How to become an international volunteer

You can go abroad and get a language practice almost for free

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Many people dream to visit another country and join its culture, especially those who study a foreign language. But what if there is no money for a trip abroad? You can use an international volunteer program and in return receive practice of live communication with native speakers – such opportunities are provided by work of the volunteer. There are two ways to become a volunteer abroad.

The first way. Travel to a foreign country as a volunteer will help intermediary agencies.

International volunteer camp

Volunteers do not only physical work. They can teach children a foreign language or help the homeless

Each camp has its own theme. Some invite volunteers to clean the forest, others – to help the homeless, and others – to participate in the filming of the host country. Often it is spelled out possible work for volunteers in the description of the camp. The main task is to read everything carefully and choose the place where, in your opinion, you can fully reveal yourself. Organizers from one camp invite 10-20 people, they work together about 4-6 hours a day, and the rest of the time can be spent as they prefer. Usually the volunteer program lasts from one to three weeks, but you can find longer projects (for several months or more).

There are almost no age restrictions. Someone requires only adult volunteers, someone needs teenagers – in this case, the project will be marked Teen camp. There are also family camps where volunteers with children are invited. In order to take part in the volunteer program, you must apply on the website of the Russian sending organization (Sphere, Chipmunk, World4you), do not have outstanding criminal records and bad habits such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

The volunteer will live and eat in the camp free of charge, yet the tickets and visa will have to be paid for themselves. In addition, you must pay a fee for participation (about 5-7 thousand rubles for short programs). Many people claim it is embarrassed. But, as it is explained by the organizators, the money goes to the maintenance of the sending company (office rent, payment for the Internet, phones, electricity, etc.), and is a guarantee that the volunteer will get a place in the camp.  A month before the trip the participant receives a route, information about what to take with them, and contacts of the camp leader.

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

The logo of the European corps of solidarity

Another program that allows young people aged from 18 to 30 years to go abroad as a volunteer. The European Union has been implementing it for 20 years. Conditions of participation are similar to the requirements of the International volunteer camp: a volunteer can participate in the project from two weeks to a year, must work from 30 to 38 hours a week and have a basic knowledge of English.

The company compensates all expenses: tickets, accommodation, food and transport. In addition, it provides the opportunity to attend language courses and go to two volunteer training. So, constant communication in a foreign language is exactly provided!

The second way. You can search for a volunteer program on your own, without intermediaries.  This is the most difficult and often unsafe way. But with the self-selection of the program, the participant will not have to pay the fee required by the Agency. However, in this case, no one will guarantee that the conditions of staying abroad as a volunteer will meet your expectations.

Nazarbayev has left. What will be with the Kazakh Internet?

Kazakhstan was blocking up to nine thousand sites per year

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The first and the only president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, announced his resignation. Over 28 years of his reign many sites were blocked in the country. Among them are «Medusa», Ozon, «Pikabu», Reddit, Giphy.

Nursultan Nazarbayev in the office of IT-company Chocofamily

Terrorism, extremism, propaganda of suicide and violence – this are reasons why the authorities banned sites. The history of blocking sites began in the mid-2000s. Opposition editions which criticized the government were immediately blocked. However, the problem could easily be solved with a VPN.

In July 2009, the law was passed in Kazakhstan, according to which all Internet resources are equal to the media. After that, courts could prohibit any sites if they contained information inconvenient to the authorities.

In the following years, the largest social networks and instant messengers were disconnected periodically in the country. Among them were YouTube and Facebook. In June 2016, there was a terrorist attack in the city of Aktobe. Then the Internet and mobile communications stopped working at the same time. A panic arose in the city: Aktobe residents could not contact their relatives to find out about their condition.

Information about the permanent blocking of YouTube on the ping-admin site

Popular Russian Internet resources also came under the distribution. The first banned platform in Kazakhstan was LiveJournal. In 2011, the site was accused of propaganda of terrorism and religious extremism. In 2014, due to the material about local separatists, the online edition «Medusa» which was just launched, was also blocked.

2017 was the most memorable year in the history of the kaznet. Then Pikabu, Ozon. Book24 and Labirint were blocked. Resources posted books which were banned in Kazakhstan. Among them are the «Strike of the Russian Gods», «Islamic Akida», «Al-Fawaid».

In the same year about nine thousand sites were banned. Resources, according to the authorities, engaged in the propaganda of terrorism, extremism, violence and suicide. There is no official list of blocked sites in Kazakhstan, but the Kazbt project is existing. On this platform, you can check whether the site is available in the country.

In the United States found amazing concrete fortifications

Concrete under the prison yard in Alcatraz was found when cement in America was not created

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Researchers have discovered tunnels and buildings from the time of the American Civil War, buried under the famous prison of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California.

под тюремным двором Алькатраса ученые обнаружили крепость, которая долго считалась разрушенной
Under the prison court of Alcatraz, scientists discovered a fortress that was long considered ruined.

Historians have long suspected that a federal prison was erected on the site of military fortifications built in the 1800s. The publication of the journal Near Surface Geophysics, describes the complex, found under the prison yard.


The study of the territory of the national park was conducted using ground penetrating radar and ground scanning. Under the recreation yard of the prison, researchers found traces of completely buried buildings, ammunition depots and tunnels. “These ruins are well preserved and are located close to the surface,” said Timothy de Smet, an archaeologist at Binghamton University. He added that these artifacts are right under their feet. Armed with new evidence, researchers plan to continue to study the remnants of old structures.

Учёные записывают подземные показания на Алькатрасе
Scientists are recording underground testimony on Alcatraz

Archaeologists began exploring most of the 19th century fortress buried under existing prison buildings in 2014. During work on the territory of Alcatraz, scientists were surprised by the concrete reinforcement of some earthen tunnels, despite the fact that concrete was not used in construction at that time.

“It is interesting that at that time they did not even produce cement in the United States,” said Tanya Vattenburg Comas from California State University Chico. “It was probably cement brought in barrels from Europe. Finding it on a mid-19th century battery was a big surprise.”

1868 году
Fort Alcatraz (1868)

During the American Civil War, Alcatraz Island served as a military base that backed supporters of the West Coast Confederation. The defenses were built in the mid-1850s and included barracks and gun batteries. While most of the country was drawn into a bloody battle, Alcatraz’s fortress remained calm.

In addition, Fort Alcatraz was used as the official military prison of the west coast. The first prisoners from the federal penitentiary system began arriving in the 1930s, and the last were evicted in 1963. On an island with a high level of security, famous prisoners were serving sentences: Al Capone, George “machine gunner” Kelly, Whitey Bulger.

The world’s largest coral reef can turn into a trash

Australia approved dumping of sludge near the Great Barrier Reef

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Australia plans to dump a million tons of sludge on the Great Barrier Reef. Despite strict waste disposal laws, the administration of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMPA) approved this. It was found a loophole: the ban does not apply to materials obtained during port works. Industrial waste raises from the seabed near the port of Hay Point, one of the country’s main sources of income and the world’s largest exporter of coal.

Угольный терминал Хэй-Пойнт к югу от Маккая
Coal Terminal Hay Point South of Mackay

Due to environmental concerns, in 2015, the federal government banned waste disposal near the reef. But the ban concerned only dredging. Maintenance work in ports intended to clear shipping lanes is not prohibited.

Larisa Waters, a Queensland senator and deputy leader of the Green Party, called on the marine park administration to revoke the license to work. “The last thing the reef needs is more sludge dumped on it, after being slammed by the floods recently,” said The Guardian. The senator added that dumping one million tons of sludge into the waters of a World Heritage site will turn the reef into a garbage dump.

Грязная вода угрожает Большому Барьерному рифу
Dirty water threatens Great Barrier Reef

According to Dr. Simon Boksoll from the National Oceanographic Center of Southampton, this is “another nail in the coffin” for the Great Barrier Reef listed as a World Heritage Site. Climate change affects this reef. The doctor thinks: “If they are dumping it over the coral reef itself, it will have quite a devastating effect.”

The sediment is dangerous because it envelops the corals. Coral lives in symbiosis with algae. Thanks to algae, the corals normally feed and retain their color. Without this symbiosis, coral can die.

The North Queensland Bulk Harbor Corporation said the release of sludge would have a negligible impact on the environment. In a statement published on the Internet, the corporation claims that a catastrophe will not happen. The company’s reports show that risks will be predominantly low with some temporary short-term consequences.

Риф уже потерял 30% кораллов из-за глобального потепления
Reef has already lost 30% of corals due to global warming

Dr. Boxall explains that exposure can be reduced by throwing sludge far from shore. But despite this, the sediment will still contain a large amount of harmful substances. “If it is thrown into shallow water, the sludge will strangle marine life,” he said. According to Boxall, it is important that the procedure is correct. “It will cost more money, but this is not an environmental problem, it is a problem of the port authorities.”

Last year, Australia pledged $ 500 million to protect the Great Barrier Reef, which has already lost 30% of its coral. Corals began to discolor. One of the reasons is the global rise in ocean temperature.

British scientists sound the alarm: coffee can disappear

Arabica and other popular sorts are at risk

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Mankind faces a caffeine deficiency, as 60% of coffee plantations are at risk and may disappear forever. Scientists at the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew have shown that more than a half of the coffee types can be destroyed if deforestation and global warming are continuing. The problem of diseases of coffee trees will also exacerbate.

Coffee Plantation in Ethiopia

One of the most disturbing news for coffee lovers is the threat of the Arabica disappearance. Grown in Ethiopia, this species currently provides more than a half of the world’s coffee supply.

Coffee plants are demanding to the environment, and only a certain combination of temperature and precipitation allows the beans to mature, maintaining their taste and aroma. Yet farmers are increasingly complaining that changing weather conditions, as well as new types of pests and diseases, are affecting their crops.

«Given the importance of Arabica to the world community, we have to put a lot of effort into determining the amount of risk on which the further existence of coffee in the wild depends on,»- said Dr. Theddeus Woldemariam Gol, a representative of the environment and coffee forests in Addis Ababa.

The farmer checks the quality of the coffee tree

The problem of the coffee disappearance makes professionals look for ways to minimize risks. Scientists from the «World Coffee Research»organization have created several projects that, in their opinion, can save coffee trees from extinction. For example, there is a project to create a gene bank for conservation the genetic diversity of coffee. Another strategy is to create a database with information on the resistance, yield and coffee beans resistance of various varieties to pests and diseases while growing in different conditions. The third is the creation of a «tastes catalog» in which new coffees, developed by manufacturers, are being evaluated. But even on the organization’s website, experts admit that «there are serious gaps in our knowledge of how to aid coffee growers to adapt to changes».

Ethiopian children are sorting through the coffee beans on the coffee plantation

Molly Harriss Olson, an executive director of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, said that she was particularly concerned about the situation of producers of coffee and the effect of warming temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions on the crop.


«Coffee supports the activity of 125 million people around the world, including the poor in developing countries», – she said, referring to the report of the International Coffee Organization. «If we don’t do anything about this in the near future, the consequences for people will be absolutely destructive».

Rescue of a rare giraffe species in Africa

Eight West African giraffes have been transferred to the Gadabedja protected area in Niger

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Until now, there were no giraffes from West Africa in the Gadabedji biosphere reserve in Niger. These animals still need protection. Illegal hunting, climate change and habitat loss all contributed to the decline in population size. According to the Nigerian publication, eight giraffes were moved to the reserve, this is the first such case for the West African subspecies.  

Биосферный заповедник Гадабеджи (Нигер)
Биосферный заповедник Гадабеджи (Нигер)

In accordance with the initiative of the Nigerian authorities, eight giraffes were caught approximately 60 km south-east of the city of Niamey. There, these animals share their habitat with local communities and compete with humans for natural resources. Often, giraffes come into conflict with people who manage their pastures. Because of this, some individuals go to restless areas on the border with Mali. 

Жирафов перевозили в специальных контейнерах
Жирафов перевозили в специальных контейнерах

The animals were placed in enclosures for three weeks to prepare for the upcoming journey in special trailers. Then they were transported to a new place of residence in the central part of Niger. 

According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), over the past 30 years, the number of giraffes has declined throughout the African continent. The West African giraffe subspecies was once common in many countries, including Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal, but is now only preserved in Niger. In the nineties of the twentieth century, only 49 individuals remained in the wild, and in 2008 the subspecies was listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as endangered.    

Западноафриканские жирафы - самый малочисленный подвид
Западноафриканские жирафы – самый малочисленный подвид

The efforts of the Niger Government in collaboration with local and international partners have led to the revival of the West African giraffe. Since 2005, conservation efforts in Niger have also intensified thanks to the Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF) and the Sahara Foundation for Nature Conservation.   

Currently, the population size has increased to 600 individuals, and last month this subspecies was reduced by the IUCN to the category of “vulnerable”. Environmentalists believe that the relocation of eight giraffes is a key step in the development of Gadabedzhi as the leading reserve in Niger. They hope that this will help revive the population of the West African giraffe.

Elephants transmit information through the ground

Researchers found out that animals use signals similar to seismic

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While using instruments intended to detection of earthquakes, Oxford scientists Bet Mortimer and Tarje Nissen-Meyer discovered that various kinds of elephants activities – walking, running, sniffing, grunting – сreate different seismic signals in the ground. According to the research published in Current biology magazine, in several cases these vibrations are distributing through the ground much longer than through the air enabling animals to feel each other even over long distances.

Study’s author Dr.Mortimer

Earlier studies demonstrated that elephants capture ground fluctuations by their body. For instance, elephants were noticed running away to the uplands in the moments preceding tsunami emergence. The elephant feeling a threat began to stomp in order to avert others. The study expands the understanding of how animals can communicate. Beside, it provides new possibilities for researchers and ecologists who would like to observe animals remotely. This method can be fruitful for the save the species. «This information can be used as a strategy of remote monitoring», – Dr.Mortimer said.

An African battalion struggling with poachers

Despite the international affords to prohibit trade of elephant bones tens of thousands of african elephants are proceeding to die because of their tusks every year.

In order to hold the study scientists established devices known as geophones near the place of living of Kenia wild elephants. Like seismographs geophones convert soil fluctuations into measurable electronic signals, yet they are better to use in field work. With the help of these instruments researchers will presumably be able to pursue and defend animals.

Elephants are able to recognize hooves and fluctuations of the herd over several kilometres distance

Due to the fact that elephants live in complicated and spatially divided communities, animals use long-range communication in order to survive. The ground vibrations can be used for warning each other of danger and for partners seeking during very short period of mating. Supposing that elephants not only bring on distinct vibrations in various activities but also are able to perceive these signals from huge distances, scientists are intending to learn how to use these signals.

Vibrations created by elephants can be found and recognized on almost four miles in optimal conditions. However, any noise impact, even automobile noise, sharply decreases the ability to find and recognize these vibrations.

Plastic is not fantastic

Plastic will replace fish in 35 years

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Circular economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charitable organization created to make people think about the future of the planet and move to a circular economy: restore natural resources, process and reuse waste. 

Today there are more than 170 million tons of plastic in the world ocean. Every minute the contents of one garbage truck falls out into the ocean. 

A study published by the foundation showed that by 2025 the ratio of plastic and fish would be this: for every three tons of fish there will be one ton of plastic. And by 2050, there will be more plastic garbage in the ocean than fish, unless decisive action is taken to recycle garbage. 

Seahorse clings to a cotton swab, considering that it is an alga

The fund report states that 14% of plastic is utilized, and only 5% is recycled repeatedily. Plastics recycling is much lower than paper (58%), iron and steel (90%). 

Today, to imagine a world without plastic is almost impossible. In economics, plastic is a key raw material for sectors such as packaging, construction, transport, health care and electronics. Plastic brings these sectors benefits from a combination of low cost, versatility and durability. 

Growth in global plastics production

Plastic packaging accounts for about 30% of total plastic production. The main types of this package include bottles for water, alcohol, milk and juice, bottles for coolers, food containers, plastic cutlery and glasses, cosmetics containers, shampoos.  

The main use of plastic in the package
Albatross, swallowed plastic

A large garbage patch in the Pacific consists of garbage thrown into the ocean. According to oceanographer Charles Moore, eighty percent of garbage enters the ocean from land, and twenty percent is thrown from ships.  

In the ocean, plastic breaks into millions of small pieces that are difficult to see. In his study, marine biologist Richard Thompson called these pieces «microplastic.”  

According to Greenpeace, marine litter harms at least 300 species of animals. For example, jellyfish and fish confuse bunches of plastic particles with zooplankton and take them for food. Bottle caps and rings fall into the stomachs of seabirds and animals, especially turtles and albatrosses.  

Fur seal stuck in a plastic can

Only one bottle, just one juice tube, just one single-dose bottle, just one pack, but there are more than seven billion of us!



Покрас Лампас в Новом Манеже

Что показала выставка одного из самых востребованных художников

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В четверг 27 сентября в «Новом Манеже» закончилась выставка одного из самых востребованных художников современности – Покраса Лампаса. Основатель движения Calligrafuturism на 3 недели превратил выставочное пространство в постоянно меняющийся перформанс, в ходе которого мастер творил, работал с холстами и инсталляциями, сотрудничал с моделями, блогерами и фотографами.

Покрас Лампас в Opera Gallery в Дубае
Покрас Лампас в Opera Gallery в Дубае

Художник был замечен среди других стрит-артистов благодаря применению собственного алфавита и техник каллиграфии. В работах он использует цитаты Маяковского, Малевича, Кандинского, отдавая дань русскому авангарду 20 столетия, который и повлиял на становление граффити-райтера.

В 2015 году он декорировал крышу завода «Красный октябрь», площадью 1625 метров, создав самую большую каллиграфию в мире. Ее можно даже наблюдать из космоса, а для работы над этим арт-объектом, который по размерам сопоставим с двадцатидвухэтажным домом, мастеру пришлось сконструировать многометровую кисть.

В 2016 году работы Покраса Лампаса оказались в центре внимания в Opera Gallery в Дубае. Художник стал одним из самых молодых участников, творения которого когда-либо были представлены в этой престижной международной арт-галерее. В 2017 году стрит-райтер работал над росписью крыши Дворца Итальянской Цивилизации в Риме и пешеходного тоннеля ТРК «Атриум» в Москве. Но художник не ограничивается граффити, его можно назвать и дизайнером одежды. На выставке были представлены единственные в своем роде пальто, футболки, свитшоты, расписанные художником по просьбе друзей.

Роспись крыши завода "Красный Октябрь"
Роспись крыши завода “Красный Октябрь” в Москве

Покрасу сейчас 27 лет, и он успел поработать с такими известными мировыми брендами как Lamborghini, Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Nike и др. В «Новом Манеже» представлена расписанная им Ferrari. В этом году модный дом Yves Saint Laurent пригласил молодого художника на вечеринку в честь запуска мужского парфюма Y, где Покрас Лампас устроил перформанс.

Художник родился в 1991 году в городе Королев. Его настоящее имя – Арсений Пыженков. Прозвище стрит-артиста происходит от глагола «покрась», а «лампас» – абсурдная рифма, которую он подобрал. Арсений начал свой творческий путь в роли тату-мастера, но недолго задержался на этом поприще, так как считал, что тату – нечто личное, а он хотел публичности.

Одна из работ художника Покраса Лампаса
Одна из работ художника Покраса Лампаса, которая была представлена в Opera Gallery в Дубае. CØNTRÃST BETWĒEÑ, 2015

На выставке в «Новом Манеже» Покраса можно было узнать по рукам, покрытым не татуировками, а краской. Он постоянно работает, а в гардеробе посетитель мог обратить внимание на спальный мешок, предназначенный для художника. Возможно, эту манеру он перенял у Такаси Мураками, для которого музей современного искусства «Гараж» на 4 месяца также послужил и мастерской, и выставочным пространством, и ночлегом.

“Well, what happened while I was gone?”

Барак Обама выступил с речью впервые после того, как покинул Белый дом

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

What happened?

During the first public appearances after stepping down as President Barack Obama spoke about the intention to work with young people and to prepare politicians of the new generation. At the meeting with students of the University of Chicago, the former President spoke about America, leadership, appropriate behavior in social networks and even marriage. “What he is not touched, so it’s his successor,” the otmechaet by the Associated Press.

Return to home

His speech, the politician decided to start with a joke: “Well, what happened while I was gone?” After a short introduction-story of a native city and the University of Chicago, where he led constitutional and electoral law before he was elected to the Senate, Obama admitted that this stage of life wants to work with young professionals.

“Despite the fact that there are many issues that need attention, the most important thing I can do to help prepare the next generation of leaders to take our relay in this changing world”.

Post to Twitter the University of Chicago
Post to Twitter the University of Chicago

Obama stated with confidence that to get rid of the rift that formed between parties after elections in November 2016, I can only young Americans. For this reason, it will work with those who are planning to take seats in the government.

“In whatever state I may be, I always meet a witty, insightful, patient, thoughtful and enterprising guys. They are the reason I remain optimistic, even when things don’t go the way I want”.

Most of the time, Obama asked the students, while talking about their own way to the head of the United States. Topics raised at the forum was the transformation of the judicial system, the influence of money on politics, ecology and citizenship of young people.

“It’s something that prevents us to face the problems and to achieve success in political and public life,” said the ex-President.

Obama gave the students some advice. For example, to watch what they post in social networks, to be closer to family, “listening to understand, not to reply”, and, most importantly, “to worry less about who they want to be, but more about what you want to do.”

Press Reaction

For half an hour, during which lasted the forum, Barack Obama never mentioned the name of the current President of the United States Donald trump, and has also avoided direct criticism of his actions, notes CNN.

Obama has made it clear he was not going to become a “mouthpiece of the Democratic party” and to participate in the current political struggle. “He prefers to play the role of a counselor and stay in the shade. However, at the right time, when needed, he will go out from there,” quotes CNN.

Yuri Rogulev on radio Sputnik
Yuri Rogulev on radio Sputnik

“the American presidency directly after the withdrawal from his post did not interfere in politics. So the current policy it to intervene will not. Obama chose the path of public activities — work with young people. I think that’s what he will do,” noted the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev on radio Sputnik.

Another point which attracted the attention of the American media, is the level of the speech of the former and present owners of the White house. American journalist and comedian Andy Borowitz in The New Yorker magazine prokomentiroval it’s the 44th President of the United States: “In his speech at the University of Chicago, former President Barack Obama unleashed on the listener merciless barrage of complete sentences, which was perceived as a brutal attack on his successor”.

Column by Andy Borowitz at the New Yorker
Column by Andy Borowitz in the New Yorker

On Obama’s speech and reacted to in social networks, Twitter and Instagram was full of posts with the hashtag #IMissObama.

post with the hashtag #IMissObama
Posts with the hashtag #IMissObama









American Reaction to Obama's speech in Instagram
American Reaction to Obama’s speech in Instagram








Up to this point, the former head of US tried not to appear in public. In March the Washington Post soosaluthat Obama moved to the island of Tetiaroa in the Pacific ocean, to begin work on his memoirs. But after Chicago, ex-President of the performances in the major cities of America and Europe. In addition, turned out that Obama is bound by a contract with the Bank Cantor Fitzgerald, who arranges a meeting on health issues for the largest companies on wall street. For the show, which will take place in September this year, he will pay $400 thousand, which is twice the amount received for lectures Hilary Clinton, former Secretary of state and candidate for U.S. President in 2016, notes TASS reported.

What was remembered in Russia for eight years of the reign of Barack Obama?

From the statements of Obama on the “Russian theme”.

“Russia is a regional power”

In March 2014, the meeting with mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Obama was asked to comment on remarks Republican MITT Romney that Russia is the biggest geopolitical enemy of America.

“Russia is a regional power, and not because of strength, but its weakness is a threat to some of its neighbors, Obama said. — Russia’s actions do not represent the number one threat to the national security of the United States. I remain much more concerned about the question of our security in connection with threat of distribution of nuclear weapons”.

“Russia is isolated and its economy in tatters”

In January 2015, the traditional state of the Union address Barack Obama said that sanctions have completely destroyed the Russian economy:

“Last year, on the background of the aggression of Mr Putin, we, together with allies carried out the hard work of imposing sanctions, strengthened our presence in the frontline States. Some said that Putin’s actions workshop was a demonstration of strategy and power. But today, that America is strong and United with our allies, while Russia is isolated and its economy in tatters”.

“will he (Putin) is to destroy the economy of his country?”

From the speech at the G7 summit in June 2015:

“Will he (Putin) is to destroy the economy of the country, worsen the position of Russia in its quest to restore the glory of the Soviet Empire? Or recognizes, finally, that the glory of Russia not to violate the territorial integrity of neighboring countries?”

“Ronald Reagan in a coffin would be turned over”

At a press conference at the White house December 16, 2016 on the choice of the Republicans:

“37 % of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB. Ronald Reagan in a coffin would be turned over”, — said the President of the United States.

“Russia is smaller and weaker country, they do not produce anything that others want to buy”

16 December 2016 at a press conference in the White house Barack Obama is constantly talking about Russia. Particularly striking was the comparison of Russia with the United States:

“Russia is smaller and weaker from the point of view of Economics, they do not produce anything that others want to buy, with the exception of oil, gas and weapons. They do not innovate”.

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