From Jay-Z to Drake: Richest Rappers

The Forbes rating is headed by the first billionaire in hip-hop culture — Jay-Z

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In early June, an influential financial publication Forbes published a list of the richest rap artists. The wealthiest rapper in the world is a hip-hop artist Jay-Z, the husband of the famous R’n’B singer Beyoncé. In early 2000s he sang: «I’m already the G.O.A.T. — next stop is the billie». So it happened: today the musician’s capital is one billion dollars. Jay-Z became the first owner of a billion dollars in the history of hip-hop culture.

Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Carter) for the second year in a row becomes the wealthiest rapper in the world

The rapper invested in a private company Uber, music service Tidal, alcohol production company Armand de Brignac и D`Uss. The musician gains his profit from concerts and Roc Nation service, and also a partnership with the recording Studio Def Jam. The real estate of Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé is estimated at $50 million, and the collection of art objects — $ 70 million.

The younger generation of hip-hop artists takes Jay-Z as an example of success. TV presenter and novice rapper Fab 5 Freddy believes that Jay-Z — an example of how to make the real American dream come true.

Second place — Dr. Dre, $800 million

Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young ) was considered the richest artist in hip-hop culture until March 2018

Five years ago, Dr. Dre. declared himself the owner of a billion dollars. However, Forbes did not confirm this information about his financial condition. In 2014, the musician sold his line of headphones Beats by Dr. Dre to Apple for three billion dollars. He owned approximately 20-25% of the company’s shares. For the deal with Apple, hip-hop artist received an advance of about $500 million. Only last summer the company paid Dr. Dre remaining fee, however, even this did not help him top the Forbes’s list.

In recent years, the artist has put his music in the background. Dr. Dre invested his money in real estate and charity. He bought a huge Villa in California for $40 million. Together with partner Jimmy Iovine, he also invested $70 million in the development of the Academy of Arts at the University of Southern California.

Third place — Diddy, $740 million

In 2017, P. Diddy (Sean John Combs)  was recognized as the wealthiest hip-hop artist

Hip-hop artist Diddy earned his first money at the age of 12 by selling newspapers. He admitted this in an interview in the anniversary issue of Forbes. At that time the edition considered Diddy to be the wealthiest and most influential rap artist.

Now the musician takes the third place in the list of the richest rappers. Market fluctuations have a negative impact on his business projects. The most unprofitable were the cable  business Revolt and the clothing brand Sean John.

However, the rapper Diddy owns a successful business as well. For example, the production of luxury vodka Ciroc. Products give the musician a lot of money, as the volume of sales has increased in recent years. According to Forbes, Diddy will soon replace Jay-Z and become a billionaire.

Fourth place — Kanye West, $240 million

Kanye West
In the promotion of the collection of sneakers Yeezy, actively involved the wife of the rapper – Kim Kardashian

The famous performer and husband of epotage Kim Kardashian Kanye West ranks fourth in the list of wealthy colleagues. Recently, the musician can be spotted at private Sunday services on the South coast. West also held an Easter service at the largest Coachella festival.

In 2016, the musician told about his debt of $53 million. Then he suggested the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest one billion dollars in his projects. In 2019, Kanye West still entered the top five wealthy artists in hip-hop culture, but thanks to another source of investment. Kanye West has a partnership  with the sports brand Adidas for more than one year. Prior to this brand, the artist had a contract with Nike. This collaboration with Adidas brings huge income to the rapper, his line of sneakers Yeezy is gaining more and more popularity. According to Forbes, if Yeezy sales do not stop growing, Kanye West will become a billionaire thanks to the business.

Fifth place — Drake, $150 million

Hip hop artist Drake produces strong alcohol, which brings him huge profits

Concludes the list of the richest hip-hop artists 32-year-old canadian rapper Drake. But he is already catching up with his colleagues: over the past year, his musician’s capital has doubled. Drake has invested in real estate and in its own brand of whiskey Virginia Black. The rapper cooperates with the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, which also brings the rapper a large fee.

In 2013, the musician admitted that earning more money is one of his main goals. And he sticks to the plan: since that time, the average price tag for one concert of the artist has grown from $500,000 to more than two million dollars.

Tarantino made a romantic film with a terrible ending

The love story of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski which turned into a tragedy

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«Once Upon a Time in Hollywood», a three hours long retro filmed by Quentin Tarantino, was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The film is based on the real events of 1969. The main roles were performed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie played the main character. The film is timed to the 50th anniversary of the death of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate.

Margot Robbie played the main character in the «Once Upon a Time in Hollywood» movie

Sharon Tate was one of the most beautiful Actresses of her generation. She became widely known after her role in the film “Valley of the Dolls” in 1967. At that time, the young actress also married the famous Director Roman Polanski. Hollywood couple attracts attention: she is a young actress with model features, he is a talented, but not the most charming Director.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski got married in 1967

During World War II Polanski and his family got into the Krakow Ghetto. Having seen all the horrors of the war, the Director shot his movies in dark colors and the genre of psychological thriller. Sharon is the complete opposite: she was born and raised in the American family of the officer. Since childhood, she participated in various beauty contests and aspired to world fame.

She began her actress career as a model at beauty contests in the US

Polanski and Tate met at a casting for the film «The Fearless Vampire Killers» in 1967. «She made a big impression on me and I called her,» says Polanski about their first meeting. During the filming of the movie, between the Director and the actress broke out romantic feelings. Polanski was patient with Tate, who suffered from her inexperience in the film industry. Once they needed seventy takes for just one scene.

In the «The Fearless Vampire Killers» the Director also acted as the lover of Tate’s character

Sharon Tate broke off her engagement to her longtime lover Jay Sebring because of Polanski. For two years, the Hollywood couple enjoyed the relationship and traveled the world. The Director often took his Muse on business trips and on film shoots. In early 1969, the Polanskis learned about the imminent addition to the family.

Despite the label of the most unusual couple of Hollywood, Tate was happily being married to Polanski

In the summer of 1969 in Europe, Polanski was shooting his new film — «The Day of the Dolphin». Tate was with him, but due to her pregnancy she left for America. When she said goodbye to her husband, Sharon was very much worried, as if she felt that this was their last meeting.The Director embracing his pregnant wife thought that he might not see her again. But quickly pushed away the bad thoughts.

The couple was waiting for their firstborn, who already had a name — Paul Richard

In a country house near Los Angeles, Tate spent the summer days waiting for her husband. On the 8th of August, 1969, the actress spoke with Polanski, who once again postponed his arrival to America. That night, Tate’s sisters were supposed to look after her, but Sharon refused their help. Without knowing it, she saved the lives of her family.

The motives for the murder of Sharon Tate and her friends are still not disclosed

The evening of the same day Tate spent in the company of her friends, when followers of Charles Manson broke into her house. They massacred everyone, including two random witnesses. Sharon was 9 months pregnant and begged to spare her unborn child, but the cultists only tortured her. They wrote «Pig» on the front door in her blood. This crime was recognized as the most brutal in the XX century.

Roman Polanski allowed to take a picture of himself with the inscription, which was left by the killers of his wife

Roman Polanski could not come to his senses for a long time and suspected all of his friends in this murder. Only after the arrest of Charles Manson’s group, the Director calmed down, but could not continue shooting the film «The Day of the Dolphin». He believed that it was because of this project he had to leave his beloved wife. Polanski returned to his work with the film «Macbeth», in which he used a lot of blood and cruelty. When the English film critic Kenneth Turan reproached him for this, he replied: «You were not at my house last summer».

Roman Polanski admitted that he tried to commit suicide several times because of the loss of his pregnant wife

Polanski did not give his permission to Quentin Tarantino to use his story in the film. Because of that, the current wife of the Director criticized Tarantino. He, in turn, addressed the sister of Sharon who approved the project.

Russians who impressed the Eurovision

The most successful performances from Russian artists at the European song contest

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Sergey Lazarev will be representing Russia at the Eurovision at Tel Aviv for the second time. This Russian artist won the public vote, but based on the results of overall scoring he took the third place in 2016. The European audience was moved by his song «You Are The Only One» and the breathtaking performance with 3D projection. Now, everyone bode him the the success of another artist, Dima Bilan, who managed to win a Crystal microphone with the second attempt.

Which other artists from Russia achieved success and claimed the first place in the main European song contest?

Сергей Лазарев
Sergey Lazarev will be representing Russia at the Eurovision again
Alsou «Solo» (2000) — 2nd place
Alsou became the first Russian representative to take a prize place

The first one to have an impact on Europe was sixteen year old Alsou, the youngest contestant in the history of this show, with the song «Solo». Originally, «Solo» was made for male vocals, but the artist was so imbued with the song, so she choose it. The authors, Andrew Lane and Brandon Barnes, corrected the song for the young singer, and she went to thrill Europe. Alsou won the second place, what became a real triumph for Russia.

Tatu «Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask» (2003) — 3rd place
Tatu believed in their victory until the end, but took only the third place

The third place was accepted with disappointment. In 2003 the duo actively transferred from Russia to Europe and held a leading position in the charts of many countries of the continent. So the girls were one of the favorite contestants on the show. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina wore shirts with number one, because they were sure in their victory. However, Tatu took the third place, lagging behind the leaders only by 1 and 3 points. Many people assume that their Russian song «Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask» was not understood by the European audience.

Serebro «Song #1» (2007) — 3rd place
Serebro became a real  discovery of Eurovision

The group’s debut with their «Song #1» took place at “Eurovision-2007”. The unknown trio of Maxim Fadeev was the winner of the national contest. People did not pin their hopes on inexperienced girls, but they brilliantly performed at the final and took the honorable third place.

Polina Gagarina «Million voices» (2015) — 2nd place
Полина Гагарина
Polina Gagarina’s performance turned into a magic fairytale

Polina Gagarina was representing Russian at the Eurovision with the composition «Million voices» which was written by five authors from different countries. The song is about intolerance to the division of people, the importance of love and peace between them. The magnificent dress of the artist became a part of the projected starry sky. Her performance is considered one of the most memorable performances in the history of the Eurovision. During the show, Gagarina was a leader, but lost the victory to the Swedish representative in the final.

Dima Bilan «Never let you go» (2006), «Believe» (2008) — 2nd and 1st places
Дима Билан, Евгений Плющенко и Эдвин Мартон
Dima Bilan brought Russia the only one victory at Eurovision

Dima Bilan was able to impress the Eurovision twice. The first time, in 2006, the artist with the song «Never let you go» took the second place, giving up the victory to a Finnish hard rock band «Lordi». Ballerinas took part in the performance, and one of them appeared in rose petals from the piano in the middle of the song. In his performance, Bilan did his signature jump for the first time, which became the singer’s hallmark.

Dima Bilan managed to win a Crystal microphone with the second attempt. He also brought Eurovision to Russia for the first time in the history of the show. Together with the figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and the violinist Edvin Marton, the artist created a performance for his song «Believe». Putting his health in danger, Bilan performed barefoot on ice while the famous skater could hurt the singer in any time. But the performance was impeccable and very sensual, which touched both the jury and the audience.The outcome was the first and so far the only Russian victory at Eurovision.

Egypt Station by Paul McCartney

Ex Beatle took the lead in the chart with his new album

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Egypt Station is the first release of the ex-member of the Beatles Paul McCartney in five years. To make this happen, the artist worked with Greg Kurstin, the music producer.

The rumors about a new album appeared at the end of June, when the performer uploaded a photo of himself with a mic and a piano on his Instagram. The longplay consists of sixteen songs, McCartney sings about space adventures and calls for peace.

The album became a leader of American chart Billboard. The last time McCartney led this chart with his album Tug of War 36 years ago.

Маккартни во время записи альбома. Фото: RollingStone
McCartney during the recording of his new album. Ph: RollingStone
A Five-Year Lull

After releasing an uplifting and optimistic album New in 2013, Paul McCartney took a music break. This was McCartney’s longest break throughout his whole music career. However, the musician did not disappear from the music world, in fact, he frequently reminded of himself via mass media. Paul McCartney recorded a song with Rihanna and Kanye West, became a nominee for Grammy award, and composed a soundtrack for a videogame.

Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Ph:

In style, Egypt Station almost does not differ from ordinary music of the member of The Beatles. The emphasis on a piano, acoustic, and dynamic rhythm cause nostalgia for musician’s previous albums. This is the well-known Paul McCartney of 2000s.

During one of Paul McCartney’s performances. Ph: Diego Vara/Reuters
A Song Station

The new album contains sad and happy ballads, vivid rock-blockbusters, his songs appeal to people  because of modern sounding and this special McCartney’s frolic.

At the same time, Paul McCartney keeps speculate about eternal, global and ridiculously prosaic problems. What prevents people from living in peace? How to draw a beautiful girl’s attention? Where have all the things we loved as children gone? And why does your car’s wheel become flat every time you are in a hurry?

Обложка нового альбома. Фото:
A cover of the new album. Ph:

According to the artist, tracks in the album are organized in a special order, so listeners can feel this travelling from one song to another – like from station to station.

The name of the album triggers memories about McCartney’s  Spirits of Ancient Egypt hit of 1975, and the “Station” part can be construed as the last stop in musician’s career. However, considering the quality of his music, 78-years old sir Paul is not going to retire from performing yet.

Rap God vs Rap Devil

Новый альбом Эминема: кому досталось и при чём здесь Machine Gun Kelly

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Несмотря на то что рэперу из Кливленда Колсону Бэйкеру были посвящены всего несколько строк из 13-и треков, именно он стал самой интересной фигурой.

В треке «Not Alike» есть такие фразы:

«И я обращаюсь к тебе, хоть ты и сам знаешь, что ты представляешь из себя, Келли,
Я никогда не действую исподтишка и тем более не пишу диссы тайком.
Но ты можешь дальше комментировать мою дочь Хэйли».

Последние предложения — отсылка к твиту MGK 2012 года, где тот называет Хэйли Мэттерс «горячей» (на тот момент ей было всего 16 лет), с этим связаны слухи, якобы после твита Эминем забанил Колсона на радиостанции, которой заведует. А претензии к скрытым диссам связаны с тем, что в последних работах, а именно в треке «No reasons» (совместный с Tech N9ne) и во фристайле с Лейкерсом, Колсон без упоминания имени отпускает высказывания в сторону Эминема.

В интервью со Свэеем Каллоуэем, американским журналистом и радиоведущим, Эминем называет эти обе причины ключевыми.

Обложка к диссу MGK "Rap Devil"
Обложка к диссу MGK “Rap Devil”

Конфликт получает свое развитие.
С удивительной скоростью, через пять дней после релиза «Kamikaze», Machine Gun Kelly выпускает пятиминутный дисс на Маршалла с названием «Rap Devil», что является отсылкой к хиту «Rap God» из альбома MMLP 2, вышедшего в 2013 году. Сутки спустя дисс занял первое место на портале Genius.

В треке MGK насмехается над внешним видом «Бога Рэпа», указывает на то, что он «староват» и много думает о себе, но параллельно с нападками чередуются «восхваления», как-никак Эминем долгое время был кумиром и примером для артиста из Кливленда.

Дисс дошел до своего адресата: именитый рэпер даже назвал его «неплохим». Ответный трек не был ожидаемым, ведь Эминем склонен игнорировать подобные нападки, которые далеки от его уровня, но релиз не заставил себя ждать.

Обложка трека Эминема "Killshot"
Обложка трека Эминема “Killshot”

Трек «Killshot» целиком посвящен Колсону и разбирает по косточкам его творение. Эминем указывает на отсутствие фактчекинга, банальность строк («у тебя странная борода», «слабые колени»), а также на былой фанатизм («Я, кажется, забыл перезвонить тебе. Держи автограф для твоей дочки»).
По многим параметрам «Killshot» оказался куда более состоятельным и объективным. За первые сутки трек вошел в десятку самых просматриваемых на Genius с 36-ю миллионами просмотров и до сих пор не сдает своих позиций в iTunes.

Был ли этот конфликт спланированной пиар–акцией или нет, мы уже не узнаем, но оба артиста по итогу остались в плюсе, а поклонники двух рэп–исполнителей получили дополнительный повод для дискуссий и достойные треки впридачу.

Пародия на извинение или новый хайп?

Киркоров и Басков "извинились" перед поклонниками за клип на песню "Ibiza"

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Филипп Киркоров и Николай Басков сняли пародийное видео-извинение за клип на песню “Ibiza”, которое менее чем за сутки набрало более 2 миллионов просмотров на Youtube. Новый ролик вновь стал отправной точкой спора в сети.

После выхода клипа на “Ibiza” поклонники певцов разделились на два лагеря : одни оценили юмор звёзд, другие восприняли это как желание выделиться. В ответ на критику артисты выложили ролик, в котором в костюмах дизлайков извинились перед аудиторией. Пародия певцов на клип Канье Уэтса и Lil Pump “I Love it” начинается с заявления пожилой поклонницы. ” Вы были моими любимыми артистами, но теперь вы оба скатились”, – говорит певцам расстроенная женщина. Далее звёзды начинают извиняться. “Мы задели твои чувства, но всё ради искусства”, – поёт Басков вслед поклоннице.

Кадр из клипа "Ibiza"
Кадр из клипа “Ibiza”

Многие коллеги звёзд негативно оценили новое произведение артистов. Дмитрий Маликов написал в своём Twitter, что из-за таких песен аудитория артистов только уменьшается. Что важнее для артиста: сохранить “прямую спину” или любыми способами добиться внимания зрителей – спрашивает Дмитрий своих подписчиков.

Теннисистка Анна Чакветадзе посчитала, что такой пародией “артисты постучали со дна”. Но нашлись и те, кто поддержал выходку Киркорова и Баскова. Максим Галкин и Яна Рудковская пожелали им дальнейшего развития и посоветовали не обращать внимания на “гнусные комментарии”. “Зажигайте”, – завершила свой комментарий Рудковская.

Клип “Ibiza” набрал 111 тысяч дизлайков и 89 тысяч лайков. Несмотря на разные мнения звёзд и поклонников артистов ролик “Извинение за Ibiza” вышел на первою строку “Трендов” Youtube. В “Ibiza” происходит противостояние двух королей эстрады Филиппа Киркорова и Николая Баскова. В клипе снялись Сергей Шнуров, Андрей Малахов, Гарик Харламов, Валерий Леонтьев. Ролик стал продолжением нового подхода Филиппа Киркорова к своим клипам (после клипа “Цвет настроения синий”), что и оценили пользователи.

Премьера песни Филиппа Киркорова и Николая Баскова
Премьера песни Филиппа Киркорова и Николая Баскова

После выхода клипа “Ibiza” Лолита Милявская выложила шутливый пост и предложила лишить певцов звания народных артистов. Звезда объясняет своё заявление просто: если у неё нет этого звания, то “пусть и у них не будет”. Ранее Лолита не раз говорила, что обращалась к Гудкову за сценарием, но теперь же его работу она смотреть не собирается, чтобы не увеличивать число просмотров.

Филипп Киркоров остался абсолютно равнодушным к любым негативным отзывам о его творчестве. Певец  умеет относиться к своим действиям с юмором (не все окружающие , по его мнению, способны на это), и поздравил своего коллегу с “10 миллионным зрителем Ибицы”.

The “Eurovision” with unlimited possibilities

На предстоящем конкурсе в Киеве Россию представит девушка в инвалидном кресле

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

Singer Yulia Samoylova in the frame of the music video for the song composer and producer Igor Matvienko “Live”. The video/Production center Igor Matvienko/TASS

What happened?

The twelfth of March it became known who will represent Russia at “Eurovision”. In the final Sunday program “Vremya” on the First presenter Peter Fadeyev announced the name of the participant: may 11 in the capital of Ukraine will go to the 27-year-old singer Yulia Samoilova.

“It is proved by his life and work that she has no obstacles.”

Victory in an internal qualifying round of “Eurovision” the girl brought the song “the Flame Is Burning”.

Julia suffers from childhood spinal amyotrophy of Werding-Hoffmann and moves only in a wheelchair. The cause of the disease was correctly made in the infancy vaccination against polio.

Director of the musical broadcasting of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta said what physical feature did not prevent “the original singer, charming girl and experienced contestant” to achieve incredible success in your path.

As Yulia Samoilova went to victory

Child Julia was in the town of Ukhta (Komi Republic), where it repeatedly became the winner of children’s song contests. Then Yulia sang in the restaurant, performing a repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, Michael Krug and Vladimir Vysotsky. Performed at all (“On the wings of dreams” and “smash Hit”) and interregional (Spring thaw) competitions. In 2013 became a finalist of the third season of the project Pugacheva “factor a” (similar to The X Factor UK). A year later, she took part in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Sochi, where he performed the song “You should know you are not alone”. Vocal Samoilova noted Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov.

“I have enough mental and physical strength to adequately perform at the international music competition”, announced the shooting in an interview with RIA Novosti. Participation in “Eurovision” was the main dream of Julia since childhood. Despite recently transferred the next operation, it continues to show good results at practice.

Favorite singer has the support of the fans, including financially. Last year Julia with them managed to collect 50 thousand euros for treatment.

Possible problems from the host country of the Eurovision

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed concern and threatens not to let a contestant on the territory of Ukraine, because in 2015 she gave a concert in Crimea without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities, which can be regarded as a violation of the state borders. However, the Advisor of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that if Yulia will not make loud statements about politics and participate in the provocations against Ukraine, then no problem with her participation in “Eurovision” will not arise. Julia says that she is far from politics.

channel reabilitarea?

The choice of Yulia Samoilova participant of “Eurovision” some of the media associated with the scandal in the project “Minute of fame” when the jury member Renata Litvinova advised the dancer with a disability Evgeny Smirnov to use a prosthesis and not to exploit the theme of disability, and Vladimir Posner remarked that he had seen the room – quite a feat, but asked not to use “illegal methods” because such member cannot be denied. The words of the jury caused a wave of indignation.

“The selection of the First channel in favor of Yulia Samoilova in the realities of the present day can only be described in one word – brilliant!” – said the actor Stanislav Sadalsky.

Who represented Russia in the previous contests?

In 2016 our country was represented by Sergey Lazarev with the song “You are the only one”. Then Russia took third place, losing to the contestants from Ukraine and Australia. First place was awarded to singer Jamal, who performed the song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars “1944”.

A year earlier from Russia at the contest were made by Polina Gagarina, winning second place. Up to this second at “Eurovision” became “Buranovskie babushki” (2012), Dima Bilan (2006), Alsou (2000).

semi-Finals of the contest take place in Kiev on 9 and 11 may, the final will be held on may 13.

expert Hit.Media

Mila Yermolayev, General Director of communication Agency Celebrityone
Mila Yermolayev, General Director of communication Agency Celebrityone

“Yulia Samoylova is a worthy candidate, and our common task is to maintain it all together this year. I don’t think the infinite is to focus on her disability. Julia is a beautiful, young, talented girl who sings beautifully and has all the chances of the love of the audience both in Russia and around the world.”

What to read

“Such things” about the reasons for the participation of Yulia in the Eurovision


All right, lads!

Британская хэви-метал группа Black Sabbath отыграла свой последний концерт

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British heavy metal band Black Sabbath performed their last concert.

4th of March, Ozzy Osbourne and Black sabbath played the final show as part of his final tour “The End” in the native American city of Birmingham.

As the BBC notes, the group played a set of 15 songs, which sounded all the hits of the team, including Iron man, Paranoid, N. I. B, etc. Social network the day was filled with messages of delight, mixed with bitterness. No one could believe until the end that Ozzy Osbourne will never appear on stage in the role of Lord of darkness with his trusty “Sabbath” guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist of Gisera Butler.

In December, Ozzy Osbourne was 68 years and it is a very respectful age for frontman of heavy metal band, who must commit to all concerts of his team. But just like Ozzy! The energy of this man is impossible not to wonder. Even created the impression that if you’ll insert Ozzy a light bulb in his mouth, it will light up!

It was a surprise for everyone that the group can disintegrate. After all, it was the third “final” tour, and there was still a lot of energy in the musicians. Before the tour Ozzy sneered in an interview for Rolling stone magazine that now, when they’re not healthy enough to come off as before, the final tour will go smoothly and without unpleasant surprises : “Now everyone is sober, nobody smoked, it will be cool concerts”.

Tour was as desired as the band wanted. They knew what problems they could lie in wait. For example, in 2014, on their first final tour, Black Sabbath played in Moscow. But on the last minute of the concert, the musicians passed out all the music equipment that did not allow them to finish the song for an encore.

How would feel sorry for the fans as it is to let go of their favorite idols, but they understand that all the members of Black Sabbath are adults who are already not up to heavy metal. Though the band broke up before, but it was on the basis of conflict inside the band. Now the musicians take their well-deserved rest after almost half a century of concert activities.

Black Sabbath is considered to be the godfathers of hard rock. For their contribution to the development of musical culture, the band was included in the “Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame” in 2006.

The final round of the Black Sabbath began more than a year ago. During this time, the group gave 81 concert in Australia, Asia, South and North America, and Europe.

“Mother of monsters” abandons the outrageous

Новый альбом Леди Гаги: радикальная смена имиджа или очередной трюк?

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Did the meat dress, the bloody makeup and other paraphernalia provocative Lady Gaga come to an end? In his new album, Joanne outrageous singer appears in a completely different way. And the musical style of the album is very different from the usual repertoire of pop-rock stars: the lyrical melodies contrast sharply with the infernal cosmic hits of yesteryear.

At the end of February official website Lady Gaga appeared Souvenirs to Joanne planned round the World Tour. The clothes in casual style prints with album art on t-shirts images from the personal archive of the singer, drafts of songs with notes in the margins. Well, it’s just a good girl!

What is Joanne?

Joanne – the real name of Lady Gaga, calling her father. The songs in this album somewhere in the message itself, a reflection of the events of the recent past. Simple, calm, bright, already not music for a party in the club like ARTPOP the album-the hit 2013.

Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion:
Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion: “Perfect Illision becomes right… in history and look at my life”


History of the Queen of outrageous

Dream Lady Gaga has always been a “revolution in pop music.” She managed also thanks to the outrageous costumes that the press began to pay attention to in the early 2000-ies.

Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009
Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009

Tease the audience with provocative clothing, the singer has not stopped: at the American Music Awards in 2009 she played on a burning piano, and at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was doused artificial blood, which was a metaphor of the sacrifices necessary to go to celebrities for the sake of success.

Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga wearing shoes from Mr Tatehana on music awards 2011
Lady Gaga in the shoes of Mr Tatehana

Shoes with unbelievable curve and high heels have become one of the main subjects of discussion in the field of fashion 2010. Over time, this frightening shoes has turned into an essential attribute of any public appearance of the singer, but in 2013 she had to abandon this model because of chronic joint pain. Because of these same problems Lady Gaga canceled some tour dates, Born This Ball, following the recommendations of doctors.

the Peak of outrageousness became famous dress made of meat, in which she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. This provocation was condemned by many organizations for the protection of animals, but the dress was recognized as the top fashion statement of 2010. After the ceremony, Lady Gaga explained the meaning of his costume:

“If we do not act for what we believe, and if we do not fight for their rights, very soon we will have those rights, just as much has a piece of meat on our bones. I’m not just a piece of meat”.

Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010
Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010


How to change Lady Gaga

Early in his career, Lady Gaga was inspired by the style of David Bowie (the lightning of glossy foil eye) and Madonna (fiery “shooting” bra), tried on on itself an image of the Barbie doll with the bow hair at the TUI Arena in 2009, and in 2011 for another musical ceremony was not Gaga, as her alter ego Jo Calderone, in a man’s suit and sideburns. In 2012, Lady Gaga was not dressed in bodysuits and swimsuits, preferring dresses, and other more closed clothes, reminiscent of the wardrobe of the actress of the Golden era of Hollywood. In 2014, the audience watched a bitter struggle crazy costumes with female elegance in the outfits of the singer was completely different and even more unpredictable.

Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert
Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert

As time has shown, won elegance. For awards in the 2015-2016 Gaga is seen in a more decent clothes and comfortable shoes.

Super-Gaga on Superbowl

In addition blew up the social network acrobatic Lady Gaga’s performance at Superbowl is a perfect illustration of how varied her songs. She performed a mix of his most popular tracks, speaking in a suit, reminiscent of her vest with large shoulders on the ACE Awards 2013, and almost every song was accompanied by a certain character: “space” in the song Telephone, the rod or gold jacket in an episode of Just Dance.

Then the stadium lights went out, and Lady Gaga sat behind a piano. The tune sounded completely different mood, the song Million Reasons. Ended hit performance Bad Romance. Compared to the other energetic songs Million Reasons the only song on the album Joanne clearly stood out as the most so meaning.

Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017
Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017


What do you think fans about the “new Gaga”

survey , held specifically for in the social network, was attended by 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.
took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

– People naturally change, – says the fan of the singer Ekaterina Leonova. – It happened to Lady Gaga. Its the old style, early performances were more suited to adolescents of 12-14 years. Songs about parties, about the coolest love sound… It peaked and began to decline. Now we have another person.

Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga since 2010
Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga 2010

“In my case, came amazing story: I feel like I’ve grown up with Lady Gaga. That is, we have both had way, and we occasionally crossed on it. We’ve been through the same era, the second, third, and stopped until Joanne. Who knows what will happen next… the Only thing that hasn’t changed is the unpredictability of Lady Gaga”.

RateMe become a reality

Netflix выпустил шуточную версию социальной сети RateMe из сериала "Чёрное зеркало"

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In the series, the application has control over the life of the whole society and has a number of functions that regulate human rating and making it accessible to all. The “real” analogue allows only two actions – randomly display user evaluation (enough to drive his name in the specified field) and “evaluate” his friend or acquaintance.

The premiere of the third season of “Black Mirror” took place on October 21. Series “Dive” ( “dive”) received the greatest popularity and became the most talked-about episode of the new season, on kinopoisk assessment.

Page in the heroine's girlfriend application
Page in the heroine’s girlfriend application

Characters “dive” appeared in the world, where the application is able to manipulate people by virtue of their dependence on the social situation and public opinion. With this program, the characters can not just put the stars (from 1 to 5) on the photos and videos of each other, but also closer to the life of their dreams.

Reputation becomes the main advantage of the locals, as obtained scores affect the position of people in society, high levels (above 4.5) gives its holder certain privileges and bonuses (good accommodation, the best seats on the plane, and others.). The heroine of the first series of the new season set a goal to buy property, but to get a discount on the purchase of the house lacked its current rating, it became the start acquaintances among the famous and successful (the only way it was possible to improve the rating in the short term), from which in the end only I suffered, realizing that the numbers do not mean anything.

Rating of the main character from the TV serial "The Black Mirror"
Rating of the main character from the TV serial “The Black Mirror”

It is important to know that the ratings of the application can not be changed after they are received. To all the names of your average score is tied, and this has created a theme for jokes in many social networks. For example, some Twitter users have begun to compare the assessment of past and current US Presidents. So, Donald Trump has 4 points and Obama 3.