About the project

Who are we?

The non-commercial portal Hit.Media is a space for young journalism, where beginner authors make their first steps to acquire journalistic skills. Hit.Media aims to provide future journalists with a platform for free creative work.

Vlagimir Guryanov
Sergey Korzun

The project got underway in 2015. The portal’s English version has been available since November 2018. Vladimir Guryanov and Sergey Korzun are the project’s co-owners.

What are we about?

The articles cover from politics and incidents to the movie and fashion industry. For convenience, they are referred to subject headings: businessstateabroad, law, health, art, cinema, lifehacks, literature, personality, media, science, education, politics, nature, events, прошлое, pasttravelentertainment, Russia, family, sports, hi-tech, show business.

You can also select articles by genre: notes, reviews, interviews, reportage, or by volume (reading time): short (less than 3 minutes), medium (3-5 minutes) and long (more than 5 minutes).

The section of special projects is presented in the materials of student talk shows “V tochku”, “V tochku. Persona” as well as the rubric “M-F Review”, which considers new movies from the male and female points of view.

Editorial policy

On the Hit.media portal, we strive to publish high-quality and relevant materials addressed to a broad audience. Each text is edited and meets industrial requirements, including in terms of uniqueness.

In case of full or partial use of our materials, please indicate their authors and provide a hyperlink to the corresponding Hit.media page.

Our authors

More than 150 HSE students have become authors of the project since it got underway. Of these, 20 or more articles were published by Azhar Sultanaliyeva, Sergey Fedorov, Assel Minbayeva and Anastasia Lobanova. Materials by Darya Svetkina, Arina Ayupova, Polina Gutkovich, Darya Myznikova, Anna Sokolova and Olga Primakova got over 1,000 views. Alexander Ivanov and Tatyana Balyasnaya took an active part in the creation and development of the“M-F Review” special project.