Posner was offered a bribe of 250 thousand dollars

Владимиру Познеру лишь однажды предложили взятку за участие в программе, зато большую - в 250 тыс. долларов

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This he said during a meeting with students of the Higher school of Economics April 5, 2016

The proposal, according to the journalist, was “to in this program said about the suffering of Iraqi children due to American invasion. What about it needs to be the plan.”

Vladimir Pozner said that offering money to people associated with the oil business and well known. However, their names broadcaster not named.

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Leo plus Leo

Россиянин Роман Бурцев готов доказать своё родство с Ди Каприо

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the Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Double Leonardo DiCaprio thirty-year-old Russian Roman Burtsev has expressed readiness to undergo a DNA test to prove a direct relationship with Bursevich DiCaprio.

The last film involving the world’s superkara the Novel did not like implausible, explains a double, but the game “relative” of the novel as a whole estimated at “Oscar”, which was ready in some way to help.

He nominated for the award makes no secret of its Russian roots: the story was such that after the October revolution, grandmother of the future six-time nominee for “Oscar” was taken by his parents to Germany. For a long time she lived in West Germany where she met her future husband William in 1955, the year they both emigrated to the United States.

In 2010 at the “Tiger summit” in conversation with Vladimir Putin, Leonardo said that despite the departure from Russia at an early age my grandmother still spoke Russian. Moreover, the actor’s grandfather was also Russian, it turns out that the actor is half Russian.

Burtsev, as you know, not the first double DiCaprio: last year a “clone” Leo was the 21-year-old bartender from Sweden, but he has received such massive attention.