The flight from the ocean

Несколько сотен дельфинов выбросились на берег в Новой Зеландии

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What happened?

In Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, on the coast of Golden Bay on the night of 10 February were found 416 black dolphins – grindu. The exact number reported by the Department of conservation of New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald reports that during high tide was able to save only one-fourth of the total. However, the rescued dolphins are in no hurry to swim away from the shore – they remain in the Bay. Experts fear that with the low tide they can come back.

What are the reasons?

The causes of the accident are still unknown – the blood samples only were taken. But since this case is not the first in the entire history of observations, then there are several versions. Mass emissions resemble acts of suicide. Thus dolphins can make an escape from predators in the hope that the land will necessarily be people who can help them.

It is not excluded that at the hearing of dolphins affected by military sonar. According to a study by the Hawaii Institute of marine biology (2009), Dolphin under the action of sonar may lose hearing for 40 minutes, why loses orientation in space. According to Dr. Aran Mooney, a new theory will help to explain some of the earlier cases. For example, in March 2000 on the coast of the Bahamas beached whale 16 after testing American sonars for 16 hours. There is another hypothesis that the strange behavior of dolphins is nothing like the instinctive support of a comrade. In some form the shores sounds of the surf can be exactly similar to the call for help.


Marine animals are often dumped on land in Tasmania and Australia. New Zealand is also located in this region. The explanation for this regional specificity is not yet found. Such emissions occur ashore in Japan, South and North America.

Previous incidents

5 years ago on the beach of Cape cod in Massachusetts, was found on 30 of the dolphins, only 11 of whom survived and returned to the familiar surroundings. But when rescue professionals encounter difficulties. Katie Moore, Manager for marine mammal IFAWreported that the dolphins, whom have managed to return to the ocean, have made repeated attempts to return to shore to their dead relatives.

Biologist New England Aquarium Eric Payne examines a Dolphin is picked up on the coast of the beach Scusset beach, Cape cod.


And in September of 2016 received wide publicity in mass ejection horseshoe crabs in Japan. For the previous year killed about 490 species of these ancient arthropods. The latest incident was 20 years ago. Research fellow, Kyushu University, Hiroko Kioka believes that the problem lies in the shortage of oxygen in the water.

“the Rise in sea level caused by global warming, the shortage of places for laying their eggs and lack of power could lead to the death of horseshoe crabs”.

horseshoe crabs
the horseshoe crabs are considered to be among the oldest inhabitants of the Earth. Their distinguishing feature – a blue blood with great interest being studied by scientists around the world.
What do the experts say?

TV presenter and scientist-zoologist Nikolai Drozdov in comments RT:

Nikolay Drozdov“It is always associated with pollution. People harm the environment, in particular marine, so this response of the animals is obvious. You just need to be more careful about nature, and then we can avoid such terrible consequences.”

In continuation of the topic

As reported TASS on Sunday, February 12, some of the dolphins-whales were able to swim away from the Cape, Farwell during a night tide. However, they continue to be in shallow water. Herb Christophers, a representative of the environmental Agency of New Zealand reported that on the shore were 17 live mammals, which is all kinds of help to return to his native habitat.

Deadly glow restaurant ratings

Ресторанные рейтинги вершат судьбы людей

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Famous French chef Benoit Viola in February this year, simultaneously with the release of a new release of the Michelin «Red Guide”, committed suicide. This is reported by “Facts and Comments”. This case reminds us the story of Bernard Loiseau, who was shot 10 years ago due to the fact that he could lose a third Michelin Guide stars.

That is the great reward chefs "Michelin stars", give them "scripture", ie "Red Guide"
That is the great reward chefs “Michelin stars”, give them “scripture”, ie “Red Guide”

The publication “Red Guide” evaluates French restaurants so-called “Michelin stars” with the help of true professionals of cooking, the best tasters.

In Russia, the guide is not discharged, but the French edition makes chefs let yourself bullet in the forehead in case of failures.

The logo of "Red Guide" in 2016
The logo of “Red Guide” in 2016

But recent status assessment is already losing its former power, people in the past decades have started to think more about the criteria for the evaluation of gastronomic temples that were always behind the curtain. For high scores, many restaurant owners have spent millions on beautification and decoration of the premises, the purchase of first-class, a rare, high-quality products. If the institution is deprived of stars or not getting them, all the costs are not paid off, but on the contrary there is a need to invest in a restaurant even more money.

The chef is cooking a delicacy
The chef is cooking a delicacy

However, some restaurant owners and chefs are still respected Michelin system.

“The Michelin for me – it is the prestige and the highest professional recognition, it remains the most important and sufficiently objective in France,” – says, according to the “Afisha Eda“, the founder of the Parisian restaurant Septime and holder of a “Michelin” star Bertrand Grebo.

Now more and more appears the new guides in the kitchen, the audience already does not trust Michelin assessment, and for example, prefers «The 50 Best», «La liste» and other, more simple – «The trip advisor», «Afisha daily» and “Yelp”.

Riot gendarmes

Во Франции продолжаются митинги полиции

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French police made a protest on November 2 in Paris.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers in civilian gathered for a rally near the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The protesters tried to attract the attention of the government and the public to ineffective the work of trade unions, demanded better working conditions and tougher penalties for hooliganism against police officers.

The police at the Louvre

The action was directed in support of the victims of the guards in a clash with the youth, which occurred in the commune of Viry-Satio 8 Oct. Then a group of teenagers pelted police with Molotov cocktails, causing one policeman was hospitalized with serious burns.At the rally, the protesters were holding slogans “police pants” and “get your hands off my police”, and some burned sheets of paper with the words “membership card of the Union”.The patrol car that drove by the demonstration, gave the signal, supporting the demonstrators.

Police pants
foto Claude Paris/ AP

This is not the only statement to law enforcement officers. According to the Agency INTERFAX, October 21, the Paris police conducted one of the first protests. Then five hundred people rallied at the Trocadero, more than 200 in the suburbs of the capital. His colleagues supported the police of Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille and Grenoble.

Bernard Cazeneuve
foto Thomas Samson / AFP

Note that 91% of the inhabitants of France believe these protests just. In the opinion of the government of France shares by any substantial psychological pressure on the guards of the events of the past year. The terrorist attacks in Paris, security during the Championship of Europe on football, the attack in nice, demonstrations against changes to the labour code – all this affected today’s unstable situation. Earlier, on October 26, in connection with the advanced requirements, the heads of the police unions had a meeting with President françois Hollande and Bernard Kaznenom – Minister of the interior, in which was announced the plan for the allocation of special subsidies in the amount of 280 million euros for the needs of the police.


What has «Progress» come to?

Грузовой космический корабль развалился над Тувой

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What happened?

On the 1st of December in the evening Russian space Agency reported about the problems with Progress MC-04 cargo vessel which had been launched from Baikonur to the International space station. The space vehicle docking with the ISS was scheduled for December 3rd. It turned out that Progress had been destroyed over the Republic of Tyva. Roscosmos reports that most of the fragments had burned in the dense atmosphere. Unburned fragments had fallen near the town of Kyzyl, which is the capital of the Republic.

What was the spacecraft to deliver?

The ship was supposed to deliver to the crew about 2.5 tonnes of cargo: fuel, water, food, medical supplies and scientific equipment. On board there were 705 kg of propellant, 50 kg of oxygen, 420 kg of water and about 1,200 kg of food and other things essential for life in space. Apart from this, the vessel was carrying a new spacesuit produced in Russia, fresh fruit for the Christmas table, the system for water and urine recovery for the Russian module and also a new greenhouse for the cultivation of various crops.

Why did “Progress” crash?

As one of the versions of the falling of the Progress MC-04 space vessel can be considered negligence in the manufacture of the third stage of Soyuz-U carrier rocket , RIA Novosti reports, with a reference to a source in the space industry.

In its turn TASS with a reference to its source reports that the state Commission investigating the crash of Progress MC-04 space vessel considers the RD-0110 engine burnout of the third stage of SoyuzU carrier rocket to be the basic version of the incident . According to the source, this could be caused by foreign particles getting into the engine or poor assembly of the engine. These are versions and the true reason of the accident is unlikely to be identified due to the lack of necessary telemetry data and the wreckage of the rocket, TASS source said.

If identification of the reasons is delayed, the launch of the Russian space vessel Progress scheduled for February 2, 2017 may be postponed, reports TASS referring to an informed source. According to it, the investigation can last for several months.

Are the fallen fragments dangerous?

Evgeny Parfenov, a leading engineer of the Department of gravitational astronomy and astrometry of the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics at Tomsk state University says that the falling debris do not pose a threat to the ecological status of the area, as reported TASS. . The expert pointed out that the space vessel had been lost, not the booster. It “had long been separated and was flying by itself.” So there was not a large amount of fuel in it, only the cargot. “The rest most likely won’t fall down. There is nothing toxic in it.

Also the interlocutor of RIA Novosti noted that the area of the fallen debris was sparsely populated, the area was mountain-woody; in this regard there were no complaints about the destruction or casualties. However, the Siberian regional emergency center was tasked to monitor the situation.

What will happen to the ISS?

It’s all right. Roskosmos said that the loss of the cargo ship will not affect the usual operations of the ISS and the life of members of the crew. NASA holds the same opinion. Commonly, the station crew has enough food and everything necessary to safely live for three months if the delivery fails.

“Our astronauts and the Russian astronauts are safe aboard the station. Resources aboard the station are at a sufficient level,” as says in a NASA blog. NASA also noted that the lost goods can be replaced by a Japanese cargo spacecraft HTV-6 starting to the 9th of Dec to the ISS.

Did it happen with Progress before?

The previous accident occurred during the launch of Progress on 28th of April 2015. Then the ship ceased to transmit telemetry and moved to the uncontrolled rotation. On the 8th of May uncontrollably de-orbited and burned in the dense atmosphere, fragments of the ship falling into the Pacific Ocean.

The reason for the accident was abnormal separation of the third stage of the carrier rocket and spacecraft. Defective assembly of RD-0110 was the cause of the fall of Progress M- 12M in August 2011. It was the first crash of Progress. The reason was the blockage of fuel feed line. This manufacturing defect was declared accidental.

On 25th of June 1997 while the redocking of Progress M-34 it crashed into Spektr module of Mir space station, which led to damage to the solar panels and depressurizing of the module. Progresses in various versions have been flying to the ISS since 2000, they have been launched more than 60 times.

Read more
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he returned To Russia – Who is to blame for the fall of “Progress” and why this is an indictment of the space industry – article “”.


230 hours и 10 days

Участницу гонок на Gelendwagen приговорили к обязательным работам и административному аресту

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Savelovsky court of Moscow has sentenced the participant of the case of races on Mercedes Gelendwagen Mara Baghdasaryan to 230 hours of compulsory work and 10 days of administrative arrest for failure to pay administrative fines for violations of traffic rules.

The court’s decision was the result of multiple Baghdasaryan evasion from payment of fines and the availability of a large number of administrative protocols drawn up against her, which was not allowed to appoint her to a fine. In the event of failure of the works she will face a fine in the amount from 150 to 300 thousand rubles.

On Saturday, November 6, Baghdasaryan was detained by law enforcement agencies for gross violation of traffic regulations – Parking in the wrong place. Car girl parked on the sidewalk on Leninsky Prospekt and returned to him in that moment, when it wanted to evacuate.

Mara Bagdasaryan with her car
Mara Bagdasaryan with her car

Militiamen made the Protocol on administrative offense. When checking she found 16 overdue fines.

Racer has repeatedly attracted the attention of law enforcement: in the period from July to October of 2016, more than 140 times revealed violations of traffic rules totaling more than 48 thousand rubles. Much of the administrative fines were issued for gross violations of speed limits, in particular for speeding over 80 miles per hour. In addition, her number of administrative protocols for the violation of requirements of traffic signs and markings, driving on dedicated lanes for public transport and a violation of the rules of the location of the vehicle on the roadway.

Recall that early in the morning on may 22, 2016 Mara Baghdasaryan together with a group of young people staged a race with the police on the SUV Mercedes Gelendwagen. Malefactors tried to disappear from militiamen, taking video of what is happening in the Internet. Among the offenders was the son of the Deputy head of the company “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov. Was driving Abduvahob madzhidov, who was driving the car, being deprived of rights.

Participants of "race on Gelendwagen"
Participants of “race on Gelendwagen”

During this incident, the girl was serving a ten-day administrative arrest for “disobedience to the lawful order of a police officer” (19.3 Cao RF). In 2015, she also got in an accident on Kutuzov Avenue, which killed 3 people. The driver of the BMW, which was the girl, was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

“Baby box is an alternative to the death!”

Интервью с участницей феминистского движения Анастасией Якубовской

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The Deputy Elena Mizulina in the beginning of June 2016 in the state Duma introduced a bill to ban the baby boxes. The author of the bill proposes to prohibit “activities focused on the organization of anonymous abandonment of children” and to punish a legal person by a fine in the installation boxes. On September 27 of 2016, according to Agency “Interfax”, the Russian government supported the initiative of Mizulina. To understand the pros and cons of baby boxes, I turned to the bright representative of the feminist movement Anastasia Jakubowski.

– Baby-boxes – a rather controversial phenomenon. Some experts call them the disgrace of society, others say that the baby boxes is an alternative to death. What point of view you hold and why?

– I am of the view that it is an alternative to death. Statistics show that in the year, dozens of babies found dead were women kill them, hammer a hammer, strangled, thrown in the trash. Basically they’re doing it out of panic, fear that they will condemn the society, from a sense of despair because they have no material means to raise a child. The reasons for infanticide can be a lot of out of this situation only two: put the baby in the baby box, or abandon it in the hospital. However, to leave the baby in the hospital is very difficult: you want to write a statement to indicate the reason for the failure, then within six months to wait for the decision of the court. This is a very long and unpleasant paperwork, when almost every day on every piece of paper you sign highlighted that you abandoned the child. And this method is never resorted to women suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Some girls decide to murder your baby because you’re afraid that at the hospital they just will not give up the baby: he will try to push the doctors and to condemn relatives. And baby-boxes exclude this situation: nobody knows when you put the baby in a box as it looks. In other words, no one can affect voluntary or forced because of the circumstances a woman’s decision to abandon the child.

– Is the statement that the baby boxes are forcing women to abandon their children?

– Of course not. Personally, I have never seen social advertising like “you Have no choice? Put baby in the baby box!”. No shares, no propaganda. If a woman is caught in such a predicament, she will find a way. About the baby boxes, almost no one knew, not yet broke this scandal. Many people forget or don’t even know what baby-boxes is not just a box in which to leave children. Next to them there are huge booths, which call to call hotlines, talk about raising a child, if you do not have enough funds. As the stands with the headlines “Call the hotline”, “you can help” can provoke the abandonment of children?

– What other arguments brought by the opponents of baby boxes?

– The main argument of most public institutions, for example, Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” is the lack of statistics, according to which infant mortality rate is declining. I met a showgirl, but to argue on this subject – it is like saying that the Earth is not round because you didn’t see it. Statesmen, such as former children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov and Yelena Mizulina, sure that the baby boxes violate a child’s right to know about my parents. However, it seems to me that when faced with a choice between death and life without being acquainted with their parents will choose life. Also the opponents of baby boxes believe that the woman relinquishing the child is not in the best point in my life. Maybe she’s depressed or she just seems that there is no way – in this state, she can’t make informed decisions. The deliberation of decisions can be assessed in each individual case, but clearly these women don’t just decide to kill her child. If you look at this subject this way, then the problem is not baby boxes, and social security in our country.

– Then there is the problem of infanticide can be solved by improving social conditions across the country?

– Yes, but no means for it. And all the baby boxes installed at the expense of personal funds, crowdfunding, charity is not a government initiative. For example, the first baby box was installed the head of the charitable Foundation “Cradle of hope” Elena Kotova. She heard stories about the murder of babies by their mothers, which is almost on the brink of survival, and began to raise money. It is impossible to say with 100 percent certainty that the number of infanticide declined, but over the past five years has saved dozens of babies. I think it’s a small victory.

– What will happen if the bill Mizulina to ban the baby boxes will still accept? How will this affect our society?

– In General society this will be reflected slightly. Will only increase the number of cases where child will be left on the doorstep of a hospital or kindergarten. This can be done in winter, when the baby may simply freeze. When children will be throw in the trash – the number of such accidents will also increase. A striking example of the consequences of this bill was the action of feminists in St. Petersburg: they took to the streets wearing masks with the face Mizulina wrote on dumpsters “This will replace the baby-boxes” or “baby box cannot be – in the trash can” and threw there toy babies. And it really is true. Of course, we can’t say for sure, but it is obvious that several dozen children who could have saved thanks to baby-boxes will die.

Star lost diamonds

Ким Кардашьян ограбили в одном из отелей Парижа

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Kim with her husband, rapper Kanye West. Source:
Kim with her husband, rapper Kanye West. Source:

Night of 2nd / 3rd October was robbed contestant of reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian. In the room of the hotel De Pourtales, where he lived for 35-year-old star, burst criminals dressed in police uniforms. They took American media personality hostage and stole jewelry worth more than $ 11 million, all cash and two mobile phones.

Kim with her sisters and children arrived in the French capital for fashion Week. Children of the stars at that time were in the neighboring hotel room with his aunts. At the time of the robbery, Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, performed at the festival Meadows in new York. Learning about the incident, the artist decided to stop performing for family reasons. About the status of the most Kim Kardashian, her REP says star was “deeply shocked, but physically unharmed”.

Engagement ring Kim. Source:
Engagement ring Kim. Source:

As it turned out, the main objective of the robbers was a kidnapping wedding ring for $ 4.5 million donated by Kim’s husband.

At the moment the French police is investigating and searching for the criminals, and porn site PornHub even announced a reward equal to 50 thousand dollars for the apprehension of criminals. The incident telediva blames exclusively himself. She says she regrets making the jewels on display in social networks and always wore a wedding ring.

Kim with her daughter. Source:
Kim is my daughter. Source:

The behavior of the stars condemned not only its members but also world-famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. According to creative Director of fashion house Chanel, Kim is partly to blame for what happened, because he put his wealth on display.

Sturgis agitated Moscow

Выставку "Без смущения" пришлось закрыть

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Eduard Litvinsky and Chairman of “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov took the decision to close the exhibition “Jock Stragies. Without embarrassment”.

Litvinsky noted that the scandalous pictures that caused hot debate on the Network, in fact, were not represented in the gallery, but that is happening already acquired such a public outcry, so the exhibition had to be closed.

Jock Sturges. Eva_ le Porge, France, 2003
Jock Sturges. Eva_ le Porge, France, 2003

The exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” presented by the Center, was marked 18+. Photographer for many years filming a family of nudists in France, Northern California and Ireland, with many of them his friends.

However, the exhibition “Without embarrassment” closed – not to confuse the public. Litvinsky also told reporters that the administration threatened because of the exhibition Jock Stragies. Some threats went beyond the boundaries of discussion on the Internet is so anonymous activist said that the show offends family values, and poured a few photos of an unknown liquid.

Twitter photographer "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
Twitter photographer of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

“My work is exhibited by galleries in different countries,” noted photographer. “Those who are captured on my photos, perhaps, more moral than most of their critics,” the announced Strages in an interview. A series of his photographs repeatedly caused mixed reactions – before they attracted the attention of Christian activists from the US, but anyway, all charges against the photographer were dropped.

Previously Anna Kuznetsova, a new children’s Ombudsman, and Senator Elena Mizulina demanded that the Prosecutor General’s office to check on the exhibit, calling it pornographic. Public chamber of Russia has previously called the exhibition “propaganda of pedophilia”, however, now calls for a Commission of art historians and to conduct the examination.