To help out in prison

Пошаговая инструкция помощи заключенному

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1. Armed with Criminal and Criminal Procedure codes – help lawyer. Often criminal cases can be quite large( e.g. Swamp thing), in such cases, the defender is not able to track all the nuances. You can gather the necessary information and documents, to seek out new witnesses and other evidence. Strategy protection and processing of evidence for presentation in court should deal with the lawyer himself.

2. Don’t be afraid to give publicity to the violations of the rights of the prisoner. In jail the responsibility of the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) in all regions there are special organs controlled by the office of the Procurator for supervision of observance of laws in correctional institutions. This is the first option where to go. But we cannot hope for an immediate response. In an emergency, when there is a threat to life and health (recent letter Ildar Dadin and subsequent events) not to procrastinate. First, the main aim of a lawyer or defender, who is currently near the scene of the incident (approximate price is 10 thousand rubles). FSIN denies appointment of counsel and a prisoner? It is necessary to attract media attention, contact one of the human rights organizations (“Human rights”, “Rus sitting”, “Committee against torture” and others)

3. Write letters, make passes. Mental condition of a prisoner deteriorates, due to the feeling of loneliness, so moral support from your side will help him cope with the shock. Keep in touch, send a letter by regular mail or through the service, the FSIN – letter. But remember that every text is viewed, so do not mention about the details of the case, and do not ask questions that potentially violate the law. Also give the prisoner what he asks (but there is a list of prohibited items on the website of the FPS of the desired region). There are weight restrictions: transfers (to 20 pounds), parcel (up to two).

4. You can improve his living conditions through the mechanism of registration of humanitarian aid. For example, to make minor repairs to camera, buy a TV, kettle or microwave.

5. Organize an interesting event. The administration of the colony do not rarely allows individuals and volunteer organizations to bring screenings, performances, lectures.

6. Don’t leave it after release. Help the person to adapt to life after the grid, push to seek employment, visit with him entertainment, for example cinemas or galleries. Do not let be closed in itself.

230 hours и 10 days

Участницу гонок на Gelendwagen приговорили к обязательным работам и административному аресту

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Savelovsky court of Moscow has sentenced the participant of the case of races on Mercedes Gelendwagen Mara Baghdasaryan to 230 hours of compulsory work and 10 days of administrative arrest for failure to pay administrative fines for violations of traffic rules.

The court’s decision was the result of multiple Baghdasaryan evasion from payment of fines and the availability of a large number of administrative protocols drawn up against her, which was not allowed to appoint her to a fine. In the event of failure of the works she will face a fine in the amount from 150 to 300 thousand rubles.

On Saturday, November 6, Baghdasaryan was detained by law enforcement agencies for gross violation of traffic regulations – Parking in the wrong place. Car girl parked on the sidewalk on Leninsky Prospekt and returned to him in that moment, when it wanted to evacuate.

Mara Bagdasaryan with her car
Mara Bagdasaryan with her car

Militiamen made the Protocol on administrative offense. When checking she found 16 overdue fines.

Racer has repeatedly attracted the attention of law enforcement: in the period from July to October of 2016, more than 140 times revealed violations of traffic rules totaling more than 48 thousand rubles. Much of the administrative fines were issued for gross violations of speed limits, in particular for speeding over 80 miles per hour. In addition, her number of administrative protocols for the violation of requirements of traffic signs and markings, driving on dedicated lanes for public transport and a violation of the rules of the location of the vehicle on the roadway.

Recall that early in the morning on may 22, 2016 Mara Baghdasaryan together with a group of young people staged a race with the police on the SUV Mercedes Gelendwagen. Malefactors tried to disappear from militiamen, taking video of what is happening in the Internet. Among the offenders was the son of the Deputy head of the company “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov. Was driving Abduvahob madzhidov, who was driving the car, being deprived of rights.

Participants of "race on Gelendwagen"
Participants of “race on Gelendwagen”

During this incident, the girl was serving a ten-day administrative arrest for “disobedience to the lawful order of a police officer” (19.3 Cao RF). In 2015, she also got in an accident on Kutuzov Avenue, which killed 3 people. The driver of the BMW, which was the girl, was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

License question

Привычные автономера могут стать другими

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What happened?

The interior Ministry is developing new standards for vehicle and cycle rooms, reports “Kommersant”. First of all it will affect owners of American and Japanese cars. For them, plan to make room for the new format. For motorcycles rooms want to reduce.

This reform is necessary because of problems with holes in the rooms of Japanese and American cars, and also because of the size of the rooms for motor vehicles, said an employee of the research center of problems of safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Potashnikov. These shortcomings threaten the drivers of the loss of rooms or a fine of 500 rubles.

As stated by “Kommersant”, the sketches of the new license plates have already been transferred to the interior Ministry. To revise the existing standard going in 2017, and to complete the reform by 2018.

for Whom?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Changes in Visitor affected all owners of cars and motorcycles, as well as, perhaps, the owners of sports and retro cars. As noted by the Chairman of the Committee of classic cars RAF Peter Slagin, their reform could push to register their vehicles (“b”). [/spoiler]


[spoiler effect=”simple”]the head of the brand BMW Motorrad Vladimir Tchaikovsky in an interview with “Kommersant”:

“Reducing the plate will be the right solution that will encourage motorcyclists to set it on its proper place.”

Co-owner capital of the company rental motorcycle Rentals Run Russian Vladimir Gusakov in an interview with “Kommersant”:

“The introduction of new characters is a smaller size would have saved riders from unnecessary expenditures”. [/spoiler]

against Who?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Auto Igor Morzharetto in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”:

“Here the problem sucked from the finger, because the attachment often universal. Well, or always easy to accommodate any frame, purchased or homemade, to attach the room to the original place. It would be a desire”.

Vladimir Valdin, expert of the interregional Association “City and transport”:

“I’m somehow skeptical about this reform. In principle, the motorists themselves have solved this problem — never seen that room with a wire tie. I think it’s a desire to sarahlamantia everything”.

What was before?

[spoiler effect=”simple”]Set GOST R 50577 motor signs was adopted in 1993. Since then, the appearance of license plates is not changed. [/spoiler]

Getting more information

[spoiler effect=”simple”]an Interview with automotive expert — “Komsomolskaya Pravda”[/spoiler]

“Black boxes” will be watching motorists

На все автомобили страны установят отслеживающие устройства

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The Russian government has approved the installation of equipment in all cars of the country, which can monitor the condition of machines and store information about them. In the transport sector will be created a special group to develop changes in the legal regulation, to make it possible to install the devices.

Members of GLONASS
Members of GLONASS

“Black box” called the vehicle control system, which serves to collect information on the status of the machine, on the actions of the driver and other data.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has ordered the formation of a special working group that will develop a collection and transport channel all the necessary data about the machine, depending on the need.

A. Dvokovich
A. Dvokovich

“We consider it appropriate to develop two” road maps “: one to improve the legal regulation and the second on the integration of the created system with other information and navigation systems”, – said Alexander Gurko, President of NP GLONASS.

As the “Izvestia”, today only talk about the very idea of ​​order and its implementation, rather than on the financial side of the project.

Autoexpert Igor Morzharetto argues that the bill will implement soon, and it has nothing to do with used cars, but only for new.

Already, in the majority of truck and bus terminals installed “Glonass”, and many trucks also equipped with “Plato”. The main advantage of “black boxes” that all the necessary information about transport will be supplied and stored in the same device, and the drivers do not have to put a number of different devices.

Traffic of truckers
Traffic of truckers

“Baby box is an alternative to the death!”

Интервью с участницей феминистского движения Анастасией Якубовской

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The Deputy Elena Mizulina in the beginning of June 2016 in the state Duma introduced a bill to ban the baby boxes. The author of the bill proposes to prohibit “activities focused on the organization of anonymous abandonment of children” and to punish a legal person by a fine in the installation boxes. On September 27 of 2016, according to Agency “Interfax”, the Russian government supported the initiative of Mizulina. To understand the pros and cons of baby boxes, I turned to the bright representative of the feminist movement Anastasia Jakubowski.

– Baby-boxes – a rather controversial phenomenon. Some experts call them the disgrace of society, others say that the baby boxes is an alternative to death. What point of view you hold and why?

– I am of the view that it is an alternative to death. Statistics show that in the year, dozens of babies found dead were women kill them, hammer a hammer, strangled, thrown in the trash. Basically they’re doing it out of panic, fear that they will condemn the society, from a sense of despair because they have no material means to raise a child. The reasons for infanticide can be a lot of out of this situation only two: put the baby in the baby box, or abandon it in the hospital. However, to leave the baby in the hospital is very difficult: you want to write a statement to indicate the reason for the failure, then within six months to wait for the decision of the court. This is a very long and unpleasant paperwork, when almost every day on every piece of paper you sign highlighted that you abandoned the child. And this method is never resorted to women suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Some girls decide to murder your baby because you’re afraid that at the hospital they just will not give up the baby: he will try to push the doctors and to condemn relatives. And baby-boxes exclude this situation: nobody knows when you put the baby in a box as it looks. In other words, no one can affect voluntary or forced because of the circumstances a woman’s decision to abandon the child.

– Is the statement that the baby boxes are forcing women to abandon their children?

– Of course not. Personally, I have never seen social advertising like “you Have no choice? Put baby in the baby box!”. No shares, no propaganda. If a woman is caught in such a predicament, she will find a way. About the baby boxes, almost no one knew, not yet broke this scandal. Many people forget or don’t even know what baby-boxes is not just a box in which to leave children. Next to them there are huge booths, which call to call hotlines, talk about raising a child, if you do not have enough funds. As the stands with the headlines “Call the hotline”, “you can help” can provoke the abandonment of children?

– What other arguments brought by the opponents of baby boxes?

– The main argument of most public institutions, for example, Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” is the lack of statistics, according to which infant mortality rate is declining. I met a showgirl, but to argue on this subject – it is like saying that the Earth is not round because you didn’t see it. Statesmen, such as former children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov and Yelena Mizulina, sure that the baby boxes violate a child’s right to know about my parents. However, it seems to me that when faced with a choice between death and life without being acquainted with their parents will choose life. Also the opponents of baby boxes believe that the woman relinquishing the child is not in the best point in my life. Maybe she’s depressed or she just seems that there is no way – in this state, she can’t make informed decisions. The deliberation of decisions can be assessed in each individual case, but clearly these women don’t just decide to kill her child. If you look at this subject this way, then the problem is not baby boxes, and social security in our country.

– Then there is the problem of infanticide can be solved by improving social conditions across the country?

– Yes, but no means for it. And all the baby boxes installed at the expense of personal funds, crowdfunding, charity is not a government initiative. For example, the first baby box was installed the head of the charitable Foundation “Cradle of hope” Elena Kotova. She heard stories about the murder of babies by their mothers, which is almost on the brink of survival, and began to raise money. It is impossible to say with 100 percent certainty that the number of infanticide declined, but over the past five years has saved dozens of babies. I think it’s a small victory.

– What will happen if the bill Mizulina to ban the baby boxes will still accept? How will this affect our society?

– In General society this will be reflected slightly. Will only increase the number of cases where child will be left on the doorstep of a hospital or kindergarten. This can be done in winter, when the baby may simply freeze. When children will be throw in the trash – the number of such accidents will also increase. A striking example of the consequences of this bill was the action of feminists in St. Petersburg: they took to the streets wearing masks with the face Mizulina wrote on dumpsters “This will replace the baby-boxes” or “baby box cannot be – in the trash can” and threw there toy babies. And it really is true. Of course, we can’t say for sure, but it is obvious that several dozen children who could have saved thanks to baby-boxes will die.

Sturgis agitated Moscow

Выставку "Без смущения" пришлось закрыть

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Eduard Litvinsky and Chairman of “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov took the decision to close the exhibition “Jock Stragies. Without embarrassment”.

Litvinsky noted that the scandalous pictures that caused hot debate on the Network, in fact, were not represented in the gallery, but that is happening already acquired such a public outcry, so the exhibition had to be closed.

Jock Sturges. Eva_ le Porge, France, 2003
Jock Sturges. Eva_ le Porge, France, 2003

The exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” presented by the Center, was marked 18+. Photographer for many years filming a family of nudists in France, Northern California and Ireland, with many of them his friends.

However, the exhibition “Without embarrassment” closed – not to confuse the public. Litvinsky also told reporters that the administration threatened because of the exhibition Jock Stragies. Some threats went beyond the boundaries of discussion on the Internet is so anonymous activist said that the show offends family values, and poured a few photos of an unknown liquid.

Twitter photographer "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
Twitter photographer of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

“My work is exhibited by galleries in different countries,” noted photographer. “Those who are captured on my photos, perhaps, more moral than most of their critics,” the announced Strages in an interview. A series of his photographs repeatedly caused mixed reactions – before they attracted the attention of Christian activists from the US, but anyway, all charges against the photographer were dropped.

Previously Anna Kuznetsova, a new children’s Ombudsman, and Senator Elena Mizulina demanded that the Prosecutor General’s office to check on the exhibit, calling it pornographic. Public chamber of Russia has previously called the exhibition “propaganda of pedophilia”, however, now calls for a Commission of art historians and to conduct the examination.

Evil game coach

Главный тренер сборной Англии уличен в коррупции

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The head coach of English national team on football Sam Allardyce was involved in corruption. It is reported the website of the TV channel “Match TV” citing the daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph, journalists who had conducted his own investigation and caught the coach in misconduct.

Several journalists from The Telegraph had a meeting with Allardice, posing as businessmen. They offered him a better deal to get the impressive profits from the transfer of players for football clubs in England. After two official meetings Allardyce agreed and asked for participation in the amount of 400 thousand pounds.

 coach England Sam Allardyce
coach England Sam Allardyce

Also, the coach said “clients” on how to circumvent the rules of Association of football of England (FA), which state that third parties can’t own the rights to the players through the transfer. While Allardyce criticized former head coach of the British Roy Hodgson called the senseless decision to demolish the stadium “Wembley” in London.

Later it became known that the Football Association of England has launched an investigation into the case Allardyce.