of the image! You begin to be an artist in the present. You are the creator from the beginning to the end, affect the image when you shoot and when it is processed. I’m 16 hours did not get out of the computer.

Georgy Rozov. Portraits

“The main thing of media is intonation”

Филипп Дзядко в ВШЭ на ток-шоу «В точку!»

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The chief editor of the educational project “Arzamas”, the former chief editor of the magazine “Big city”, the director of special projects of the magazine The New Times, host of TV-programme “Dzyadko3” on “TV Rain” Philip Dzyadko – is the guest on the talk show “To the point!” of the media center at the Higher school of Economics.

The full version of the program:

All video channel Hit.Media on Yutube

Alexey Ametov about how to become a good journalist

Создатель издательского дома Look At Media в студии ток-шоу «В точку!»

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“Less painful to work in the Russian media will be if, after 2018, and while the situation is very unfavorable. Although everything in Russia is unpredictable, maybe tomorrow you will wake up – and less pain the day after that, again more”.

Alexey Ametov told what is the best way to maintain the spirit, and what you should do if you don’t have this tool.

Alexey Ametov about how to become a good journalist:

“Particular institution doesn’t matter: you can be a graduate of journalism and no journalist, but you can learn from anywhere in the University, the faculty, which serves nuclear and wonderful writing. The main thing to have the talent.”

Do you want to work in Look At Media?

“The right thing – asking for an internship in the summer, when everyone’s on holiday, and the editor rubric happy to take advantage of free labor”.

Full version of talk show of media center HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Aleksey Ametov you can see here:

All video channel Hit.Media on Yutube

“It’s like if in boxing to give the enemy in the balls”

Леонид Радзиховский в ВШЭ на ток-шоу «В точку»

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Leonid Radzikhovsky is one of the most witty, sarcastic and columnists of our time. Talk show “To the point” with him as a guest of the Studio was held on Thursday 28 April at 18:00. It was not boring to anyone.

Full version talk show with Radzikhovsky:


Leonid Radzikhovsky (November 1, 1953, Moscow) — Soviet and Russian writer and scientist, a psychologist. Candidate of psychological Sciences. Member of the Union of writers of Moscow. The winner of the award “Golden pen of Russia” (1993). Columnist in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the online edition of the “recent comments”, a permanent member of the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. In some publications used the pseudonym “Boris Suvorin”.

More at Wikipedia

All video channel Hit.Media on Yutube

Posner denied not only in love

Познер рассказал о государственных деятелях, отклонивших его приглашения на интервью

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Twice he tried to call Putin, but both times was refused. Also denied in an interview with Posner’s defense Minister Schoygu, and yet failed to obtain consent from the Chairman of the government Olga Golodets.

As he noted, in denying such people there is nothing supernatural, and the appearance on the screen visible officials always has some purpose, because, as noted Posner, “the television belongs to them, so they can come or not to come.”

Journalism, politics, Ivan the terrible, Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, “Pamagat”, “Kasyanov day,” and more – in the full version of the talk show media center, HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Vladimir Pozner, see here:

Two failure of the program “Pozner”

Откровения знаменитого телеведущего на ток-шоу «В точку»

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Sharing experience with the younger generation of journalists, Vladimir Pozner openly admitted the failure of its two programs: the esters with Mikhail Zhvanetsky and Ivan Urgant.

Posner speaks about these guests in the most positive way: he “loves” Zhvanetsky and “Oh, Vanya is really his friend,” but this is what has doomed both of them to fail.

Journalism, politics, Ivan Grozniy, Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, “Panamagate”, “Kas’yanov day,” and more – in the full version of the talk show media center HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Vladimir Pozner, see here:

All video channel Hit.Media on Yutube

Posner doesn’t know who can replace Putin

При этом тележурналист считает идею о незаменимости правителя «рабской»

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To the question “who, if not Putin?” says that “always someone there”. Denies even this “someone” is already there, but notes with regret that his people are unknown.

Journalism, politics, Ivan the terrible, Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin,  “Pamagat”, “Kasyanov day,” and more – in the full version of the talk show media center, HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Vladimir Pozner, see here:

Posner was offered a bribe of 250 thousand dollars

Владимиру Познеру лишь однажды предложили взятку за участие в программе, зато большую - в 250 тыс. долларов

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This he said during a meeting with students of the Higher school of Economics April 5, 2016

The proposal, according to the journalist, was “to in this program said about the suffering of Iraqi children due to American invasion. What about it needs to be the plan.”

Vladimir Pozner said that offering money to people associated with the oil business and well known. However, their names broadcaster not named.

Journalism, politics, Ivan the terrible, Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, “Pamagat”, “Kasyanov day,” and more – in the full version of the talk show media center, HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Vladimir Pozner, see here:

Posner was in danger because of the statements of the Russian Orthodox Church

Владимир Познер «допускал и допускает» угрозу для собственной жизни со стороны православных активистов

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TV presenter does not hide that “quite a few times and quite sharply spoke about the Russian Orthodox Church and, in particular, on the occasion of the Patriarch.” Since mad men is and will be, Posner admits that “thinking is talking about”, but claims he never changes his position.

Journalism, politics, Ivan the terrible, Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin,  “Pamagat”, “Kasyanov day,” and more – in the full version of the talk show media center, HSE and Hit.Media “To the point!” with Vladimir Pozner, see here: