Sensuality as an art object

Эти перформансы возмущали и шокировали, а сегодня стали классикой

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The genre of performance art, provocative and sometimes divides society: aesthetes admire, and the townsfolk are outraged and demand to punish the author. Take stock Peter Pavlensky for which the artist repeatedly brought to trial. Not only the performances with political overtones, and artistic experiments in the realm of sexuality and physical contact cause a violent reaction. Where is the line between perverted instincts and high art? Try to find the answer in retrospect, the most controversial performances at the century looms.


Cute MUAR: the “Mirror box”

In the summer of 2016 Cute MUAR, was arrested by the London police during a performance of “Mirror box”. The artist who has made this campaign in several cities, appeared in Trafalgar square and invited passersby to touch her genitals, putting his hands in the mirror box, worn like a skirt. Nice announced that its performance is a continuation of the rally, which was held in Cologne after a series of rapes. Through his speech, the girl drew public attention to the problem of mutual consent during sexual intercourse. She prizvali to respect women and to always remember that only they have the right to decide “when and how is anyone to touch them”, and when it is unacceptable.

Valie Export: “Haptic cinema”

Nearly half a century before the Moire young artist Valie Export took to the streets of Vienna in a cardboard box with a curtain covering her bare chest. Was the audience informed that this box is the cinema hall, the girl’s body, and the common view they will replace the touch. Using his own body as the main instrument, Vali has researched the problem of sexual objectification. In this case, she exploited the audience, engaging them in an unusual game. In 1969, the artist spent new performance, appearing at the session in the cinema in trousers with a hole cut out between his legs. She walked between the rows, occasionally turning to the audience. The audience was confused, because with the manifestation of female sexuality in such an extravagant form of many of them faced for the first time.

Boryana Rossa: “Deconstruction tactile cinema”
Boryana Rossa during the campaign
Boryana Rossa during the campaign “Deconstruction tactile cinema”

Idea Export was continued in the works of actionistic the next era. Boryana Rossa, the Bulgarian artist who beat cancer thanks to the procedure of mastectomy (removal of breast tissue) and created one of the most spectacular performances of physicality. In 2013, Boryana has deconstructed the action of Valie Export. The girl herself put on the box with the curtain and asked everyone to touch her body — only to discover there chest the audience could not.


Judy Chicago: “the Trilogy of birth”
Participant performance by Judy Chicago
the Participants of the performance by Judy Chicago

“Trilogy of birth” (1972) — one of the last performances by Judy Chicago — vaguely resembled a child’s game in a trickle. Some of the girls stood in a dense column and with all the forces “push”, while the other participants of the presentation crawled between her legs, pretending to born children. “Babies” holding hands and singing songs, which became louder and louder, and in the end passed into some frenzied animal scream. Twenty participants of the performance tried to immerse the audience in a condition that a woman experiences in childbirth. Judy often complained that aktivistki almost turning to the topic of motherhood — whether because they lack experience, or because they avoid the problems of gender roles, being in captivity for many a taboo.

Elena Kovylina: a series of performances
Elena Kovylina is waiting for a new opponent during the performance
Elena Kovylina is waiting for a new opponent during the performance, “Box”

In his submissions, Elena Kovylina has repeatedly covered the topic of gender stereotypes. Performance “Do it yourself” (1999) — illustration of obedience, women dependent on the decisions of men. Wearing a noose around his neck, she stood on a stool and offered the representatives of the stronger sex to take it out. The performance “Boxing” (2005) was devoted to the theme of feminine weakness. Elena came out to the ring and waited for the enemy, and then tried to stay on his feet at least a few rounds. About the emotional instability says “Waltz” (2005), during which the dancing girl was literally unconscious, drinking a glass of vodka after each round to which she invited at first intrigued and then frightened men.


Marina Abramovic and olai: a series of performances
Marina Abramovic and Frank Uwe Sasipen ("olai")
Marina Abramovic and Frank Uwe Sasipen (olai)

The story of abramović and Ulay — a vivid example of how relations within the couple becomes part of the performance. Before meeting with German artist Marina Abramovic has tried to explore facets of his own body and mind, but met a loved one, turned to the subject of spiritual merging men and women.

“Relations in space”
Marina and the Wulai perform performance
Marina and olai perform performance “relation in space”

One of their first joint installations of Marina and Ulay was represented in the Venice Biennale in 1976. Naked artists quickly moved around the hall, faced, and then dispersed again, repeating this for several hours. The actionist tried to combine the power of both sexes to produce a third creature, which they dubbed “ThatSelf” (“the entity”).

Performance Marina Abramovic and Ulay
Performance art Marina Abramovic and Ulay “Breath”

“Breath” show that the couple spent in Amsterdam in 1978. Marina and the Wulai connected their mouths with a special device, and breathe the exhalations of each other until the oxygen ran out. The presentation lasted about 15 minutes, after which they both fell to the floor unconscious. In this view, artists have tried to show that the lovers can support each other’s lives, at the same time its taking.

“rest Energy”
Artists freely given to the weight of their bodies during the performance,
the Artists freely give weight to their bodies during the performance, “Energy of rest”

The performance, which took place in Dublin in 1980, Marina and olai dedicated to the limitless confidence between close friends. They stood opposite each other and didn’t look. Abramovich was holding a combat bow, and olai — stretched the string and the arrow that was aimed at the heart of the partner. Under clothing every were devices that recorded the heartbeat and broadcast the sound throughout the room. It lasted about four minutes, but Marina “they have become eternity.”


Rudolf Svartskogen: “3rd action”
Rudolph Schwartzkogler during the
Rudolf Svartskogen during the “3rd action”

Almost all of these performances took place in Vienna in the 60s and were associated with the experiments over the body, trying to control the pain and enter a state of meditation. Rudolf Svartskogen belonged to one of the most radical group of Austrian artists, and together they have invented new methods of ritual violence in performance art. In his submissions, he has broken every imaginable taboo, claiming that gives access to the instincts that are suppressed by society of postwar Europe. During the “3rd action” (1965) he wrapped himself with bandages and made the cuts, watching as the blood flows down onto the piece of metal that was lying near his head. Self-torture for Shvarzneger — an opportunity to prove that the power of the human body can only belong to him.

Marina Abramovic: “Rhythm 0”
Marina Abramovic
Marina Abramovic “Rhythm 0”

Marina Abramovic has created a series of performances called “Rhythm”. In 1974, she for six hours was locked in the gallery with the public. Before them was laid out 72 of the subject, some symbolized choice (honey, rose, fur boa), other violence (chain, knife, belt) and the death (gun, bullet). On one wall hung a ad that all items on the table and the body of the artist are in full possession of the public. At first the people were involved in the “game” with caution, but after a couple of hours it was getting really aggressive. Marina clothing was torn, her body pierced with thorns, covered with bruises and cuts, one of the spectators put the head of the artist to the muzzle of the gun, but it failed to stop. Abramovich explained that wanted to show “how quickly the person can return to the wild cave state if he is to let”.


the Specifically for

Alexander Starusev-Perceive, master of fine arts, lecturer at the HSE
Alexander Starusev-Perceive, master of fine arts, lecturer, HSE

“Performance should not be seen as a way to shock the audience, this phenomenon has become a full form of modern art. And it is known to be prone to provocative. If we see society as a mechanism, a performance in it — the force that may lead him into action, to excite, and, most importantly, to restore the desired balance.”

editor of the
the editor of the “Art” of the website Colta Sergey Guskov

“The emergence and spread of action primarily due to the fact that the art always seeks and finds new, more affordable ways of dialogue with an audience.”


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“They naturally play mad men”

Знакомьтесь: Денис Пил, «Стэнли Кубрик» модной фотографии

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The photographer uses a custom”cinematic” approach, as if documenting the lives of their heroines and creating each frame of the story. His models don’t look dramatic, they have natural poses, facial expressions, there is no falsehood, static character. Photographer loves to shoot models at inopportune moments: when they’re about to shoot or just goofing around, feeling free. Photos by Denis Saw ambiguous, it is impossible to unravel their meaning the first time, they make us think of what it was before this picture and what comes after, giving rise to new questions.

Denis Peel at the opening of the personal exhibition “freeze-frame. Fashion photography”
Denis Drank during the public current at the Center of photography Lumiere brothers
Denis Drank during the public current at the Center of photography Lumiere brothers

“What’s the secret of a good frames? We model must feel and understand each other, that is, in the process there is immersion in the story I want to tell, she listens to my idea, watching my thoughts and, of course, can change them, it even gives a certain charm to the pictures. Here are my perfect shooting. Such relations for a photographer is extremely important.”

“I never create a clear, detailed scenario, don’t prescribe it, do not give out specific role models, I just got the idea in my head and already the campaign to decide how to implement it, what to change, what to add, it’s a long process of creating history. That is why my photos do not get frozen and static, they are full of life and emotion.”

“In photography I am only interested in cinematic moments, I don’t like the standard, albeit beautiful, posture, do not like static shots, I’m trying to catch something real, alive, the story, behind which lies a question, a riddle which cannot be solved on the first attempt, it is the idea on which you need to break your head.”

“I think that every Creator should fall in love with your model, to find in it something extraordinary and unique, to admire her character, appearance, allow yourself to be enchanted by her. I always do”.

Denis Saws specifically for Hit.Media

“My favorite series of works: a girl in a long evening dress with flounced walks along the shady alleys of the garden, and behind it rushes peacock. He follows on her heels like fell in love with her stately figure, and saw something beautiful. It struck me – this proud bird conceded defeat in the “beauty contest” and admired someone else’s superiority.”

“Who of the Directors inspires me? Of course, it’s Kubrick. I am very flattered when people compare me with him, although I will never compare my work with his films, it is blasphemy. I like his imagination, unpredictability, original plot development, sets, and actors who are so naturally played by mad men, I am struck by a deep psychoanalysis of his paintings”.

“Determines whether a Vogue, that I will remove? No, you saved me the freedom of choice to the idea and concept of operation. The art Director invited me to shoot have specified the clothing, we choose models defined by the location, come to a certain place, and there I create my own script, then removed the story and hand over her journal.”

“Freeze-frame. Fashion photography”

The Muse

Gia Karanja "Vogue"
Gia Karanja for Vogue

The Central place in the exposition is the photo the bold and unrestrained models, favorite Denis Saw – GE Karanja. This girl is still very young managed to turn the head of many designers and participated in fashion shows a great designer, but left this world too early, the drugs killed her.

“My favorite model was Gia. – admits Denis, I have never met a more straightforward and open person, she was incredibly talented and strong. I’m sorry that Gia had to leave so early, she will forever remain in my heart.”

Pretty baby

Brooke shields for Vogue
Brooke shields for Vogue

The young actress Brooke shields as if playing in an adult woman: dressed in a silk gown and made the front hair, but her poses still reads childlike and easy clumsiness.

The contrast of the two worlds

Series "Morocco"
the Series “Morocco”

In a series of photos from Morocco, Denis Drank “settled” European woman, accustomed to luxury and a carefree life in the poor neighborhoods where she meets street vendors, artisans and Housewives, playing with their children. The main idea of shooting on the poor streets of Morocco that the model and the audience sees “a stark contrast of two worlds.”

Simplicity and serenity

Christy Turlington for "ELLE
Christy Turlington for “ELLE”

From Morocco we moved to California, where we meet Christy Turlington, supermodel of the 90s. She luxuriates in the sun, sitting on the veranda of a fishermen’s cabin. Posture and gentle face expressed utter serenity. Christy Turlington personifies the sexy simplicity, in which there is nothing coarse, nothing sleazy, it is truly amazing.

Beautiful Swan

Andie MacDowell for "Vanity Fair"
Andie MacDowell for “Vanity Fair”

Photography with American actress and model Andie MacDowell is the pride of Dennis Saw. He told us that Andy, when he came to it, was a terribly shy and insecure. The photographer was outraged and decided to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful Swan right on the record”: put on some music, began to tell funny stories, and soon she felt free. Later, McDowell has admitted that this meeting radically changed her view of themselves.

Mind. The beginning of the path

First photo shoot uma Thurman
the First photo shoot uma Thurman

The uma Thurman was only sixteen when she came to the first shot to Denis Saw. Almost teenager, terrified and downtrodden: peers Minds scoffed at it, considering the custom appearance of this deformity. But peel was different, Uma Thurman was fully revealed.


Denis Drank is one of the most prominent fashion photographers of the 20th century. In the 80s it was printed in such glossy magazines as “Vogue”, “GQ”, “Vanity Fair”, “ELLE” and “Marie Claire”. Most of these shots are the real icons of fashion photography. The heroines of his pictures were models who became legends of the 1980s: Christy Turlington, Rachel Williams, Lara Nashinski, Eva Wallen, Nancy Donahue, Kelly Lebrock, Joan Severance, Joanna Pakula. The exhibition presents the photo shoot with Andie McDowell, Uma Thurman, Gia Karanja, Brooke shields, Christy Turlington and others.

Where to look?

February 8, Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers took place opening of the personal exhibition of Denis Saw “freeze-frame. Fashion photography”. Presents the work of photographer, which was published in “Vogue”,”Elle”,”New York Times” and “Marie Claire”.

It’s time to share the Church?

Передача Исаакиевского собора РПЦ: без спонсоров не обойтись

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About the reasons of public debate, which led to the decision of the St. Petersburg authorities to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years, says the experts of the talk show “To the point”: the Dean of St. Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute, Father George Kochetkov, art historian, Professor of St.-Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute Alexander Koprowski and Professor of cultural studies at the Higher school of economy journalist Jan Levchenko.

Alexander Koprowski sure that the information noise around the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church – “thing is artificial, when in a certain place you need to throw a grenade, distracting from other issues”. In this story, in his opinion, the main issue is moral: if it’s a working temple, its main function is to be a place of prayer.

Father George drew attention to the foreign experience: “For the Museum – Museum premises. The temple must be the temple. Thus with one another can be combined. This practice is common around the world and worked for a long time. To me it is strange that here there are any conflicts.”

Yan Levchenko believes that the controversy around Isaac requires a balanced positions on both sides:

“This conflict can raise issues that previously were resolved either automatically or at the level of “who’s who”.

One of the main issues is money. The Ministry of culture expects that the cost of Isaac would take on a new owner, and the ROC is waiting for state subsidies “in the framework of the programme”.

Father George is confident that funds for the maintenance of the memorial Church will only come from the public pocket:

“There are no Other options and should not be. Society and the state are interested in the preservation of cultural monuments. If you want it to be a cultural phenomenon and not just a cult – pay. And this is absolutely normal”.

Alexander Koprowski sees no drama in the material in question:

“These things are very easy to find the money. Any millionaire donating to Isaac, not to be afraid that someone the money to drag”.

Yan Levchenko urged to consider the situation as a “show” act, which should serve as a reason for the decision of the accumulated differences between the active cultural community and Church:

“The Situation may not be the same because of its ambiguity. Need not about the specific St. Isaac’s Cathedral to think, and to perceive that this conflict is representative of the unfolding public debate on the topic, what to do with the relationship of Church and state”.

Full version

Talk show “To the point” comes out in the spring of 2016 as an educational student project at the faculty of communication, media and design, Higher school of Economics.

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And gave gifts with Royal generosity…(Esf 2:18)

Assassin’s Creed, the long-awaited and criticized

На российском экране – картина «Кредо убийцы» Джастина Курзеля, снятая по одноименной серии игр

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Male gaze


The film Assasin’s Creed revolves around the conflict between the Assassins and Templars. Two groups pursuing certain goals, trying to get their hands on the Apple of Eden, an artifact of divine origin, which gives the owner superhuman strength. It was the pursuit of him is at the center of the narrative and becomes the main motivation of the characters in the film: the Assassins are trying to protect Apple, while the Templars use it for their own purposes. The outcome of this chase depends the fate of humanity, so Callum Lynch – the protagonist of the film – to find his place in the world and lead the chosen way to success.

Female perspective
Speaking in plain language, this film tells the story of a murderer Callum Lynch, whom brought in the so-called “rehabilitation center” in Madrid. There it is connected to the “Animus”, the special apparatus, which allows to enter the regression and take the place of his ancestor who lived 500 years ago. Dr. Sophia Raylin and her father sent Callum in the past, that he found the Apple of Eden with which it is possible “to heal the world from violence.” The goal looks good, but the movie was too “muddy”.


Male gaze


The very arrangement of the film not too conducive to the manifestation of talent – most of the time the actors enough to maintain equanimity in the frame. And with that, I must say, they do perfectly. However, Michael Fassbender perfectly shows the audience the inner world of the protagonist, caught between two fires, and trying to find his way in the world of Assassins and Templars. Marion Cotillard, the female leading role, also managed to reveal his character – Sofia Raylin – we do not understand on which side will eventually face the employee of Abstergo industries.

Female perspective
I was very disappointed with the game’s main character Sofia. After a sensual drama “Allies” of the end of 2016, the year in which Marion Cotillard sincerely recited all of the dialogue and showed the tenderness, passion and despair of the French scout, her role in “Assassin’s Creed” was not crowned with the same success. In the new action she seemed emotionless throughout the film. As for me, it is better to criticize the actor, what not to say about his performance in the movie nothing. That Michael Fassbender does not surprise me and did not show his acting talent unlike the little actor Angus brown, who played Callum Lynch in the childhood.


Male gaze

The film is filled with action in the form of action scenes: the characters constantly fight, break away from the shackles or run – on dialogues almost no time. This, however, the movie does not harm – most of the filming produced at the highest level, although sometimes computer graphics visible to the naked eye. It should be noted that transitions between the two times of the film – 1492 the year and the present – which is never a surprise to the viewer, so it does not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what he saw.

Female perspective
How producers and Directors present to the past, where is Callum, namely Andalusia in 1492, the year, is truly mesmerizing. In the film there are beautiful nature photographs, for example, mountain ranges with a bird’s flight, ancient palaces, and the ancient city. Unfortunately, almost two-hour film, they occupy only a small part. But ¾ of the time is shooting battles, where flying dust, causing the faces of the actors become indistinguishable, and instead of the normal dialogue is heard only screams.

Main idea

Male gaze

The conflict between Assassins and Templars – not so much a gang war, as the opposition ideologies. The film shows how important for any person free will, even if it leads to the wrong action. It is no coincidence that it is related to the Apple of Eden, which Adam and eve were expelled from Paradise. This is the first manifestation of man’s free will is not mentioned directly in the film, but to see it for the metaphor it is easy. Thus the “overly aggressive” Assassins become the embodiment of freedom, and their famous motto – “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” – another proof.

Female perspective
In my opinion, the main idea of this picture is that if your ancestor was a criminal or a murderer, and you will be prone to violence. From such a fate is possible to save the people, if you go into the past and change fate. I agree, it sounds non-trivial and very strong. Only now this idea is very poorly implemented in the movie. It completely “slaughtered” a sword that even after viewing the film remains ringing in the ears.

Overall impression

Male gaze
I as a fan of the game series Assasin’s Creed movie seemed very decent. It was nice to plunge into the atmosphere of confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Order, once again remember the story of Desmond miles and hear memorized by heart the Oath. The plot did not seem so confusing, how he tried to imagine the critics, and the abundance of action scenes I would rather attributed to the merits of the film.

Female perspective
Ladies, if you are fans of the game “Assassin’s Creed” or fighters, then don’t waste your time and money on “assassin’s Creed”. First, there’s a lot of unknown for you words. Second, love the lines of the speech did not go. Finally, any emotion he did not have a cause, believe me, neither to cry nor to laugh, even frightened for no reason.

Robert Longo presented in Moscow his disciples

Выставка "Художники/Ассистенты. Студия Роберта Лонго" открылась в галерее "Триумф"

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24 American artists for the past 30 years at different time were assistants of one of the most famous contemporary artists Robert Longo, like artists of the Renaissance. Opened in Moscow, the exhibition presents their works on two floors of the gallery “Triumph”. There are presented works made by Jason Bartell, Eric Schnell, Colin hunt, Alexander Barton, miles Shelton, Robert Longo and others.

Guests in the hall of the exhibition of paintings by students of Robert Longo
Guests in the hall of the exhibition of paintings by students of Robert Longo

To the opening of the exhibition came its curator Victoria Dushkina, American musician Victor Longo, filmmaker and Director of the Moscow house of photography Olga Sviblova, the artist Robert Longo with his wife.

According to Victoria Dushkina, a story about six-figure sums for the training of young New York artists brought her to the idea to organize an exhibition dedicated to young talents at the start of their career. The role of an assistant of the artist is the main theme of the exhibition. Experience working in a team with others, as Robert Longo said, is “the best way to learn what it means to be an artist.”

Visitors actively shared impressions
Visitors actively shared impressions

Different materials are used: oil, watercolour and even gold buttons& Surrealism dominates. To the question why these paintings were selected for exhibition, Robert Longo said: “These works don’t really influence the mind of man, but his soul. It’s very personal, it is important what emotions the paintings evoke in your own soul.”

At the end of the event there was a concert of a New York musician Victor Longo. He is a friend of many of the artists represented in the exhibition and he appreciates their works: “I am inspired by visual art to create music. I draw sometimes, but it doesn’t look really good, I don’t have a talent as assistants of Robert have.”

Gloom in the room and highlighted the paintings create a special atmosphere
Gloom in the room and highlighted the paintings create a special atmosphere

Season of the Finnish performance started in Moscow

В галерее на Солянке состоялось открытие фестиваля финского современного искусства PYRFYR

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Performance "Boat" Antti Laitinen in the gallery at Solianke Performance “Boat” Antti Laitinen in the gallery at Solianke[/caption]

Artists Katrin Kainulainen and Maximilian Lithuania work in pairs and create a quirky and not always intuitive performances, based on their mental experiences, which are sometimes sexual in nature. They travel around the world and on the streets of different cities arrange their ideas, exploring the reaction of random people. During one performance Catherine puts in the mouth about ten thick cigarettes and setting them on fire, smoke and excess toxicity through her tears, she gasps. It is difficult to understand what she wants to say with their actions, but hardly a performance about the dangers of Smoking, more about human pain and emotions that you cannot SIP, lit a cigarette, as it seems to some people.

Performance artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximili Ana Lithuania in Europe
The performance of the spouses-artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximiliana Lithuania

All performances are very personal, they tell stories about things that have troubled artists, they analyse them for life, but when the audience watching the performance of the performer, they feel its problems to some extent is relevant to them. Perhaps at some point they asked themselves the same questions and was looking for a response or do you do it after watching the performances.
1 – 4 December in the gallery at Solianke will be live performances of the Duo of artists Katri Kainulainen and Maximiliana Lithuania.

Konstantin Raikin: about intensification of censorship in Russia

Художественный руководитель театра "Сатирикон" Константин Райкин высказался об усилении цензуры в России

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October 25 during a speech at the Congress Theater artistic director of the theater “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin spoke about strengthening of censorship in Russia. According Raikin, deliberately violating state to work motivated by a desire to “return the situation in art in Stalin’s time.”

Raikin also said that worries about the current cultural situation in the country, in particular in connection with the “short visits to art” by the state. According to him, the power is idle, “distancing” in relation to those who are comfortable with the protests at trade shows and performances, thereby exercising its censorship.

Following the publication of the application on the Internet, in support hud.ruka “Satyricon” were directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev, a journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, actor Oleg Tabakov, who also said about the inadmissibility of censorship in the 21st century.

Earlier it was reported that Konstantin Raikin in person to apply for financial assistance to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina for staging the play. As representatives of the theater “Satyricon”, the cause of financial difficulties is the reconstruction of the main building, which is why most of the money goes to rent temporary sites. Konstantin Raikin, in turn, did not rule out the possibility of closing the theater due to lack of funds.

Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky
Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky

Then the Ministry of Culture said that they see no reason for the statement from the “Satyricon” leadership, as well as on the closure, and “about the existence of” censorship. ” Deputy Minister of Culture saidAlexander Zhuravsky that the state has always provided financial support for the theater:. For example, last year more than 190 million rubles were allocated for its needs, and in this year of about 235 million, despite the fact that the percentage of attendance continues. It remains low.

Regarding statements Raikin spoke, and presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, who also noted that in Russia there is no censorship, and asked to distinguish between the productions financed by the state budget and those which are put to “the involvement of other sources.” Peskov also said that the state, providing financial assistance to the theater, the right to demand from him concrete results.

Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov

Theatre “Satyricon” is one of the oldest theaters in Russia, founded by his father Konstantin Raikin Arkady in 1939 in Leningrad. In 1982, the theater moved to Moscow, and already in 1987 and to this day he is the artistic director Konstantin Raikin.

The situation surrounding the attack on the exhibition broke out in connection with the riots in several Moscow museums. Since September 25, unknown persons committed the riots at the exhibition of the American photographer Jock Sturges “Without confusion”, whose work is regarded as pornographic, and two days later in the Sakharov Center unknown doused with paint pictures dedicated to the war in the Donbass.

“The Lord of Fantasy”

Студия New Line снимет фильм о Джоне Толкине

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After the successful and sensational production of trilogy “The Lord of Rings” the New Line Cinema film studio is going to gladden the audience by new version of “Lord”. The film fans stand chance to watch the picture about the creator of hobbits and elves himself – the screening of John Tolkien’s life in the film symbolically named “Middle-earth”. The producer of the film is chosen to be James Strong, the British supervisor of the well-known film “Elton John. “Me, myself and I”, such popular serials as “Doctor Who”, “Downton Abbey” and etc.

The “Middle-Earth” will be shot according to the scenario of Angus Fletcher, who has been learning Tolkien’s biography for six years. Angus dedicated several own investigations, articles about “Tolkienism” with those, who personally was involved in author’s lifetime or even close relationship. Therefore he comprised photos, letters and articles about Tolkien’s family and its peculiarities, about Tolkien’s spouse – extraordinary Edith Brett, whose character became the “frame” for Luthien Tinuviel in “The Silmarillion”, collected information about the Tolkien’s professorial activity in University of Oxford and his participation in the World War I – influential and essential event which altered the author’s views, especially in his creativity.

The major part of the film, as the producer Michael Lynne and his colleagues Robert Sheehan and Rachael Horovitz described, will tell audience about the author’s youth and his first love towards young 19-years-old Edith Brett while he was studying in the college of Anglo-Saxon and German languages. Despite the father’s exhortation to stop dating and the actual stop of dating with Edith, Tolkien in the long run made the final decision to tie a knot with his minion of fortune during the peak of world war.

John Tolkien sitting at the table and talking about his book
John Tolkien sitting at the table and talking about his book

The last affected on Tolkien’s life significantly. John saw on his own and felt what iswar being the “leading man” in that reality.

“The couple had lived in Oxford in the happy environment of close friends, yet with the beginning of the War Tolkien vigorously left everything to fight for the piece ad justice directly to the dangers, risks, challenges, loses and new comrades and like-minded people, who and what influenced on Tolkien’s perceptions and leaded him to the road to Middle-Earth” – underlined the creators of future film product.

Both supervisor and producers rejected to reveal the name of the actor playing the main role. The strict data of the film’s opening night is vague as well.

John Tolkien thoughtfully smoking
December, 1956: John Tolkien thoughtfully smoking

John Tolkien was born in 1892. In the University of Oxford John taught the lectures on the Old English language. All the time while escaping from work Tolkien tackled into the creation of “middle-earth world”, which in author’s opinion comprised the traits and features of modern life with its world and people. Tolkien’s inclination towards details astonishes lots of readers – he made up own languages of variable social groups, drew the geographical maps of every historical period and eventually made by himself the entire religious system of Middle-Earth with own “pantheon of angels-like creatures, controlled by the singular deity”.

Now and then Tolkien is named as “the Lord of Fantasy”. He expressed his imagination in the most talented way in “Hobbit. There and back again” (1937) and the sequel “The Lord of Rings” (1954-1955). Due to some surveys in 1997, the epic novel “The Lord of Rings” was attested to be the Book of Age.

John Tolkien died in 1973. After Tolkien’s death, his son helped to publish the rest compositions of the great science-fiction writer.

The writer behind bars

История судимости Оскара Уайльда

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Judge: “This is the most evil thing in which I took part”
Oscar Wilde: “And I?”

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If you ask the modern reader, a product of Oscar Wilde he knows he will promptly answer: “of Course, “Dorian gray””. And only a few will remember that after the death of Wilde’s poems were worth reading. His first collection called “Poems” was published in the late nineteenth century. During the year it was published more than a thousand copies.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Alfred Douglas twenty – year-old boy, with whom Wilde tied a close relationship, played a fatal role in the life of a writer. Because of their frequent meetings Wilde hasn’t been home, haven’t seen his wife and children. It was the occasion of serious concern as families, and British society, which could not close my eyes to the relationship between Wilde and Douglas.

Young Alfred
Young Alfred

As Alfred Douglas and his father fought a lot, Queensberry thought of Oscar Wilde guilty of disorder his relationship with his son. Once at the bar, met two friends, he left Wilde slanderous note, calling him a “sodomite”. This greatly hurt the feelings of the writer, but friends advised him to ignore this ridiculous accusation. Despite this, Alfred Douglas, despised father, wanted payback. In the end, Wilde filed a lawsuit, accusing Queensberry of libel. But it was not there: the writer has received from Queensbury retaliatory accusation of homosexuality, supported by various evidence. (Queensberry found 13 boys with whom Wilde had a relationship and have provided the court with dates and places of their meetings.) This was the beginning of the trial of a London man of letters. News of this spread instantly: the hall in which the meeting took place, was crowded.

In court, Oscar Wilde defended his honor and dignity, denying the sexual nature of the relationship. The answers of Oscar Wilde caused an explosion of laughter from the audience. He was teased by the Prosecutor, by showing lack of seriousness and the absurdity of the accusations against him. When the Prosecutor asked to clarify the meaning of the phrase “the love that carries my name”, taken from a sonnet by Douglas, Oscar Wilde gave a speech that will be remembered forever Londoners:

“The love that carries my name” is in our century the same majestic attachment of older men to younger what Jonathan had for David, what Plato laid the basis for his philosophy, which we find in the sonnets of Michelangelo and Shakespeare. It’s the same deep spiritual passion, characterized by purity and perfection. She’s intelligent, and time and again she breaks out between the older and younger men, of whom the eldest has developed intelligence, and the younger is filled with joy, anticipation and magic of life lying ahead. As it should be, but the world does not understand. The world mocks this affection, and sometimes puts her man to the pillory”.

When it came time for the jurors to announce their verdict, they are unable to do this. But the trial Wilde was convicted of “gross indecency” with men and sentenced to two years hard labor work.

The longer you watch, the more you see

Картины Олега Шупляка

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Paintings by modern Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak have already managed to win the hearts of social networks’ users. They have become popular among boths art-lovers and people, how are not specialists  in it.They have succeeded to obtain such a wide esteem because of one feature: in the works of Shuplyak there are several hidden meanings. The artist himself calls his work “dvoevzory”. The official name for this style has not been invented yet.

The artist has exhibited his works both in Ukrain and abroad. People from Ukraine, Russia, UK, Poland, Denmark, USA, Japan and other countries could see “dovoevzory” and try to find all the meanings hidden in them. However, the peak of the popularity of his paintings has been achieved via wide dissemination in social networks. You can watch Oleg’s works in his account on the portal Art in UA.

Even having found worldwide fame the artist continues to work on the attic of his house in the small town of Berezhany in Western Ukraine. “I’m not ready to exchange the comfort and peace of native land to the bustle and noise of the big city – says Oleg, – I feel better while living as a hermit.”

 Oleg Shuplyak
Modern Ukrainian artist

Oleg graduated from the faculty of Oleg Shulyak – modern artistarchitecture of the Lviv Polytechnic University. From 1997 to 2001 he worked as a drawing teacher in his native village, and now teaches at children’s art school. Currently, Oleg is a member of the Union of artists of Ukraine and actively participates in various exhibitions.

All the details of the paintings of O. Shuplyak are impossible to evaluate with only a superficial glance. To see all of the allegories, hidden meanings and details one has to watch them more than carefully. Sometimes peaple have to spend more than ten and even twenty mitutes to understand what the author wanted to tell you. You may have to change the position of view, to going away from the existing reality, to depart from the usual way of looking at things.

The author’s thinking is extreamly creativ. Noone can call his paintings “ordinary” . Under the brush of Oleg even a typical landscape is transformed into something mysterious, deep and enchanting. Due to the unique artistic means: illusions, mind games and optical illusions – paintings become more bright, dinamic and acquire new meanings.

Now there are about 60 paintings in this genre in the collection of the artist. But in the beginning the creation of the “dvoevzory” was  a funny hobby for the artist.

Oleg also paints in traditional genres: surrealism, associative symbolism, abstract painting, Church painting. Optical illusions are just a small, but certainly a particularly striking part of his work. They attract the attention of art lovers from the whole world. The artist continues to develop his skills in this kind of painting, delighting his fans with new works.