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Find excuses not to go to fitness? We destroy doubts and increase motivation!

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«I’m not a sports person», «I’m uncomfortable to do in front of other people», «a subscription to a fitness club is too expensive», – these and other excuses can be heard from those who can not bring themselves to get up from the couch.

The child in the gym. He is still small, but mentally already adjusts to the bar. Then it will!

If you can not decide on a trip to a fitness club, here is a short list of activities that can expand your understanding of the sport and find the perfect exercise:

  • Zumba is an energetic dance that does not require serious preparation and a well-developed plastics. This type of training is available in many modern fitness clubs. You do not have to learn the movements – you just come, look at the coach and repeat the movements under the incendiary music. You will be provided a good mood and a reset of extra pounds.
  • Postural exercises are aimed at improving posture. It takes place in a quiet mode. This is a real salvation for the back of office workers.
  • Classes «Fitball» will help to remember his childhood and plenty to play with a big ball. Few people can imagine how many useful exercises you can perform with it.
  • Air yoga or gymnastics will test the strength of those who have never made tricks in the air. It is not as difficult and scary as it seems at first glance. This type of activity is an effective way to understand how many opportunities are hidden in your body.
  • Yoga and Pilates is a solution for those who do not like intense loads, but want to stay in shape. In cozy studios such classes are often held under relaxing music and with dim lights.
  • Boxing and different types of martial arts have long gone beyond the sports sections. Many modern models and popular personalities prefer monotonous running to boxing. For example, a well-known blogger Maria Novosad often talks about her love to this sport.

In addition to these classes, you can visit the pool, do it yourself or with a personal trainer in the gym, go to a group training, improve strength or stretching, and even try yourself in ballet. Large cities provide endless opportunities for the choice of sports activities, one has only to listen to your body and realize what you need.

From the point of view of chemistry and biology it is simple to talk about physical activities. The brain during training produces endorphins and BDNF protein, which cause a feeling of euphoria and create a feeling of «reboot». Sport is one of the few ways to shake the body. Regular classes increase the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin in the blood, strengthen the joints, improve metabolism and help the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of stroke.

Fitness is useful at any age. Groups for the elderly are now organized everywhere, including free ones

Why haven’t you started training yet? After a short survey, we identified three of the most common excuses that are actually myths:

1. «I don’t have enough time. Come at 8 PM after work, eat, and nothing more to do. I’ll watch a little TV or surf the Internet and go to bed. Where to get time and energy for sports?»

The feeling of chronic fatigue occurs due to hypodynamia. While sitting all day in the office, you really begin to perceive the fitness club as another unpleasant duty. But the evening sports activity will not «finish» you, but on the contrary, will help to relieve the accumulated stress. In just an hour of active training, you can get rid of tension in the back, get a «cocktail of happiness» in the form of neurotropic hormones and prepare the body for sleep. Paradoxically, the sport does not weaken the nervous system, but calms it and helps to sleep more calmly. The most difficult thing is to force yourself to leave the house, then you will see the effect.

2. «Fitness club is expensive»

On average, one trip to a chiropractor for the treatment of back pain will cost you 3000 rubles. A year of unlimited training in a standard fitness club costs from 13,000 rubles, which will be a little more than 1,000 rubles per month. Running in the Park or at the school stadium costs 0 rubles, exactly the same as the lesson on video tutorials at home.

3. «I’m not comfortable training when everyone is looking at me».

Tenacity and desire to work over the body cause have surrounding respect, not condemnation. In fitness clubs, people do not make fun of each other, but work on themselves and help others if possible. It is difficult to imagine a more benevolent and tolerant atmosphere to your physical disadvantages (if you think they are).

The law against «groups of death»

Правительство РФ поддержало законопроект об ужесточении наказания за побуждение к суициду

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What happened?

Tenth day of March the official website of the Russian government published positive opinion the bill, Vice speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, providing for toughening of responsibility for incitement to suicide.

The document notes the need to prohibit “the dissemination of information promoting suicide.” Now it is illegal to distribute only the information about methods of suicide and calls for it.

The bill already approved by the Supreme court, interior Ministry, Investigative Committee, Ministry of education and Roskomnadzor.

The essence of the bill

The project involves the amendment of article 110 of the Criminal code. The responsibility proposed for the “encouragement of suicide” and “assisted suicide”, in addition to the existing paragraph on “incitement to suicide”. Despite the fact that “incitement” is interpreted as “cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of human dignity of the victim”, and “declination” means “persuasion, bribery, offers, deception”.

It is proposed to increase the maximum penalty to 12 years old (now he is 5 years).

Spring notes that the main goal of the project is the fight against Internet criminals. The project involves the introduction of a separate article for the involvement of minors in the “group of death”. Activities of such communities, in his opinion, is “remote killing”, against which measures need to be taken.

“Bill, we the first in Russia to put a barrier to those who entices children to suicide, and those who organize deadly games for children, such as “Run or die”, “Fairy”, “shaping” creates “group of death” in social networks,” says Spring.

Authorities approve

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the initiative to expand the list of acts entailing criminal liability, during his speech at the Collegium of the Ministry of interior. The President stressed that the sites that affect children and adolescents with unstable mentality and advocating suicide, are a serious problem.

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova also spoke in support of the bill, saying that now the Internet against children “is a real war”, and the number of cases of child suicide is increasing. “This is unacceptable and must be strictly prosecuted by legal means”, – concluded the Ombudsman.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Ernest Valeev has declared that the existing punishment for the crime is not enough. On the question of a possible infringement of the freedom of the Internet, Valeev said that he sees the danger, and that the blocking of illegal sites is now provided by law.

Deadly games

In February Irina Spring said that over the past year, 720 children had committed suicide, and for the last three years committed suicide 2205 children. The MP stressed that the promotion of suicide comes from the Internet, in particular from the so-called “groups of death”.

The theme of the urge to suicide was widely discussed after publications “the New newspaper” in which it was said that for half a year killed 130 children, consisting in certain online communities.

In such groups the participants were asked to play a game where the last mission was to kill myself. If the participant refused to perform the task, the curators of the game threatened to kill his relatives. The symbol of these groups was the whale – an animal that supposedly is capable of consciously committing suicide by jumping to shore.

Children joined the community, such as “the Blue whale” or “Sea of whales”. Then the curators began to send them puzzles, videos, audio recordings and tasks (for example, to climb on the roof or go on the rails). During the game the children were convinced that they were elected, and that suicide is bad.

In November 2016 according to article 110 of the was sentenced Philip Bodaken, the administrator of one of these groups. He was charged with incitement to suicide.

“Anya was afraid of loneliness”

It was in the eighth grade. Anna was my friend. She was communicative and very beautiful. Well-studied, wrote poetry. Hanging out is not loved, she liked the cozy get-togethers with friends in a cafe or home. She lived with her mother and grandmother, was an only child whose parents loved and spoiled.

That evening we talked to her on the phone. Vkontakte then she asked me to wish her luck. I asked: “Why?” “Right!”. I said, “good Luck.”

Morning at school we were told that Anya died, jumped out the window with the twenty-fourth floor. We at first did not understand, about what speech. Someone started to call her but the phone was unavailable. To us did not get that this man is no more. The psychologist and the teacher didn’t know how to behave with us.

Later, at a school Assembly, showed a hacked Facebook page, found messages in which she was inclined to suicide: “You’re too beautiful for this life.” Wrote that someday she’ll be alone, but in the next life all will be eternal. In the evening of the fatal day she got her status on Facebook: “Monophobia. Reincarnation”. More likely Anya was afraid of loneliness.

Expert’s opinion

Why children are involved in a deadly game? Psychologist Lyudmila Chebotareva believes that the reasons are of the most banal: out of curiosity, just for company, nothing to do, and sometimes fatal role plays randomly open a page on the Internet. But most importantly: why the child remains in the “group of death”?

“If the child is psychologically healthy and balanced, even taking part in this game, he soon gave it up. The situation is like addiction: not everyone who has tried to smoke will become a smoker. But if the child is non-adaptive, the game can not let go, it is easier to convince to do anything, even to hurt yourself.”

What does psychological maladjustment? It is generated by a complex of reasons, among them the conflicts in the family, betrayal of a friend, failure in school, low self-esteem and other traumatic psyche factors.

The scale of the disaster

The company “Cribrum” analyzed the content of Russian social networks and hashtag used by members of such groups, concluded that 1849 people in Moscow have expressed desire to play a deadly game. In the social network “Vkontakte” was found 9312 groups published similar hashtags.


Now Roskomnadzor is working with the administrators of social networking, experts are engaged in identifying and addressing suicidal content. Since the beginning of year 4 was blocked thousands of “groups of death”, and in just three years locked 14 thousand pages and sites with information about suicide.

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“It is not the children don’t read, the parents do not read”

Как заинтересовать классикой поколение сериальщиков?

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Maria Zhivov – teacher of Russian language and literature in the gymnasium of a small suburban town of Pavlovsky Posad. This year she won a local contest “the Best teacher of the year”, despite having little teaching experience. Her students win competitions for readers and regional Olympiads in literature, create small productions and with interest turning to the classics.

How do you ensure the entire class worked on the lesson?

– You must create an atmosphere of General discussion that were all involved, even if they have not read the text. There are certain techniques that can make people angry. The problematic issue in the work is one of them. For example, the theme of fathers and children are very worried, even when the lessons of its rise, and the work forgotten, but in the end go back and draw the line. As soon as the interest energized might a child at home and opens the book. In the fifth grade children I am getting the idea that literature is the rest is the ability to Express their thoughts and to dream.

And there is no sense that the program in literature ossified? The same from year to year?

– Any lesson, it is possible to carry out in the project form, test, lesson, discussion, group work. I’m trying to discover the students something new. In turn, Tatyana Tolstaya, also recently met with the male by Prilepine, modern and a good writer. Read his story “the Streak”, written in interesting language. We have literature, even in our small Pavlovskiy Posad: Oleg Chukhontsev and approximately 15 writers whose work used for recitation competition.

And are you not upset when you see a class where interested in education only a few people?

– No. Now 10 class pass people who do not know what they want, it is difficult to stir them. Therefore, even when students bring a paper book, this is the result. We need to show that the book is not what it was 200 years ago, she lives with us, comes to us. Now waiting for a new Chapter in the newspaper or magazine. Now waiting for the new series of the show. And before the reading circle was small, narrow. In the time of Mayakovsky was not active in the reader’s interest, was the interest outrageous, the verse, the call, promotion. Society never had a large percentage of the reading.

But what do you do with children who refuse to read?

Is not children do not read, and parents don’t read. That’s the problem.I have not read the parents, but there was the environment. You know, reading “the Master and Margarita” – is not to read the paragraph, you need imagination and images. If initially the child stole a world of imaginative thinking, not give the world, and wrote about Exupery’s “Little Prince”, then people will be able to return it if I want, only in conscious age. Tolstoy spoke about the importance of education in the family, it is really very important. Don’t blame the state, society, start with yourself. Now we are entering a cultural force, was not such in the 90s. We learn again to read. And these cries, “Here people do not read!”, so why not shout: “That’s not good at chemistry and biology!”. I understand that literature is moral, but moral and ethical values can be nurtured through everyday moments, in conversation with family and friends. Reading is always there.


By the absence of crime structure

Курганский суд отменил приговор Евгении Чудновец

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What happened?

March 6, at a closed meeting of the Presidium of the Kurgan court made the decision to release convicted Eugene Chudnovets, a kindergarten teacher from Yekaterinburg. She was serving a sentence for what he did repost the video where the counselor and the teacher of children’s camp mocked a half-naked boy. In December 2016 Chudnovets received 5 months in prison under article 242.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Manufacturing and a turn of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors”.

Personal photo Eugenia Chudnovets
Private photo of Eugenia Chudnovets
What movie?

For a movie lasting a few seconds drew the attention of the local police saw him in the group of Eugenia Chudnovets Vkontakte, where the teacher shared a video below, in her words, to draw public attention to the incident. She later deleted the video from your page.

This video was proof of the guilt of educators, Tatiana and Daniel Korchevoi Bezborodov from the children’s camp “Red eagles” who abused 10-year-old child. On interrogation the boy stated that prisoners were often allowed themselves such actions. Kurshev and the referee were found guilty in the case of the production of pornography, and the improper execution of duties on education of minors, they were given 6 and 3 years in prison, respectively.

On the basis of this video was sentenced Eugene Chudnovets.

Why Chudnovets condemned?
Eugene Chudnovets with son
Eugene Chudnovets with son

In February 2016 against Chudnovets opened a criminal case on child pornography, but the teacher only found out six months later. At the end of November 2016 Kurgan court decided to sentence the woman to 6 months in prison and her son to give up the guardianship.

Following a request by the prosecution to substitute the period of correctional work of the regional court reduced the term of imprisonment for one month and canceled the decision to transfer his son to Chudnovets to the shelter.

The husband of the teacher then stated that she is not going to file a petition for clemency. According to him, it would imply an admission of guilt.

What happened?
protesters against the verdict Chudnovets
the protesters against the verdict Chudnovets

In February 2017, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Leonid Korzhinek has submitted cassation representation to the Supreme court asking to cancel the sentence of Eugenia Chudnovets. The petition stated that a criminal case must cease for lack of evidence. February 28, the Supreme court addressed the Kurgan regional court to review the sentence of a kindergartener.

March 6, at a closed meeting of the court confirmed that Chudnovets will be able to be released after the Nizhny Tagil colony, where she will receive the original documents. The evening of the same day Chudnovets the car was brought to Nizhny Tagil, where she met her husband.


Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for the rights of the child (November 2016):

“What a decision is when the person who has contributed the disclosure of the crime had been a responsibility, and her own child was on the verge of a children’s home?”

At a press conference in December of 2016, Vladimir Putin asked about Eugene Chudnovets and Ildar Dadina, to which the President replied:

“the specific individuals you mentioned, I honestly never even heard of the names of those not heard. I promise, look, I just don’t know how it was fair decision.”

At the end of January 2017, Dmitry Peskov, called the case “difficult” and assured that the issue is not left unattended, and after the cancellation of the sentence announced, which in this case was not without Putin’s intervention:

“I reiterate that the decisions of the courts must be respected. In this case, can only be welcomed, the President promised not to leave without attention, that’s what happened.”

Some link the decision of the Supreme courts and Kurgan directly with Vladimir Putin and the upcoming presidential elections in 2018.

Political Analyst Leonid Radzikhovskiy:

Analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky
political Analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky

“it is clear that there are no coincidences. Of course, it is a political decision taken in the administration of the President,” sure.”

Political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev:

political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev
political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev

“The decision is related to the presidential election, and the centenary of the revolution. Why the year of the centenary of the revolution to create victims? It provokes dissatisfaction. And now optimistic citizens will have the opportunity to talk about a thaw, about the fact that with the power to negotiate.”

Screenshot of the tweet
a Screenshot of a Twitter post

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The last barrier before the divorce

Комнаты для примирения открылись в российских ЗАГСах

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In the registry offices of Tatarstan and the Belgorod region appeared room for reconciliation. They are designed to help spouses to abandon the divorce and to understand the causes of the conflict. For this the rooms are specialists-mediators, acting in the role of family psychologists. The initiative has already helped some couples refuse to divorce.

A member of the Federation Council, Chairman of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova proposed to consider the question of creating room for reconciliation at the Federal level. In addition, these rooms will appear in the Registrar Novgorod region in March.

Recall that in 2013, the UN called a Russian leader in the number of divorces in the world.


The state Duma has attempted to strengthen the institution of family and marriage. In January 2017, the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov offered to make the procedure of divorce. It was assumed that the timing of the divorce is expected to increase from one to three months, and the court must try to reconcile the spouses with minor children. Also under the bill prohibits absentee divorce through the courts. State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov agreed with the proposal of increasing the period of the divorce, however, the bill did not find support of the majority of MPs.

In 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev proposed to increase the state duty for divorce from 400 rubles to 30 thousand. The initiative was not approved by deputies.

In 2015, the state duty on divorce increased to 650 roubles.

divorce Statistics in Russia in 2015-2016

the largest number of divorces: Magadan oblast and the Leningrad oblast (752 divorces per thousand marriages)

the Main reason for divorce — alcoholism or addiction (41% divorce rate)

the Main reason for rejection of divorce kids (35% of failed divorces)

the Number of divorces for 2015 611646

opinion of Russians about the divorce (VTSIOM data)

Infographics polls

what about them?

In European countries the mutual consent of spouses on divorce may not be enough. In Italy, the divorce only through court, which reserves the right to refuse divorce. The trial may last several years. A similar system, albeit in a mild form, is valid in the Netherlands. In Germany in order to file for divorce, the spouses must be at least a year to live separately from each other. The cost of divorce is calculated on the basis of family income.

divorce Statistics in Europe for 2015 according to


What you say

Daria, a student of the higher school of Economics, feminist

This is a very dumb idea, because in our state psychologist is more likely to put pressure on a woman so she wasn’t leaving an abusive husband, if only to preserve the traditional family.

Ludmila, 42, was on the verge of divorce

I think that the introduction of the reconciliation rooms in registry offices can be useful for many families who are on the verge of divorce. Often couples decide to divorce under the influence of emotions, without realizing the real cause of the disorder in the family. The question of divorce in my family, too, rose, but a timely trip to a family therapist helped to avoid this. Not all people can afford expert help, but sometimes you just have to look at the situation from the outside, to hear the partner, to build a dialogue.

Oksana, 46 years old, divorced more than ten years

In my case it would be useless, because the divorce was inevitable. If people don’t love each other, they are not the same moral compass, no psychologist in this case will not help. If the original person does not need a family, especially when he’s not interested in your own child, it hardly makes sense to try to establish something. Although each case is different.


expert Opinion

lecturer at the Faculty of social Sciences, HSE Rostislav Kononenko specifically for

“whether the successful introduction of the “room of reconciliation”, will practice. This is another attempt by the state to improve the statistics of divorce, because in our country it is disappointing. The government is trying to change the population’s attitude to marriage. Personally, I don’t think the room will affect people’s decisions about divorce. The idea will either scare away, having no impact on the majority of divorcing, or give people a break for a day or two, after which they are without ZAGS disperse. Measure positive and interesting, but not enough to alter values and attitudes in society and relations between spouses.

However, if the decision to divorce is made on a hot head, then talk with a psychologist can act”.

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