Eat to live, not live to eat

Психология правильного питания

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The psychological and physiological health are inseparable, so if people are unhappy with their amounts, the “cure” is found not only a nutritionist, but a therapist.

Psychologists see the reason for obesity is that people eat not only when hungry but also when they are bored, want something to treat. Remember the famous saying: “well Done! Zippity-Doo!”, that is, we “reward” themselves with food: dry or sweet, and, as a consequence, high-calorie.

However, some not only encourage themselves with food, but also solve the problem: from depression to the banal boredom. In this scenario, “seizing up” quickly turns into a habit. Probably, many have noticed that when on for a long time remained at home doing nothing, then involuntarily began to coachnet: reading a book, eating pie with liver, watch the movie and send in your mouth a handful of caramelized popcorn… and time goes faster.

Man has will power and have to solve problems with reason, not to trust your life your digestive system! Of course, it’s easier to let it go than to analyze the reason, find out and take action. So you need to take to get rid of boredom, it’s easier to fill their soul with the 100th candy or 15th sandwich.

In the process of chewing creates the illusion that life goes on, and I are involved in this: afternoon – event hamburger – event. Life seems more fun, and the food becomes the main source of well-being, as if each piece is a brick of joy in the wall of destiny.

What is the psychology of healthy eating in addition to type recommendations: “you can eat some chocolate, it helps production of the hormone of happiness“? The fact that a healthy diet and a healthy mind are inseparable: there is no boredom, no “jamming”, no heartache, no desire to escape it using another piece of cake.

Sweet bun
Sweet bun

People tend to experience negative emotions, and then desire to focusassist increases. However, man is not only the digestive system, and something more: the spirit, consciousness, soul. When we understand this, then life will appear to us in the new color, and power in the motto “eat to live, not live to eat” will be the result of external psychological transformation.

Riot against fashion

Почему не нужно бояться носить «гранж»

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Style grunge quite heterogeneous, there are many variations of it. The general idea of this stylistic direction – resistance fashion. Often a rebellion against fashion creates a new style. Grunge – a good example. The word “grunge” came from the American slang. It means something unpleasant and repulsive.

Aboriginal youth are considered rebels and numerous fans of rock bands, who often copy the behavior and lifestyle of their idols. Followers edakogo marginal chic came from Seattle, where I came from groups such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden,  and not by accident.These groups in their texts talked about the new reality and freedom in all spheres of life, and especially – for self-expression.

Rock band "Nirvana"
Rock band “Nirvana”

Grunge – a flannel plaid shirt, long, carelessly arranged hair, torn pantyhose or mesh, leather and metal ornaments, frayed jeans or shorts, plaid skirts, hats, beanies and heavy, solid shoes. Grunge style intersects with such styles as the “military” and often fans of grunge in the preparation of a camouflage image is used.


The origins of the style is the desire to resist the fashion, but this desire has resulted in yet another direction in clothing. It would not have tried followers marginal style challenge and break the fashion templates, they are trapped, because grunge – is quite different combinations of certain things. Style ceased to be truly marginalized in the early nineties when the American designer Marc Jacobs within the Fashion Week showed her collection, made in grunge style. Then grunge ceased to relate human to a particular social group. On this day, this style is often ill teenagers, lovers of rock music, the participants of some subcultures and even the stars.

Seven revelations of businessmen

Чего ждать, когда открываешь собственное дело

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People start a business, to change the world. As a rule, they have a brilliant idea, a team of associates, some capital action plan, and another set of stereotypes that represents the life of the entrepreneur. After the first collision with the harsh reality of past hopes and illusions is not a trace remains. We have learned what does not expect entrepreneurs opening their own business.

1. Launching the project  almost a quarter of the way

Yuri Lifshitz, co-founder of coworking center "Coverage"
Yuri Lifshitz, co-founder of coworking center “Coverage”

When you start, it seems that the main challenges will be completed with the launch of the project. Hell stop and start will take more or less normal life. But it was not there. “The launch of the project – about a quarter of the way, –says Yury Lifshits, co-founder of coworking center” Coverage”. – We have come to the point where service or product created is the first customers is a complete operating activities. At the start it seemed that the goal is achieved, it is time to give free rein to rest. In fact – this is only the first stage. Now begins the main work: optimization of processes, active advertising, improving the quality of services, the expansion of business scope, scale. “Unjustified expectations due to the fact that start-up businesses often exaggerate the value of the product, underestimating the complexity and the importance of marketing. “Before customers realize the value of your product, they want to use it and talk about it to your friends, take a long time” – warns Purnima Vidzhayashankar, CEO BizeeBee.

2. It turns out that in the world are not enough people

Gabriel Levy, CEO
Gabriel Levy, CEO

When you look at the world through the eyes of management, it seems that the interest of vacancies is much less than the decent people. When you become an entrepreneur, the world turns. “Find a responsible, professional employee – a rather trivial task,” – says Gabriel Levy, CEO In addition, a startup or small company operating in turbulent conditions, to get a good manager is particularly difficult. “Most people want to work for a stable job where the salary is growing, – says Alexander Kim, founder of travel-projects and –We do not have a strong culture to take and create something new.”

3. Everything is going according to plan

Max Litmus, the creator of the resource
Max Litmus, the creator of the resource

Starting a business, an entrepreneur, as a rule, has a plan, which he intends to strictly follow. During the first months, it is clear that it can be hung in a frame on the wall for interior decoration – no other use of it. Reality is too unpredictable – important time to regroup and learn to act according to circumstances. “A series of minor and seemingly inefficient accidents could lead to a global solution that would never have occurred to me without these small but very important nuances, – says Max Litmus, the creator of the resource . – You just do not think that I’m going to the esoteric. But I am increasingly convinced that there are no coincidences. Now I pay attention to every detail, which is regarded as a portal to a parallel reality, and not as a cog in a careful business process mechanism.”

4. Accounting takes half of life

Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder
Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder

Few people starting a business to deal with accounting. And few who are preparing to the fact that most of the time will take a nasty little different routine, and not the great achievements. “My Web Studio was the first business – tells Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder of – It is an online business, but very quickly we realized that it was not some mythical way of earnings, and the usual variety of classic business, just with a new class of services. It requires the company, accounting, customer communications, document management and other “joys.” All these processes require a lot of time, and, in fact, the very professional work often took less than half of it.”

5. Buy – it is difficult

When you have no money to start difficult. But when they are, life, in fact, too, “no sugar”. Spend them is not easy. “Purchases were much more complex issue than I imagined – admits Yury Lifshits. – The choice of the contractor by the logo or roller takes a long time. Microphones, pumps for toilets, projector, chairs… The first purchases were frequently passing, had to re-allocate budgets and make a second, more informed choices decisions. The desire to save is often counterproductive.”

6. If the goods are sold, it does not mean that you will get the money

Most do not want to bother with the problems of receivables on the way to great achievements. However, defaults and empty account – this is the reality with which the entrepreneur has to face in the very beginning. Soon after picture of the world is changing: it is clear that all must all, no one no one is paying in time: so life works. “Delays in payments for small businesses are critical because there is no financial cushion, – says Vyacheslav Semenchuk. – Creating a small business, you need to be prepared for the non-payment and deception on the part of customers. It should be mentally prepared not to get their “salary” for the current month, as there is no employer, but only you as an entrepreneur. At the start it is very difficult.”

7. A lot of work – is not a panacea

Co-founder Allan Branch LessAccounting
Co-founder Allan Branch LessAccounting

Startups are cultured work wear. It is believed that to make your company, not ditching when this all his life, is simply impossible. But co-founder LessAccounting Allan Branch once realized that this path leads nowhere. “We have worked with my partner more than eighty hours a week instead of the usual forty – he admits. – When we have brought ourselves to the point of combustion, we realized that the work twice longer means to promote your company to twice as fast. Upon additional forty hours it was always not as productive as the first forty. Now, knowing that in the affairs of the business and work is always endless, at four o’clock in the afternoon we turn off their computers and go home to rest.”

10 facts about China from ayseker

Очереди всегда и везде, много острой еды, странные фото и один часовой пояс на всех. А что вы знаете о Китае?

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My first experience of international internships began in 2014, when I decided to go for six weeks in China. I slightly knew where I was going, what food, how can survive. But that did not stop me!

The project called «Dare to Dream». Interns from twelve countries (Malaysia, USA, Morocco, Poland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, Egypt, Turkey, France, Canada) worked with me in the summer school. We teach the children English, and talked about the culture of our country. During the trip we lived in several cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Zhangye. The greater amount of time spent in Tianjin (two weeks living with host families and prepared for the project) and Zhangye (summer school, where we were working, it was there). My observations about China, you will find in this article.

1. Geography

China – the third country in the world in the occupied territory (after Russia and Canada). Shanghai and Beijing – the two most densely populated city in the world. China is very diverse topography. On its territory there are high mountains and plateaus, and valleys, and deserts and vast plains. In general, the nature of beauty just incredible! Recall, or Rainbow Mountain Natural Park Zhangjiajie, which became the prototype of the natural environment in the “Avatar” movie.

Zhangjiajie Park and Rainbow Mountain
Zhangjiajie Park and Rainbow Mountain Photo:

As for the temperature in summer it is very hot (up to 35 degrees), so that all Chinese women are hiding under umbrellas. But winter is quite chilly (average 4 degrees, but in Harbin because of Icy air penetrating from Siberia, the temperature can drop to -18 degrees). However, half of China’s lives without central heating. Just to save energy we have decided that the city south of the Yangtze River will manage without a central heating system. For example, in Beijing or Harbin apartments have the battery, but the people of Shanghai to wear winter garments at home. My friends, the Chinese go in jackets, always spattered with toothpaste, because it is necessary to wash the winter fully dressed.

In China, such a large, only one time zone. Therefore, in China’s western provinces it begins to dawn at 10 am, and in the east – the darkness can occur almost immediately after dinner.

2. Population

Overcrowding – it is true and not a joke. How many people in China! Many – a weak word to describe their number. Everywhere endless queues, whether it is a shop, café, bus stop or the Great Wall of China. Every fifth person in the world – Chinese. Be especially wary in China during the Chinese New Year (February), otherwise you just crush the Chinese crowd that hurry home to celebrate the festival.

The main features of the Chinese:

1) it is impossible to determine their age, they look very young;
2) all firmly believe in the uniqueness of their nation. Firstly, they are one of the most ancient civilizations, and secondly, they are sure that everything has been invented in their country: paper, the compass, gunpowder, printing, watches, silk ice cream. Yes, and just Chinese – a real mystery: for the letter they use the characters for food – sticks, for protection – the Great Wall.

3. Trains

The Chinese love to move around the country en masse, so train them unusual. About speed and comfortable, I will not speak, this is clear. But ordinary trains – is another matter. They are located in a compartment than four shelves as we have, and six! Before we went to Xi’an seventeen hours, but none of the Chinese did not change clothes, besides all lay on their beds under a blanket in a shoe! The light turns off the train at 22:00, at the same time and the toilet stops working. And even if our trains is disabled ambient light, the small still always there, but here everything is turned off!

On the train. Photo: Alain Radina
On the train. Photo: Alain Radina

Also, travelers have the opportunity to buy a sedentary ticket or a ticket without a seat. Some trainees have “lucky” to get to Shanghai with a ticket without a seat. This means that where you “fall”, there is your place. Therefore, these “lucky” to huddle under the shells of fire extinguishers in the aisles on the floor, on other people’s suitcases.

Tip: buy tickets to any destination in advance.

4. Food

The Chinese have a cult food, they never miss a meal – it is holy! Chinese traditional greeting – may sound like – instead of the usual us “how are you doing»: «你 吃饭 了 吗?» ( “No chshifan le ma?”), Which is translated into Russian as “Have you eaten?”. Chinese cuisine is very sharp in most provinces. Be ready!

5. Language

Mandarin Chinese is the official language in the country. In it more than eighty thousand characters. On average, the Chinese, who graduated from university, knows five thousand characters. However, China is inhabited by 55 people, communicating to 206 languages, so the country’s overall writing and pronunciation is different. In this connection, on TV on every channel at the bottom of the screen there is always a running line with the characters.

6. Children

Chinese children are very shy. At the lesson they are difficult to stir up and cause to express their point of view. Even when asked, they will rise from their seats, without raising his head, cast a glance classmates as if asking permission to answer, and then quietly utter what they wanted to say. These are children from thirteen to seventeen. In restless, active kids and students is no longer distributed.

Chinese children. Photo: Alain Radina
Chinese children. Photo: Alain Radina

My fellow Chinese are saying that the reason for closure of Chinese adolescents is focus on their studies, because the competition in the universities is incredibly high. By the way, this is why we have been working in summer school: parents send their children to school even during the holidays.

7. The poses in the photo

Yes, the Chinese do love cute pictures: take the same posture on the incredible group shots and put fingers.

Two finger peace symbol Photo:
Two finger peace symbol Photo:

8. The Fortune Cookie

Contrary to popular belief it is not a Chinese tradition. These cookies invented in 1920 in San Francisco, one of the working factories for the production of noodles.

9. Ping Pong

Perhaps the most popular Chinese game.

10. Panda

All pandas living in the world, live in China. The only pandas that are beyond the boundaries of China, leased by the Chinese authorities. If in a foreign country they are born cubs, they are also considered to be the property of Beijing.


Global Citizen AIESEC – internship program volunteer. Member lives with an international team and work in a social project, which lasts 6-8 weeks. Would you also dive into the Chinese culture or the culture of any other country? Then join the international team aysekerov.

Explore the world, explore yourself!

Sleep is not for wimps: five alternative modes

Учёные расходятся во мнениях относительно пользы полифазного сна

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The average person wakes about 25 years of his life. This figure is really appalling, not surprisingly, many claim today, that life is too short to waste it on sleep. In place of the usual 6-8-hour night’s sleep come custom cycles, in which the total duration of sleep is reduced, and wakefulness is increased to 20–22 hours. If you’re a workaholic, creative person or you just do not have enough for their cases to 24 hours in a day, it is worth trying to adjust to one of the alternate sleep mode. There is a possibility that it will suit you, as once approached by Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Pёtru I.

Superman cycle (Leonardo da Vinci)
Twenty minutes of sleep after waking every four hours.

On this laid sleep cycle six times a day, the total amount per day is two hours. “Superman” mode is considered very effective, since people in such a rhythm feel more healthy, full of strength and energy, a well as see vivid dreams. However, if you miss at least one twenty-minute sleep, then the energy will be replaced by exhaustion and apathy.

Thirty minutes of sleep after every six hours of wakefulness.

This cycle also includes two hours of sleep on the condition that you need to rest four times a day. Bucky Fuller, founder of the regime two years lived by these rules and, as he himself said, had never felt such a surge of strength. After the experiment, the doctor did not find him any diseases and have recognized that such an extreme sleep did not affect his health. I end this practice Fuller at the request of his wife, which did not suit their different modes. And while working to find time to sleep strictly required hours are not so simple.

Average cycle
Three hours sleep at night and one hour day (three times for twenty minutes).


According to the mode of “the common man” is important to have a long sleep for up to three hours and three short of twenty minutes. It is important that after a relatively long night’s sleep, a short rest took place at regular intervals. For example, from midnight to three o’clock in the morning you sleep, then alternate the five o’clock wake with a twenty-minute break in a dream. This cycle is considered the most flexible of the alternative, because it is easily customizable for his regime. Pass one of the naps should not affect health.

Five hours of sleep during the night and 20, 60 or 90 minutes in the afternoon.

This biphasic cycle is the most common modes of polyphase. It is the most practical and easy to learn, the cycle requires 5.3 to 6.5 hours of sleep a day. Many studies have shown that such a dream in many respects better than monophasic as the person has the ability to break twice a day, and so it becomes more alert, productive, less prone to stress and mood swings. “Siesta” mode is recommended for students, especially in preparation for the session.

Salvador Dali Mode

Famous artists managed to sleep a minimum amount of time, as he put himself on the floor near a metal tray, a hand in the hanging bed, pinched a spoon. Thus, as soon as the Salvador Dali fell asleep, the spoon clattered hits the tray, and he would wake up from this. Artist relaxed and rested in this period of time, but at the same time, not scattered, then a new strength to return to work. A similar method was used in ancient times of Alexander the Great, but he was holding a large rock, which thundered about the copper basin and wake the commander.

According to doctors


Before the regime change, listen to the words of Matt Bianchi, director of the sleep disorders clinic at Massachusetts: “Every body is different. One person can come polyphase form of sleep, and the other as a result of such an experiment can fall asleep at the wheel and crashed into a pole. ” In modern science, opinions about alternative sleep cycles diverge: some scientists believe that human health requires one night’s sleep seven to nine hours, while others argue that REM sleep is much more effective because it helps to improve memory and restores the brain. The third group of doctors recommends listen to your body, to monitor the status depending on what time you went to bed and slept a lot. Maybe you can bring your own regime that correlated with your lifestyle.

If you do decide to experiment with the transition to polyphasic sleep cycle, it should be when you have a few free weeks to adapt. Think about how your new schedule will be linked to work or school. And of course do not forget about your loved ones, try to avoid conflicts on this ground, a compromise together.

Five ways to promote the brand in the regions

Лучшие цитаты из выступления руководителя PR «Райффайзенбанка»

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PR in Russian regions – the puzzle, the solution of which is worthy of the Nobel Prize. After that, from the point of view of companies and marketers would be to free PR, in the opinion of the owners of regional newspapers should be advertising on the price paid.

Anastasia Maximova, Head of PR «Raiffeisenbank»
Anastasia Maximova, Head of PR «Raiffeisenbank»

– In regions very little journalists – says Anastasia Maximova, Head of PR “Raiffeisenbank”. – Usually, the city is a journalist who writes about the economy, and it works in all media, where there is a strip of Finance and Economics. If we take, for example, Yaroslavl, there are three media and on them two journalists. That’s all the press event. “In his master class “Non-standard and low cost solutions PR actions” Gallery Hyundai Anastasia Maximova told as advertised not for money, when everything around just for the money. We present five of the best quotes from the speech.

Bring in the big city man

“Our senior managers from Moscow to give the largest regional newspapers exclusive interviews. Sometimes you can do this by telephone or even by post. The regional publications almost never a federal speakers. If the company is large, the media according to the interview to put free if it contains unique information for this edition. This year, we’ve got almost all the major regional centers to release an interview with our Chairman of the Board.”

Organize an online conference

“We spend on your site an online conference that moderating themselves. We send announcements, questions, engage media partners. They publish in his texts and announcements about us, and we place their logo on the website. Thus, at every conference, we invite about thirty partners from the regions. Conference topics are radically different. Mortgages – the most popular, because it is of interest to all.”

Find a regional partner

“We have a car loan partners. We agreed with the two regional motor shows that test their new machines will be the director of our branches. Test drive – this is a standard article for the media about the new parameters of the machine. And we are pleased: the photo in the article and director gently, beautifully mentioned bank. From all that we do, this is my favorite activity.”

Make still something compelling

“It is possible and standard holidays (red calendar days) to conduct creatively. For example, in Voronezh, we are one of the events held business adventure in the style of Chicago 30s. Employees of the branches looking for a bottle of whiskey. All were dressed like Chicago gangsters turned out fun. At this event we invited journalists, but just told them not to wait for any publications, and on the contrary, please accept our invitation as an informal. Nevertheless, the three publications came out, but they were not dedicated to the quest, and the results of the branches in Voronezh. We became good friends.”

Organize a good conference

“This year, we held a press day for all business journalists in southern Russia. We arrived fifty journalists from four cities: Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and Novorossiysk. Is not only local speakers of these cities, but also the status of our experts from Moscow. For example, macro-analyst talked about the economy in Russia. We also invited the curator of the corporate business in the region, to talk about the small and medium business. As a result, we came out 79 free publications. The number of requests from journalists in the bank for the next month tripled. The growth of publications, not related to this event, rose twice”.

Should we start a business with friends?

Деловой интерес против крепких дружеских отношений

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Can I start a business with friends? This eternal question every entrepreneur has to look for the right answer. Although not too much to ask the opinion of those who decided to combine friendship and business and, despite all the fears, he began his work with his comrades. We provide entrepreneurs arguments “for” and “against.”


Yuri Lifshitz, co-founder of coworking center Yuri Lifshitz, co-founder of coworking center “Coverage”: “If you have been familiar with and do projects in the past (eg, the school organized trips), then you know exactly how you will solve the conflict. You have a high level of trust, avoiding micromanagement. Investors clearly prefer teams that have long been working together and have common values. The reason for the failure of startups №1 – a conflict cofounders. The long and positive history of relationships may reduce this risk. Example: co-founders of “Yandex” Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich – classmates at the Republican Physics and Mathematics School of Almaty.”


Gabriel Levy, CEO of “
“Unfortunately, in any” friendly “business, there comes a time when each of the partners have to make a difficult choice between the interests of business and friendly relations. The situation may be different, but the result is usually the same – yesterday’s comrades swear three sheets and, at best, stop communicating, and at worst – have become bitter enemies. In a difficult situation only a few put friendships and relationships over money, power and personal ambitions.”


Richard Reid, the founder of Innocent DrinksRichard Reid, the founder of Innocent Drinks: “I have many warned that business with friends – a very bad idea. But we have proved that it is not. We were close friends before, but now have become even closer. The last 14 years we are working in the same office. We have three common values. We want to succeed, but do not want to sell it for the soul. And always aware that the work – is one thing, and friendship – is another. At work, we do not discuss personal things outside of work, we do not discuss work. We are very lazy. If someone had a big ego, then we may be, and would be disbanded. When a company has become a large, we were forbidden to fly on the same flight. If the plane falls, there will be nobody to lead the company. Of course, we understand that the idea of intelligent. But still we fly-way, because none of us are not interested to stay in business on its own.”


Vyacheslav Semenchuk, CEO My-Apps.comVyacheslav Semenchuk, CEO “If you have friends, then you understand the strong and weak sides of each other? In practice it is not so. Friends, an active and hard-working, business turned in front of the lazy workers in what you have never seen them. Do you trust each other and believe that one you do not throw? In fact, because of the high trust of friends can deceive you for so long that it can not be compared with the usual trick employee. Friends do not have to pay? Once you start working, they focus on all of your money. From my partner and friend, with whom we shared is always 50 to 50, I once heard that he wants 80% of the business (which has already become large) and I the remaining 20%. Then he immediately ceased to be a partner. Friends always help you out in life, is brought to the house drunk and borrow money? In business, this will not wait. Those friends will score a job and tear as possible. And you have to do everything yourself. And to leave with a friend who does not work, we need determination. Because after that in 95% of cases, it ceases to be your friend.”


Max Litmus, the creator of the resource Planeta.ruMax Litmus, the creator of the resource
“I am convinced that to start a business with friends is possible and even necessary. If this is the case in your life, and you invest in it with all my heart, that friends can become a reliable support. This is especially important if you do that no one before you did, and you have a lot of work on the destruction of stereotypes and skeptical statements about the activities of your company. In cases where the coming great moral and material investments, friendship helps keep your internal resources and direct all energy on achieving results. This feeling of fellowship in general an interesting fact, that people are engaged with dedication and faith in a successful enterprise. If the business involves sawing chego-to very valuable and accidentally turned up, or is it a workstation on a large competitive market that has the “special rules”, such as businesses in our country a lot, then it is likely that there may be fast friends stop being friends and generally crap one another injury at the stage of signing the contract.”

How to break into journalism

Куда берут с дипломом журналиста? Этот вопрос звучит как крик души

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The answer is simple and merciless: only diploma will not practically take anywhere. The top of your ability – an opening for a call centre operator, press officer or copywriter.

the First seven tips – most, in my opinion, is basic and universal for every budding journalist. Maybe someone will disagree with me, but in my case it worked. Hope will be useful to you.


Experience more valuable than education

No journalism will not teach the craft of the journalist. Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you studied at the University, in the best case you will get a good theoretical base for the overall development. Without applied skills with one diploma you nobody wants you, because your value as a specialist is negligible. Still have to go all the way from Intern to the position you are applying for. Therefore, the sooner you’re on that path join, the higher the chance before graduation to get a job dreams. The faculty of journalism of the good that leaves plenty of time for work, so don’t wait for last year – get a internship now. And it is better to choose the direction that is closer to you and where you plan to work.

The grab all

We are not talking about the legwork for the coffee and the functions of the courier. Here I try to distinguish for yourself where you openly use, and carry out a course of the young fighter. But if you are loaded on business, do not shy. Rest only when you really need to rest. Do not neglect any opportunity to prove themselves and show how much you mean for this work. And, of course, use every chance to learn something new or improve your skills. If you send the twentieth time at a boring press conference, invent how to make it interesting for the viewer or reader. To tell a story about an interesting event can be a lot, but the “create an event” out of the blue only a real journalist.

If you send for the twentieth time at a boring press conference, invent how to make it interesting for the viewer or reader
If in your twenties a time to send at a boring press conference, invent, how to make it interesting for the viewer or reader

The practice, Practice and more practice

To learn how to ride a bike, you need to sit on the bike. Want to learn how to write articles – write articles. If you ever do write for myself, keep a blog, as if you write for publication, where you want to work. If you have friends among experienced and competent journalists, ask them to read and edit these publications. If you have no such people urgently get them. A journalist without the right people – no.

Be aware

No, do not have to know everything about everything, but have a broad Outlook, the journalist is obliged. If you already have a specific area in which you want to specialize, – follow the news in this sphere. If you got to illuminate the subject in which you are the expert – do not be lazy to spend a couple of hours on the study of “materiel” and history. In addition, the more you know, the less likely that you will be lost in the event of a spontaneous interview. Imagine that you suddenly appeared on the buffet with little available to journalists person: Michel Platini, woody Allen, Anton Siluanov – select your option. If you know of recent events, will always be ready to ask the speaker questions without prior preparation.

Learn from others

Read, watch, listen to reports on their topics. Be alert to what they liked, what made them especially interesting, and where you missed a whole paragraph. Analyze, from any interview, you learned something new, and which turned out to be quite banal and predictable. Try to feel what the authors of the reports were really on the scene, and what was written in press releases.

whatever you write, always think, what's interesting let your audience
whatever you write, always think, what’s interesting let your audience

Tell stories

What happened? Why do you talk about it? What you want to convey? As a rule, any story is easier to tell in a specific character. However, with specific techniques to become better acquainted in the process. Most importantly – learn to see all over no information, and history.

just chill out

No matter to whom you are writing for a newspaper or for TV coverage – do not wrap the artistic and graphic techniques. Means of expression is good in moderation, better with them to gleaning than to touch. Try to write as if telling something to his friends – of course, printed language. Not zagromozhdaet weighty syntax, don’t kill the text kantselyarizmami. Keep it simple.

In the next Chapter I will talk more about television, about how to combine work with studies and other Hobbies, and how I achieved your dream job.