Egypt Station by Paul McCartney

Ex Beatle took the lead in the chart with his new album

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Egypt Station is the first release of the ex-member of the Beatles Paul McCartney in five years. To make this happen, the artist worked with Greg Kurstin, the music producer.

The rumors about a new album appeared at the end of June, when the performer uploaded a photo of himself with a mic and a piano on his Instagram. The longplay consists of sixteen songs, McCartney sings about space adventures and calls for peace.

The album became a leader of American chart Billboard. The last time McCartney led this chart with his album Tug of War 36 years ago.

Маккартни во время записи альбома. Фото: RollingStone
McCartney during the recording of his new album. Ph: RollingStone
A Five-Year Lull

After releasing an uplifting and optimistic album New in 2013, Paul McCartney took a music break. This was McCartney’s longest break throughout his whole music career. However, the musician did not disappear from the music world, in fact, he frequently reminded of himself via mass media. Paul McCartney recorded a song with Rihanna and Kanye West, became a nominee for Grammy award, and composed a soundtrack for a videogame.

Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Ph:

In style, Egypt Station almost does not differ from ordinary music of the member of The Beatles. The emphasis on a piano, acoustic, and dynamic rhythm cause nostalgia for musician’s previous albums. This is the well-known Paul McCartney of 2000s.

During one of Paul McCartney’s performances. Ph: Diego Vara/Reuters
A Song Station

The new album contains sad and happy ballads, vivid rock-blockbusters, his songs appeal to people  because of modern sounding and this special McCartney’s frolic.

At the same time, Paul McCartney keeps speculate about eternal, global and ridiculously prosaic problems. What prevents people from living in peace? How to draw a beautiful girl’s attention? Where have all the things we loved as children gone? And why does your car’s wheel become flat every time you are in a hurry?

Обложка нового альбома. Фото:
A cover of the new album. Ph:

According to the artist, tracks in the album are organized in a special order, so listeners can feel this travelling from one song to another – like from station to station.

The name of the album triggers memories about McCartney’s  Spirits of Ancient Egypt hit of 1975, and the “Station” part can be construed as the last stop in musician’s career. However, considering the quality of his music, 78-years old sir Paul is not going to retire from performing yet.

“Mother of monsters” abandons the outrageous

Новый альбом Леди Гаги: радикальная смена имиджа или очередной трюк?

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Did the meat dress, the bloody makeup and other paraphernalia provocative Lady Gaga come to an end? In his new album, Joanne outrageous singer appears in a completely different way. And the musical style of the album is very different from the usual repertoire of pop-rock stars: the lyrical melodies contrast sharply with the infernal cosmic hits of yesteryear.

At the end of February official website Lady Gaga appeared Souvenirs to Joanne planned round the World Tour. The clothes in casual style prints with album art on t-shirts images from the personal archive of the singer, drafts of songs with notes in the margins. Well, it’s just a good girl!

What is Joanne?

Joanne – the real name of Lady Gaga, calling her father. The songs in this album somewhere in the message itself, a reflection of the events of the recent past. Simple, calm, bright, already not music for a party in the club like ARTPOP the album-the hit 2013.

Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion:
Tweet Lady Gaga about her new video Perfect Illusion: “Perfect Illision becomes right… in history and look at my life”


History of the Queen of outrageous

Dream Lady Gaga has always been a “revolution in pop music.” She managed also thanks to the outrageous costumes that the press began to pay attention to in the early 2000-ies.

Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009
Lady Gaga plays on a burning piano on the American Music Awards 2009

Tease the audience with provocative clothing, the singer has not stopped: at the American Music Awards in 2009 she played on a burning piano, and at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was doused artificial blood, which was a metaphor of the sacrifices necessary to go to celebrities for the sake of success.

Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga doused artificial blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Avards
Lady Gaga wearing shoes from Mr Tatehana on music awards 2011
Lady Gaga in the shoes of Mr Tatehana

Shoes with unbelievable curve and high heels have become one of the main subjects of discussion in the field of fashion 2010. Over time, this frightening shoes has turned into an essential attribute of any public appearance of the singer, but in 2013 she had to abandon this model because of chronic joint pain. Because of these same problems Lady Gaga canceled some tour dates, Born This Ball, following the recommendations of doctors.

the Peak of outrageousness became famous dress made of meat, in which she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. This provocation was condemned by many organizations for the protection of animals, but the dress was recognized as the top fashion statement of 2010. After the ceremony, Lady Gaga explained the meaning of his costume:

“If we do not act for what we believe, and if we do not fight for their rights, very soon we will have those rights, just as much has a piece of meat on our bones. I’m not just a piece of meat”.

Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010
Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010


How to change Lady Gaga

Early in his career, Lady Gaga was inspired by the style of David Bowie (the lightning of glossy foil eye) and Madonna (fiery “shooting” bra), tried on on itself an image of the Barbie doll with the bow hair at the TUI Arena in 2009, and in 2011 for another musical ceremony was not Gaga, as her alter ego Jo Calderone, in a man’s suit and sideburns. In 2012, Lady Gaga was not dressed in bodysuits and swimsuits, preferring dresses, and other more closed clothes, reminiscent of the wardrobe of the actress of the Golden era of Hollywood. In 2014, the audience watched a bitter struggle crazy costumes with female elegance in the outfits of the singer was completely different and even more unpredictable.

Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert
Lady Gaga in the famous Flaming Bra at the concert

As time has shown, won elegance. For awards in the 2015-2016 Gaga is seen in a more decent clothes and comfortable shoes.

Super-Gaga on Superbowl

In addition blew up the social network acrobatic Lady Gaga’s performance at Superbowl is a perfect illustration of how varied her songs. She performed a mix of his most popular tracks, speaking in a suit, reminiscent of her vest with large shoulders on the ACE Awards 2013, and almost every song was accompanied by a certain character: “space” in the song Telephone, the rod or gold jacket in an episode of Just Dance.

Then the stadium lights went out, and Lady Gaga sat behind a piano. The tune sounded completely different mood, the song Million Reasons. Ended hit performance Bad Romance. Compared to the other energetic songs Million Reasons the only song on the album Joanne clearly stood out as the most so meaning.

Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017
Lady Gaga on Superbowl 2017


What do you think fans about the “new Gaga”

survey , held specifically for in the social network, was attended by 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.
took part In the poll 581 a fan of Lady Gaga, 472 of whom preferred the old style to the new singer.

– People naturally change, – says the fan of the singer Ekaterina Leonova. – It happened to Lady Gaga. Its the old style, early performances were more suited to adolescents of 12-14 years. Songs about parties, about the coolest love sound… It peaked and began to decline. Now we have another person.

Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga since 2010
Yekaterina Leonova, a fan of Lady Gaga 2010

“In my case, came amazing story: I feel like I’ve grown up with Lady Gaga. That is, we have both had way, and we occasionally crossed on it. We’ve been through the same era, the second, third, and stopped until Joanne. Who knows what will happen next… the Only thing that hasn’t changed is the unpredictability of Lady Gaga”.

How far is it to the mammoth?

Американский учёный реконструирует геном вымершего животного

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What happened?

A team of scientists led by Professor George Church of Harvard University said that in 2 years will be able to “mamelon” (mammophant) is a hybrid of a mammoth and an elephant. A great achievement of the team was that they were able in 2015 to increase the number of genes of a mammoth that is injected into the egg of an elephant from 15 to 45 writes The Guardian. This means that in the genome of the elephant adds more genes of a mammoth, which are responsible for certain characteristics of the extinct animal that will eventually lead to a full-fledged hybrid of the two, as scientists hope.

“Our goal is to create a hybrid embryo of a mammoth and an elephant. This can happen in a couple of years,” quoted George Church Independent.

From mammoth, the resulting animal will be a shaggy coat, small ears, thick layer of fat and blood, adapted to low temperatures – according to The Guardian.

At the conference, Professor Church said that this project has two goals: to provide an alternative future for the endangered Asian elephants and help in the fight against global warming. In his opinion, woolly mammoths could help prevent the thawing of the tundra due to the greenhouse effect, and thus play an important role in stabilizing ecosystems.

“in the Summer, they felled trees, contributing to the growth of grass,” – quoted by George Church The Guardian.

How is it possible to reconstruct the mammoth?

In 2012, the methodology was developed Crispr/Cas9, which allows you to more precisely edit the genome and splicing of the DNA molecule.

“We hope to do all the treatments outside a living body. It would be unwise to jeopardize an endangered species”, reports the words of the Church The Guardian.

Previously, researchers have proposed to implant a hybrid embryo into the uterus of an elephant, but refused for ethical reasons: the animal during the experiment could die. For example, according to the The Guardian, Matthew Cobb is Professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester believes that the proposed revival of a mammoth raises ethical global problem: the mammoth is not just a set of genes, is a social animal, the Asian elephant. What happens when you have this hybrid? As it will perceive the environment?

the Theme of the revival of the mammoths: history of the issue

In 2005 a group of scientists from Japan was going to impregnate a female elephant with the sperm of a mammoth preserved in the permafrost, and then to be crossing the resulting offspring. Experts suggest that such a process will lead to the appearance of an animal similar to the mammoth, only after 50 years. Even then, skeptics have treated the project with suspicion. They consider it virtually impossible to detect tissue where the DNA molecule is not destroyed or fragmentary – Lenta.Ru

In 2008 a group of Russian geneticists, led by Evgeny Rogaleva were able to decipher the DNA sequence of mitochondria from the wool of mammoth, which caused another surge of discussion on the topic. However, for cloning one mammoth mitochondrial DNA is not enough – said Expert.Ru

In 2011, Japanese scientist Akira Iritani said that around 2015, the light can emerge a real mammoth. This project was criticized by a Professor of the Institute of gene biology, Anatoly Altstein:

I have absolutely no idea how lain 25 thousand years in the permafrost, the cell may remain viable. After all, the kernel must be good that is called “alive,” quoted a scientist Moskovsky Komsomolets.

the Russian scientists do not believe in cloning a mammoth

Alexei Tikhonov, the Deputy Director of the Zoological Institute of the RAS, commented on the draft of the Church as follows:

“This is complete nonsense, of course, a scientific PR. It is strange that such a respected University like Harvard, is engaged in such things”, quotes Life.

According to Tikhonov, cloning is impossible, because it requires a living cell of the mammoth, which no one has.

Michael Gelfand is Professor, doctor of biological Sciences, believes that “editing” the elephant to mammoth will take a very long time:

“…the Cloned mammoth in this sense, never will be. You can do the reverse engineering. Take the elephant and slowly his edit back to mammoth. Now count the generation of the elephants, and the number of differences. It turns out that it would take several hundred thousand years,” writes Professor portal The Question.

Senior researcher of the laboratory of mammalian Paleontological Institute of RAS, doctor of biological Sciences Yevgeny Mashchenko has also included the cloning of the mammoth is impossible:

“At the present level of development of science and technology it is impossible to obtain cells for cloning from animals that died more than twenty years ago. I’m not saying that it is impossible in principle — it can’t be done right now,” – the words of Yevgeny Mashchenko



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What else to read?




Hackers in uniform

Российские кибервойска вошли в пятёрку лидеров

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What’s going on?

The Russian company Zecurion Analytics has put Russia in 5th place in the world in terms of development cyberarmies, reported by “Kommersant”. According to analysts, in the public cyberscribe Russia there are about 1 thousand hackers. Every year, their contents may be given approximately $ 300 million. The undisputed leader here are the United States with the cost of the military establishment on cybersphere approximately $ 7 billion and the number of staff is about 9 thousand. Russia is inferior not only to the leader, but also China, the UK and South Korea.

the countries with the highest costs cyberarmy (according to Zecurion)

Main activity of cyberarmies, according to the company Zecurion Analytics are information warfare, cyber attacks and espionage. All such troops are legal in dozens of countries, unofficially, more than one hundred.

Can Anyone confirm?

Commenting on the publication “Kommersant”, the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin noted that “We [Ministry of communications] about cyberarmy don’t know”. Recall that in 2014 in the composition of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation troops emerged information operations, responsible for protecting military systems from cyber terrorism. The decision on creation of cyberarmies, according to Vesti.Ru was made after the revelations of Edward Snowden.

And then Obama and Trump?

Cyber attacks have become one of the most discussed topics in the winter of 2016. On 29 December, the outgoing US President Obama announced a new package of sanctions against Russia, citing the involvement of Russian hackers in the election campaign of America. On 6 January US intelligence presented the unclassified version of the report about Russian intervention. According to the document Vladimir Putin ordered to prevent the victory of Hillary Clinton over election trump. In addition, the report stated that the Russia Today TV channel has been working with the famous website WikiLeaks.

January 9, the Kremlin responded to the statement of us intelligence, saying that Moscow was not involved in the attacks, which it blames Washington. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the accusations a “witch hunt”. January 10, Viktor Ozerov, the head of the defense Committee of the Federation Council, noted that the information published in the report, is “information spreading”.

In response to accusations of lack of evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the election results in the USA, the official representative of State Department of the USA John Kirby said us intelligence agencies tend to keep secret its working methods.

In addition, the Federal protection service of the German Constitution announced that Russian cyberarmy may relate to the attack on the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe.

Alternative view

Marketing Director Solar Security Valentin Krokhin in an interview with “Kommersant”:

“No country now admits that she makes attacks on information systems of other States. In the Centre of the UK government communications (GCHQ) employs 6 thousand people. How Zecurion Analytics calculate that it is 2 thousand deal with cyber attacks, the big question.”

The list of countries with the most developed cyberpassage according to Valentine Krokhina:

  1. South Korea
  2. Israel
  3. Iran
  4. Estonia

What to read

Konstantin Raikin: about intensification of censorship in Russia

Художественный руководитель театра "Сатирикон" Константин Райкин высказался об усилении цензуры в России

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October 25 during a speech at the Congress Theater artistic director of the theater “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin spoke about strengthening of censorship in Russia. According Raikin, deliberately violating state to work motivated by a desire to “return the situation in art in Stalin’s time.”

Raikin also said that worries about the current cultural situation in the country, in particular in connection with the “short visits to art” by the state. According to him, the power is idle, “distancing” in relation to those who are comfortable with the protests at trade shows and performances, thereby exercising its censorship.

Following the publication of the application on the Internet, in support hud.ruka “Satyricon” were directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev, a journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, actor Oleg Tabakov, who also said about the inadmissibility of censorship in the 21st century.

Earlier it was reported that Konstantin Raikin in person to apply for financial assistance to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina for staging the play. As representatives of the theater “Satyricon”, the cause of financial difficulties is the reconstruction of the main building, which is why most of the money goes to rent temporary sites. Konstantin Raikin, in turn, did not rule out the possibility of closing the theater due to lack of funds.

Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky
Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky

Then the Ministry of Culture said that they see no reason for the statement from the “Satyricon” leadership, as well as on the closure, and “about the existence of” censorship. ” Deputy Minister of Culture saidAlexander Zhuravsky that the state has always provided financial support for the theater:. For example, last year more than 190 million rubles were allocated for its needs, and in this year of about 235 million, despite the fact that the percentage of attendance continues. It remains low.

Regarding statements Raikin spoke, and presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, who also noted that in Russia there is no censorship, and asked to distinguish between the productions financed by the state budget and those which are put to “the involvement of other sources.” Peskov also said that the state, providing financial assistance to the theater, the right to demand from him concrete results.

Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov

Theatre “Satyricon” is one of the oldest theaters in Russia, founded by his father Konstantin Raikin Arkady in 1939 in Leningrad. In 1982, the theater moved to Moscow, and already in 1987 and to this day he is the artistic director Konstantin Raikin.

The situation surrounding the attack on the exhibition broke out in connection with the riots in several Moscow museums. Since September 25, unknown persons committed the riots at the exhibition of the American photographer Jock Sturges “Without confusion”, whose work is regarded as pornographic, and two days later in the Sakharov Center unknown doused with paint pictures dedicated to the war in the Donbass.

Equine health and asinine stubbornness

Константин Эрнст: «Отдавать столько энергии можно только тому, что любишь»

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– “Channel One” – the most popular TV channel in Russia, and this is partly thanks to your leadership. It would therefore be very interesting to learn about the specifics of your work.

– When I came to the channel, it must be said, was not the most popular. Already released NTV and Channel Two was also in good shape. But when there is a lot of potential, which is used poorly, succeed easily. Recently, I realized that the most difficult – is to hold the championship. If you give a good result, everyone can see what you’re cool. And if you do not give the result – too see everything. Such a tragic thing.

– How is technically your job flows. What is your schedule? Did you ever have a vacation?

– Now I’m starting to work quite late, at nine-thirty. The first ten years of work began at eight. I am leaving at eleven, but before that – at half past one night. So I have a normal working day. On Saturday afternoon is usually a day off, Sunday – always working day. Holidays happen. This year was the longest – I did not have three weeks. But if you are physically there on the channel, it does not mean that you do not work. It is always one hundred percent inclusion, regardless of location. Most do not work, and service. If not military, then with the same schedule and on, both during the military campaign.

– Where usually begins your work day?

– On call duty on the news. Next – in its reception, which is open 24 hours a day. I have a chart there, painted for many weeks in advance, and each day it breaks. Because the satellite – is one of the points, through which passes the time. And it is necessary to respond – appointments, changes in the grid, the definition of curricula, the search for new people and the creation of projects that best match this time. I am not inclined to envy, but envy people who can make an appointment for three weeks by ordering 26 the number of table for eight in the evening. And they shall come, and nothing they will not happen. I find it so delicious and so much about the stability of life.

– Are you generally happy to come to work?

– Otherwise, I would not work here. Give as much energy as possible only what you love.

– Are you in favor as a screenwriter for the “Channel One”?

– I’m open about it, and never sign their projects.

– You participate creatively in some other way?

– Let’s just say, I participate creatively in absolutely everyone. In the content of the “Channel One”. People who do not understand television dishes are sure that you can sit in the office, reading newspaper and talking on the phone a lot SCS. A crowd of people, meanwhile, will think of something and take off. Unfortunately, this is not so, and it’s all very hendmeyd.

– And what projects the “One” are you proud of in the first place?

– I’m not going to list them for one reason. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, and I’m responsible for it for 20 years. Not listing a number of good programs that are not my favorite, I hurt the people who make them. We deal not only with the fact that we like. There is an audience, which I personally do not belong. But take into account their interests and sympathies must necessarily. For example, I will never watch a concert of some performers. But I know that she has the audience, so I will take it off and show. I came up with the program “Let’s get married” but is not it a regular viewer. This is a good and popular project, but need it every day I do not have to watch. Although it is clear that I follow most closely the ether channel, just something is my personal interest and what does not. Neither the fate of these programs, nor on their location in the channel grid is absolutely no effect.

– What personal qualities help to cope with the post of the head?

– Equine Health and asinine stubbornness. I’m never going to manage the channel and do not really like to do something alone. And on television was delayed for a long time, perhaps because it is a place where you can practice a lot of than once. Here, at one point converge creativity, politics, economics, management, psychology. Where the highest concentration of ambition, and to deal with it – one of the most difficult tasks. People doing TV or striking energy donors or monstrous vampires. So it is also a work related with incredible energy losses. I know so many people who dream to sit in my place. I think it would be enough for a few days to escape from this place without looking back.