“Heat shock protein” has caused information shock

Российские ученые объявили о создании лекарства, излечивающего рак даже в последних стадиях

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What happened?

On Friday, March 3, appeared in the media reports of a new universal remedy for cancer. It was introduced by the doctor of medical Sciences Andrey Simbirtsev told about the invention of drugs, their properties and future production.

A new drug called “heat shock proteins”, according to the Professor, is able to cure patients of all types of cancer.

“We are on the verge of discovering completely new treatments for cancer. It will help people with incurable tumors.”

Institute of highly pure drugs of Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) have long been conducting research using space technology.

Andrey Simbirtsev, M. D., corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Director of the Institute of extra pure medications
Andrey Simbirtsev, M. D., corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Director of the Institute of extra pure medications

We Packed ultra-pure protein in capillary tubes and sent them to the ISS, says Simbirtsev. – The fact that for x-ray analysis of the action of the protein must be formed from it of ultra-pure crystal. However, in terms of earth’s gravity it is impossible to obtain.

Scientists have obtained the required degree of purity of the drug, and after confirmed its harmless, should begin testing for clinical level.

the Principle of operation of the new drug

The therapeutic effect is based on the introduction into the organism of a protein. This substance is synthesized by all cells under conditions of stress (e.g. heat shock) and performs a protective function, including secreting tumor antigens, enhancing the body’s immune response. However in the body this protein is not enough to defeat the disease. Therefore, scientists have developed a technology of its synthesis, and protein-based drug created the drug. It is argued that it operates on any cells, so it applies to treat all types of cancer.

The drug is tested on small animals: mice and rats. In most cases, a medicine used to heal even the last stage of such common neoplastic diseases, such as sarcoma and melanoma. It was concluded that the drug “has the necessary biological activity for the treatment of cancer.”

When the cure for cancer will be available?

The Institute has a grant for the first phase of research from the Ministry of education and science. Whether to continue development into clinical phase depends on funding.

Clinical studies are very expensive, about 100 million rubles. Usually there is a private investor who invests, and the state returns 50% in case of successful completion, says Professor Simbirtsev. While the private investor is not found, there is hope to find it in Russia or in Japan, and the developer is counting on the support of the Ministry of health or Ministry of industry.

According to the Professor, if the issue of funding is resolved, it will take another 3-4 years to complete the research before the drug gets to patients. On the expected cost of drugs are still unclear.

Expert’s opinion

Ella Tyuryumina, research Intern of the HSE, engaged in research on “Predictive models in Oncology and their software support”:

Ella Tyuryumina“the Study doesn’t differ from the previous domestic. Pathetic presentation of the questionable results obtained on mice with artificially grown tumors. Unfortunately, such projects do not work in the clinic. With regard to the basic concept of the new method, it is “well forgotten old”. This approach has been known for a very long time ago.”

The expert has noticed that in the published data there is no reference to the registered randomized study (clinical trial, in which patients are allocated to treatment groups is random), and this “suggests that there was performed statistical analysis not given study design, were not selected patients on special teams.”

Larissa Fechina, oncologist, confidant of the President of the Russian Federation
Larisa Fechina, oncologist, confidant of the President of the Russian Federation

Larissa Fechina, oncologist interview for NSN also questioned the creation of “some kind of universal magic pill”. The doctor is confident that the drug that can cure patients in the last stages of the disease, will be invented, but “the treatment is not addressed to all patients, and a certain group with a certain kind of cancer or multiple types of close nature. Victory over cancer will be possible in the era of personalized treatment,” said the doctor.

Oleksiy Muravyov, lecturer of the HSE:

Alex Muraviev“While it is proved that the drug reacts with sarcoma and melanoma, but malignant tumors quite a lot, and they are not limited to these two. Therefore, all of these broadcast statements should be treated very carefully. And the technology well known, nothing new there”.

What’s in other countries?

The author of “heat shock protein” was told that a similar development is underway by scientists in the US and Japan, but so far their results have not been published.

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Russian Academy of Sciences has recognized homeopathy pseudoscience

«Магические» лекарства исчезнут из аптек и из программ медицинских вузов

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What happened?

The Commission to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research of the RAS Presidium made a statement that homeopathy has no scientific basis, and homeopathic remedies useless to human health. The Commission noted the harm of homeopathy, because instead of treating the traditional methods people buy diluted drugs, which can lead to complications of the disease or death. In his Memorandum, the authors give some advice to the Ministry of health and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) regarding homeopathy and homeopathic remedies. In particular, experts from the Commission of the RAS insist that the Ministry of health should withdraw from the market homeopathic medicines in public health facilities, and the FAS should deal with the false advertising of homeopathy, which misleads buyers. Despite the fact that the recommendations in the document is not binding, the FAS has supported the Memorandum.

What is homeopathy?
Hahnemann, Christian Friedrich Samuel
Hahnemann, Christian Friedrich Samuel

Homeopathy a form of alternative medicine that involves using highly diluted medicines. The basis of homeopathy is the theory of a German doctor H. C. F. Hahnemann. He believed that large doses of medication that causes the same symptoms as the disease that can harm humans. So Hahnemann in the treatment used highly diluted drugs which, in the opinion of a German doctor, retained their healing properties.

Homeopathy in Russia

In Russia doctors-homeopaths began to appear in the nineteenth century. By the mid-nineteenth century homeopathy has achieved wide distribution throughout the Russian Empire, were translated foreign works on homeopathy, as well as opened the first homeopathic pharmacy.

In the USSR, homeopathy has been condemned by scholars who identified the healing properties of homeopathic remedies. Therefore, in 1968 he published an order prohibiting the to teach homeopathy to publish books on homeopathy and use homeopathic remedies.

Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union homeopathy has once again become available to citizens and was resolved at the legislative level.

What preceded the Memorandum of wounds
Asya Kazantseva
Asya Kazantseva

In October 2016 in the magazine “Around the world” was published the article “Dissolved magic.” Author Asya Kazantsev noted that homeopathy does not carry any benefit for human health and is completely useless academic discipline. “National Council for homeopathy” submitted to the journal to court. The members of the society demanded refutation of the article ASI Kuznetsova, but the court rejected their claim.

In January 2017 the students of the First Moscow state medical University named after Sechenov published the petition, which asked the Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova be excluded from the curriculum of the discipline “fundamentals of homeopathy.” According to students, the subject discreditied the strongest University in the country, and introduces students astray.

The Commission to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research of the RAS Presidium is working to identify pseudoscience and pseudoscientific publications, which discrediting the scientific community. The Committee consists of doctors of Sciences, academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences. In addition to the Memorandum of homeopathy on the website, you can find another Memorandum about Dermatoglyphic test (determination of person’s predisposition to set of diseases on fingerprints), which refers to the lack of scientific evidence behind this method.

Expert’s Opinion

The head of Department for control over social sphere and trade FAS Timofey Nizhegorodtsev in an interview with TASS:

Timofey Nizhegorodtsev
Timofey Nizhegorodtsev

“We fully support the decision of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Believe it to be correct, precise, long-awaited”


Professor, Department of normal physiology First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov Oleg Glazachev, especially for Hit.media:

Oleg Glazachev
Oleg Glazachev

“No proven effects of homeopathic preparations on the basis of these studies, therefore, to understand and accept the possibility of the use of homeopathic globules, besides placebo, you can’t. If you say that homeopathy runs some processes in the body that we need any incentive, financial media, his in homeopathy is not. As for the reaction of the Ministry of health, the initiative for the ban, obviously, is impractical, and a more broad and reasoned public awareness, physicians are not emotionally, but factually it will be useful! And once again need to revise all the lessons learned, including the international”.


Professor, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Vasily Vlasov “Medusa”:

Vasily Vlasov
Vasily Vlasov

“Homeopathy is a pseudoscience: it not only gives noticeable effects, she still cannot give a definition. And now poor people and the rich spend a lot of money on homeopathy. One of the reasons that homeopathy is ideologically successful project: it offers some theoretical scheme, which can be read, to understand, and for people not familiar with science, it all looks very convincing. So people are buying it and give their money. I think homeopathy as a healing option can exist for very long. Big trouble in this, let there be the same as now continue to be other types of magic.”

A hybrid of man and pig obtained for the first time

Эмбрионы-«химеры» станут донорами органов для трансплантации

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What happened?

Japanese University Kindai an international team of researchers (biologists from Japan, Spain and USA) for the first time in history created an embryo, which is a hybrid of man and pig, reports the Washington Post. The description of this experience published the scientific journal Cell.
In the article scientists call a hybrid “Chimera” in mythology it is the name is the creature with the snake tail, the body of a goat and a lion head. The Washington Post called the most successful experiment of the hybridization of man and animal, as well as a major step to obtaining the embryo of the animal functioning of human organs.

How does it work?

Scientists have introduced human stem cells into the embryos of pigs, in the early stages of development. Four weeks later two thousand hybrids 186 of the embryos developed to chimeras – organisms composed of genetically distinct cells. In these embryos human stem cells turned into cells that precede the formation of different types of tissue, including heart, liver and nerve cells.

Although human cells in the Chimera was extremely small, approximately one in 10 thousand, these cells normally worked in “foreign” body. Embryos-hybrids given the opportunity to develop within 28 days (that’s how long the first trimester of pregnancy in pigs), after which for ethical reasons they were destroyed.

According to lead author of the experiment, Professor Juan-Carlos Belmonte Izpisua, work experience took 4 years.

“We clearly underestimated how much effort will be needed. This is the first important step toward growing human organs in a pig’s body. Now we need to figure out how to make human cells turn into the right bodies to implement our main task is to learn how to grow transplanted organs”

quotes the words of Juan Belmonte RIA Novosti.

About 15 years ago, experts began to discuss the feasibility of transplanting animal organs into the human body. To do this, make the immune system not reject the foreign organ. The solution was not found yet, but scientists are developing special methods by which it will be possible to make the immune system “ignore” the foreign body.

Belmonte and the team came to the goal on the other hand – by growing human organs for transplant inside the body of the animal by means of the “genome editor” CRISPR/Cas9. This technology is used as a “killer” of some cells of the embryo at the time of the formation of any organ. Then the scientists administered on an empty seat stem cells of another organism, after which these cells begin to develop in the body, the site of which was cleared.


The main goal of research is growing in the body of the animal organs suitable for transplant to sick people. The body thus grown is more likely to take root in the human body, as initially it has a very close DNA. In addition, the results of the study can be used when testing new drugs.

What is the reaction of the public?

The fact of the creation of chimeras is causing a public outcry and heated debate. For ethical reasons the national institutes of health (NIH) stopped funding such experiments in 2015, and since then experiments are conducted on private money. In August, 2016 NIH promised to lift the moratorium, but still did not.

According to Belmonte, the fear of the Chimera is more concerned with mythology than with the real danger of a strictly controlled scientific experiments. In addition, as mentioned above, a team of researchers gave a new creature – embryo development was interrupted after 4 weeks.

“This is a sufficient period of time to understand how mixed cells of pigs and humans, but not to initiate ethical debate about adults animal chimeras”

said Juan Belmonte.

What other crossing were implemented in science?

These experiments started about 10 years ago, scientists carried out a crossbreeding mice and rats.

25 January 2016 in the journal Nature published an article describing how the body of the rat was raised by the rat pancreas, which is then transplanted mouse.

However, until now, could not cross a man with a larger animal (e.g., pig or monkey). In particular, this prevents different in the long process of embryo development: a pig’s pregnancy lasts about 4 months, while people – 9.

So it’s safe to say that the team Belmonte made a really significant step of learning how to “settle” the human cells into fetal pigs and mice.

It is noteworthy that the University Kindai in which an experiment was conducted, until being renamed in 2014 was called kinki, in the English language is associated with the meaning “crazy”, “overrun”. Here is crazy!


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Eat to live, not live to eat

Психология правильного питания

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The psychological and physiological health are inseparable, so if people are unhappy with their amounts, the “cure” is found not only a nutritionist, but a therapist.

Psychologists see the reason for obesity is that people eat not only when hungry but also when they are bored, want something to treat. Remember the famous saying: “well Done! Zippity-Doo!”, that is, we “reward” themselves with food: dry or sweet, and, as a consequence, high-calorie.

However, some not only encourage themselves with food, but also solve the problem: from depression to the banal boredom. In this scenario, “seizing up” quickly turns into a habit. Probably, many have noticed that when on for a long time remained at home doing nothing, then involuntarily began to coachnet: reading a book, eating pie with liver, watch the movie and send in your mouth a handful of caramelized popcorn… and time goes faster.

Man has will power and have to solve problems with reason, not to trust your life your digestive system! Of course, it’s easier to let it go than to analyze the reason, find out and take action. So you need to take to get rid of boredom, it’s easier to fill their soul with the 100th candy or 15th sandwich.

In the process of chewing creates the illusion that life goes on, and I are involved in this: afternoon – event hamburger – event. Life seems more fun, and the food becomes the main source of well-being, as if each piece is a brick of joy in the wall of destiny.

What is the psychology of healthy eating in addition to type recommendations: “you can eat some chocolate, it helps production of the hormone of happiness“? The fact that a healthy diet and a healthy mind are inseparable: there is no boredom, no “jamming”, no heartache, no desire to escape it using another piece of cake.

Sweet bun
Sweet bun

People tend to experience negative emotions, and then desire to focusassist increases. However, man is not only the digestive system, and something more: the spirit, consciousness, soul. When we understand this, then life will appear to us in the new color, and power in the motto “eat to live, not live to eat” will be the result of external psychological transformation.

HIV in Russia: new round of epidemic?

Новые данные оказались неутешительными

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The head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova warned about the rapid spread of the virus immunodeficiency in the territory of some settlements of the country. The largest pockets – Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk regions.

Вероника Скворцова
Вероника Скворцова

We have 57% of all sources of HIV infection – injecting this path, as a rule, heroin addicts, or analogs of heroin,” reports her words Interfax.

Mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman urging people not to panic and connects with the last incidence of the turn of the 20-21 centuries drug trafficking. Despite the attempts of the Ministry of Health to establish a situation, the present state of affairs can be hidden from the public authorities. In Yekaterinburg, according to the mayor, effective medicine and doctors are fully prepared for new outbreaks.


According to the Health Department head Assistant Administration of Yekaterinburg Tatyana Savinova, a deadly virus is extremely dangerous – infected every 50th resident. The data are taken from the official statistics, while on other occasions silent disease.

Мэр Екатеринбурга Евгений Ройзман
Мэр Екатеринбурга Евгений Ройзман

In January, the number of HIV-infected people in the country has exceeded 1 million. According to statistics, last year the largest number seeking treatment using drugs (over 50%). Also among the common causes: heterosexual and homosexual sex.