A brief introduction to the “royal sport”

Horse racing, show jumping and dressage: what is the difference

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Equestrian sport is historically one of the most popular activities among kings and other noble persons. Today some of them choose it as a hobby, for others horse riding becomes a profession, for others – even a lifestyle.

Many people don’t take horse riding seriously, considering it as an entertainment and a pleasant way to spend time. They may have a ride once or twice. In fact, this is one of the most dangerous sports. Among those who have been involved in equestrian sports for a long time, few have never fallen from a horse or been injured.

Конный спорт: выбор смелых и решительных
Equestrian sport is the choice of the brave and decisive people

Horse racing at hippodromes is the most popular equestrian competition among spectators. It is considered not as a sport, but as a test. In real equestrian sports, the most common types are jumping and dressage. They are both Olympic sports.

Скачки — испытания лошадей на резвость, по итогам которых делается вывод о пригодности к дальнейшему разведению.
Horse racing is an agility test for horses. The results helps to make a conclusion about the suitability for further breeding

Show jumping is the most spectacular and dynamic one. At first glance, the most important thing here is the speed of the route. However, according to the rules, victory is won not by the fastest, but by the most accurate one: for every mistake, whether it is a tumble (obstacle destruction) or disobedience of a horse (refusal to jump over a barrier), the rider receives penalty points and can often be disqualified. The victory will go to the one who completed the route “cleanly.”

Людгер Бербаум — один из самых успешных конкуристов Германии
Ludger Beerbaum is an internationally successful German equestrian who competes in show jumping and has been ranked the No. 1 Show Jumper in the world by the FEI on multiple occasions. He is also a four-time Olympic Gold medalist

There is even a “director” in a show jumping. His role is played by a course-designer. This professional is adept at creating precisely calibrated routes for a specific category of riders. He is responsible for the design, height and location of obstacles, as well as (up to a centimeter!) for the distance between them. After the route is completely ready, even before the start of the competition, each athlete has the right to familiarize himself with it, walking between all the barriers on foot and having pre-estimated the trajectory of movement from one to the other.

In dressage, speed does not matter. The main thing is attention to detail. This is a kind of elegant and graceful “dance” which consists of many complex elements. To hone them a lot of rider’s patience is required, likewise painstaking work and dozens of rehearsals. The pace, rhythm, accuracy and quality of the figures are all judged. The athlete is free to combine the elements contained in the ride and arrange them in the desired sequence, creating his own unique show. He also chooses musical accompaniment for it. Preparation for a sporting event turns into a fascinating creative process. Each participant gets a chance to show creative abilities and discover all facets of talent in his partner – a horse.

Эдвард Гал и Тотилас: звёзды мировой выездки
Edward Gal and Totilas are world dressage stars




Where the Halloween came from?

A brief history of the worldwide holiday

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Although many people celebrate the Halloween at the eve of November 1, not many of them are aware of the roots of the holiday. This article is just about the history of Halloween.

The holiday was invented by Druids that was one of the peoples pertaining to the ancient Celtic tribes. The majority of Druids inhabited the territory of modern UK, France and Spain. They divides a year to 2 seasons, so they did not have Spring and Autumn. Summer ended at October 31 and the next day new season, Winter, and New Wear begun. Also, October 31 was the last day of harvest. Then Celtic tribes celebrated Samhain which means the end of Summer in translation from Celtic. During the holiday people lit sacred fires, thanked gods for not depriving the tribe from crops, and met the dark season. Samhain was the ancestor of contemporary Halloween.

The area setteled by the Celtic tribes B.C.
The area setteled by the Celtic tribes B.C.

Ancient Celtic tribes adhere paganism. They believe that in the Samhain’s night souls of the dead roam in the world of the living. Celtic tried to propitiate them with sweet gifts so that they keep the next harvest safe. These beliefs have transformed into trick-or-treat tradition. Children knock to the doors of adults to entreat them to give sweets and biscuits. Nobody refuses because in the past superstition that anyone who did not open the door for the spirit, would be punished existed.

Halloween is the day, when people eat the largest amount of sweets anually
Halloween is the day when people eat the largest amount of sweets anually

One more custom is carving lanterns from pumpkins. Not having wanted to attract ghosts to houses at Samhain’s night, ancient Celts extinguished their hearths and kindled forest fires. To reach the forest safely, they dressed in animal skins. In the forest the Druids performed sacrifices: they burned cows at the stake. After that the fire became sacred. Members of the tribe placed coals from their fires in lanterns cut from turnips. Then the Druids took the lanterns and left them at the door so that the souls of their ancestors could see their homes and escape wandering around the world. Dark spirits, according to the Celts, were afraid of this fire.

The tradition is based on Celtic myths. The legend says that the Irishman Jack lived to outwit both God and the devil, therefore he did not go to heaven or hell after death but remained in purgatory forever. In order not to wander in the pitch darkness, he made a lantern. The farmer put a hell coal given by the devil into the lantern.

Nowadays, the pumpkin has become the main symbol of Halloween
Nowadays, the pumpkin has become the main symbol of Halloween

At the beginning of the new era the Celts were conquered by the Romans then both were forced to become Christians. Because of this, pagan holidays were gradually mixed with Church ones or blurred but they were not consigned to oblivion, for example, Samhain underwent a metamorphosis.

After Pope Gregory III officially moved the celebration of All Hallows Eve from spring to November 1, the ancient pagan holiday and the new Catholic one coincided. From that moment Samhain was called Halloween. Initially, All Hallows Eve was shortened to Hallowe’en and then to Halloween.

Halloween parade in New-York, the capital of the holiday
Halloween parade in New-York, the capital of the holiday

In the 19th century many Irish emigrated to North America and brought the traditions of the holiday. Now Halloween is celebrated most widely in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries. From the beginning of A.D. to the XXI century many rituals have changed. Jack’s lantern is not made from turnips anymore, nowadays people make it from pumpkins. Moreover, they carve not ancestors’ faces but terrifying ones. Revelers do not dress up in animal skins they wear costumes of evil spirits. Nowadays, the celebration of Halloween is becoming more popular even in those countries that did not adopt the Celtic culture from their ancestors.

Americans are shocked: Apple has released the card with cashback

Russian users are only grinning, cashback is not new for them

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Apple has presented its own virtual credit card – Apple Card. When paying by credit card, the company instantly returns 2% of the total purchase amount. It is easy to order a card: just spent a few minutes in the Apple Wallet app. To use the service you need only the iPhone.

At the presentation, the card was given not so much time as the rest of Apple’s new products, but presented in sufficient details. The company showed its physical carrier – a titanium card without a number, a term and a CVV code. All necessary data will be stored on the phone without which it is impossible to use the card.

You can see the history of recent transactions easily in an application that enables you to keep statistics. At the presentation, the user-friendly interface caused delight and loud applause from the audience. The fact that the Apple card has interested users is also confirmed by media statistics. The chief editor of The Verge, Nilay Patel, said that the article about the Apple Card was the most viewed material about apple products. The Russian Internet publication TJ declared exactly the same.

Apple Card application design

In Russia, such a rush around Apple’s card was viewed with irony. The fact is that Russian users have been familiar with cashback and high-quality online applications. These services have been provided by «Sberbank» , «Tinkoff Bank» and «Rocketbank» for many years.

And this is really the case when the States are in no hurry to keep up with progress. In Russia the flowering of IT technologies in the banking sector began in the 2010s. One of the first innovative banks was «Tinkoff» in 2011, and later – «Rocketbank» in 2013. Therefore, the presence of mobile banking and the return of interest on purchases of a Russian user is no longer surprising.

Russia is one of the leaders among countries that use Apple Pay

According to experts, the Apple Card will not immediately become the market leader. However, it is expected that the card will push for changes stagnant US banking sphere.

Cardboard reality in the big game

Nintendo Switch will get VR support, but that's not what you think

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Since the announcement of Nintendo Switch in the network there is information that the console will receive support for virtual reality . The idea seemed crazy, but now it is known that VR will appear on the Nintendo console. Well, almost reliably…

Do it yourself!

New information about «VR from Nintendo» appeared like a bolt from the blue. Nintendo of America in his Twitter-account announced a new set of a series of cardboard designers Lego — Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit. The set will give you the opportunity to assemble from cardboard VR-accessories for Nintendo Switch, as well as provide players with related games.

Two new Labo VR kits: Starter (left) and Full (right)
Two new Labo VR kits: Starter (left) and Full (right)

The method of implementing Nintendo picked up from Google Cardboard, which is also a cardboard mask with lenses. In this case, the Nintendo Switch is used as the screen, the image of which is divided for each eye, creating the illusion of immersion and volume.

This time there are several options for buying cardboard peripherals: «Starter kit» with glasses and «Blaster» for $39 (~2800 rubles.) with the possibility of separate purchase of other accessories and «Full set», which also contains «Camera», «Elephant», «Bird» and «air pedal» for $79 (~5600 rubles).

If you do not want to buy everything at once, it is possible to purchase only interesting Toy-Cons
If you do not want to buy everything at once, it is possible to purchase only interesting Toy-Cons

Not my VR

However, the announcement of the cartons from Nintendo was ambiguous. Many age-old fans of “big N” were not very happy that beyond the designers of Labo, focused on children, VR will not apply.

One of the problems associated with Labo products is the lack of tangible depth of built-in games, and Toy-Con themselves are no more than interactive toys.

But there is still hope for a bright future. For example, some of the previous designers received support in the «serious» games of the company. In particular, it is worth noting the «Motorcycle», which can be used to control the Mario Kart 8: Deluxe.

Promotional art collaborations Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
Promotional art collaborations Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

For the first time rumors about Nintendo’s entry into the virtual reality market appeared with the discovery of the company’s patent, vaguely reminiscent of VR-glasses.

This interesting patent has been discovered for the first time in 2016. He gave rise to further speculation about the VR Switch on the Nintendo.
This interesting patent has been discovered for the first time in 2016. He gave rise to further speculation about the VR Switch on the Nintendo.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first attempt of «big N» to enter the VR market. Back in 1995, the company released the Virtual Boy console, which is a helmet similar to modern «head displays». The experiment was not successful: after prolonged use, the helmet could cause headaches and pain in the eyes, and the project itself is still considered one of the biggest failures of the company.

Must plays of March 2019

The best games of the spring season

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Along with spring, thaw and sunny weather in March, begins the gaming season. Usually, spring is not as fruitful for big games as autumn or Christmas holidays, but here is the list of the most exciting releases of March.

Dead or Alive 6 — 1st of March

Dead or Alive 6, the newest part of a popular Japanese fighting game, opens up the first month of spring.

Всего в Dead or Alive 6 26 персонажей. Ещё больше контента будет доступно в виде DLC.Всего в Dead or Alive 6 26 персонажей. Ещё больше контента будет доступно в виде DLC.
Overall, there are 26 characters in Dead or Alive 6. there will be more content available in DLC.

This time, the creators decided to shift slightly the vector of the game by dressing up immodest heroins (however, the chest physiology stayed the same) and making the game more accessible and appealing for new players. Besides, there will be a full customization of characters, which can be seen in Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, and other modern Japanese fighting games. In addition, the game has extremely realistic visuals of clothes and faces of characters, which there are 26.

If you miss these quality Japanese fisticuffs — and Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur VI already drive you crazy — you definitely should check out Dead or Alive 6.

The Occupation — 5th of March

Also in the first week of March will be released a new project by an independent British company White Paper Games — The Occupation.

The Occupation - один из самых интересных квестов последнего времени.
The Occupation – one of the most interesting quests of the last years.

The setting is Great Britain in the 1980s, where happened a disastrous terrorist attack that has taken lives of 26 people. In the role of a journalist, the player will have to understand what happened and prevent a looming political scandal. To finish the game, the player has 4 real hours, which means that it can be ended without any player’s interactions, so solving all mysteries of the narrative is not easy.

For those who love fascinating stories and intrigues, The Occupation will be a perfect match.

Devil May Cry V — 8th of March

This year’s international women’s day will bring joy to fans of the Devil May Cry series, slash action shooter games.

Главные герои DMC 5 (справа налево): Данте, Неро и V
The main characters of DMC 5 (from right to left): Dante, Nero and V

After 11 years, if not taking into account a remake in 2013, the Devil May Cry series returns with the complete sequelae — Devil May Cry V. The player still needs to exterminate hordes of demons in the roles of Dante, Nero, and mysterious V saving Red Grave City from awful hell-creatures. Everything the series is popular for stayed the same —  powerful combos, considerable arsenal, and pinch of magic will not leave indifferent both veterans of the series and beginners.

There is no point of saying anything else — you have to see it for yourself. In case you are not ready to purchase the game, there is a demo version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 — 15th of March

In the middle of March will be released a project that can possibly become one of the best games for the next couple of years — Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, a loot shooter by UbiSoft.

Explicitly recreated ruined Washington is one of the main features of The Division

This time, as an agent of The Division the player will visit Washington, specially recreated on a one-to-one scale. Like in the first part, the main activity will be helping citizens, neutralizing local gangs, recapturing their territory and, of course, the production of new weapons and armor in industrial volumes. There is also a PvP mode in the form of Dark Zones.

This time, as an agent of the «Division» the player will visit Washington, specially recreated on a one-to-one scale. Like in the first part, the main activity will be helping citizens, neutralizing local gangs, recapturing their territory and, of course, the production of new weapons and armor in industrial volumes. There is also a PvP mode in the form of Dark Zones.

You can play the game either by yourself or in the company of three friends, so whether you look for a game for a couple of evenings or even months, you will definitely enjoy Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

The Sinking City — 21st of March

A week later, the world will see a new project by Ukranian Frogwares, which is famous for its games about Sherlock Holmes. This time, they were inspired by works of Howard Lovecraft.

You cannot miss The Sinking City if you are a Lovecraft fan

The game’s setting is a fictional American town called Oakmont in in the 1920s. Our protagonist is an investigator Charles W. Reed who decided to visit Oakmont, which turned into a half-flooded wasteland with a couple of people that did not leave the town after the flood. What has happened in this town? What does Reed has to do with it? Carefully exploring the city and communicating with witnesses, the player will find answers to these and many other questions.

For those who was not impressed by the recent Call of Cthulhu and those who love mysteries and puzzles, The Sinking City is mandatory for familiarization.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — 22nd of March

A day later, on the store shelves will appear the most sadistic project of the month or even of the year — a new game by From Software, the authors of Dark Souls and Bloodbourne.

В Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice даже протезы несут смерть и разрушение
In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice even prosthesis can be used as a deadly weapon

Instead of Gothic of the middle ages you will experience Japan in late 1500s, a Sengoku period. Under the control of the player is the warrior Sekiro, who seeks revenge on the Ashina clan for the loss of his master and a hand, which he now replaces with the mechanical prosthesis. With the help of his new mechanical limb, Sekiro will be able to use the hook and other useful fixtures which can be switched in a moment. As for the combat system, it will be based on blocks and parrying.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice promises the same furious action and brand-name complexity of From Software. If you want to tickle your nerves the game will intrigue you as well.

Yoshi’s Crafted World — 29th of March

At the very end of the month will be released Youshi’s Crafted World — infinitely cute 2.5D platformer about the dragon Yoshi by Nintendo.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is definitely one of the cutest projects of this year

The new adventure of Yoshi is created in a handmade aesthetics. The dragon will have to work his way through DIY obstacles made of paper, fabric and other everyday materials in an unusual appearance. The main feature of the game is a reverse mode which turns the world around enabling to look behind the facade of homemade obstacles. The game can be played by two players as well.

Youshi’s Crafted World is a mandatory purchase for everyone who misses classic platformers, but looks for something fresh, and also for those who likes relaxing and colorful games. If you are not sure about buying you can try the demo version.  

The greatest films of all times

The best black and white films for winter evenings

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During cold winter nights you can make mulled wine, dive into a blanket, and watch black and white movies. Those which characters of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth were watching in the second part of Sex in the City. true masterpieces keep thrilling and never get old. Their black-and-white aesthetics as well as acting still fascinate people. 

All About Eve (1950)

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Plot: the competition between a Broadway legend Margo Channing (Bette Davis) and her fan, an amateur actress Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter). The audience can also see Marilyn Monroe in a small episodic role. For Marilyn it is one of the first roles in her career. The movie won six Academy Awards, including Best Film from any Source award. Half a century later, an eccentric Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar creates an allusion of the story in his All About My Mother film.

A shot from Everything abot Eve
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Director: Elia Kazan
It is an adaptation of Tennessee Williams‘s play of the same name which brings us to poor districts of New Orleans. An aging, but still beautiful Blanche DuBois (Vivien Leigh) and her sister’s husband Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) face the contradictions. The film won a lot of awards, including Vivien’s Academy Award nomination for Best Actress which, according to the actress led her to madness.

Трамвай «Желание»
Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire
Roman Holiday (1953)

Director: William Wyler
It is a light romantic comedy about a princess and an American journalist which touches more than one generation. The narrative is very simple, it tells the well-known story of love between a princess and a commoner. Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. It happened eight years prior her most recognizable role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s film.

Римские каникулы
Audrey Hepburn and  Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday
Some Like It Hot (1959)

Director: Billy Wilder
The film starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon which is often being called the best comedy in the movie history. The story of adventurers, hiding from gangsters, touring with the women’s orchestra, is known all over the world. The film won Academy Awards and a Golden Globe Award and became a leading film not only in the US, but also in USSR.

Мэрилин Монро
Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane
Psycho (1960)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Those, who love being titillated, can watch a psychological horror film by Hitchcock. The film is construed as one of the key movies of all times. The principles of showing the subconscious fear of the characters, used by the director, influenced all subsequent horror films.

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Director: Mike Nichols
Elizabeth Taylor confessed in her memoirs that the role of Martha was the best in her career because during the whole shooting process she was Acting. A family drama about a relationship between loving and hating each other spouses caused a resonance among viewers and critics. The film built on conflicts and cursing which realistically shows family relationships. The film won five American Academy Awards, including one for Best Actress.

A frame from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 
Manhattan (1979)

Director: Woody Allen
One of the most popular Woody Allen’s film takes the viewer to his favorite city. Passions, doubts, and contradictions of the characters are imbued with the rhythm of Manhattan. Viewers, critics, and new Yorkers themselves agree that the director has created a cinematic anthem of the city.

According to critics, Manhattan is the best Allen’s film

Rap God vs Rap Devil

Новый альбом Эминема: кому досталось и при чём здесь Machine Gun Kelly

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Несмотря на то что рэперу из Кливленда Колсону Бэйкеру были посвящены всего несколько строк из 13-и треков, именно он стал самой интересной фигурой.

В треке «Not Alike» есть такие фразы:

«И я обращаюсь к тебе, хоть ты и сам знаешь, что ты представляешь из себя, Келли,
Я никогда не действую исподтишка и тем более не пишу диссы тайком.
Но ты можешь дальше комментировать мою дочь Хэйли».

Последние предложения — отсылка к твиту MGK 2012 года, где тот называет Хэйли Мэттерс «горячей» (на тот момент ей было всего 16 лет), с этим связаны слухи, якобы после твита Эминем забанил Колсона на радиостанции, которой заведует. А претензии к скрытым диссам связаны с тем, что в последних работах, а именно в треке «No reasons» (совместный с Tech N9ne) и во фристайле с Лейкерсом, Колсон без упоминания имени отпускает высказывания в сторону Эминема.

В интервью со Свэеем Каллоуэем, американским журналистом и радиоведущим, Эминем называет эти обе причины ключевыми.

Обложка к диссу MGK "Rap Devil"
Обложка к диссу MGK “Rap Devil”

Конфликт получает свое развитие.
С удивительной скоростью, через пять дней после релиза «Kamikaze», Machine Gun Kelly выпускает пятиминутный дисс на Маршалла с названием «Rap Devil», что является отсылкой к хиту «Rap God» из альбома MMLP 2, вышедшего в 2013 году. Сутки спустя дисс занял первое место на портале Genius.

В треке MGK насмехается над внешним видом «Бога Рэпа», указывает на то, что он «староват» и много думает о себе, но параллельно с нападками чередуются «восхваления», как-никак Эминем долгое время был кумиром и примером для артиста из Кливленда.

Дисс дошел до своего адресата: именитый рэпер даже назвал его «неплохим». Ответный трек не был ожидаемым, ведь Эминем склонен игнорировать подобные нападки, которые далеки от его уровня, но релиз не заставил себя ждать.

Обложка трека Эминема "Killshot"
Обложка трека Эминема “Killshot”

Трек «Killshot» целиком посвящен Колсону и разбирает по косточкам его творение. Эминем указывает на отсутствие фактчекинга, банальность строк («у тебя странная борода», «слабые колени»), а также на былой фанатизм («Я, кажется, забыл перезвонить тебе. Держи автограф для твоей дочки»).
По многим параметрам «Killshot» оказался куда более состоятельным и объективным. За первые сутки трек вошел в десятку самых просматриваемых на Genius с 36-ю миллионами просмотров и до сих пор не сдает своих позиций в iTunes.

Был ли этот конфликт спланированной пиар–акцией или нет, мы уже не узнаем, но оба артиста по итогу остались в плюсе, а поклонники двух рэп–исполнителей получили дополнительный повод для дискуссий и достойные треки впридачу.

It time to merge “the deadly soda?”

Что на самом деле установили ученые из Бостонского университета Тафтса

Reading time 6 minutes

Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

What happened?

Scientists from Boston’s tufts University argue that “high consumption of sugary drinks and fruit juice associated with a decrease in total brain volume and lower performance on tests of episodic memory”. Article was published in the medical journal “Alzheimer’s &Dementia”.

On the same day, the Internet exploded with headlines: “Soda kills annually to 184 thousand people, researchers found”, “Soda admitted killer”, “Scientists have linked the consumption of soda and atrophy of the brain”. How justified are these fears? Edition Hit.Media appealed to the original text, available by subscription, as well as an expert from the HSE Vasily Vlasov.

According studies Matthew Landsca, those who consume more than a certain number of drinks with sweeteners, juices, and soda, a brain volume was on average 1% less than other study participants. The volume of the hippocampus, responsible for memory, decreased by 2%. Fans of sweet drinks could remember 6% less of the stories that were told them by the doctors during the experiment. In addition, patients with addiction to soda was more difficult to remember and retell these stories through the day.

The authors of the research interpret their results as a basis for further research and conclusion about a possible connection to the high consumption of sugary drinks with the studied diagnostic markers as a cause for scientific debate.

expert Comments specifically for hit.media

Vasily Vlasov, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the faculty of social Sciences at the HSE:

– For decades thousands of scientists and activists under the guise of scientists are trying to find something harmful in the food that you eat millions, but to detect the damage by scientific means is not possible. Are you surprised? Yes! The quality of the food chains, like McDonald’s, is all because of evil interest good, and the food in them are harmless.

But such research is carried out again and again, including the fact that the results of these studies attracted the attention of the press, readers, give clicks – the circle closes. So this study caught the attention. It is made on materials of world-famous Remengesau research. This is an unprecedented study now three generations of Americans living in Framingham outside of Boston. This study accessible to scientists around the world and analyzed to check the most fanciful hypotheses.

In this analysis compared people who reported drinking sodas with those who say that it consumes little or no drinking. Found that consuming soda, the brain is smaller, and the poorer the results of one test on the memory.

Commentators in the press, including Russian, was handing out these modest results a lot. In fact correlation, but the causal nature of the relationship no question. It is quite a common mistake: as if the researchers found that among sailors more than men, and commentators said that the penis is the cause of the choice of profession.

Research “cross design” does not allow to identify the causes, they can only indicate possible directions for further research. The title “brain atrophy” indicates that the brain was, and then atrophied. The study only found that people have different brain size, and the connection of the small size of the brain with drinking soda.

Is false and the statement that “diabetes and other consequences from the abuse of soda kill approximately 184 thousand people a year.” Although diabetes called “diabetes disease”, this is because in the urine contains glucose. But there is no evidence that increased use of sucrose (regular sugar) leads to diabetes.

The title “Soda kills annually to 184 thousand people,” – a vivid example of irresponsible journalism.

How to drink soda in different countries

Most sweet drinks like in South America and on nearby Islands. In the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Cuba consume more than one bottle a day, in the U.S. on an average day drink 250 ml. least of all lovers of sugary drinks in East Asia. Most soda buy young people, and least likely to drink it of an elderly woman. Statistics show that the global average every person drinks 133 ml of soda per day.

In Russia, the consumption of carbonated drinks is also at the level of 133 ml per day, which gives about 20% of the daily value of sugar for a healthy adult. Half-liter bottle – that’s 75%, but drinking a liter or more of coke or juice a day, we are one and a half times the searched normal.


All right, lads!

Британская хэви-метал группа Black Sabbath отыграла свой последний концерт

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British heavy metal band Black Sabbath performed their last concert.

4th of March, Ozzy Osbourne and Black sabbath played the final show as part of his final tour “The End” in the native American city of Birmingham.

As the BBC notes, the group played a set of 15 songs, which sounded all the hits of the team, including Iron man, Paranoid, N. I. B, etc. Social network the day was filled with messages of delight, mixed with bitterness. No one could believe until the end that Ozzy Osbourne will never appear on stage in the role of Lord of darkness with his trusty “Sabbath” guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist of Gisera Butler.

In December, Ozzy Osbourne was 68 years and it is a very respectful age for frontman of heavy metal band, who must commit to all concerts of his team. But just like Ozzy! The energy of this man is impossible not to wonder. Even created the impression that if you’ll insert Ozzy a light bulb in his mouth, it will light up!

It was a surprise for everyone that the group can disintegrate. After all, it was the third “final” tour, and there was still a lot of energy in the musicians. Before the tour Ozzy sneered in an interview for Rolling stone magazine that now, when they’re not healthy enough to come off as before, the final tour will go smoothly and without unpleasant surprises : “Now everyone is sober, nobody smoked, it will be cool concerts”.

Tour was as desired as the band wanted. They knew what problems they could lie in wait. For example, in 2014, on their first final tour, Black Sabbath played in Moscow. But on the last minute of the concert, the musicians passed out all the music equipment that did not allow them to finish the song for an encore.

How would feel sorry for the fans as it is to let go of their favorite idols, but they understand that all the members of Black Sabbath are adults who are already not up to heavy metal. Though the band broke up before, but it was on the basis of conflict inside the band. Now the musicians take their well-deserved rest after almost half a century of concert activities.

Black Sabbath is considered to be the godfathers of hard rock. For their contribution to the development of musical culture, the band was included in the “Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame” in 2006.

The final round of the Black Sabbath began more than a year ago. During this time, the group gave 81 concert in Australia, Asia, South and North America, and Europe.

“She was doing her lone thing…”

Режиссер Елена Погребижская о фильме «Доктор Лиза»

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“It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These issues were resolved themselves while she was engaged to others – helping people,” says Elena Pogrebizhskaya.

the In the club Tower on March 1, showed and discussed the film “Dr. Lisa” directed by Elena Pogrebizhskaya. Discussion “burned”, and Pogrebizhskaya, refining and fending off, shifting from foot to foot and shivering corners of his lips, discussed with students the personality of Dr. Lisa and her business, which changed not one human life.

“Dr. Lisa”: how came the idea to make a movie

“It was terribly interesting LJ (LiveJournal – blog platform for blogging). She described the history of their patients,” recalls the Director.

Snimok-ekrana-2017-01-05-v-1.40.01-kopiya“Dr. Lisa” is a film-the answer to the question, why would a man be treated dirty homeless person, to go to the sick at the station, inspire hope lying in a hospice or hold together with a deaf and blind girl six hours while it will not take you to the hospital. This man is a doctor, a specialist in palliative medicine. The person who needs to be there when hurt and scared. Elena Pogrebizhskaya sure that such a person was Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa.

About Dr. Lisa

Elizaveta Glinka – a human rights activist and public figure, the doctor-resuscitator, Executive Director of the of the Fund “Fair use”, member of the presidential Council for human rights and civil society. But before the filming of “Dr. Lisa” (which is 2009) Elizaveta Glinka, mainly engaged in the field of hospice service: visited the sick, distributed the new, supported, every Wednesday toured the stations. “It’s heartbreaking. There was a certain man, a doctor who worked on this and can say, completed for government work constantly,” said Elena Pogrebizhskaya during the discussion of the film.

Elizaveta Glinka died 25 December 2016 – it was the TU-154 plane, which was heading to Syria and crashed during departure from Sochi. Dr. Lisa is survived by three sons. Hleb, husband of Lisa, an international lawyer, an American citizen who built the first Kiev hospice, which was led by Dr. Lisa. Their children she has two: Alyosha and Kostya, they were born in the United States. The third son of Elijah she adopted after the death of a cancer patient women in Saratov.

The film “Dr. Lisa” in 2009 received the award TEFI.

Elena Pogrebizhskaya:

“I’m honestly amazed at how watching a movie years later. It looks as if we are specifically they did something, giving something metaphorical sense. Chair with of the ship, talking to Lisa about his own death… I look and think, she says she doesn’t know, and I know…”

“be Surprised that can even fly and bullets don’t have”


to speak ill of such people, conscience does not allow, though… a controversial figure. She went to Syria to help with medicines, can, helped soldiers. But maybe she wouldn’t have to do this if it has not begun. I’m not talking about her medical practice, rather about the political: its cooperation with various parties ….


And this, of course, negatively characterizes a person, right? For me it was a revelation when I posted your film after the death of Lisa, get under him immediately one hundred reviews of the infernal mud. I like a man who had gone away from the last events in the life of Lisa (after filming and several charity concerts 5 years), might have missed some moments. But it turned out that it is impossible to smoothly address the issues of the military. Because of us not being bombed, we have no specific enemy. And the one who is friends with this enemy, the enemy is sure. Once dealt with this subject somewhere from Moscow, from afar, to wonder what the answer could go even bullets, is not necessary, although strange at first. I brought down the site twice suddenly. I certainly do not fight with anyone. But you cannot touch with impunity. People have hurts. People want revenge for their pain. Anyone, even dogs, who or what is really not to blame. What’s the difference – who else is going?

“Charisma does not replace”


what do you think, will the Fund “Fair use” to exist without Elizabeth’s?


Know that some volunteers want to continue. But… I’m not interested. I am attracted to charisma. All, it is not. Petrovich, doctor who was always gone because he used to work with Lisa and no Lisa he didn’t need it. He is an oncologist and maybe an oncologist in any other place. Charisma is not replaced. The Germans were killed and no more second Nemtsov, for example.

“This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity”


<>we have established the image of such prosvetova person. But it was not revealed the true reasons why she so calmly bandaged the homeless, couldn’t she…?


So she’s a doctor! This is a normal desire for doctor: thermometers to put, pills to give – it’s their job, it is normal and natural. Pasha, which you have seen, produces such a false impression “simpleton”, although, in fact, very intelligent, successful businessman who has long sought chervotkina, but not found. Believe me, there are people not like you: solid and living by other values. Of course, no Holy it was. Its difference from other people was that its task is above life. She was motivated to help people, she was constantly engaged, no matter what danger regardless of public opinion, despite the suspicion on a bunch of crap, negative comments, and just doing that it was important to help people. This is different from 99.99 percent of humanity.

“My goal was to show that this movement against the wind”


Managed to find the right Lisa?


And I don’t know. I don’t even know myself, and certainly not a hero. That is, if we knew people, people would not be divorced, right? If people knew the people, the beautiful people in ten years would not become a monster, right? My task was to show what was important at the time: the core of this process, strange help people that is not paid for, which nobody organized this whole movement against strong winds. Since Lisa is a very important figure in Russian history and now I wish it was some Russian Mother Teresa. But I don’t know Lisa. The Director can’t be friends with the characters. This violates the ethics of the profession.

“She was Smoking, you know, lonely.”


And the tears you saw her?


No tears no. But she was so Smoking, you know, lonely… In the movie there is a moment where she’s sitting on the steps in the basement and smokes alone in a robe, a special form, in which they treat the homeless. Such a lonely view. Lone-lone. And since Kirill is a fine operator, he is immediately removed. For me this is a very accurate metaphor. It is such, such and remained. She made my lonely business and how people would want to join it, something interfered with them.

We are living in Russia, people are so arranged that believe how someone motivated by something just good, it is very difficult. Certainly you need to spend time to find where the second bottom. That’s why you can’t believe? There is an example from the book where it is written: this people was so high. Read and believe. And if he live around the corner, I believe it is simply impossible. Need to find that there’s wrong with him.

“I Have a feeling”


And you believed?


Yes. I have flair. This is my main talent. I think the reptilian brain (laughs). True, true. My main brain is working so-so. Reptilian and works great. Instinct leads me to choose heroes. So, in fact, choosing a non-obvious theme for movies, I almost always gets to the point. And the result is a resonant movie. It’s not because I want to brag about. It’s true.

“It was a personal grief”


How do you handle the news of her death?


When Lisa died, for me it was a personal grief. Fortunately, it has now become weaker. But I can say that my father’s death has made me a less impression than the death of Lisa, because my father had no relations, and with Lisa was. It was important for me to understand that somewhere it is, in Novokuznetsk, and I can at any time to handle it. And for me, it has always been and remains a moral reference point. The man was not that stupid domestics busy to make money… These questions were solved by themselves, while she did something else – helping people. For me it is a serious landmark. I also want to take an example, how to live ideas. A little bit visionary, but it’s good.

Who is Elena Pogrebizhskaya?

A few facts from the biography:


  • was Born in 1972 in Leningrad region
  • Journalist, singer, screenwriter and Director of documentary films
  • has Twice received the award “TEFI” and “Laurel” (2008) and “Stalker” (2013)
  • Has two higher educations: graduated from the faculty of Russian Philology, PhD and the Department of television journalism faculty of Moscow state University
  • From 1995 to 2001 he was political commentator of the program “Time”
  • was the lead singer in a rock band “Butch”, which released 4 albums, the latest album “Credo” was released in 2007
  • has Written two books: “diary of an artist” (2005) and “Confessions of four” (2007), in which it together with Mikhail Soloviev for the film “still I rise”
  • In 2011, the host of “Here and now” on the TV channel “Rain”
  • Removed documentary films “Seller blood”, “Dr. Lisa”, “Mom, I’ll kill you”, “Panic attacks”, “Vaska”, “Thin and thick”, etc.

In an interview with the Hit.Media, like other media, Elena Pogrebizhskaya said that she had no desire to return to television and music.

“the Desire to return to the TV I have, because it’s work for hire, in a large hierarchy. And I’m an independent Director, and that means the entire hierarchy – it’s me. In music there is because it is too small a channel of expression where it is impossible to Express intellect, and for me it’s important.”

Now Elena Pogrebizhskaya raises money for new film “mourning the loss”, in which the heroes of the film will talk about how to overcome their grief. Recall that your movies Elena Pogrebizhskaya finds funds, conducting a crowdfunding campaign.