He foresaw his death

Football player "Cardiff City" Emiliano Sala wrote a farewell message from the aircraft

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The shocking news of the death of Emiliano Sal — Argentine footballer, Cardiff City striker — spread on January 22, when a private plane heading from Nantes to Cardiff disappeared from radars in the English Channel. It is noted that before the disappearance, the pilots requested an emergency landing. According to The Sun, experts in the field of aviation called the possible cause of the crash of an aircraft icing wings. Near the alleged crash site were found the wreckage of the aircraft.

Two days before the incident, Emiliano Sala signed a three-year contract with the Cardiff City team of Wales. He became the most expensive transfer in the history of the club and cost the leadership of 20 million euros. After the signing of the new agreement, the Argentine striker returned to France, where he played since 2010, to say goodbye to former teammates and friends before moving to Wales.

Before the flight, Sala sent several emotional messages to the group chat with his friends. “I am aboard a plane that looks as if it is falling apart now, I’m going to Cardiff. If in one and a half hours there will be no news from me, I don’t know if they will send someone to look for me, because they will not find it, but … you already know. Father! I am very scared,” the Clarin newspaper quotes the words of a striker. 


Сало с одноклубниками
Форвард приехал во Францию попрощаться со своими друзьями и одноклубниками

Famous football players, including Messi, Mbappa, Gundogan and others, together with the family of the missing person, are making their efforts to continue the search for a football player. But the chances are negligible. “I don’t think they are still alive,” the GFFN quoted the air search officer. 

Фанаты скорбят по футболисту
Футбольные фанаты возлагают цветы в память о своем кумире

On January 29, a match in the memory of Emiliano Sala between Cardiff City and London Arsenal took place as part of the 24th round. Before the meeting, the team captains laid flowers on the field. At the request of the football player’s family, the players of the Welsh team will not be mourning symbols: faith in the good does not leave the family to the last.

QWERTY – familiar and mysterious

Where the popular keyboard layout came from, and why it doesn’t yield to competitors

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The name of this keyboard layout came from the first six letters of the top row. QWERTY-keyboard originates in the era of typewriters.

The creation history of the familiar layout is not clear enough
The creation history of the familiar layout is not clear enough

Christopher Sholes, an elaborator of the first typewriters, determined to distribute keys in the simple alphabetical order. However, with an increase of the typematic speed professionals began to encounter a number of problems. For instance, the levers of the letters situated close to each other scraped and sticked with the rapid pushing. By trial and error and constant layout modernization the legendary typewriter «Remington 1» was finally launched. Its keyboard became the prototype of all contemporary ones. The blind method of the typemate, which became popular after typing competitions, helped in promotion of this keyboard layout. Edgar McGurrin, the court secretary, won over another contestant. When the winner was asked about the reasons of his triumph, he said he had typed with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. His rival typed with only eight fingers staring at the keys, and this method considerably decreased typematic speed. Nowadays, one and a half century later, there are some courses where you can learn the blind way of working on the keyboard.

Why we love QWERTY so much when we are able to switch to other layouts?

Nevertheless, today there are disputes about effectiveness of QWERTY-layout. There were some attempts to supplant familiar layout on more ergonomic one. In 1936 university professor August Dvorak noticed a great number of typos in the work of one of his students. At that time the thought had come to his mind – to invent an absolutely new type of latin keyboard based on more convenient position of vowel and consonant letters. After it in the beginning of the XXI century DVORAK-layout was elaborated by Shay Coleman and obtain the name Colemak. As some studies claimed, these layout types enable to work 2-3 times faster. However, QWERTY doesn’t give in to more contemporary rivals, although every user can switch between layouts with the help of several mouse clicks.

Goodbye, Stan Lee! In memory of your heroes

Eluded by Spider-Man’s fame characters

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Stan Lee, the legend created Marvel Comics, has passed away at the age of 95. The artist, writer, producer, actor, and neither more nor less than “a person who made comics cool” – that is how the millions will remember Stan Lee. People will love his worlds and heroes as much as they loved him. However, there are characters which were not as popular as Spider-Man and X-Men.


One of the most famous not-popular characters is Strippella – a stripper named Erotica Jones who is also a secret agent.

The DVD cover of Strippella

Besides the enhanced reflexes and senses, superhuman strength, and an astonishing intelligence, Erotica can boast “sexy” martial arts and the arsenal of high-technological devices of questionable usefulness.

In 2003, debuted the eponymous TV-series where the main character was played by Pamela Anderson who gave Strippella her appearance and voice. These superhero series created for adults were rather comic making fun of genre cliches and conditionalities.

Despite the overall success of the series, it was closed down after 13 episodes because of the dispute between Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson. Another reason for this cancellation was that the ex-stripper Janet Clover claimed that Stan Lee stole her idea of this character when she discussed it during a lap dance.


The next superhero on our list is another secret agent Daniel Light, also known as Lightspeed.

The box-art of Lightspeed

Daniel Light is a government agent who has the ability of super-speed, but this superpower puts him under a risk of getting fatal metabolic damage. Lightspeed gained his powers after surviving a building collapse triggered by the half-man, half-snake terrorist, called Python.

The movie about Lightspeed was released in 2006, and, to put it mildly, it hardly got any responses. Neither the Stan Lee’s status nor Jason Connery  starring as Daniel Light helped the motion picture to stand out.


The next superhero appearing under the Stan Lee Presents banner is Mosaic, also known as Maggie Nelson, aspiring young actress, who gained chameleon-like powers after some supernatural circumstances.

Бокс-арт "Мозаики"
The box-art of Mosaic

Maggie was exposed to an electrical storm and a magic rune which her father, an Interpol agent, had planned to study. After getting under this ancient spell, she possessed the ability to change her appearance, to merge with the environment, and to speak the language of an ancient race Chameliel, the owners of the magic rune. Using her new powers, Maggie investigates series of murders with Chameliel’s involvement and the origin of ancient artifacts.

The eponymous cartoon film was released in January 2007. This time the audience’s reaction was way better than in case of Lightspeed movie.

The Condor

After less than four months, another animated film with an original superhero The Condor saw the light. This movie tells the story of Tony Valdez, a professional skateboarder by day and an avenger in mask by night.

Бокс-арт "Кондора"
The box-art of The Condor

During a dangerous zombie attack, caused by nano-technologies invented by Valdez family, Tony gets severely injured and loses both of his parents. However, his friend Sammi returns him the mobility with similar nano-technology. The action has its side effect which gives Tony superhuman abilities. After gaining his capability to walk, The Condor starts the investigation of his family’s murder, hoping to revenge the killer.

The Condor film was accepted better than  Lightspeed, but comparably worse the Mosaic one. Overall, the audience took the film relatively well.

Chakra The Invincible

One of the most interesting characters is Chakra – an Indian superhero created in collaboration with Graphic India studio.

The cover of the third issue of Chakra: The Invincible

Raju Rai, Chakra The Invincible, is an ordinary boy from Mumbai conducting a research on chakra energy with the scientist Dr. Singh. Together they develop a technological suit that weaponizes all the Chakras in the body. Raju can fly, emit the energy beams and has superpowers. Using his superhuman abilities, he protects Mumbai from different scourges and dangerous villains.

Chakra The Invincible is one of the most successful Stan Lee’s original projects. The story turned into three animation films which were released in English and Hindi, series of comics, video games and toys.

Karakuridouji Ultimo

You would not expect the Stan Lee’s authorship behind the next story referring to Karakuridouji Ultimo. This character was created by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei, a Japanese manga artist, best known as the creator of Shaman King.

Обложка первого тома манги "Механический мальчик Ultimo"
The cover of the first issue of  Karakuridouji Ultimo

This manga is about two robots, Ultimo and Vice, created in feudal Japan by Dr. Dunstan to be “perfect good” and “perfect evil”. Ultimo possesses the ability to transform into animal-like shapes, such as lions and cranes, and to manipulate time and space.

The pilot of Karakuridouji Ultimo was published in 2008, and it was positively met by the audience intrigued by a new shift in Stan Lee’s works.


Another product of collaboration with Japanese manga artists is Heroman created by Stan Lee and Tamon Ohta.

A frame from Heroman. To the left – Joey, to the right – Heroman

Heroman, to be more precise, is actually two characters in one. On one hand, it is orphaned American boy Joey, from another — a robot Heroman which Joey fixed himself. Together they resist the alien attack caused by Joey’s school teacher.

Originally, Heroman was a broken toy that Joey repaired, but could not make work. However, a strange bolt of lightning brought Heroman to life, turned it into a giant robot, and gave Joey a special gauntlet. With its help, Joey could control Heroman.

For the first time Heroman was released as a manga in 2009 and has been publishing until 2012. Then, in 2010, the Bones studio produced an anime adaptation consisted of  26 episodes

Heroes of popular manga are coming to life

My Hero Academia is going to be a new Hollywood blockbuster

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Legendary Entertainment announced the production of a live-action film adaptation of the popular manga My Hero Academia. For the first time, this information appeared on informational websites Nerdist and The Hollywood Reporter.

From the side of Legendary Entertainment, the film will be produced by Alex Garcia (Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla (2014), Krampus) and Jay Ashenfelter (Pacific Rim Uprising, Winners TV-series), and from Shueisha, manga’s owner & publisher, side – by Ryosuke Yoritomi. The Toho company will be managing the project’s distribution in Japan. The information about directors, cast, and release dates is not revealed yet.

Фрейм из манги "Моя геройская академия"
A frame from My Hero Academia

Considering the popularity of the original manga and its anime adaptation, this production of an action film based on the same story seems to be a sensible move. Over a couple of years, Hollywood had tried to remake the most popular Japanese mangas and anime-adaptations into real blockbusters, however, these attempts crucially failed. For instance, the most recent film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johansson turned out to be a complete disaster. This film got a lot of negative reviews and ended up costing the producers around $60 million.

Legendary Entertainment takes a huge risk by deciding to produce a feature film adaptation of My Hero Academia. Although, taking into account the original theme and overall success of superhero films, this risk can be justified.


My Hero Academia is about an alternative world where 80% of population has developed powers, known as quirks, and superheroes are executive fighters against crime. Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya, the main character, was born without any quirk, but he has a big dream of becoming a professional superhero.

Kohei Horikoshi created the original manga My Hero Academia in 2014. It was published by Sueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Now the series has 17 million copies worldwide, and it became the fourth popular manga in 2017. The anime-adaptation appeared on big screens for the first time in 2016, the third season of which was finished in September 2018. The full-length movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes premiered earlier in August 2018.  

10 free online services for working with color

Affordable, free and user friendly

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Color is one of the most important design tools. The choice of tool depends on the concept of the project, the brand and the personal preferences of the designer. If used correctly, the color will make a project expressive and eye-catching. Why? Elements that live in the same style, not only in terms of typography and placement on the page but also in terms of color design, create a unified visual style.

There are convenient online services for working with color. They require no payment, no software installation or updates, and are available anytime, anywhere.

1. Color Supply

Color Supply is a service that helps you define a color palette based on different settings: complementary, similar and augmented colors. You can see the changes in shades in real-time, as the selected colors will be displayed on the suggested icons and shapes.

2. Coolors

On the site, users can select shades according to their taste, use ready-made selections, or enable automatic selection of the color scheme depending on the primary color. This is a free service that does not require registration.


ColorBlender is a site that serves to create color palettes for different types of designs. The main feature of the tool is the automatic creation of a selection of 6 colors, which are included in the palette when you select one base color. This makes the service very fast and easy when creating a color scheme for a website, for example, as you can instantly use colors for text, background, links, borders, and more.

4. Color Palette Generator

One of the products of the canva.com service, it allows you to work with colors. This tool includes applications for creating graphic artwork, photo processing, and web site imposition.

5. ColorKuler

ColorKuler is a service that analyzes your Instagram profile color palette. To find a color palette on ColorKuler, enter your Instagram username in the box at the top of the page. When you search for a color palette, ColorKuler.com searches your Instagram profile to analyze the account with the username you entered.

6. Material Pallette

Material Palette is not just a color palette generator. It is used to test the compatibility of colors in material design.

7.  Adobe color CC

This is a tool for creating color schemes using the color wheel. In addition, here the user can see thousands of ready-to-use color combinations created by Adobe Color service users.

8. Sip

Sip offers all the color formats you could ever need. This service makes it possible not only to customize existing color formats, but also to create new ones. The user can edit his palettes, color names, create new palettes and colors from existing ones.

9. Color Hunt

It is an open-ended collection of beautiful color palettes. Color Hunt started as a private project. It was created for designers to share their personal color palettes. Today it is a popular resource used daily by thousands of designers around the world. The collection consists of a huge number of color palettes. Each palette is created by Color Hunt users, and the best ones can be displayed on the project’s home page. All palettes are free to use. You can install as an extension in Google Chrom.

10. Color — Method of Action

The service is designed for people who are colorblind. Each primary color is represented by a geometric shape, and the transitions between the shapes symbolize the intermediate colors.

What do you know about the “flower children”?

Полвека субкультуре хиппи: от истоков до современности

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Hippie. It was not just a youth movement, it was a whole era. Look at the history of current that flourished fifty years ago, and try to understand what it attracted young people and why it has become a real phenomenon.

Where they came from?

The hippie subculture emerged in the US in the 1960-ies. For the first time the word “hippie” was made in one of the American TV shows and belonged to the young people who opposed the war in Vietnam. According to one version, the word “hippie” is rooted in American slang means “to be aware”, “kerf”, the other is a word invented by journalists.

Summer 1967 historians call the “Summer of love“.

“Summer of love”

Then about a hundred thousand hippies gathered in the area of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco to celebrate their love and freedom. “Flower children” (as they were called because of the habit to weave in hair flowers and give bouquets to passers-by) have lived in the city’s Golden gate Park. There they distributed free food, and if necessary provide medical help. A landmark event in the history of the hippies was the rock festival “Music, Love and Flowers” in the city of Monterey (California).

Girl-hippie at a music festival, 1967
She is a hippie at a music festival, 1967

By the way, lighting festivals, which have a lot of time passed in the country, the media tried to show the hippy with the worst hand: life on the street, drugs, unkempt appearance, promiscuity, idleness. Because of this, the society has developed a stereotype about hippies as idlers who do not care about anything. In fact, the movement’s representatives actively participated in rallies and demonstrations. In the fall of 1967 in Washington, hippies held a “March on the Pentagon”. In the procession was attended by over 35 thousand people. The building of the Pentagon, demonstrators were stopped by riot police.

member of the “March on the Pentagon” inserts a flower into the muzzle of the rifle of the military police

The first wave of the hippie movement ended with a rock music festival “Woodstock”, who in August 1969 was attended by about half a million people. This event is called the end of the “hippie era”. The second and third waves of the movement were, respectively, 80-ies and 90-ies.

Freedom is a state of mind

Hippie is not only culture, but also philosophy. Activists believe that to improve the world you need to effect change in human consciousness. Harmony with yourself and others – here called “flower children.” Hippies rejected the Puritan morality and conservatism of the old generation, highly valued freedom, especially the interior, called to protect the nature. Over time formed the main provisions of the philosophy of the hippies:

    • the

    • man ought to be free;


    • to achieve freedom only by changing the internal structure of the soul;


    • acts internally unchained person determined by the desire to preserve their freedom as the greatest jewel;


    • beauty and freedom are identical, the implementation of the two — a purely spiritual problem;


    • spiritual community — the ideal form of a hostel;


  • all that think differently are wrong.
Journey and meditation

Hippies lived in communes (or municipalities), often in abandoned homes, estates, farms. Settled on the outskirts or in the woods, away from civilization. However, the “flower children” never stayed in one place too long. They loved to travel. Typically the travel was hitch Hiking or minibus.

hippie Bus
Bus hippie

Hippies were traveling as a group, stayed in roadside hotels and Inns, where you can meet like-minded people. Sometimes representatives of the movement used caravans.

It is believed that the drugs, along with pacifism and free love was part of the hippie culture. It was believed that psychedelic drugs are able to “expand consciousness” and help to explore the world, disconnected from all earthly things. To achieve spiritual enlightenment, the hippies also turned to meditation, religion and art.

Many hippies were vegetarians or vegans, advocated a return to natural human origins.

“khayr” and baubles
Hippie festival
a Hippie at the festival “Woodstock”, 1969

Representatives of the movement wore long hair. Sometimes the heads were decorated with dressings and tapes. Beard, men shaved. On hand was made to wear a variety of homemade decorations: baubles, bangles. Clothes the hippies wore loose and comfortable: jeans (usually flared), sweaters, t-shirts, sometimes purposely torn and frayed, embroidered, beaded, colors. Women wore dresses casual with ethnic motifs. Welcome natural fabrics.

Psychedelic rock
the Beatles posters "All you need is love"
the Beatles

At concerts and festivals hippies often sounded psychedelic music (genre of music, which was influenced by Eastern mysticism of traditional Indian music). The sounds of psychedelic rock, were supposed to influence the audience, causing a feeling of detachment and unreality. In addition, hippies were big fans of The Beatles. And the line “All You Need Is Love” along with “Make love, not war” and “Give Peace A Chance” became the slogan of the movement.

The unofficial anthem culture was considered the song “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)”. Its author – John Phillips of the Mamas &the Papas.

From Lennon to Grebenshchikov
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon received recognition from representatives of a hippie for singing songs about equality, brotherhood, peace and love. Yoko Ono, his last wife, also belonged to this subculture. One couple gave reporters the so-called “bed interview”: lying in bed, they called for a stop to the war in Vietnam.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, American musician, writer and actor, can also be called a representative flow. His song “Blowin’ in the Wind” became the anthem of the movement against war and fighting for civil rights.


Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Hendricks


Jimi Hendrix, American guitarist, participated in festivals hippie, including “Woodstock”.



Boris Grebenshchikov
Boris Grebenshchikov





Choose life, choose the “T2: Trainspotting”

На большие экраны вышло продолжение фильма «На игле»

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In Russian cinemas premiered the movie “T2: Trainspotting”. This is the second part of the cult film of the generation 90’s, which is more known to the Russian audience called “Trainspotting”. His story is simple: in Russia the film was released under the pirate early with this name. It is so well established among the audience that has the official distributors did not change.

All the roles the actors played the first part
Source: Kinopoisk

Danny Boyle went a long way to the sequel to his debut picture. During this time, the Director managed to quarrel and make up with the leading actor, Ewan McGregor, to “Oscar” and visit the Olympic games in London. And then came the moment long-awaited meeting with Ginger, a Torso and a Killjoy.

It took 20 years after mark Renton has left his friends with a bag of money and went to a better life. Now the hero not so young. He decided to visit his native land and reliving the past.

It should be noted immediately that “T2” is not exactly appreciate those who never watched the first part. The film almost every time refers to events of the past. Present and flashbacks that go through the minds of the characters during reflection. The picture is a haunting reminder that she is continuing and, in principle, the title of cult does not apply. This is a tribute to the past and a gift for the fans and for the creators themselves. It is seen that when working on a painting, they thought about every detail and moment, but also have fun.

Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle
Source: Kinopoisk

“T2: Trainspotting” will appeal to fans of good humor. However, it’s still a sad story about aging and the ring-composition of life. Because in the end, the mark chooses the “same broken record”, but adapted for modern tastes.

Incubator for egg-heads

Нора хоббита, пиратский корабль и другие рабочие места от гигантов IT-индустрии

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

At sees the tomorrow people the artist-researcher Nickolay Lamm

Working conditions future human can visually imagine a stroll through the offices of the leading Internet production. Premises where the coolest innovations are very different from the usual jobs. Money for their creation and development, apparently, have no regrets, and to design attract designers from around the world.

But whether through multi-billion incomes of employers their employees have the opportunity to work in the “unearthly” conditions? Perhaps, on the contrary, such conditions are necessary for the global success of the company? Try to understand.


Google relies on the comfort and emotional variety.

“Making the working environment more pleasant, you get more engaged employees, increase job satisfaction, productivity and make the company a more attractive place to work,”

says Stacy Sullivan, Director of culture. This applies both to the relationship of managers and employees, and workspace.

The company’s offices look like separate worlds with their atmosphere. There are more than 70 in 50 countries. Take, for example, the headquarters in the UK capital.


Bright, but at the same time calm and cozy interior, comfortable furniture. New design traditional office space was entrusted to create the company “PENSON”. And that’s what happened.


  • Комната под названием «Бабушкина квартира». Здесь и старинная мебель, и мягкие ковры, и узоры на обоях — всё, как в гостиной пожилой английской леди.
  • Библиотека «Лала» — это большая и светлая комната с огромным полукруглым белым диваном, окруженным стеллажами с прекрасными книгами.
  • Эта часть офиса называется «Ратуша». Её вместимость 200 человек. Ратуша отделана вельветовыми занавесками и мягким ковром.
  • Для тех, кому больше не хочется находиться в помещении (хотя в таком офисе сидеть одно удовольствие), на крыше есть терраса, откуда отлично виден Лондон. Зелёная зона оборудована Wi-Fi, чтобы сотрудники не отрывались от работы.
  • Место для уединения под названием «Нора хоббита». У дизайнеров богатая фантазия, но этот трюк с названиями не так прост, как кажется. Упоминание книжных героев, с которыми люди знакомы с детства, вызывает тёплые и нежные чувства.

Moscow Google’s headquarters decorated with wood, glass and leather. All in pastel colors, no bright red or blue flowers as in other headquarters. And Swiss the office (Zurich) did relax room with aquariums, a floor that mimics the seabed, and a special bath with a soft filler. Some of the rooms designed for meditation. Learning this technique performed by a specially invited teacher of Buddhism.


Main office of the most successful social network is in Palo Alto (California, USA). In spring 2015, the new headquarters appeared in Menlo Park. The owner of the copyright of the media Ilya Varlamov published photos in his report.

Facebook Logo at the entrance to the building
Employees Facebook – happy people: they have free meals, absolute freedom of action when making your workplace, as well as the Friday meetings in the square with the founder of the social network mark Zuckerberg.
meeting room
There is one unwritten rule about not taking pictures of Mark Zuckerberg. On the glass of the meeting room he hung a sign: “Please do not photograph the animals :)” (Please do not take photos of animals).

“the Office is just Packed with a variety of inviting public spaces where you can work alone, chat with friends or just take a NAP right after lunch.”

– says Ilya Varlamov.

Original innovations

arIn Madrid remembered that fresh air improves brain function, and even beyond the boundaries of office premises. Employees architectural Studio Selgas Cano planted in the forest office.


Construction design half recessed into the ground, which improves thermal insulation, and is made of transparent plastic – as providing natural light, and the servants pleased to see the window is not grey towers, and picturesque landscape.

the Headquarters of the company Invention of the Land, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consists of 16 different sections. This pirate ship surrounded by water, the castle and a giant robot. Factory inventions and therefore got its name that innovations like off the Assembly line – the year the company received for its new products more than two thousand patents.

Pirate ship

Opinion of the Hit.Media expert

Maria Matveyshina, architect-designer, Director of own Studio, believes that there are two kinds of customers: those who are thinking about employees, and those who want to put in office more and more jobs.

Great if the customer already has an idea, then the task of the designer becomes just a refinement of the style and implementation of the required functionality. It is not only the opinion of the employer. In practice, the designer was a case where the Director of the IT company brought together employees from various departments and they announced their wishes. It really helped in creating office space.

“Many offices are built in the style open-space with maximum use of èkomaterialy. This trend came to us not so long ago, and in the West, her only start to develop. It is therefore not surprising that many modern offices, media companies and broadcasters alike.”

One of the projects for IT company – office of several parts: Italian street phone booths for private conversations and conference room, decorated in the style of “Space”.

In the end

That the creation of such conditions requires significant investments, however. But a favorable atmosphere sometimes it is enough just free coffee, cookies on the table and soft sofa. Let your subordinates do not feel jobs and zuckerbergs, but work will be fun that’s for sure!

The Russian star in China

Как в Китае «выкупили» Веру Житницкую

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Vera Zhitnicka, theater and film actress, now starring in the Chinese TV series the love story of a Soviet speaker and a Chinese girl. The action takes place in the 1960-ies. Faith talks about how differently we approach the filming in Russia and China, but also about his love for Chinese tradition.

Vera Zhitnitskaya
Vera Zhitnitskaya

— You are used to the main role, but in this series play the role of the sister of the main character. It does not hurt to play a minor character?

— No, absolutely! Of course, better get used to it, but now I am happy and I like what I’m doing here. It is a priceless experience in a completely different cinematic reality, which I was very fascinated. Besides, this is a story about a Chinese girl, so I would not have approached for the lead role.

— How did you get into the project?

The role I got in a strange way. One actress posted on my social network that soon will be samples in the new project for Chinese television. At the audition I was extremely nervous: the Director, cameraman and producer of the series flew to Russia from China to personally select the actors. They had only one day, and contenders insane amount, it was necessary to show their best side, to stand out among all. The three of us got it and we were offered the role, but, frankly, it was very hard.

— Well if you took Chinese colleagues?

— The Chinese are very hospitable and interesting people. We have much to learn from them, for example, they are much more patient and calmer. With them pleasant and easy on the court, because in addition to the Russian partners we have to work with the Chinese, we play in their language, and they on his. It can be difficult, but the team and the other actors are always ready to help, suggest something. In between shooting, we have fun and joke: teach each other our languages, because the Chinese pronunciation of Russian sounds and Vice versa sounds very funny.

— What are the main differences in the production of TV series we have in China?

— The Chinese are very organized and hardworking. They have all done accurately, quickly, at a pre-agreed schedule. They try to shoot one take, so before filming always explain our problem to the max, not to reshoot several times. Of course, sometimes there are some “lost in translation”, but it does not hinders the process.

Very strange that a shooting area ready to shoot just five minutes, so seriously they approach the process. In Russia everything is totally not so, the shooting can reschedule, cancel, change at the last moment, the scene suddenly to rewrite the script for us it’s normal, so at first the Chinese seemed strange accuracy. Now I got used to it and understand how it really facilitates the process. This we clearly should learn from Chinese colleagues.

Yet they have definitely lunch at exactly twelve o’clock, even if not dosnyal scene, everyone needs a break. Also working in parallel, three groups in different places, so the movie they remove just like a rocket.

There is another difference: if we used what we call the shooting schedule almost for several months in advance, so that they can be combined with other surveys, the Chinese would “buy back” actors for the entire period of filming. Therefore, the Chinese actors can’t act more than one project. I personally in this respect, closer to our system — I do not like to sit idle, if you can plan your time.

— Do you like in China?

— Honestly, I was waiting for from China something horrific and completely incomprehensible. Thought I would be in a country where no say in Russian, but English with difficulty. Actually it is not so scary, and to find a common language with the local happened almost immediately. A huge impression on me nature is very diverse, so every city somehow remains in memory. This is my second time in China, the air up here, I already think my family, I even missed him. I think I’ll be back there again and again after the shooting.

— What was the biggest cultural shock you have experienced in China during this time?

— When we arrived it was still quite hot and we tried not to miss the opportunity to visit the beaches. Now, we immediately noticed that swim mostly men, very few women. If they appear, are dressed in diving suits, and almost in the mask on the face, so they cherish white skin. They have very different standards of beauty, and I was very surprised. But in General they are the same people, just with their culture, customs and, of course, excellent cuisine!

— And you would be able to continue his acting career in China?

To move forever? Not exactly plan. I like the local culture, but China is not my home. Still, I love Russia and I prefer to work here, despite all the advantages the Chinese market.

Georgy Rozov: “It was painfully difficult, but convincing interesting!”

Как начал заниматься фотографией, как поступал в МГУ, и многое другое

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Photographer, journalist, author of several books on photographic art Georgy Rozov shared his story.

Maria Grebneva, first course, Bachelor’s program “Mediacommunications”: Did you do a child a photo, drawing or other creative work?

Georgy Rozov: There have been attempts to paint watercolors in 14 years, but I ran into something that no one in the family could not understand why buy such expensive paint. Saving for breakfast, I had saved some money, bought honey watercolors. Not knowing what you need to breed and watercolor on wet paint, I painted as paint gouache. And it somehow died down quickly. There were bad brush and paint, I did not like it, the paper was poor and a loose, often warped.

At school I was fond of literature, and even wrote essays in verse.

MG .: Who influenced your decision to take a photo?

GR .: My father was an avid amateur photographer, he liked to repeat the scenes of “Spark”. Images were obtained clearly ogonkovskogo level, but for him it was fine, if everything drastically, if the black dot on the spot, if all the juicy, then he walked pleased with himself. He was a technician, engineer, test cars in the profession. Technique photos he did with great pleasure. He liked the way this piece of paper is shown. He showed me, and I remember how the manifestation process. By itself, the process of the soul of the fuse, but the artistic side of photography passed.

At school, she taught Russian language and literature, Nina Sviridova (editor’s note:. A well-known photographer of the second half of the XX century.). It was our homeroom teacher, it has led to all sorts of tours and filmed there. Photos even partially preserved. In terms of sensationalism it was even some student work. I even now I look and wonder that such a talented person such nonsense shot. And then she left the school, but thanks to her, I became interested in literature and writing poetry.

MG .: When you first realized took the camera in his hands?

GR .: When I returned from the army, he saw a new “Zenit E” father of the camera table. Pretty primitive contraption, but then it was better not. On it she was put on a telephoto lens “Tair-11”, at the time a striking, because it was very small depth of field. I took this thing, looked at her flowers on the window and realized that it was very interesting. I ran out into the street and began to shoot the sun reflected in the different subjects. In the very first day, I made 10 pieces of photos, where the sun through a leaf in the hole lurks, as the sun is reflected in a puddle through the leaves. And then a friend of mine, who was older than me, took my pictures and said that will carry them to the photo contest at his institute, and there were people with experience of 10-15 years. He took and anonymously put this series, it was called: “I see the sun.” I grabbed the first place. And from that moment I did not part with cameras.

Georgy Rozov. Sharko shower
Georgy Rozov. Sharko shower

MG:. When and how did you write your first text ?

GR:. I began to write once he came out of the army: he went and collected the announcements, one of these tasks was to write a preview for the transmission of Lenin. I was assigned to go to Karanovic (editor’s note:. Russian actor, director and screenwriter) and make rasshifrovochku. It just thrown into the water, poplyvesh – availest not poplyvesh – do not need anyone. Then, because there was no Internet, and discover who is quickly Karanovic I could not, I have no one taught us how to prepare for an interview. He came up to him and got into some other medium of his farmhouse, then I saw Svetlov, I learned it from newspaper pictures, and then realized that he was in the Writers’ House.

I’m calling on the door Karanovic, an elderly man opens. He acknowledges that about him do not know anything, then he climbed up on the shelf and took out the encyclopaedia Bi-bi-si on the world cinema, was opened, and there is the letter “K” two pages on Karanovic, and 15 films that he created.

In between the films deal with nothing, and he wrote the script for the transmission of Lenin on the radio. I do not like to use direct speech of Lenin, so to create a script based on documents and letters, read these tests different actors. The result was an interesting documentary series, which gladly listened.

He told me everything, I listened, wrote something down. Came home, a tremendous promptly inserted text, and then cleaned and cut, brought to the editor, there read it and said: “Well, go, we have to cut it, go enjoy yourself!”. Two weeks later I received a 9 rubles, at that time it was a lot of money for me.

MG:. As you begin to work without education journalist, had come to the decision to go to university ?

GR:. I have never in life no diploma did not ask any photographic or journalistic. It is not a piece of paper, and in education really is. Can you do – you will be working. I come from a technical family, and I obviously did not have enough human knowledge. When I started writing, I felt it.

First he tried to enter the university at the History Faculty. But I did not have three points in English. I handed over to the English trio, and needed a very high pass rate, because there were 20 people in the place.

Shortly before the fourth year exams I had almost given up: just about the baby is born, and I obviously did not get without a university preparatory courses have at me, and there is no money. I went to the aunt from English and told her straight out that I have no money, and want so much, asked her to help prepare. She agreed: “All right, come to my house.” I went to her home they had a little girl who drummed on the piano. And I began to take off.

The next time you come with ready-made pictures – how to pay. Photos turned out well, very much. Her husband looked at them and said, “Look, you forgot this history department? You’re a born journalist, not only writing, but also shoot brilliant! “. He convinced me, I tried to apply for journalism and was the first time.

Georgy Rozov. Genre pictures

MG:. Have you had any difficult cases, when it was impossible to make good pictures?

GR:. the photographer has the concept of “resistance of the material.” “Material” – these are the people with whom you work, circumstances, location and lighting. There are a variety of circumstances that interfere with the photographer. Suppose the motion train schedule does not coincide with the event for which you are in a hurry, but must somehow be there on time, but the train is not coming. What do you want, then do it, but be on time, because the photographer has to be at the right time in the right place. Sometimes the weather is bad and you need to shoot it, too, “the resistance of the material.” But the photographer has to come out on top, it should not come empty. Blood from his nose, and the picture should be.

MG:. Have you had a difficult situation where only your own knowledge helped you make a good shot ?

GR:. With Zhirinovsky story was: you have to shoot him, and he at the meeting. I was taken to his office, I put the light. The guard asked if I two minutes is enough. I said that’s enough. He waited fifteen minutes, then flew Zhirinovsky, all sweaty, sits down and says, “Let’s shoot!”. He quickly combed his hair, straightened his shirt and did the right person. I once clicked, and he fled, and it was the band picture for the magazine. If I did not know how to shoot portraits if not immediately delivered light, if he did not have the right person, and I would not have time to hit, then I would have a photo with a crooked face.

MG:. Do you have any stories like that you’re proud ?

GR:. I was very pleased with himself, when he began to engage in advertising, because I went to a whole period of discoveries of all kinds. To discover things that before did not know about the pictures. We had to somehow be creative and invent something.

It was such a story: the Japanese arrived in Russia and announced a tender for the construction of a huge hotel complex, where it was necessary to create a large cooling system “climate control”, a common air conditioning to the entire building, which purifies the air and creates the desired temperature. They needed a company that will assemble it all. And one of our firms competing for the order, seriously fought for him. Order has been around for a million dollars, at that time a lot of money, it was 15-20 years ago. Competitors were much more than twenty. Then arranged the exhibition, where there were stands of these companies.

He came to me a young guy, who was hired as a PR-manager of this office, and offered to make a promotional photo. I went to the company and it became clear that they were going to shoot, and it looks like this thing. They said that there is a similar setup in another place, and we need to go there, shoot it. It was located on the first and second floor of an industrial building, the different parts of it were located in each room. How do I take off? Firstly, it is a small room, there is a dark and ugly!

I went home, scratched his head for two days, and then came to him and asked him to put me to the warehouse, where there were new components to the Japanese system. In stock had a lot of shiny tubes, all brand new polished squiggles, all this I took a deep car, drove home and started playing with it. I started to take pictures, and to highlight how they get some kind of snake. So it’s the name of this series – “zmeyuku”.

From what I have been made nasnimal Way photos for advertising booklet. At the same time, interestingly, at the same time with me in secret, they were given the order large advertising firm, and they have developed a concept of the advertising booklet, but the company chose my concept band with pictures. We did booklet and stands and got this huge order. Then I was offered three thousand dollars or a car «Toyota». I left them in the car, and then she told me his wife had saved lives, when we got into a serious car accident.

MG:. as the emergence of digital photography effect on your life ?

GR:. radically and enthusiastically, that is, with gusto! It was so hard at first because all the programs were in English, and to them I was not engaged, it seemed to me that it is absolutely empty pastime. And when I suddenly leaned english photoshop, I started poking around with a dictionary to translate every line, every word. It was painfully difficult, but intoxicatingly interesting!

I got suddenly such opportunities, which could not even dream of, because about 15 years old color photo had been torn away from the photographer. Photographer only pressed the button and getting ready photos. He had to accept the fact that issued a “black box.” You do not like it, you realize that there are little green men, trash, and even if you go to the lab, especially any that you can not influence. Then you were not the owner, an artist, you just had a “punchers on the button.” I was always terribly enraged.

Suddenly you become the owner of the image! You begin to be an artist in the present. You are the creator from the beginning to the end, affect the image when you shoot and when it is processed. I’m 16 hours did not get out of the computer.

Georgy Rozov. Portraits